The Chosen (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Thunder - full transcript

Tension builds among the disciples as they wrestle with the increasing fame of Jesus in Samaria. Jesus rebukes Big James and John for their prejudice and, after a near-violent encounter, gives them a new nickname.

- The first time?

You know the first time,
you were there.

Humor me.

[Simon scoffs]

- Uh... I was out
on Andrew's old sloop.

I'd had a bad night.

At first, I didn't
even know it was Him.


I thought He was a Roman,
about to ruin my life.


And what happened next?

- It was at a moment
when I thought my career

and my reputation
were about to be destroyed.


- Phillip just said
"Come and see."

And I did.

And... look, I don't know
how to describe it other than...

He knew me
before He knew me.

- I was standing
next to John the Baptizer--

- Creepy John.


- --and He walked by.

Out of nowhere

And John freaked out.

He said,

- I'm eating
a new bug.

- He was just
sitting there...

eating lunch with
all the construction workers,

cracking jokes.

- I was on my way
to Jerusalem.

I'm sorry.

All of this is just, uh,
it's difficult to talk about.

It reminds me
of how much I miss Him.

But we have to.

- I know,
I just...

I talk about Him
to others every day.

But... it's difficult
with all of you.

It's different
with all of you.

JOHN: Just tell me
about the first time

you actually
saw Him.

- It was
in a tavern.

He set His hand
on mine.

Which, isn't what
it sounds like.

Maybe leave that part out,
people will get confused.

JOHN: I don't know yet
what I will be including...

I'm just
writing it all down.

- Good.

the fourth morning

of the third week
of the month of Adar,

sometime during
the second hour.

It doesn't have to be precise.

[Scoffs] Why wouldn't it
need to be precise?

Mine will be precise.

My answer might not make sense.

Try me, Mother.

- I can hardly remember a time when I didn't know Him.

There was one little kick...

[Papers Rustling]

- Go on.

- My son... why are you
doing all this?

Why now?

- Because we're getting older,
and our memories--

- I mean, why now...
during shiva...

- Because everyone
is here.

I need to get
their memories--

- You need to mourn Big James.

- He won't be the last of us
this happens to.

Who knows when I will see
the others again, or if?

I'm not in a hurry
to write a whole book,

but I do want to get
the eyewitness stories now,

while we're together.

- Isn't Matthew
going to write something?

- He's only writing
about what he saw,

and about what Jesus
told him directly.

But I was there for things
that Matthew doesn't know about.

I was in
His inmost circle.

He loved me.

- He loved
all of you.

You just feel the need
to talk about it more often.

I prefer to treasure
these things in my heart.

You know that
if you try to write

every single thing
He did,

the world itself

could not contain the books
that would be written.

- Hmm,
a disclaimer.

That's good;
I'm gonna say that.

You see, Mother,

if I do not write
these things down,

they'll be lost
to history.

James would agree.

- Where will you start?

- In the beginning,

I'm just not sure
which beginning.

- His birth?

- Earlier.

- His ancestry?

- I'm sure Matthew
has that covered.

- Maybe the prophecies?

The promise to Abraham?

- I thought about
starting with Abraham.

But still so much
came before him.

- What was
before Abraham?

- Noah.

- And before him?

The Garden.

- Well,
you could start there.

- But I want it known
that He was much more

than what could be seen
or touched.

What was before
the Garden?

"In the beginning, the earth
was formless and void..."


[Rain falling]

- I cannot hear it
without thinking of you two.

- I can't believe
how much He put up with.


they will not even remember
the sound of His voice.

They'll just be words.

- He said they weren't
just words, remember?

"Heaven and earth
will pass away--"

TOGETHER: "But my words
will never pass away."

- Hmm...
they're eternal.



You'll think of something.

But take your time.


I'm off to bed.

[Rain pattering]

[Woman vocalizing]

[Woman vocalizing]


♪ Oh, child,
come onin. ♪

♪ Jump in the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble
with the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Oh, child... ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪.>

[Straining Noises]

[Both grunting and groaning]

- I'd rather clean out
the hold after a long weekend.

- Yuck!
You'd reek for a month!

I'd rather mend every hole
in Abba's sails.

- And probably sew your hands
together in the process.

