The Chosen (2017–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - I Saw You - full transcript

A mysterious visitor seeks to meet Jesus, but the disciples are hesitant. Tension builds between Simon and Matthew. As the group heads to a new city, word arrives that Jesus' fame is growing.

[background voices]

NATHANAEL: I need more seawater
for the cement, Leontes!

It will take three days.

NATHANAEL: You can't stop
construction for three days!

Is it because
I'm Jewish?

- No, Nathanael,
it's not because you're Jewish.

- I've been telling you,
and anyone I can get to listen,

I even told the primi.

I need that saltwater

or the cement
won't set to full strength!

- Seawater's heavy.

It's hard to move,

- Plans are hard to draw,
bedrock hard to reach...

It's all hard,

but your incompetence
is making it harder!

- Careful.

- Hey, I'm just
telling it like it is.

- Three days,

You're in no position
to make demands.

You're lucky enough
to have this job.

- That's why I have to demand
what I need, Leontes.

Do you know how hard I've worked
to earn a Roman commission?

As a Jew?

- You're a child
that skipped the line.

The men don't respect you
for that.

- Skipped the line?

Just because I was smart enough
to go to school

instead of carrying mud.

- Twenty men
show up every day.

Who cares
what they think?

- I care.

They need to share
a vision.

- They need to each
do their jobs.

The day laborer,
the craftsman,

the foreman,
and the architect.

- Yes!

In concert with me.

- Who do you think
you are?

I am the foreman

You think that if everyone
would just do it your way,

that it will
all turn out?

- I do.

- Well, people have
their own ideas.

[loud crash]
[man screams]

[man coughing]

[screaming] Fabius?!


We need help!

You're ruined,
do you hear me?!

It's over!

(woman vocalizing)


♪ Oh, child,
come onin. ♪

♪ Jump in the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble
with the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Oh, child... ♪

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

♪ Got no trouble. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪


♪ Walk on the water. ♪.>

[cart creaking]

THOMAS: What do you mean,
two days' worth?

- He said to leave
enough firewood

for the next
weary traveler.

You heard that,


What if it isn't enough?

We used up
all the dry stuff.

- That's why it's good to have
some strong bodies around.

Like the Sons of Thunder

- What?
You told him?

Don't worry,

he made himself look
just as bad as you did.

- Hey.

- Who is that?

SIMON: Maybe
it's a scout from...

where are we,

- Maybe he's
just walking.

- No one just walks
in the Bashan.

- No one but us.

- Shh-shh-shh-shh.

Don't come
any closer.

- Shalom.

- He's Jewish.

- You think?

- What do you want?

- For the Romans
to go away.

For a pretty wife

I ate a fattened goose

I'd love that again.

Are you followers of
the Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth?

- Don't say anything,
he could be a spy.

- Spying for whom?

For what?

- There are spies.

But they're not smart enough
to dress like this.

Are you Simon?

Son of Jonah?

- Who are you?

- You're new at this.

I get it.

Once you've followed
your Rabbi for long enough,

you won't even blink when
a strange man, such as myself,

walks out of the woods

with a message he can
only give to Jesus directly.

- Yeah,
we are pretty new.

- Doesn't make us

- We can't let you see the Rabbi
without knowing your business.

- I can't say.

If you want to
send me away... fine.

Say hello to my friend Andrew
for me, though.

- What do you think?

- I don't know.

Bring him in,
I guess.

Let Jesus
figure it out.

Something's not
sitting right with Simon.

- Andrew has friends?




There he is!


- Whoa!
You smell terrible!

- Well,
what did you expect, huh?

- Come on!

What are you
doing here?

Ah, well,

wait till
you find out.


He's from Bethsaida?

You never mentioned a Philip
when we were there.

You'll find this shocking,
but I have a whole life

that doesn't revolve
around you.

- What's your problem?

I'm just asking
about this kook--

- He's not a...

You know, you could be
a little less... you

all the time.

- Fair enough.

- You take it to him.

Make nice.

- We've been back
five minutes.



- Ah.

You never know
when you'll get to sleep next.

Or when you'll have
clean water.

Take advantage
when you've got either one.

Thank you.

- Sounds like you're in a war
out there with creepy--

with John the Baptizer.

- Ah, no.

War has rules.

- What did you find?

- Nothing suitable.

Of course he didn't find any.

Where did you look?

- To the east,
one mile.

- That's the ravine.

Anything you find
there would be--

- Wet.

I discovered that.

