The Chosen (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Wedding Gift - full transcript

Nicodemus interrogates John the Baptizer while Jesus and his students make their way to a wedding celebration in Cana. During the ceremony, Jesus' mother Mary makes a special request.

- Please! Have you seen...

- Why are you alone, woman?

- my son! He's only 12, He's...

- I see kids all over.

It's Jerusalem.

You from here?

- No, we came for
the Passover Feast.

We thought He
was in the caravan.

- The feast was three days ago!

- Jesus?!?!




- We looked everywhere,
day and night!

We were so scared!

I told Him;

He's okay.

- Why is everyone so upset?

- Mary, He was in the...

- You were supposed to
be riding in the caravan

with Uncle Abijah!

- I was supposed
to be with my Father.

- Then why weren't you?!

- I was.

- You were in the temple?

It was incredible, Mary.

You should have seen Him.

He was teaching
when I found Him.

The rabbis, the
scribes, the scholars...

They could not
believe their ears.

They barely let us leave.

- Didn't you know I must
be in my Father's house?

- It's too early
for all... this.

- If not now, when?

- Just help us get
through all this with you.


- Maybe we should get going

before they make a
formal inquiry, hmm?

- Jesus... please don't
do that again, huh?

- Yes, Abba.

May I read?

- Well see, hmm?

Come, now, we've
got a long journey.

What are you going to do

for your mother for
this transgression, huh?

I'm going to make
Him rub your feet.


♪ Oh, child, come on in. ♪

♪ Jump in the water.

♪ Got no trouble with
the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Oh, child... ♪
Walk on the water.

♪ Got no trouble.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water. ♪


- Mary?!

What are you doing here?!

- I heard someone is
celebrating a marriage.

- I mean so early.

- I came here to help.

- All the way from Nazareth?

You must've been
riding in the dark...

- When your best friend
is the mother of the groom,

you'll be early
for the feast, too.

Now, c'mon.

Give me a broom or something.

- Okay... okay, come on!

- Miracles?

- Yes, John.

Signs and wonders.

- From who?

- You.

- Are you adding those
to my list of infractions?

Only a Pharisee.

You would've labeled
Moses a lunatic

for talking to a shrub.

- Do you consider
yourself to be like Moses?

Tell me about your ministry.

- Do you remember when
Caesar traveled through Judea?

- Yes.

- He sent all these men
to clear logs and debris

for the coming king.

"“Make straight the way
for the king!"” they'd shout.

"“Prepare the way!"”

- The roads in Jerusalem do
not have the same problem,

but I remember the visit.

- I had to move.

Romans aren't kind
to the homeless.

Lost all my possessions.

- Many in Jerusalem
were frightened as well.

- Oh, they were lucky to
have you to comfort them.

For a price, of course.

- Should we be clearing
the road for you, John?

Is that the point of this story?

- I don't like your frock.

The cost of the vestments alone

could feed three children
in Nazareth for a month.

- Do you hail from Nazareth?

- Mm-hmm.

And Jericho, and Bethlehem,

Jaffa, Hebron...
- I see.

Well, you have a new home now.

Whatever your mission was,
I hope you've completed it.

- I thought you were
here to ask about miracles.

- But first,

I wanted to tell you of a
miracle that I've seen...

but cannot comprehend.

- And then to make accusations.

- This is pointless.

Clearly, you are not
a frothing madman,

but every bit as unreasonable.

- You imprison me

and accuse me of being
ill-tempered about it?

- I am not your captor.

Do you not understand?

This is a Roman cell.

I came to speak to the
warden on your behalf.

- On my behalf?

Why are you really
here, old man?

- The official reason?

You are a Jewish citizen.

If you have broken Jewish law,

it sets a dangerous precedent
to allow Rome to adjudicate.

- Ahhh.

And the real reason?

- The truth?

I am far from home.

I am looking in places I
would never go because...