I would rather wrestle
a swordfish.

- Just get in the water
with it?

- I meant on the hook.

But I'd snatch it out
of the water with my bare hand

if it means not spending
a night with these people.

- You know it has a sword
on its face, right?

- We lucked out,

Planting this field,

while the others try to keep up
with Rabbi in Sychar.


- It wasn't luck;
He chose us.

You're going
two thumbs deep?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
rows three handbreadths apart.

So, why do you think
He did that?

- We're good workers...

and maybe He knows
we don't like Samaritans.

Maybe Jesus
just likes us best.

- Yes,
that must be it.

- So, why do you think
He likes me best?

- For the same reasons
I like you best...

you pose no threat
to anyone,

or physically.

- Thank you, brother.

Wait a second--

- What I want to know
is who are we planting this for?

He said it would feed

- I assume travelers.

People passing through,
like us.

[Imitating Jesus]

isn't just for those
with homes, John."

- Don't quit
your day job.

- It's too late
for that.

- Hal!
Yeah, me, too.

Come on,
let's pick it up.

I don't wanna lose
this job.


- I would rather

talk with Matthew
for a whole minute.

- I'd rather listen
to Andrew's jokes.


RAMAH: Sychar is on
the other side of the Mt. Ebal.

- And the map says to head
southward along the east side.

- It could be this fork,
taking us down toward Shiloh.

- This left
could be too early.

- That's a theory.

It's a fact
that we must veer south

because if we keep
going westward,

we'll encounter
the hostile city of Sebaste.

- It's faster to go between
Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Ebal.

- But more dangerous.

- Not if we avoid
the cities.

- There's no avoiding cities
on a road.

That's what roads do,
they connect cities.

KAFNI: You're not taking
my daughter off road.

- Kafni,
I've given you my word

that I will protect Ramah
from harm.

- Can you even
protect yourself?

- [Sighs]

With due respect--

- You are walking
toward Samaria

to find a group of men
you do not know--

- And a woman.

KAFNI: --a woman who would be
with a group of men.

Do not talk back to me,
young lady.

This is foolishness.

- Maybe they
know the way.

- Shalom.

- Hey! What are you doing talking to our mother...


- Ah! Whew!

Thaddeus counted 50
in the square,

with more arriving
every minute.

Is Jesus ready?

- He's in His room.

He needed a moment alone.

- Well, there are many
begging to hear more.

- He's been talking to people
since dawn; He needs a break.

- I will bring Him
some water.

- I thought most people had left
after the first sermon.

- They left to go get
their family and friends,

and now they're back

- The population of Sychar
is approximately 2,000.

- Not including
women and children.

MATTHEW: There are 12 hours
of light per day

at this time of year.

And He said we would
stay here two days,

which means
over 24 hours.

The number of men
we need to reach per hour

is 83.3333333...

- And what's .33 of a man,

- Simon.

SIMON: There's a crowd
growing out there,

and we need to decide
what to do.

- Why don't we just
tell Him the situation

and let Him decide?

- It's what He's
going to do anyway.

- I'll tell Him.

- How many stadia wide
is the city?

- I brought you some water
and to--



It will give us a rubric

of how many square cubits
we need to reach per hour.

- Rubrics?
Cubits per hour?

- His ministry
deserves careful thought.

- No one's thinking about it
more carefully than me.

[Running footsteps]

- He's gone.

- What are you
talking about?

- He's not in the store room,
or anywhere the house.

I checked the alley.

- We lost Him!?

- He's probably
not lost--

SIMON: Okay, James,
you search the southern side.

Andrew and I
will search the north.

Tell Thaddeus to
keep an eye on the crowd.

- What about me?

- Stay here
in case He comes back.

[Receding footsteps]

- I'll be back soon,
and I won't be far.

- Staying here gives me
the greatest likelihood

of locating Jesus first.

- Well,
there you go.

[Background market sounds]

- Have you seen
the Teacher from Galilee?

- The man who arrived here

He was in square?

- My master, about yay high, beard, long hair, no?

- The Teacher?

- Hey!
[Whistles] Whoa!

- The one called
Jesus of Nazareth.

Has He passed this way?

Have you seen
the Teacher, Jesus?

