The Chosen (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - I Am He - full transcript

After a miraculous visit to Simon's house, Jesus and his students leave Capernaum while under pressure from religious and Roman authorities. Jesus makes a surprise stop at Jacob's Well for an important encounter.

- This is the spot, my sons.

Shalom, my friend!

- I-I don't know that word.

- It's something my family says.

It's a greeting of peace.

- You won't find much
of that here, I'm afraid.

- I'm Jacob.

- I'm Yassib.

- Yassib, I would offer
you something to drink,

but as you can see, we have
just begun work on our well.

- You bought this land
from the sons of Hamor?

- For only 100 qesitah.

Can you believe it?

- I believe it every time
the princes of this land

cheat another foreigner.

You will curse the day
you paid that 100 qesitah.

- And what do you think
would have been a fair price?

- Zero qesitah,
zero goats, zero...

- I have 12 sons
to work the land,

and once we strike water...

- You will never strike water.

Yes, recent rain makes
the land look lush,

but the underground river
runs around the mountain,

not up it.

- Our God takes care of us.

- This is Canaan.

The gods are not nice here.

- We won't be here that long.

We are sojourners.

- Ah, and what
are you looking for?

- A land our God promised
my grandfather, Abraham.

- Your grandfather?

You ever notice how the gods
are always promising us things

but we never really
see them happen?

- Sometimes it
takes generations.

- Ah, suit yourself.

So, what is this god of
yours called, anyway?

- El Shaddai.

- I never heard of Him.

- Not many people have,

but I think someday they will.

- You have no home.

Where's your
temple for this god?

- He has no temple.

- Then where do you worship Him?

- We build altars
wherever we go.

- You don't carry Him with you?

- No.

There are no
carved idols of Him.

- So He's invisible?

- Yes.

Well, usually.

There was one time
He broke my hip.

- Oh, no, no!

I've heard enough.

Of all the gods you could
possibly choose from,

you pick an invisible God

whose promises take
generations to come true,

who makes you sojourn
in a strange places

and He broke your hip?

That is a strange choice.

Ah, immigrants...
- We didn't choose Him.


- He chose us.

♪ Oh, child, come on in. ♪

♪ Jump in the water.

♪ Got no trouble with
the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Oh, child... ♪
Walk on the water.

♪ Got no trouble.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

- You know, when
the door opened,

I honestly hoped it was
a thief or a murderer,

come to put me out of my misery.

- Sorry to disappoint you,

but there's something
I need from you first.

- Come closer, I can't see you.

Your hair is matted
and your face is red.


- You know why.

- If you came
back to live with me

you could go to the well
with the other women

in the cool of the morning.

- You're wrong about that.

I could go with them if I
had stayed with Ramin.

- Out with it.

How much do you need?

- I'm not here for money.

I've brought a bill of divorce.

All you need do is sign it.

- Only a man can
divorce his wife,

not the other way
around, Photina.

- Which is why the certificate
is in your name, Neriah.

- On what grounds
am I to divorce you?

- I'm living with another man.

- So what?

That's all you did
with me, live here.

- You knew why I married you.

- Stability.

The shine wore
off quick, didn't it?

- The Pentateuch makes
provision for a husband

to divorce his wife if
she lies with another man.

- Listen to you, talking
about Pentateuch.

- What do I have to
do? Bring him here?

- Yes, I want to see the
latest shade of drooling tomcat

you've put your spell on.

Hurry before he gets
bored like the others.

- Will you sign it or not?

- Give it here.


- Please.

- Please?

You're my property, Photina,

and I don't part lightly
with my possessions.

- The way he ran
from the Red Quarter!

Nearly tripping on his robes.

- A Pharisee running.

Somehow, I can't see that!

- Shulaaaaaaa!

- I thought for certain
he would trip and fall

and I would be arrested.

- Knowing your luck, Rivka,
probably would happen, huh?

- I thought for certain Lil
was gone forever that day.

- It's Mary now.

- Always was.

- Does anyone want any grapes?

Barnaby, you eat a lot.

- Very observant, Matthew.

- Thank you.


- You know, Matthew, when
you're not behind iron bars,

you're quite handsome.

- I agree.