I am searching
for an explanation

for something I cannot unsee.

- No one else
knows you're here...

Tell me from the beginning.

- Eden.

We need to talk.

- So I hear.

- What have you heard?

- Nothing that makes sense.

Last night you
told me the truth.

Let's continue with that.

- So... I worked
for hours last night

and couldn't even catch
one fish the entire night.

And then Andrew and
the boys showed up...

Thank you for
that, by the way...

And none of us could catch
one fish the entire night,

it was horrible.

And this morning, we finally
gave up and we went to shore,

but there was this
teacher on shore,

and Andrew knew who He
was, but I'll talk about that later.

He told me to
cast one more time,

which made no sense,
but I did it anyway,

because of the way
He-He looked at me.

And then so many fish showed up.

They were pouring into the boat.

So many kept coming that Zebedee
ended up filling both our boats,

enough to pay
off the whole debt.

- I... uh... what?

- I know.

- Why don't you seem happy?

- This is hard to explain...

- More than what
you just told me?

- It's like the story
of Elijah and Elisha.

- Yes?

- Elisha was plowing
with 12 yoke of oxen,

when Elijah the
prophet just walked up

and threw his cloak
over him, right?

A calling to follow him.

- And without delay,
Elisha slaughtered the oxen,

burned the plow, and
left everything behind.

- Yes!

The Teacher...

Andrew told me but I
didn't believe him at first...

He's the Messiah.

I know it sounds impossible,

He made boatfuls of fish
appear out of nowhere,

and the words He spoke.

The one John told Andrew
was the Lamb of God

who takes away
the sin of the world.

It was Him.

And then He called
me to follow Him.

And Andrew, James, and John.

To go where He goes
and learn from Him.

And He said I wouldn't
be a fisherman anymore

but that I would
catch people instead.

I don't even know
what that means,

but I'm sure what I saw.

He's the one we've been
waiting for all our lives.


I want to quit fishing and
leave the sea behind to go.

I know, I know, I know
it makes no sense,

and I knew it would
make you upset,

all I can tell you is if this...

- I'm not upset.

Oh, why would I be upset?

Come here... come here.

This is the man that I married.

- And you believe me?

- You couldn't make this up.

Of course, He chose you.

- I don't know why He did.

I tried to tell Him
I'm a sinful man.

- Everyone is sinful.

- I don't know what this means,

I don't know yet how
I'm going to provide.

- I don't care about that.

- Then why are you crying?

- Because someone
finally sees in you

what I've always seen...

you're more than a fisherman.

- You know, I... I
will travel sometimes,

I don't want you
to feel abandoned.

- You have to go with Him.

How could I feel abandoned?

I feel saved!

- Eden... Eden, it's
not going to be easy.

- When have we ever
had anything easy?

That's not our people's way.


So, are you going to help me?

- Well, I actually could
watch you do that all day.

- Wash your feet.

- We leave for Cana today.

- What's in Cana?

- A wedding.

- What does a wedding have to do

with the liberation of Israel?

- I'm about to find out.

But, c'mon, don't
you think our wedding

was a kind of... liberation?

- From your fear
that I would be bald.

- Well, my father's
nearly blind.

Remember how cold it was?

- Yeah.

- Remember Andrew's toast?

Remember the
rabbi lost his place?

- No.

- What?!

He made everyone stand
up and "Please be seated,"

twice in a row; you
don't remember?

- What I will remember
for the rest of my life

is lifting your veil.

I'd fight tigers
for that memory.

- You'd fight tigers?

- Well, unless it was as
cold as our wedding day,

right before the sun came up

and you got tangled
in our chuppah.

- You do remember!

- The lamb, it will be there
before or after we arrive?

- After.

They don't have a
good place to keep it

so I didn't want
it there too early.

- But are they
going to show up...

- With plenty of time for
you to roast it your way.


- Wait... there's
only three jars.

- Yes, that's what
they asked for.