- Sir.

- You wouldn't happen to have
seen the Teacher up this way?

- He passed by earlier.

- The Teacher?

- Yes, but is He going to be back in the town square?

- He's on an errand.

Where did He go?

- Down towards
that alley.

I was just about
to go see Him again

and bring my friend.

He's not teaching again?

- He'll be there,
He'll teach more,

you won't be



all tightened up.

- So,
it was the axle.

I told my brother
it was the axle.

- Sometimes all you need
is a fresh set of eyes.

Now, hand me some pitch,
and it will be as good as new.

Mm, yeah.

- You're good at this.

You should stay in town
and open up a shop.


- Should 1?

- Mm-hmm.

- A shop.


Oh, quickly,
get the others!


- That woman is
going to introduce you

to every Samaritan
in the country.

- I hope so.

- It's hot.

[Knock on door]

- Shalom.

- Shalom.

- I don't know you.

- Maybe you're in
the wrong place.

- Ah!

We are looking
for Jesus.

- Everyone is.

Oh, you're here!

Thomas and Ramah,

- Yes, Mary?

- Good memory.

- So good to have you.

- It's good to
see you again, Mary.

[Kafni clears throat]

This is Ramah's father,

- Where is everyone?

They're out looking for Jesus.

Is He lost?

- He's never lost,

He probably
just needed a moment.

The townspeople have been
clamoring to see Him,

He's been
changing many hearts.

- I know
how that works.

So, your friend
wasn't just being rude.

- Oh, uh, Thomas,
this is Matthew.

Matthew, Thomas.

- You approached
a strange home

and when the occupant answered
you said, "l don't know you."

Is that being rude?

- We had a brutal journey.

It wasn't easy
finding this place

and the Samaritans...

I thought
we'd be torn apart.

- Samaritans and Jews
are historical enemies.

- I'm aware.

We knew the journey
would be fraught but...

it's like He's actively
trying to make it difficult

to follow Him.

KAFNI: I'd have come
just to thank Him

for saving the reputation
of my vineyard...

and your careers.

Not that you care
about that.

- I am glad we found you,
at least.

But why aren't you--

I stayed.

It's likely He'll return to
the last place He was seen.

- --a little farther
from the city,

is what
I was going to say.

But what do you
base that on?

Isn't it most likely that He's
gone on to His next appointment?

- He does not
keep a schedule.

Oh, perhaps I can be useful
as an organizer, then.

I'm good with figures,

is my specialty.

Ah, you made it!

- Good to see you again.

- Glad you're here.

Oh, sorry,
it's been a long day.

- We were working.

...because we know

that God pursues the sick
more than the healthy.

Think of it this way...

are there any sheep herders
in the crowd?

I am.

- Ah, welcome!

We are honored
you are here.

I have a very warm place
in my heart for shepherds.

Who is tending
your flock now?

My brother.

We're taking turns.

How many sheep?

- One hundred,

- Say one of them
goes astray,

what would you do?

- I'd go look for it,
of course.

- Of course.

But what about
the other 99?

SHEPHERD: I'd have to
leave them behind,

I can't lose
the one sheep.

- Hmm...
and if you find it?

- I'd lay it over my shoulders
and bring it home.

And would probably
do a little dance!


- And what would you say
to your friends

who are worried
for you?

- "Rejoice with me,
I have found my lost sheep!"

- Do you see what
he just said there?

He rejoices more
for one sheep,

than over the 99
who never went astray.

So, it is not
the will of my Father

that one of these
should perish.

In the same way,
I tell you,

there will be more joy in heaven
over one sinner who repents,

than over 99 righteous persons
who need no repentance.

- Look at them.

- You couldn't tell Jew
from Samaritan

the way
they're listening.

[Crickets chirping]

[Labored breathing]

THADDEUS: Did you see the woman
and her little girl, though?

I know Simon did.

- I always get emotional.

- You think you won't
and then--

- Shalom.

- Hey,
you came through!

You made it!

- Of course he did!


It's good to see you.

- You too,

- You remember Ramah?

How could I forget?

So, you will be
joining us, also?

- Uh...

well, Rabbi,
this is my father, Kafni.

- Oh, yes, the owner
of the vineyard

that produced such fine wine
for my friends!