- Rivka!

What is going on?

- May I help you?

- We were just on a
walk and we heard voices

and I thought it sounded like...

but surely not.

- And yet it is You.

- Would you like to come in?

- We would never...

Never be caught dead in a...
- In a what?

A tax collector's house?

Not only that, but with... a...

Do you know what she...

and he... they are...

- You seem to be having
trouble finding your words, man.

- Why does your Master eat
with tax collectors and sinners?

- It's not the healthy who
need a doctor, but the sick.

- I must say I am shocked.

She is from the Red Quarter,

much of what is done there

cannot even be spoken by
my tongue or cross my lips,

it is so unholy.

The mere mention
of it would defile me.

- Sounds like a
personal problem.

- But him, and the
others he works with,

they betray our
people for money.

And they're not even sorry.

- If you're so
offended, then leave.

- Let them speak, Andrew.

- They've never offered
guilt sacrifices in the temple.

- What?

The priest keeps records.

We check them.

- Tax collectors are not
welcome at the temple.

- You would like them better

if they made the
proper sacrifices?

- This is not about me, this
is about what God wants.

- You are forgetting the
scroll of Hosea, hmm?

"“I desire mercy
more than sacrifice."”

- There are righteous
men on the lookout for you,

and they are weighing
every word you say.

- Is that a threat?

- Please let them
know this, Yussif.

I have not come to
call the "righteous,"

but sinners.

- Is everything
under control here?

- Yes, we were just going
on our way, centurion.

- That's Primi Ordine to you.

- Primi Ordine.

- You all keep eating.

I will talk to this man.


- You're making a mistake.

You can walk away from this.

- I made my choice.

- Look at that room.

Other than Rom and Jahaz,

whom I know to be
law-abiding tax collectors,

everyone else in there...
the dregs of Capernaum.

- Gaius, lower your voice.

- The bottom of the barrel.

- Germanic, correct?

Isn't that what
you told Quintus?

- Don't change the subject.

- Your people surrendered...

I'm surrendering, too.

Your promotion was well-earned.

You will do well without
me... Better, even.

- Mm, how?

You're the one who
got me promoted.

- That is untrue.

- Do not play dumb.

You know how this all happened.

- You could say thank you.

- Well, I'm not
going to do that.

- Well, if you can't say it,

then there's something
you could do to show it.

I will pay you if necessary.

- I don't want your money.

What is the favor?

- You have not rehearsed
your speech for me.

- It's nothing.

- They want to honor you

for the great things
you have done here.

Give them a thrill.

- My remarks will
be extemporaneous.

- You are one of those rare men

who excels in both rehearsed
and unrehearsed speech.

- And you are not
guilty of bias, are you?

- Those are not my words.

- Oh?

Caiaphas said that about
you at our last Shabbat dinner.

- He was just flattering.

- There is no one above
the high priest but God.

What has he to gain
from you by flattery?

He has never
complimented my cooking.

Do you remember,
at that final dinner,

when Eliav sang to Havilah?

She was glowing.

His voice the sweeter
for the child in her womb?

- Brought tears to my eyes.

- Can you picture
Moshe and Gideon,

their little chins
resting on the table,

when you say the Eshet Chayil?

That's the way Shabbat

family knit together
around a table,

my mother's gilded plates,

your grandmother's candlesticks,
may she rest in peace.

- I do miss her.

- If she could see you now,

receiving the highest honor
ever bestowed by our order.

She would burst with pride.

- I remember the
inscription she had

"Adonai El Roi."

The Lord... the God Who Sees Me.

- The words of Hagar.

- She always loved that
Hagar was caught up

in something
complicated and fraught,

but not of her choice.

And yet God saw her.

He knew the path
she was forced to take

would not be an easy one.

- When we stumble
onto hard roads,

He finds us and comforts us.

- Or does He call us to them?

- Persian myrrh and camphor.

To commemorate our
last day in Capernaum.

- One last day...

- Nicodemus...

I love our life.

- As do I.

- Take me back to it.

- I... I've changed my mind.

I-I will... ahem...
Prepare my remarks.

I will need a moment.


- Praetor.

- Just the man I've
been waiting to see.