- Ramah, I'm very concerned
we won't be able to get all three

all the way to Cana intact.

I told you we needed four
from your vineyard to be safe.

- I told you...

the wedding
family can't afford it.

- I would've paid you
out of my own pocket.

- Thomas.

That would almost
erase your whole margin,

why would you do that?

- I-I mean... we're
a team, right?

- Well, I think everything
will arrive perfectly intact,

especially with how
carefully you drive.

- I just want to
be certain that...

- Thomas.

It's going to be fine.

- I'm glad you got
some hired help.

There's much to do.

- Oh, Tirza?

She's a neighbor.

We couldn't afford anyone
extra, so she volunteered...

On her only day off.

- Hmm, and here I was,

thinking how lucky
you are to have me.

- My son just married his love

and I'm surrounded by friends.

Couldn't be luckier.

- What is she like?

- Oh, Sarah is lovely
and respectful and just...


Her parents, Helah and
Abner, are not so convinced.

- About Asher?

- About Rafi and me as in-laws.

The father especially.

But he's very
successful and influential,

so, maybe it will be
good for the kids' future...

- You don't have to
grovel to anybody, Dinah.

They'll come around.

- I should go find Rafi.

- I do appreciate it.

You heard me tell
Eden how grateful I was.

- I heard your words.

But I also watched
your movements.

- I don't know
what to do with it!

I don't go on long trips.

Do I hold it like this?

If I had a stick,

I could sling it
over my shoulder.

- We'll see what the others do.

- What if they
didn't pack lunch?

Will we look stupid?

What if it comes
off as ungrateful?

- I don't know.

Maybe it'll look like we never
traveled with the Messiah before

and we don't know
what we're doing.

- I'm a bit nervous.

- Come on, don't be nervous.

If you're nervous, I'll
come on too strong.

- Don't tell me
you're not nervous.

- I said I was.

- No, you said,
if I'm nervous...

- I know what I said.

I don't want to let Him down.

- I don't want to do it wrong.

- C'mon, we'll probably
both do it wrong.

It's like fishing.

Remember when Dad taught us?

- Dad didn't teach anything.

We just sat there.

- And watched.

And then it was our turn and
we made our own mistakes.

Can you believe this?

Well, you guys are great.


- Have you been here long?

- Oh, yeah.

Perfect day for a wedding, huh?

- Master.

Simon, Andrew, Mary,
James, John, Thaddeus.

But where is...
- Oh!

- Uh-oh!

Raining figs.

- Figs for the journey.

- Ah! We won't even
need to stop for lunch.

Thank you, James.

- Yes, Master?

- Ahh, two Jameses.

How will we solve this dilemma?

- Well, what if, uh...
I go by Big James?

- Is that acceptable
to you, young James?

- Yes, I think
that's fair, Master.

- And a sense of
justice, too, huh?

Then it's settled.

Now, to the road, my friends.

The bride and groom await!

- Huh...

I think...

I think it might be a
little roomier on this side.

- Perfect.

- No?

- Yeah, no, it's perfect.

And sturdy.

- Let me speak
with the carpenter.

I know their language.

- It will be okay.

Will you help me decorate it?

- Dinah, please, let
me do this for you.

- Mary, I love you, but Rafi
and I got what we paid for.

I'm embarrassed how
few timbers we could offer.

- That's no reason to settle.

- Who's settling?

It will be perfect.

There are many other
things to do today, Mary.

You said so yourself.

- Always the bright side.

- Someone has to be.

- Will you start on
gathering more flowers?

- Of course.

- Shalom, Helah.

- Dinah.

- I'm delighted to
share this special day.

Is Abner here?

I'd love to tell Rafi

we have time for a
special prayer today.

- Abner sent me on ahead.

He'll come with friends
before the ceremony.

He asked me to select his table.

- Well, we have arrangements
for everyone's seating already.

- Abner likes things his way.