- But there was wood?

It was wet.

That's Matthew.

He checks the ravines
for wood.

Probably fishes
in the desert, too.


- Mm.

Good work,

- Thank you.

Who are you?

- Well...

I'm the guy
that dries wood.

Now, if only you had
an arsenal of weapons,

we could do it
in the manner of Ezekiel.

- How did Ezekiel
dry his wood?

- No, it's--

- The prophecy
against Gog and Magog.

- “And then those who dwell
in the cities of Israel

"will go out and make fires
of the weapons and burn them--"

"Shields and bucklers--"

ALL: "--bow and arrows,
clubs and spears--"

"And they will make fires
of them for seven years,

"so that they will not need
to take wood out of the fields

"or cut down
any out of the forests--

- "--for they will make
their fires of the weapons."

Shall we?


Keep the fire going.

[background voices]


- Your strongest...


- Is something wrong,

- Yes.

- Did someone die?

[liquid flowing]

- Yes.

- I'm sorry
for your loss.

Was it sudden?

- I think...

it was a long time
coming for him,

but it felt sudden.

- Hmm...
tell me about him.

- He was
an architect.

It was what he wanted
to be his whole life.

- Sad.

- He came from nothing.

Worked his way up.

Loved God.

He wanted to build synagogues,

I know that's not very popular
around here.

[both chuckle]

One with colonnades
that sing.

that practically pray.

Vaunted halls that
draw the soul upward to God.

That's what God
made him for...

or so he thought.

- He sounds like
an ambitious guy.

What did he die of?

- Hubris.

It's me,
by the way.

I'm the dead man
in the story.

- Yeah.

I got that.

- I just wanted
to be clear.

Did you learn to dry wood

before or after
you started following John?

- What's up
with you and Simon?

- He doesn't
like me.

He sees me
as his enemy.

- Why?

- I was
a tax collector.

- Mm-hmm.

- I was
everyone's enemy.

That doesn't
shock you?

- I "was" something else
once, too.

Once you've met the Messiah,
"am" is all that matters.

Next time
he rides you,

remind him that
the people out there,

they want to define us
by our past.

Our sins.

- Out there,

- With the sleepers.

But we're different,
we're awake.

- I don't

- Well, you haven't
felt any relief

except with Him,
have you?

Your Rabbi?

- No.

- Don't expect to.

- How did you
memorize prophecy?

- In Hebrew school,
like all Jewish boys,

didn't you?

- I started,
but then I skipped ahead.

- Skipped ahead?

Never heard
of anyone skipping ahead.

What did they
do that for?

- I was sent to apprentice
under a bookkeeper.

- Were you that good
with numbers

or that bad
with Torah?

- I was proficient
in both.

- No,
I'm kidding.

How old
when you skipped ahead?

- Eight.

- Eight?!

- I showed
unusual promise.

- [chuckles]
I bet you did.

How come you never
circled back to Torah?

- I was paraded
before the magistrate.

Rome offered me higher wages
than the annual income

of my father and three
of his brothers combined.

Bought my first house
when I was 13.

- Why did you
need to buy a house?

- My father--

- Kicked you out.

I don't blame him.

- I thought
you said--

- He's a man.

He acted
by man's standards.

in your old life

is playing a different game
than you now.

Do you get it?

- No.

Everyone speaks in riddles!

I can understand
esoteric ideas.

They're not beyond me.

- Of course not.

You'll probably pick it up
faster than the rest of us.

I'm sorry, man.

I don't mean to sound
like an oracle here.

It's a force of habit.

Spend all your time

with a rogue preacher
in the wilderness

and you get to be
a little... obtuse.

They're simple ideas
for complicated people.

- I just--

In your
obtuse language...

here's a circle--

It represents everything
in the world

and all the people
that have ever been.

And that's me.

That's how I feel.

- Well said,
good for you.

And, yes,

I've been living literally
outside this circle

with John the outcast
for a couple years;

I can relate.

You're fine,

Stick around,

you're gonna be
all right.

[paper rustling]

[heavy breathing]

- This was done
for You.

[softly sobbing]

Blessed are You.

Blessed are You,
Lord our God,

King of the Universe.

Hear, Israel,
the Lord is our God,

the Lord is One.

Hear my prayer,
O Lord.

[flint scraping]

Let my cry
come to You.

[shuddered breaths]

Do not hide Your face
from me

in the day
of my distress.

Incline Your ear
to me.

Answer me speedily
in the day when I call.