Get in here.

- What methods are we using
to quell and disperse mobs

that obstruct traffic?

- Regular patrols,
mounted officers...

when necessary, force...
- Not enough force.

And what use are
mounted officers

if the people have never
seen anyone trampled?

- Praetor?

- Herod's envoy was delayed.

He was a childhood
rival... You were there.

I asked Matthew,

he said show him some
infrastructure plans.

- I hope it was
effective, Dominus.

- Very.

Until Silvius was delayed
by a stampede on his way out.

I had to endure a
very smug lecture.

Don't let that happen again!

- Yes, Praetor.

- Mmm...

I see you are alone.

I assume that means
you've found a replacement

to watch our little friend.

- A new soldier has
been trained and installed.

- Good.

- And I am
reviewing applications

for a new publicanus
for that district.

- What district?

- The collection district
previously assessed by Matthew.

- Why are you doing that?

- Matthew left.

He quit, Dominus.

- What do you mean, he quit?

Why would you let him quit?

- He is a contractor.

I-I had no recourse.

- Quit to do what?

- He is to become a student.

- Of what?!

Don't make me keep
asking questions, Primi.

- He is to study the Jewish God.

He left to follow a holy man,
the man from the eastern ghetto.

That... that is all I know.

- Oh, I really
don't like that man.


Extra food from my
eema, and she made more.

She's convinced we
will starve along the way

with six days of walking, huh?

- Three.

- Three?

- Are we going to run
all the way to Jerusalem?

- That won't work for
Simon... he's a terrible runner.

- Well, I have bad shins.

- Well, maybe if you
didn't get in fights

with Abe and
Jehosaphat every week...

- Easy... easy, boys, huh?

- My fighting days are over.

- Simon, you seem
quiet this morning.

- We have a long journey ahead.

- Apparently only half
as long as we thought.

- I'll explain later.

Simon, what troubles you?

- Nothing, just
excited for the trip,

you know, I...
- You can tell me the truth.

- You're telling me

You don't already
know what's in my head?

- That's a conversation
for another time.

But for now...

- I'm the only one
among us who is married.

- Ah!

So you think I should have
only called single people?

- Of course not.

And I'm glad you didn't.


Eden will be alone
with her eema.

- You're scared
things could get worse

and you wouldn't be there.

- See?

That's what I mean, You
already know anyway.

- Simon, everyone here
knows what you're thinking

most of the time.

It does not take God's wisdom.


- Congratulations on your
profound contribution, Rabbi.

We are forever in your debt.

- Praise Adonai.

The ceremony was
glorious, teacher.

Your acts of faithfulness
and discernment

have been duly
recorded for all history.

- Thank you, Shmuel.

I am grateful for
your service as well.

- Thank you.

- I foresee you will be an
important leader in our order

for many years to come.

- Maybe not just here
in Capernaum, Rabbi.

Perhaps, I will one
day teach across Judea.

Maybe even in Jerusalem.

- Perhaps you will, Shmuel.

- It's not such a ridiculous
notion, is it, Rabbi?

I have studied under your
venerated tutelage, after all.

As your reputation grows,
so, too, do my own prospects.

- I think it is, perhaps,
bold to assume outcomes.

Our work is for God.

He chooses where it takes us.

- You're right,
as always, Rabbi.

But under your guidance...

I've found a matter of law
I'm deeply passionate about.

One that resonates
with many others,

even as far away as Jerusalem.

- I'm delighted to hear
your fervor, Shmuel.

Tell me, what is it that you've
become so passionate about?

- False prophecy.

When I heard the
Man from Nazareth

tell the paralytic his
sins were forgiven,

I thought, "“Only
God can forgive sins."”

At that very moment, He turned
to me and recited my thoughts

as if reading
them from a scroll.

I felt the same.

Did He use
divination, I wondered?

But it's obvious... of course,
I would think this thought.

He called Himself
the Son of Man...

As if from the prophet Daniel...
Here, in the town of my order.

- He comes from
Nazareth, not heaven!

- " him was given dominion
and glory and a kingdom,

"that all peoples,
nations, and languages

should serve him..."

- He's simply a man.

I don't understand
it any more than...