I'm here to see that they are.

- Even at our children's
wedding feast?

- Dinah, Abner
is set in his ways.

It's not personal.

- Well, it should be!

- On certain
important occasions,

I've been able
to prevail on him.

- I hope this is
important enough.

- Dinah...

Sarah is unwavering in
her love for your family.

- We love Sarah... and
all of you, very much.

- Sarah knows you do.

The chuppah's crooked.

- Hmm.

- I know that look.

- Master?

- Yes, Simon?

- I was thinking...

If this wedding is worth
the journey for You,

who has so much to do... - Hmm.

- perhaps it is also worth the
journey to many wealthy Jews.

- You believe important and
powerful Hebrews may be there?

- Possibly.

- You're very keen, Simon.

In fact, the most important
and powerful person I know

will be there.

- Yeah?

- My mother.

- Isn't Your mother
from Nazareth?

- You should announce
us after the guests, right?

There'll be no Romans,

seems like the perfect place
to gather more followers,

get this whole thing moving.

- It's not My
special day, Simon.

It's the special
day of the couple,

Asher and Sarah.

- They are blessed to
have You at their wedding.

Do they know what a
remarkable thing it is?

- Well, considering that I
was the clumsy teenager

who cracked My head open
at Asher's when he was a child,

I don't think he
finds Me remarkable.

Did you think much of
your childhood friends?

- No, he didn't have any.

- That's not true!

- I stand corrected...
he had me.

Compulsory service.

- I don't remember kids

exactly lining up
around the block...

- Mary?

Did you think that having
brothers would be like this?

- I always wanted
brothers as a little girl.

- Soon you'll have 12,
then tell me how you like it.

- Twelve?

- You'll see.

Ah, we're getting close now.

Cana is just over the next rise.

Well, we had a wedding,

it just wasn't like
everyone else's.

- Why not?

- You know why.

- I would have gone.

- I know.

Ah, if Joseph were here today

he would be so
proud of you and Rafi.

So happy for you.

- You don't think
I'm overdoing it?

- I would have said so.

- It's just that Helah's
canopy for their son's feast

had exquisite and extravagant...

- It doesn't even matter.

Sarah and Asher will love it.

- Have you heard from
your special guest?

- He's coming.

- Ohhh.

- He may bring several others.

Is that okay?

- Jesus can bring
everybody He wants.

I haven't seen Him in ages.

How is He?

- He's good.

He's... He's always good.

- I'm ecstatic for you.

I imagine He's a fine craftsman.

- When He's not working...

He has a calling.

I seldom know
where it will take Him.

He's bringing His students.

- Hmm.

I bet He's handsome.

- Mm.

- I bet He is!

- Dinah... Dinah, they're here!

- Moment of truth.

I made Rafi spend everything
we had left for good wine,

so wish me luck.

- You must be Thomas.

I am Rafi, and this
is my wife, Dinah.

- Many blessings to
you on this joyous day.

And may I present the
finest, most beautiful vintner

in all of Galilee...
Ramah bat Kafni

of the Kafni Vineyards
on the plains of Sharon.

- It is an honor to
meet you at last.

You will give my regards to the
old scoundrel upon your return.

Ramah is the daughter
of my old friend, Kaf.

- The wine is here on time.

A good start to a joyous day!

- Of course.

Thomas is never late.

My father sends his
warmest regards... with this.

Pressed in the
time Augustus died.

Cut with seawater,
honey from Mount Hermon,

black pepper,
and pine from Tyre.

- Divine!

- I certainly won't refuse that.

Blessed are you, Lord our
God, King of the universe,

who brings forth
the fruit of the vine.

Oh, my... Thank
heaven on Asher's day.

Abner and Helah will be pleased.

And maybe a little jealous even.

- Abner and Helah...

I'm now in debt because of
wine for Abner and Helah...

- Hush.

How much is there?

Of the special vintage,
there's two amphorae

and one of a lesser.