- Very kind of you
to say.

- I imagine you'll want
to speak with Me, yes?

- If You have some time,

I would like to ask You
some questions.

- You wouldn't be
a good father if you didn't.

Here's what I'd like to propose,
if you approve...

we've both had
very long days, yes?

This establishment
has rooms available for you.

So, why don't we
get some rest,

and tomorrow morning,
we talk about everything.

Sound good?


I suppose we could--

- It's a plan,
thank you.

We're delighted
that you are with us.

Now, if you'll all excuse Me
for a moment,

I must go speak
with a couple of men

who performed a truly remarkable
act of service today.

- Let us escort you,

- If you like.

We've arrived.

- What happened?

- I was just
telling everybody

that work that
you boys did today,

how remarkable it was.

You must be famished.

- Uh, yes,
we were hungry.


- Eat.

Restore your strength.

And when you're done,

please describe the work
to the others.

I hope everyone
takes note

of what John and Big James
did here.

Good night, friends.

[Crowd noise]

[Crowd noise]

Where are we going?

I don't know any more than you.

Jesus gave them an errand
and said to come with.

I don't get it either.

- They described
moving stones and digging.

Are they leaders now?

- I don't know.

Didn't sound all that much
harder than fishing, but...

- I have never
performed hard labor.

Guess you'll just have to
tag along like the rest of us.

- The list of things
He might do is long.

First, there's a leper colony
to the west

and they're
begging Him to come.

- They're not allowed
into the city,

so they have no way
to hear Him.

- Both Jewish and Samaritan
purity laws

forbid coming within
4 cubits of a leper.

- What distance do we have
to keep from these Samaritans?

- We've been within 4 cubits
of a leper before, Andrew.

- I'm just saying,
if He breaks their law

it might cause a stir.

- And for dinner,
we've been invited

to the home
of the town treasurer.

And we have to juggle that
invitation with another one,

to have dinner at the home
of the high priest of Sychar,

which could get messy.

- Why messy?

- Samaritan beliefs are
so at odds with Jewish beliefs.

He might want to trap Jesus
in His words.

- I don't think He's afraid
of being trapped by His words.

- I'm just saying...

- We could be
somewhere else,

with people who actually want
to listen to Him and not argue.

- If He convinces
the Rabbi of the town,

His message
would be preached

long after
we leave this village.

- Let's leave it
to the Boss, eh?

What do you think?

Dinner at the treasurer's
or the high priest?

- Neither.

- Dinner with whom then?

- There are a lot of people
who want to talk to Him.

- Yes, but...
He wants to make dinner.

- That's the errand.

- Oh, yeah?

That's the errand?


You guys are really
enjoying this...

being in the know,

- Ha! Coming from you,

- What does that mean?

- He told us His plans,

Matthew, distribute the money

Thaddeus, buy bread,
enough for 12--

- 13.

- --13 people.

- Leavened, unleavened,
rye, sprouted, spelt?

- An assortment,
your choice.

- Thirteen?
Who are the others?

- Little James,
buy a leg of lamb,

including the knuckle
and fillet--

No, no,
two legs of lamb.

- We only have--

- Andrew,
Grapes, currants--

- Cherries.

-- Cherries,
if you can find them.

- At this rate
we won't have enough for--

- At the start
of this trip,

we didn't expect to find
a bag of gold, did we?

We're putting it
to good use.


- Yes, master.

- Three skins of wine.

- Done.


Black pepper, chives,
salt, olive oil.

- At this cost,
we will not make it to Judea.

- Have faith, Matthew...
in Him.

Mary, look for leeks,
garlic, and onions, okay?

- And what are you guys
gonna do?

- We are going to
get out of the streets.

- Why?

- Samaria's
biggest problem...

- Too many Samaritans.

- Mm...

- Hi, again.

- Hi.

- Uh... three skins
of wine, please.

- What kind?

- Red.

Something with, uh,
cloves, I guess?


There you are.

I've been looking
for all of you.

- Lucky for you,
we're all in this market.

- What are you doing?

Is He going to
teach here?

- Just shopping,
if you can believe it.

- This man, He told--

PHOTINA AND VINTNER: Me/you everything I/you ever did.