- "His dominion is an
everlasting dominion,

"which shall not pass away,

and his kingdom one that
shall not be destroyed."”

The Man claimed to be
God and you said nothing.

I will petition Jerusalem,

requesting permission
to search the archives

for all matters pertaining
to such false prophecy.

Will you oppose
my petition, Rabbi?

The question on the mind

of every man who
reads my account

will have to be, "What
did Nicodemus do?"

- So, it's all about politics
and promotion for you, isn't it?

It's not to serve God.

- On the contrary,
Teacher, it's about the law.

And the law... is God.

If I'm rewarded for that,

it's because I learned
from the very wisest.

- I will not oppose
your petition.

And, Shmuel...

you have learned
nothing from me.

- Where is Simon?

Can he build us a fire?

- He's away, Eema.

- Fishing?

- No, something else.

Lie still.


- Jesus?

I-I wasn't expecting you here.

- People usually aren't.

- Can I get you
something warm to drink?

I was just stoking the fire...

- You saw it first, you know?

- What do you mean?

- What I see in Simon.

You were the first person to
notice, when no one else did.

That connects us.

- My mother said I was
drawn to his wildness

and that I would regret it.

I wonder what she would say now?

- We're going into
town to sell these nets,

we'll be right back.

- Stay here a moment, Simon.

- I just want to leave
some extra money behind

for Eden and Eema
while I'm away.

- Put your nets down, and
go sit with your mother-in-law.

It's all right.

I told Simon to make sacrifices
and leave things behind

in order to follow me.

You are one flesh with Simon.

He cannot make sacrifices
that are not also yours.

You have a role
to play in all of this.

- Do I?

- You will know in time.

I can't make everything
about this easier for you.

- That wouldn't be
our people's way.

- No.

It has not been...

nor will it continue to be.

But I see you.

Do you understand?

I know it is not
easy to be at home

when your husband
is out doing all of... this,

even when you're excited
about it and proud of him.

So, I wouldn't
ask you to do this

without taking
care of a few things.

- You mean...

- Plus, normal Simon
is difficult enough,

you think I want to travel
with a worried Simon?

- No.

- No, I do not.

- The fever's spiked.

Her forehead burns
my hand to the touch.

- We should get a doctor.

- There is no need.

Leave her!

- Who are You?

This is Jesus of Nazareth.

- You've never met Him before.

- Welcome to my
son-in-law's home.

- Thank you.

- What am I doing lying here...

- You had a terrible fever.

- and all of you staring down...

- Dasha, don't...
- No one move.

I'll be right back
with some drinks.

Andrew, be a dear
and come stoke this fire.

- Coming.

Let's see... Rye
and butter for Simon,

pomegranate arils...
- Thank You.

- goat cheese.

- Thank You.

- Does your friend
like goat cheese?

- Yes, I love goat cheese.

Maybe I should... yeah...

see about the goat cheese.

- Thank you.

- Me? For what?

- For obeying and following Him.

It brought Him here.

Simon! Nectarines or plums?

- Ha-ha! You're a liar!

I know you are, I know that...

We don't serve your kind here.

- And what kind is that?

- You know what you are.

- Well, lucky for you...

I can serve myself.

You know, to stop me
you'd have to look at me.

- Take down this decree in
Aramaic, Latin and Greek,

so no one can plead ignorance.

"By order of Rome,

"and punishable by
detention and imprisonment...

"religious gatherings outside
the synagogue and Hebrew school

"are strictly prohibited.

"The teacher known
as Jesus of Nazareth

is sought for questioning."

- This should be everyone.

- Everyone's here?

- Yes, this is all of us.

- Is there anyone else?

- Look at this.

- What is it?

- I don't know, let's find out.

- Gold.

- A friend of mine
left that for us.

- It's enough for two
weeks of food and lodging.

- You came so close.

- What do you mean?

- We need to go,

if we're to make it to a
camp in Tiberias by nightfall.

- Simon is correct.

Let's go.

- You gonna wear
that... on a trip?

- These are my clothes.

Should I have others?

- Ayy...

- Hello.

Elisheva, who is it?

A Roman.

- What's wrong?

What happened?

What did it mean... "Follow me?"