[fire crackling]


This was done
for You.

Do not hide
Your face from me.

Do You see me??!!

Do You see me?

[knives scraping]


What's that for?

- It turns a blade
into a razor for logs.


Protects your hands.

- Thank you.



[chuckling] I... have never
done manual labor before.

- You must've worked
pretty hard to avoid it.

But that's
behind you now, too.

You have to lean
into it.

Let someone
teach you a thing.

Laugh at
someone's jokes.

And then tell jokes.

Do you know any?

- Any what?

- Jokes.


was it difficult
to leave it all behind?

- No.

It should have been.

I was comfortable.

I had...
a dog.

- Bold,
I like it.

- It was a source
of amusement for others.

My house was bought
with blood money.

My parents and I
haven't spoken much in years.

And numbers didn't
make the world clear anymore.

- You gave everything away
to keep it.

- But it's uncomfortable
when nobody likes me.

- If this Rabbi,
Jesus of Nazareth, called you,

it means you already have
everything you need

for right now,

and He'll give you the rest
in time.

- I just don't know
what He sees in me.

He's a religious teacher,

and I know very little
about religion.

- From what I understand,

Jesus doesn't love everything
about religion.


what you think you know,
it doesn't matter.

Only that Jesus
chose you.

That's where your confidence
comes from now.

- I know He knows
what He's doing.

I just wish I did.

- Skipped out of Hebrew school
at eight...

I think
you'll catch on.


Here's an easy one.

If somebody asks you
to tell a joke,

tell them you have
a vegetable joke...

but it's corny.


We'll work on it.


[shuddered breathing]

[softly sobbing]

[wind blowing]

[crickets chirping]

[crickets chirping]

[branch scraping]
[fire crackling]


- Shalom.

- I'm glad
to see you here.

- I'm Philip.

John told you?

- No,
I remember your face.

You were standing
with Andrew

the day I was
baptized by John.

- Ahhh.

- How is
my old cousin?

I shouldn't call him old;
we're the same age.

- Uh, his reputation
with Rome is down,

but his spirits
are up.

- Sounds about right.

- He sends me
with a message.

Wants me to tell you
something... on my behalf.

That's good,

because I have something
to say to you, too.

- It's a very short

Only two words.

- Mine
is also short.

- Follow me.

- So, John thinks
you're ready.

- Yes.

He spoke with someone.

- Shall we?

[crickets chirping]


- John spoke to someone
the last time he was in prison.

- Someone?

- A Pharisee.

He had been troubled by
a miracle he'd witnessed

in the Red Quarter
in Capernaum.

- Ah, yes,
I know this man.

- You know him?

- Yes, I might even
call him a friend.

- John told me
to expect anything,

to expect nothing,

but I think
he'd be troubled

to know that you are friends
with a Pharisee.

- He'll get over it.

- Well, then we received word
of what you did in Cana.

That was all
John needed to hear.

He sends his love.

- And you.

- A meager offering.

- Hardly meager.

You will be the most experienced
of all my followers.

- John is hardly
standard procedure.

- Even better.


- If may be
so bold...

what are your intentions
here in Bashan?

- Just passing through.

- To Caesarea Philippi?

- Caesarea
for one night,

and then we'll continue north,
into Syria.

- Syria?

- That's right.

- I heard you were just
in Samaria, and now to Syria.

You and John are really
cut from the same cloth.

If I didn't
know any better,

I'd say you each
have a death wish.

- I wouldn't exactly call it
a wish.

- But a what?

A death what?

- It's nothing.

I'm still thinking through
how to talk about it.

It's why I was gone
for a couple days.

A lot on my mind.

- Yes,
I can imagine.

In Syria,
will we go to Damascus?


- Not to
the big cities, no.

To the smaller places.

I'll wake him later.

You should get
some sleep, Philip.

We've got a long road
ahead of us tomorrow.

I'll tend the fire.

- Yes, Rabbi.

one last thing.

- Yes?

- If there's time,

I've a friend
in Caesarea,

who I haven't seen
in quite some time.

- Your friend
lives in a Roman city?

- He's an architect.

- Ah.

- If there's time,
I'd love to--

- Of course,
of course.

- Only if there's time.

- Listen, if we don't
make time for friends,

we won't have any.

- Good night.

- Good night,

[no audio]

- Good Morning.


[cart creaking]

- Morning.

- Good morning.

Did I sleep late?

- The sun
is hardly up.