- Yes, we've heard Him
for ourselves!

It's because
of His words

we believe
He is the Anointed One.

You don't have to keep
telling us, Photina.


- No,
I only need three.

- It's on the house.

Anything for Him.

- Thank you.

- Simon, I need
to deliver a message.


- Huh?

- Yes.

[Scroll rustles]

[Reads to himself]

- Everyone?

- Yes.

- But there's ten
of us.

- Please.


Sorry, Abba.

It was
a busy morning.

I'l make you
some porridge.

- What do you think
He's doing?

I just need
a few moments with Him.

- He said it was
a short walk,

I'm sure He'll be here
soon, Abba.

- I have things
to say.

You're lucky I even came
all this way with you,

I could have
just decided no.

I can't decide
what Thomas does,

he can make his own
bad decisions,

but you...

I have things
to say.

- I know.

I'm very grateful.

- Porridge.

Soon you will know
every way to make it,

because that is
what you eat

when you don't have a job
or live with your family.

- Kafni, good morning,
thank you for your patience.

I had a few people to meet
before our important talk.

Were you comfortable
last night?

- Yes, although I must say
I didn't sleep very well.

- Mm,
I know what it's like

to be concerned about someone
you feel responsible for,

but I am not a father.

I imagine all of this
makes you nervous.

- Could we...

- Sure.

- Allow me to first say
why I am here.

I want to thank You for whatever
You did at the wedding.

You kept the reputation
of my business,

and of my daughter and Thomas,
from suffering.

Ramah and Thomas have insisted
that You performed a miracle.

I am an old man,

I need to leave
for my journey,

and I do not have time
to be unclear.

I believe this to be
the edge of blasphemy,

and I am not in the habit
of believing a man from Naz--

a man--
performed a miracle.

and I am not in the habit
of giving my blessing

for my daughter
to leave our home...

but I am in Your debt,

and that is why we are
in this room with You now.

- Thank you
for your honesty.

- I cannot give You
my belief or my devotion,

so I'm afraid my honesty
is all I have left to give

after giving up
my daughter.

[Softly sobs]

- I understand.

I ask a lot of those
who follow Me,

but I ask little
of those who do not.

- I don't want
to be rude,

but I have said
all I want to say.

[Kafni sniffling]

[Market noise]

- Kafni.

- Thomas.

One more moment.

I have long admired you
for your hard work,

and you have done well in spite
of the loss of your father.

But this is foolishness,
and I won't pretend it isn't.

I will see you next when you ask
for my daughter's hand--

- Kafni, I--

No, I am not stupid.

You may be, [Chuckles]
but I am not.

But when that day comes,
I don't know what I will say.

Keep her safe.


- [Whistles]

This is some expert work,
my boys.


- You should've seen
this place.

Weeds and branches
piled everywhere.

- We cleared and sowed it
in a single afternoon.

- So you've told us.

- Well done.

Very well done.

SIMON: Uh... what are we
doing here, Rabbi?

- This is where
we'll be dining tonight.

- Someone lives here?

You must be Melech.

I am.

You're the Teacher?

- I'm Jesus
of Nazareth.

These are my students.

- I believe I owe you
a debt of gratitude.

I would bow but,
as you can see--

- It's John and Big James here
that put in the sweat.

- Thank you.

- You own the field?

- I do.

- We... thought
it was for travelers.

- Okay, so,
spit it out.

What's the catch?

- Catch?

- You don't know me
from Adam.

You're a Jew.

You come all the way
from Galilee to preach in town.

You send Your students
to work my land.

- Photina told us
you were in need.

- Mm-hmm,
she told me all about You.

So, what do You want
from me?

I don't have any money.

I can't make a donation
to your ministry.

Can't even feed
my family.

- That's what I want.

- What?

- I would love for you to share
a meal with Me and my friends.

- I'm really, so very sorry,
but we don't have any food.

Not even for ourselves.

- We've got that covered.


I would be honored.

[Simon laughing]

- Then the net
strained so hard

I thought my arms would
come out of their sockets.

- And James and John took their
sweet time coming to help us.


[Straining noise]

- I had to call for help
five times before you moved.

- So,
you followed Him,

all the way into Samaria.