Of course we intend to
serve the best wine first,

while the guests are fresh.

- Later, when everyone is
stuffed and senses dulled,

we'll serve the remaining jar.

Do you understand?

- Yes, son.

It's the oldest
trick in the book.

We are in good hands!

- And I assume the head
count is still the same,

40 or so at a time
during the week?

- Is it?

- I'm asking.

- I'm sure it's right.

- Perfect.

Where would you
like us to set up?

- This way,

the Master of the Banquet
will walk you through it.

- Knock, knock, can we come in?

Hi Eema! Ohhhh, how are you?

I've missed you.

- I have missed You!

Look at you!

It's been a while;
have you been eating?

- I have been eating.

These people have been
helping me to eat, so...

-Hi! How are you?

Are you students?

- My students.

- I'm James.

Multiple demons?

I saw it myself.

They jeered at me
from inside her mouth.

Nothing that could be done
for her, short of a miracle.

- And she won't say
who restored her?

- He did not reveal
His name to her.

What? What?!

- It has begun!

- What has?

- If He's healing in secret now,

the public signs
cannot be far off.

- Public signs?
What... You know Him?

- You could say that.

- What's His name?

"“Who has ascended into
heaven and come back down?"”

- I asked His name!

"“... Who has gathered
the wind in his fists?"”

- Don't quote Solomon
to me, you wild mongrel...

- "“Who has wrapped up
the waters in a garment?"”

Finish it.

- No, you answer me first!

- Teacher of Israel,

finish the oracle of
Agur, son of Jakeh-

"“Who has established
all the ends of the earth?"”

"What is his name..."”

- "“..and what is the
name of his son?"”

- Surely you know.

- You are careless with Torah.

God does not have
a son, except Israel.

Israel is His only son.

All of us.

- Suit yourself.

- You know, they'll
put a man to death

for blasphemy like that.

- Who will? You?

It'd be a terrible precedent
for Rome to adjudicate.

- I should never have come here.

- All your life
you've been asleep!

"“Make straight the
way for the King!"”

He is here to
awaken the earth...

but some will not want to waken.

They're in love with the dark.

I wonder which one you'll be.

- Now, if this Man is
anything like you believe,

or if He exists at all, you
should leave this region.

Your presence alone
puts Him in danger.

- If you think He
needs my help...

you've heard nothing.

When the song is over,

bring out the
olives and cheeses.

Set them on the long table

in between the loaves of
bread and the cucumbers.

♪ There shall be heard again

♪ In the cities of Judah,

♪ And in the streets
of Jerusalem. ♪

♪ There shall be heard again

♪ In the cities of Judah,

♪ And in the streets
of Jerusalem. ♪

- Thomas!

- In a moment.

- Thomas!

- Okay, okay.


- Am I going mad or has 40
been the magic number all along?

- The head count?

Why, are we over?

They always do this, I
brought food enough for more.

- The last count was 80.

- You made a mistake.

- Maybe by a few.

Even if I'm off
by 5, the wine...

- I did advocate for a fourth...

but three is still
enough for 60.

♪ A voice of joy,

♪ And a voice of gladness,

♪ The voice of the bridegroom,
the voice of the bride. ♪

♪ A voice of joy,

♪ And a voice of gladness,

♪ The voice of the bridegroom,
and the voice of the bride. ♪

Blessed are You, Lord our God,

King of the universe,

Who brings forth
the fruit of the vine.

- Lighten your
pours, like this...

three quarters full.

If they ask for more, tell
them you'll be right back,

but guess what?

You won't be.



Well, the guests
seem happy so far,

the servants do not.

How are we doing?

- Nothing to worry about.

You are one of the
finest banquet masters

we have ever seen.

Keep up the good work.

- Hmm.

- What now?

- I have an idea.

Thanks so much for coming.

- Ah, thank you for coming.

- Rafi!