- Oof, my back.

- It gets easier...

a little.

You get used to it.

- Are you packing?

- I am,
I pack every morning now.

I never know
if we'll be somewhere

for a night
or a week.

- That sounds hard.

I didn't think about
how this would really work.

- I think everyone's
struggling with that...

in some way.

- How about you?


- Wasn't it exciting

when the men
began reciting prophecy?

- And, uh,
a little intimidating.

- Oh, yes.

We need to catch up.

- Okay...


I can't read.

- I'll teach you
how to read and write.

- Where would we
get materials?

- Leave it to me;
I know who to ask.

- I am thankful
before You,

living and enduring King,

for you have mercifully
restored my soul within me.

Great is
Your faithfulness.

- It's more
than two days' worth.

- It's wet.

No, it's damp.

- Good morning.

- Good morning,

That stuff will smoke something
terrible if you light it now,

but by nightfall...

- You did well.

- I didn't do it.

No? Then who?

- Our young,
smart friend...

- Thomas?

- No, Matthew.

Who's Thomas?

I'm sorry, Thomas.

I'm still learning
everyone's names.

That reminds me
of a time with John...

- Simon calls him
"Creepy John."

- I, uh--

- Hal
That's good!

I like that.

So, the flock was evading
Roman patrols,

moving up and down
the Jordan,

- You were
on the run?

- One day, John starts
addressing us by name.

Zachariah, Tobias,

We all start looking around
at each other like,

“Who's he talking to?”

And then we realize,

we don't know
each other's names.

We'd been out there
for months,

and we only knew each other's
nicknames or aliases.

- How is John?

- Same old John.

He's proud of you,

I can tell you
that much.

Like a father.

I think it's nap time.

Wake me if there's
work to do, boys.

And, uh...

thank Matthew,
if you see him.

- John remembers me.



I thought that might be
what you were doing.

- Hiding?

- No, writing.

Are you hiding?

- Philip says I don't
have to do that, anymore.

- Ah,
the new guy?

I like him already.

- Everybody does.

He's like Simon, but not...
like Simon.


- What are you writing?

- Just taking notes
on what I see.


I'm used to writing
daily now.

It began as a chore
but it's become habit.

- Hmm.

I think prayer
is like that.

At first, anyway.

And the way
Rabbi taught me.

Now I love it.

- In the short time
that I have followed,

people have quarreled
over things Jesus said,

remembered things

and disputed
His meaning.

I think it's best
we have a written record

to refer back to.

SIMON: Everything
He says and does?

- Yes.

- That's not
a good idea.

- Why?

- We have enemies.

There are people trying
to trap Jesus in His words.

They could twist something
He said to defame Him.

Have you thought
about that?

- They will find it
easier to twist something

He is reported
to have said

than if it's confirmed
in writing.

- That's not
how the world works!

People can twist words
however they want.

- But it's
clearly written--

- Yeah, I bet as clear as
the last time I saw you

writing in your journal,

spying on me
for the Romans?

And to think I came here
to thank you.

- People out there want to
define all of us by our pasts.

But we do things differently
because of Him.

- For the record,
it's a bad idea.

Write that down.

We head out
in an hour.

- He's not wrong.

Just be careful.


- Mm.

[carts creaking]

[carts creaking]

- Thaddeus,
all good?




Is my brother
slowing you down back here?

- Always.

- Hey!


You watch Simon and me
in a footrace,

and we'll settle this
once and for all.

- Race yourself
to the front.

Big James is asking
for relief on that cart.

- Already?

I thought we called him "big"
for a reason.

- Yeah, and that's why
his shift is the longest.

Come on,
you're up.

- I'll be next,

- No, no, no,
you don't need to--

- I want to.

- You shouldn't.

- Let me tell you

some days I miss
manual labor.

Fewer questions,
less speculation, honest sweat.

- Time to go get honest,

- Shalom, shalom!

Shalom, shalom.

- You know,
it's funny,

I would've thought
Keeper of the Shifts

would have been Matthew's job,
not yours.

- Why is that?

- He thinks in divisions,
calculation, order.

- Yeah,
I've noticed.

Speaking of Matthew,

I wanted to tell you,

he's writing down
everything you do.

- Of course,
he is.

- And that's fine
with you?


- All right,
good to know.

- You strike me as someone
who acts on instinct, feeling.

- Yeah,
but I do think.

I think all the time.

That's what I was hoping
to talk to you about.

- You were?