- We did suggest the alternate
route along the Jordan.

You didn't think
it could be dangerous...

for You?

- Of course.

[Chedva clears throat]

- When I was
a little girl,

my father told me

the Messiah would bring an end
to pain and suffering.

If You are who people
are saying You are,

when will You do that?

- I'm here to preach
the good news

of the Kingdom of Heaven...

a Kingdom that is
not of this world,

a Kingdom
that is coming soon,

where, yes, sorrow
and sighing will flee away.

I make a way for people
to access that Kingdom.

But, in this world,

bones will still break,

hearts will still break,

but in the end,

the light
will overcome darkness.

Speaking of
broken bones...

what's the story?

- I fell off a horse.

- Oh, I didn't see
a pasture.

- It, uh,
wasn't mine.

- Ah,
a friend's horse.

That's always dangerous.

- No, not--
not exactly.

- Oh.

- Look...

[Whispers] You've already done
so much for me

that I didn't deserve...

Come, Rebecca,

it's time for bed.

Say goodnight
to your new friends.

- Good night.

Good Night.

[Crickets chirp]
[Fire crackles]

- If You knew who I am
You would never have helped me.

- That's not true.

This is what
we Jews do...

we tell and listen
to stories.

Our stories connect us.

Tell me your story.

- We ran out of money...

and food.

My little Rebecca...

I could see her ribs
through her skin.

And Chedva,
her eyes turned gray.

There had been a drought,
so there was no work in town.

I had a friend in Tirathana
who was also in bad straits.

We traveled south
past Ephraim,

and lied in wait along the road
from Jerusalem to Jericho.

We attacked a Jew
who was traveling alone.

Pulled him down
from his horse,

took his money
and all his clothes.

He fought back,
so Dishon knocked him down,

hit his head on a rock.

I thought
he was probably dead.

Dishon was to take
the Jew's belongings

and sell them
to pawn traders in Anatoth.

I was to ride north and sell
the horse at a Roman outpost.

But I wasn't on for ten minutes,
when she reared up, threw me,

broke my leg.

I had to--I had to crawl
on my elbows and forearms

to the nearest town

and beg for a ride
back to Sychar,

worse off than before.

So, now You know
what You've done.

The kind of man
You've helped.

Every day I think
about that Jew...

naked and alone on the road,
possibly dead.

I could be a murderer.

- He didn't die.

Somebody came along
and helped him.

- How do You know?

- Melech, I know.

I promise you...

he did not die.


- Why me?

Why did You come
all the way out here?

Isn't everyone in town
falling at Your feet?

- The shepherd leaves the 99
on the mountain

to search for the one
that went astray.

- What do you want?

- Believe My words.

Return to synagogue.

Search Torah.

- I never learned to read.

- Then listen to the Word
read aloud,

and let it affect
your heart.

See what happens.

- And then what?

- Tell others.

- You know the crime
I committed...

in cold blood.

You'd help
someone like me?

He would.

- Sleep on it.

We'll be in town
for one more day.

- She is asleep.

- We'd better
go back into town

before it gets too late.

- Yes.

We never know
what sort of men

may lay in wait
along the side of the road, huh?

Too soon?


- You told Him.

- I think
He already knew.

- May 1?

Sleep well tonight,
my friend.

[Crickets chirping]

[Knocks on door]

- You're sure
this is it?

I don't know.

This is the address
I was given.

- I'll be honest
up front,

I only have five extra bedrooms
and two of them are drafty.

- Neriah, they usually
sleep on the ground,

I think
they'll be fine.

- You're sure
this isn't a problem?

- I'm dying anyways,
I don't need the house anymore.

Where is Jesus?

You have certainly
livened things up around here.

You have me in a good mood
just to fit in.

[Photina laughs]

Come in.

- Come, come.

- One of the rooms
is haunted.

By my dead grandmother.

- Ooooh,
I'll take that one.

- Do you know
who He is?

He's not afraid
of ghosts.

- I might be.

[Melech panting]

- Melech?

What's wrong?


- What is wrong?

- My leg!

No pain...
no pain!

No, no, no, no!

[Screaming and laughing]

No pain!
No pain!

- Melech, Melech,
it was Him!

It was Him!