- That is all He said.

Matthew did not hesitate.

- Follow Him where?

- Look, I'm sure he
will come to his senses.

- His senses?

Do you know my son?

- Do you?

At the moment he believes
this Man to be a prophet.

- The Man who healed the
paralytic at Zebedee's house!

- I'd be careful with
that word "healed."

We don't know what
sort of trickery or illusion

may have been involved.

- Matthew has no
interest in illusion.

- Nor in your God...
or so I thought.

- Matthew upended
his life to be with Him.

His wicked life!

- He does not make
decisions lightly.

- That is true.

- When I saw him two days ago,

he did not seem himself.

But I never would've guessed
that he was preparing for this.

- He asked me to deliver to you

some of his personal effects.

- Adonai in heaven...

- The key to his house.

- Luxury bought off the
backs of my people...

I will not accept it!

- He suspected as much.

Sell it, give it away, burn
it down... I do not care.

Don't burn it down.

- Hmm.

- The other is just outside.

- Matthew!

- What?


- Matthew said
thieves forced you

to close your business?

- Yes, but...

- And you've been taking
long journeys for your business?

- Yes.

I have all my permits.

- Don't you get it?

The roads are dangerous.

Your wife is left for long
periods of time alone.

People with bad
intentions hate him.

- I...

How does it work?

- One last thing...

If you hear from him or receive
any word of his whereabouts,

contact me immediately.

- Is he wanted?

- Not officially.

But if Jesus of Nazareth
returns to Capernaum,

the Praetor would
like to... question Him.

It would be in everyone's
best interest if you contact me.

- We understand.

- And I just want you to kn...


I know some people that
were mildly fond of your son.

- Mmm.

- Hungry?

Almost there.

- What city's that?

- Jezreel.

The southernmost
town in Galilee.

From there we veer
east to the Jordan River.

- Rabbi, where are you going?

- Do you need something?

- This way, friends.

- I'm sorry, but the map shows

that Jezreel is two
miles southeast of here,

and is met by a road
east to the Jordan.

We need to adjust our
course 30 degrees to...

- We're not going to the Jordan.

We're going through Samaria.

- Are you telling a joke?

- There's a place
I want to stop.

Plus, it makes our journey
shorter by almost half.

- And our odds of violent
attack more likely by double.

- Is that an exact figure?

- Forgive me, Teacher, but
it's safer to go around Samaria

by way of the Jordan
in the Decapolis.

- Did you join me
for safety reasons?

- But, Rabbi,
they're Samaritans.

- Good observation, Big James.

What's your point?

- Rabbi, these were the
people that profaned our temple

with the dead
bones, they hated us.

- They fought against
us with the Seleucids

in the Maccabean wars.

I've never even
spoken to a Samaritan...

- And we destroyed their
temple 100 years ago.

And none of you here

were present for
any of these things.


if we are going to have a
question-and-answer session

every time we do
something you're not used to,

it's going to be a very annoying
time together for all of us.

We'll be fine.

And if we get attacked,

Simon will be happy
to show us what to do.

- Absolutely!

- Right, so follow me.

- We ate the last of
Salome's bread last night.

- Master, we need to
go into town for food.

- We can use the gold that
was left for us at the fountain.

- Very well.

- There's a town about
a mile west, Sychar.

- You all go.

I'll wait here.

- Someone should
stay with you... in case.

- I'm all right.

Meet me at that well
when you come back.

- Would you give me a drink?

Did you hear me?

- That bad, huh?

- What?

- You, a Jew,

ask for a drink from
me, a Samaritan?

And a woman?

- I'm sorry.

I should have said, "Please."

- You know, it's not safe
for you to be alone out here.

- Nor you.

Why haven't you
come with others?

And why so late in the day?

Don't women go to the wells
in the cool of the morning?

- Yeah, well,

none of them will
be seen with me,

so I have to come
at noon in the heat,

as you have so
kindly reminded me.

- Why won't they
be seen with you?

- Long story.

- I'd still like a
drink of water,

if you can spare it.

- Amazing what a
parched throat will do.

Aren't I unclean to you?

Won't you be
defiled by this vessel?

- Maybe some of my people
say that about your women,

but I don't.