- Yeah,
I've been thinking...

the group is growing
every day.

And with greater numbers
come more...

and perspectives.

- Sure.

- And we're all unified
behind you.

- You're all unified?

- Well, we all agree
on you.

But sometimes
you're away.

And during those times,

we don't have your authority
to defer to.

- You have
My instructions.

- Yeah, we have a goal
or an instruction

or someplace
to go,

but how we get there,
how we achieve it,

sometimes there's
a lot of noise.

- So, what are you

- Well, I'm suggesting
we formalize a structure.

- For what?

- For how decisions
are made,

how plans
are formed,

and what is
the process

for raising objections
to those plans.

When and how they are vocalized,
and to whom.

- Hmm.

- Such as how you sent
Little James and John

ahead to Syria
to prepare;

we can schedule that
in advance.

Or, for instance,
maybe all contrary ideas

are routed through Big James,

and then brought to me
for consideration.

Just thinking
out loud here.

- Simon, I love that you are
trying to make things better

for the whole group.

You could stand to be
a little nicer sometimes,

but you're a leader.

You always have been,
and always will be.

I cherish that in you,
and I will need it.

I will need it
in time.

Every one of these people,
I have called for a reason.

Each of them bring something
unique and important

to the whole.

I want every voice heard,
and none silenced.

Everyone can learn
from each other.

- Yes, but some people are
troubled with tiny things

and they slow us down.

- I won't ask
who you mean by that.

But I will say, if someone
is thinking about things

you feel slow
everyone down,

maybe you need
to slow down.

One day, Simon, there will
need to be more structure.

And I see you playing
a big part in it.

- Out of all humility, Rabbi,
why not now?

Why not more structure

- Because
I am still here.

- Yes, of course,
You're still here.

Are You saying
one day you won't be?

- It's a conversation
for another time.

- But we will
talk about it?

- I think so.

- Soon?

- Aaaaaahhhhh.

There's that word

it's the most imprecise thing
in the world.

What is soon?

A few hours?

A few days?


A hundred years?

A thousand years?

Ask my Father in heaven
how long a thousand years is.

Then talk to me
about “soon.”

- Where are you going?

- To relieve Andrew
of the cart.

- But it's not
your time.

[Jesus chuckles]

- That's what I tried
to tell my mother at Cana.

How much good
did it do?

[heavy sigh]

[carts creaking]

- Mary, Ramah,
is something wrong?

- Nothing, wrong;
uh, I wanted to ask a favor.

- Of course.

- Can I borrow
a tablet?

- Did Simon
put you up to this?

- No, I'm going to
teach Ramah how to read.

We want to study Torah.

- That's what
I want to do.

- Well, they don't allow women
in the bet midrash.

How can I get
to the scrolls?

- I could copy them
for you.

- Matthew,
they're really long.

- Maybe we
could ask Philip

what is
the most important part.

- I'm pretty sure
it's all important.

- We don't even know
where to start.

- I'll ask Philip.

- Why Philip?

- He's kind to me.

Thaddeus, too.

- I'm sorry
they're the exception, Matthew.

- I'll talk to Philip.

[clears throat]

- Everything good
up here?

- Yes.

- We're going
to study Torah.

- Who,
you and Mary?

- And Matthew.

[Thomas chuckles]

- Matthew doesn't know
anything about Torah.

- How do you know
what Matthew knows?

- That's the point.

- And you don't read.

- I wasn't sent
to Hebrew school like you,

so, that's exactly what
I'll learn from Mary first.

It's not like we're trying
to be teachers or anything,

we just want
to learn more.

Have you taken your shift
with the cart yet?

- Anything you need to know,
you can always ask me.

- Mm-hmm.

- Uh, be happy to answer
any questions.

You know that,

- Of course.

- Good.

My turn with the cart.

- A passage
to memorize?

- Anything that
would get me started,

to make up
for lost time.

- No, Matthew,
you didn't lose any time.

It just got

You're gaining it
all back now.

- But in the meantime,

I want to understand
the same things you do,

and everyone else.

- Ah, it doesn't happen

BIG JAMES: [shouting]
Look, there it is!

- Ah, Caesarea Philippi,
my namesake.

- Really??

- No.

Philip the Tetrarch,
brother of Herod Antipas--

a family that does not
take kindly to my former Rabbi.

- Why?

- Well,
John criticizes them

for things like
killing their own sons,

marrying their own nieces,

things like this.

- I suppose
he should.

- Welcome to the Empire.