[Joyous laughter]


- What's so funny?

- Oh, I just
know of a family

that's having
an unexpectedly good morning.

- Who, Melech?

- What's happening?

- You don't even have to
be there to perform miracles.

- Don't sound so surprised,

- One day you'll be given
authority to do the things I do.

Even greater.

- Wait, I'm sorry,
can you say that again?


- So, how did you sleep?

- Well,
it took me a while...

I was a little scared
about what Neriah said

about this room
being haunted.

- Oh, come on,
it's not haunted.

- Why didn't you correct him when he said it was?

- I don't address everything
at once with new converts,

Big James.

Well, I'm ready
for breakfast.

I am thankful before You,
living and enduring King,

for You have mercifully
restored my soul within me.

Great is Your faithfulness.

SIMON: The invitation
from the treasurer stands.

- And the priest.

- The priest
is a high risk.

- Only if He wants to fight over
whose Torah is better.

- But a great reward
if he believes.

- Don't forget
the leper colony.

- Where are you going?

- For a walk.

- But we haven't made
our plans yet.

- Whatever the plans
will be,

I'm sure it will be
a long day,

and I need some time

- You need protection.

- Enough with the protection,
I'll be fine.

I won't be long.

- But where can we find you?

- Seek
and you will find.

- His riddles.

RAMAH: It didn't sound
like a riddle to me.

- If you look for Him
you'll find Him.

- That's not
what I heard?

- Oh, yeah?
What'd you hear?

- I heard you looked
and couldn't find Him.

You guys lost Him

for practically a whole day,
Matthew said.

- He goes where He wants,
when He wants.

- Yeah, well,
we need to do better.

- Can you believe
these guys?

They dig in the mud

and suddenly
they're running the show.

- We just think we need
some leadership, okay?

Security concerns aside,
we need a plan.

- No matter
what happens today,

the real question is where
will we be after we leave here.

- We'll get to that.

- That's why James and I
have outlined a plan

for the next month.

- Month?!

- Beginning with
a visit to the temple,

His first appearance there
since performing public signs--

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- A visit to the scribes
at Qumran.

- Two days preaching
at Hebron.

- Hold on!

- He said we were
excellent planners.

- I'm pretty sure
He said "planters."

- He applauded
our execution.

- He sent you to the farm
to teach you a lesson.

- And we made
an impression.

- Let's vote on it.

- Sure.


- All in favor of
John and Big James' plan?


- I agree an agenda
would be prudent.

- I'm not voting.

- Me, either.

- Why not?

- Hmm-mm,
new guy.

- Look, it doesn't matter
what I think He should do,

or what you think.

- All opposed?

- Well, I'm sorry
you feel that way.

I, for one,
am not okay losing Him

for long periods
of time.

I'm not okay arguing about
where we're going every day.

- So don't argue.

- Hey!
Where are you going?

- To tell Jesus
our plan.

- The group said
to leave it alone.

- They also said He gets
to make His own decisions.

So, let's let Him.

Why do you think He picked us
to plant those fields?

- I'm starting to wonder
about that.

If I had known it was
a Samaritan's field--

- Come on,
Jesus will sort it out.

JOHN: I just want to see
what He says.


- Ah, you couldn't wait,
could you?

- We're sorry,

we just wanted to clear
a few things up, if that's okay.

- By all means.

- You Jewish boys
are far from home.

- Yes, as a matter of fact,
we are.

Shalom to you,

- Here's our traditional
Jewish greeting for you...

- Don't lift a finger.

- That was a warning.

- Try it again
and see what happens!

- Quiet,
Big James.

- Shalom to you, too.

- You filthy dogs!

- I said,

- Let us
do something.

- And what would that

- Defending
your honor.

- They reviled
and humiliated you.

- They deserve to have
bolts of lightning rain down

and incinerate them.

- Yes,
fire from the heavens.

- Fire?

- You said we could
do things like that.

Say the word,
and it will happen.

- Why not?

We knew we couldn't trust
these people;

we shouldn't have come here
in the first place.

They don't deserve You!

- Why do you think
I had you work Melech's field?

What was I trying
to teach you?

- To help.

- You think it was
just to be more helpful,

or to be
better farmers?