- Shalom!

- Hello, Abner.

- Well...

this is the best party I've
been to in a long while.

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

- You honor us, Abner.

We are blessed to have
two children so in love.

- Ah, I'm happy, too.

I'll be honest, I was not
always happy about this,

you may not have known that.

- Yes, we know.

- You were born
in Nazareth, Dinah.

Rafi, your people
are travelers...

and your trade, Rafi,

it hasn't brought
you much success.

And while Asher seems a nice
young man, he has not yet...

- Yes, Abner, we get it.

- I don't mean to insult.

My family have been
powerful traders in this region

for years.

I believe success has
made my generation arrogant.

I lost my train of thought.

I thought you said
this was crooked.

Looks fine to me.

And this wine is delicious!

I must know the vineyard.

- Purification water.

There's some left in these.

- Dilute the wine?

People will notice.

Whispers will spread.

- If they did, I feel like this
family would die of shame.

- What about us?

We'd be ruined.

- It's not a great
option, I agree.

So, help me think.

- We could... serve the
guests extra date cakes,

oversalt the food.

Make them thirst for
water... I don't know.

This is humiliating.

- Let's keep looking.

- They have no idea
who sits before them.

- To be a child again, yes?

- Hmm.

I think we're the lucky ones.

They have to go home
with their parents tonight.

We get to stay with
Him and His mother.

- Where will that be?

- Who knows?

With Him, I have learned to
stop worrying about those things.

- I haven't.

It's cold in this region.

- You think He
would let you freeze?

- My brother has many worries.

I keep reminding him of
when our abba taught us to fish.

We just sat there and watched
until we became fisherman.

- Mm.

We will watch Him...

and watch and watch and watch...

forever, I think.

- I'm going to get more wine.

- Get two!

I don't even know why I'm here.

It's usually the students
that choose the rabbi,

not the other way around.

And I'm not even a student.

- Neither was I.

Thaddeus introduced me to Him.

- How did you meet?

- On a construction
job in Bethsaida.

He hasn't exactly been picking
the best and brightest students.


He works?

- Well, until recently.

He is not a professional rabbi.

- Yeah, but, I thought He
has no home and no job.

- No permanent home.

- He's a stonemason, like you?

- Well, a craftsman.

He taught as well, and
He asked me to follow Him.

He said He was
building a kingdom,

a fortress stronger than stone.

I believed Him.

- What were you
building in Bethsaida?

- A... public amenity.

- An aqueduct?

- No, uh, something... humbler.

- What then, man?

- It's not proper to say
in front of a woman.

- I have seen and heard things

that would turn
your blood to ice.

- A latrine?

Wait, ice?

- Yes.

- Our Master...
building a privy!

A job is a job.

I was cutting stone
for the retaining wall.

He was building a
ramp of cedar planks

so the crippled and
the elderly could get to it

without climbing
the steep stairs.

- Why didn't He heal them

so they could mount
the steps themselves?

- He's always saying
His time has not yet come.

- But calling your
name, the catch of fish...

Why was it His time for
miracles then and not others?

- Because those were private,

He hasn't shown His
signs to others publicly yet.

- What's keeping Him from
making His ministry public?

- The wind blows to
the south or to the east

and you cannot say why.

- A latrine.

Yeah, we... we'd better
not spread that around.

- He doesn't hide
where He's from.

- Well, don't tell Andrew.

That will... yeah,
he'll be surprised.

BANQUET And now, friends...

The Dance of Miriam!

- Thomas...

talk to me.

Just watch out for
the frogs this time.

Oh, sons of Jonah!

- We were just looking for you.

They're dancing to
the Song of Miriam

and we thought you
wouldn't want to miss it.

- Of course, let the three of us
show '‘em how it's done, huh?

- I don't think that's
such a good idea.

- Why?

- Well, Andrew
has four left feet.

- Four? Why four?

- When he tries to dance,

he looks like a donkey
walking on hot coals.