- Yeah?

And what do you say?

- I say if you knew Who I am,

you'd be asking Me for a drink.

- Really.

- And I would give
you living water.

- Would...

except that You have
nothing to draw water with,

and this is a deep well.

Besides, what do
You need from me

if You have Your own
supply of "“living water" ”?

- Long story.

- But Jewish water is better
than Samaritan water, hmm?

- That's not what I said.

- Are you a better man
than our ancestor, Jacob,

who dug this well?

Your water is better than his?

- I know Jacob.

And everyone who drinks
this water will thirst again.

But whoever drinks
the water that I give him

will never be thirsty again.

- Wouldn't that be nice.

- The water I give will
become in a person

a spring of water
welling up to eternal life.


- Yes, really.

- Prove it.

- First, go and call your
husband, then come back.

I will show you both.

- I don't have a husband.

- You are right.

You've had five husbands...

and the man you're living
with now is not your husband.

- Ha-ha-haa!

I see.

You're a prophet.

You're here to preach at me.

- No.

- Usually the one good
thing about coming here alone

is I can escape being condemned.

- I'm not here to condemn you.

- I've made
mistakes... too many.

But it's men like you who
have made it impossible for me

to do anything about it.

- How?

- Our ancestors
worshipped on this mountain,

but you Jews insist Jerusalem
is the only place for true worship.

- They say that because
the temple is there.

- Yeah, exactly where
we're not allowed.

- I'm here to break
those barriers.

And the time is coming
when neither on this mountain

nor in Jerusalem will
you worship the Father.

- So where am I supposed
to go when I need God?

I've never received
anything from God,

but I couldn't thank
Him even if I did.

- Anywhere.

God is spirit.

And the time is
coming, and is now here,

that it won't matter
where you worship,

but only that you do
it in spirit and truth.

Heart and mind.

That... that is the
kind of worshiper

He's looking for.

It won't matter
where you're from...

or what you've done.

Do you believe
what I'm telling you?

- Until the Messiah comes,

and explains everything
and sorts this mess out,

including me, I
don't trust in anyone.

- You're wrong

when you say that you've never
received anything from God.

This Messiah you speak of.

I am He.

The first one was named Ramin.

You were a woman of purity
who was excited to be married,

but he wasn't a good man.

He hurt you,

and it made you
question marriage

and even the
practice of your faith.

- Stop it.

- The second was Farzad.

On your wedding night his
skin smelled like oranges,

and to this day,

every time you pass by
the oranges in the market,

you feel guilty for leaving him,

because he was the only truly
godly man you've been with,

but you felt unworthy.

- Why are you doing this?

- I have not revealed
Myself to the public

as the Messiah.

You are the first.

It would be good
if you believed Me.

- You picked the wrong person.

- I came to Samaria
just to meet you.

Do you think it's an accident

that I'm here in the
middle of the day?

- I am rejected by others.

- I know... but not
by the Messiah.

- And you know these things

because you are the Christ.

- I'm going to tell everyone.

- I was counting on it.

- Spirit and truth?

- Spirit and truth.

- It won't be all about
mountains or temples?

- Soon... just the heart.

- You promise?

- I promise.

- This Man told me
everything I've done!

Oh, He must be the Christ!

- Hey, wait!

- Your water!

- You forgot your...

- Come see a Man who
told me everything I ever did!

- Uh, Rabbi, we got
food; what would You like?

- Ah... I have food to eat
that you do not know about.

- Who got You food?

- Wait a minute.

You told her?

- Mm-hmm.

- And she can tell others?

- What food?

- My food is to do the
will of Him who sent Me

and to accomplish His work.

- You told her Who you are?

- Mm-hmm.

-So does that mean...

- It means we're going to
stay here for a couple days.

It's been a long time of sowing,

but the fields are
ripe for harvest.

- And so, it's time?

- Let's go.


♪ Throw me like a
stone in the water ♪

♪ Watch the mud rise up

♪ Dress me like a
lamb for the slaughter ♪

♪ Pour me in your cup

♪ Should've known
we'd bring trouble ♪

♪ Trouble gonna find you here

♪ Trouble

♪ Trouble ♪