Of course, you know more about
that than any of us, no offense.

I'm going to go
up ahead.

A passage to memorize...
I'll work on this.

[background voices]

[knock on door]


Hey, Nathanael,
it's me, Philip.


[background voices]





[Nathanael softly groans]

Are you sick?

What's going on?

- Philip?

- Yeah,
why are you in bed?

What happened, my friend,
are you okay?

- Sure.

- Oy, we need to
get you some water.

I am truly sorry,
my friend.

- No one
was killed.

It could have been worse,
I could be in prison.

- I'm still
proud of you.

I've lived through you,
at times; you know that?

- Through me?

- Yes.

- I'm living
through you, man!

- I mean it.

- What part?

Going to classes,

Dealing with bureaucrats
day in, day out?

- I skipped
that part.

I mean, the part about building
something with your own hands.

I had a calling,
I don't regret it,

but while you were
in the city,

being validated
by top professionals,

I was in the wilderness.

With a lot of yelling.

I don't deny occasionally
being jealous

that you had actual
physical evidence

to show
for your efforts.

- A pile of rubble.

- You don't know what
you're impact was, or will be.

- I have a good idea
what it'll be...

a cold day in Gehenna
before they hire another Jew.

- I thought I knew
where God was putting me, too.

- Yeah.

So, what are you
doing here?

[Philip chuckles]

I thought you were out making
enemies all over the place.

- I'm about to make
a whole lot more enemies

all over the place.

John sent me
to someone new,

- You sure know
how to pick ‘em.

- He's not
just anyone.

- You said that
about the baptizer.

- And I was right.

But this is...

- Hmm.

- This is Who the baptizer
has been preparing us for.

- Mm.

- Nathanael...

He's The One.

- The One?

- The One
who Moses foretold,

and the prophets
said would come.

- The One?

- The One.

Jesus of Nazareth,
son of Joseph.

- Nazareth?!


Can anything good
come out of Nazareth?

- Come and see.

- Oh, a little dump
on a craggy hilltop.

- I'm serious.

- No paved roads,
no public buildings,

they barely
have a synagogue--

- You can't,
you really can't.

- Hey, I'm just
telling it like it is,

why can't I do that?

- Because you're mean.

- The families--

illiterate day laborers
and peasants, by the way--

sleep under the same roof
as their livestock!

- Listen to me--

- Honestly, Philip,

saying The One
is a Nazarene

is practically heresy.

- Just...
come and see.

- [sighs]

- What?

You're gonna be
late for work?

- Wow.

That's dark...

so dark.

- Your whole life
you've wanted to serve God,

to meet the Son of God,
the King of Israel.

I promise,
you will not regret it.

And if you do,
I'll refund your misery.

But I know you,
you don't mess around...

you will want to join Him.

He's like no Rabbi
who ever has been or will be.

- I've never seen you
talk like this.

I'm still hung up on
the Nazareth of it all.


- Come and see.

[crickets chirping]

[door clatters shut]


- Well,
this is a good night.

Do you know who stands
beside you there?

- This is my friend,

- Yes,
the truth-teller.

- I'm

- Man is often

and Israel began with Jacob,
a bit of a deceiver, yes?

- Yes.

- But one of the great things
about you...

is you are
a true Israelite,

in whom
there is no deceit.

- What did you say
about me?

What is this?

How do you know me?

- I have known you
long before Philip called you

to come and see.

Don't look at him,
look at Me.

When you were in
your lowest moment,

and you were alone...

I did not turn My face
from you.

I saw you,

under the fig tree.

- Rabbi.

- There it is.

- You are
the Son of God.

The King of Israel.

- I knew it!

- Well, that
didn't take long.

- He doesn't
mess around.


- Because I said
to you,

“I saw you under the fig tree,”
you believe?


You are going to see many
greater things than that.

Like Jacob, you are going
to see heaven opened,

and the angels of God
ascending and descending

upon the Son of Man.

That's Me,
by the way.


- Yeah,
I got that.

- Good, I know
you like to be clear.

- Rabbi,
sorry to interrupt,

but John just arrived
with a message from Syria.

- He came back?

- Yeah, he said people are
already gathering to meet you,

many with afflictions
to be healed.

Your fame
is spreading...

the good kind!

You should rest, Rabbi,
we should leave early.

- Thank you,

[receding footsteps]

So... you wanted to help
build something

that would cause prayer,
and songs,

something to bring souls
closer to God, yes?

Can you start