It was to show you
that what we're doing here

will last
for generations.

What I told Photina
at the well,

and what she then
told so many others...

it's sowing seeds

that will have a lasting impact
for lifetimes.

Can you not see
what's happening here?

These people
that you hate so much

are believing in Me
without even seeing miracles.

It's the message, the truth,
that we're giving them.

And you're going to get
in the way of that,

because a few people,
from a region you don't like,

were mean to you?

That they're not worthy?

You're so much better?

You're more worthy?

Well, let me tell you

you're not...

that's the whole point!

It's why I'm here.

- I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry,

- As we gather others,

I need you
to help show the way,

to be humble.

- We will.

- You wanted to use
the power of God

to bring down fire
to burn these people up?

- Well, it sounds a lot worse
when you say it that way.


- You two...
are like a storm on the sea.

Come on.

Thunder exploding out of
your chests, at every turn.


In fact,

that's what I'm going
to call you from now on--

James and John,
the Sons of Thunder.

- Is that a good thing
or a bad thing?

- Today,
it was not good.

But strong passion
can be a good thing,

when channeled
for righteousness.

I just might
have to delay

giving you that authority
we discussed earlier,

or in smaller doses,

until you two
calm down a bit.

James, John,

you look terrible;
what happened?

- What happened is that James
and John needed to be reminded

we're here in Samaria
to plant seeds,

not to burn bridges.

SIMON: Master,
we've brought a guest

who wanted to deliver an
invitation to You personally.

- Rabbi, this is Gershon,
the priest of Sychar.

- Ah, yes,
I've heard a lot about you.

- And I've heard a lot
about You.

You have blessed this village
beyond our deserving.

- The pleasure is ours
to be here.

- But we got word

today might be
your last day in Sychar.

- Word travels fast.

- Indeed, Rabbi,

Would You do us
the great honor

of giving a reading
from the scroll of Moses,

in our humble synagogue?

- Of course.

[Overlapping footsteps]

- Here they are...

in proper order.

[In the Beginning],


[And He Called],

[In the desert],

and Devarim

I will leave you to make
your selection in private.

- Thank you.


- Yes, Rabbi?

- Can you send in
my disciple John, please?

- Of course.


- The five books of Moses,
and no more.

- They're missing out
on so much.

- Yes.

But we have to start

What do you think
I should read?


Moses striking the rock
instead of speaking to it?

Or Balaam hitting his donkey
when he was mad?

- Don't torment me.

- How about when Moses
broke the tablets?

Jonathan storming away
from the dinner table,

Samson striking down
the men of Ashkelon.

Oh, wait, they don't have
those scrolls.

- I get it,
I get it.

- I really am open
to suggestions for the reading.

- I couldn't.

After today,
after yesterday,

I do not feel
very much worthy.

- Ah...

who is worthy
of anything?

- You?

But no man,

- I'm a man,

- And yet...

- lam
Who I am.

GERSHON: Have you made
your selection, Rabbi?


- [Perturbed]



They're getting restless
out there.

- So, do you have
a favorite passage,

from the first five?

- Um, do You?

- I don't know...

I like them all.

- You don't say.

I suppose I love
the beginning.

- Hmm.

- I love how God simply spoke
and the world came into being.

- Yes.

As David wrote,
"By the word of the Lord--"

"The heavens were made."

- You know,
the Greeks use "word"

to describe
divine reason...

JOHN: ...what gives
the world form and meaning.

- I like that.

And itis
a favorite memory.

- Oh,
come on in.

- A reading from
the first scroll of Moses.

"In the beginning...

God created
the heavens and the earth."

JOHN: "In the beginning
was the Word."

JESUS: "And the earth was void,
and without form..."

- "And the Word
was with God..."

JESUS: "...and the darkness
covered the face of the deep."

-"...and the Word
was God."

JESUS: "And God said,
"Let there be light:

and there was light."

JOHN: "He was in the beginning
with God.

"All things were made
through Him,

"and without Him

was not anything made
that was made."

"God called the light Day,

and the dark Night."

- "In Him was life,

"and the life
was the light of men.

"The light shines
in the darkness,

and the darkness
has not overcome it."

[Rain pattering]

[Thunder rolling]