- Ooohhh, Andrew,
do you deny it?

- I've never seen a donkey
walking on hot coals.

Actually, that would be
a terrible thing to behold.

- My son!

- Ah, Andrew, you see?

Even my own mother will be
joining in the Song of Miriam.

- They've run out of wine.

- But it's only the first day.

- Yes.

And it's all gone,
not a drop left.

- Why are you telling Me this?

We can't let the
celebration end like this,

and Asher's family humiliated.

Boys... go join the
others, I'll be right there.

Mother, My time
has not yet come.

- If not now... when?


Do whatever He tells you.

- Fill these jars with water.

- I'm not sure You
heard her clearly,

but we've run out
of wine, not water.

- These are similar in
size to your amphorae?

- The prudent marks, yes.

Equal if filled all
the way to the brim.

- You're a very responsible
person, aren't you?

- We are in a crisis,

and I was led to understand
You have a solution?

- Do you know why
jars for purification rites

are made of stone?

- What?

- You heard me.

- Because the stone is pure,

less likely to stain or break,

and it can't be made unclean.

- Yes.

Fill these jars with water,
all the way to the brim.

- Why?

- You heard him,
start drawing water.


Tell anyone you find to stop
what they're doing and help.

- From the directions
You have provided,

I see no logical
solution to the problem.

- It's going to be like
that sometimes, Thomas.

- What did You say?

- I do not rebuke you.

It is good to ask questions.

To seek understanding.

- There's not time for this.

- I know of a man
like you in Capernaum.

Always counting,
always measuring.

- That's my job...

one that people will think I
have not done well tonight.

- Join me,

and I'll show you a new
way to count and measure.

A different way of seeing time.

- Go with you where?

I don't understand.

- Keep watching.

- Dinah!

- Abner,

I do hope you're
enjoying yourself.

- Where are the servers?

- I don't know, but I'll
go find them right away.

- It's far past time for
another round of wine.

The last one was
nearly an hour ago.

Yes, well, you see...

- Surely there is
more coming, Dinah?

- I'm very sorry, do not
worry, this will be taken care of.

- Next round of wine right away.

Thank you for reminding
us, it's all under control.

- Was your father a
stonemason as well?

- A smith.

I think it broke his heart,

but I apprenticed under a
stonecutter when I was nine.

Every man must leave his father.

- Masonry seems
like harder work.

- It isn't harder,
it's just more... final.

If the smith wants to
change the horseshoe

or the plowshare
or the pot hook,

he has only to put the
iron back into the fire

and reshape it
to fit his designs.

- They're full.

- Everyone, please step outside.

Just for a moment, Thomas.

Once you make that
first cut into the stone,

it can't be undone.

It sets in motion a
series of choices.

What used to be a shapeless
block of limestone or granite

begins its long journey
of transformation...

and it will never be the same.

- I'm ready, Father.

Go draw some out and serve
it to the Master of the Banquet.

- Oh, it's about time.

- The latter vintage, sir.

- Stop the music!

Stop the music!

Everyone, listen!

I have something
I would like to say.

I would like to address

the bridegroom and
the bride's families.

At every wedding
I've ever overseen,

they serve the best wine first.

And then when the
people have drunk freely,

much later in the feast,

they serve the poorer
wine, the cheap stuff,

because, by then,

who's going to
notice, am I right?

But you... you've chosen now

to serve best wine
I have ever tasted!

Let us thank them

for this unnecessary
but honorable gesture!

May the wedding of Asher,
son of Rafi and Dinah,

to Sarah, daughter
of Abner and Helah,

be as pure and as
fruitful as this wine.

Blessed are you, Lord our God,

King of the universe,

who brings forth
the fruit of the vine.

To Asher and Sarah!

GUESTS Asher and Sarah!

- Is something wrong?

- Yes... I was.

- Fish... wine.

What will be next?

- Any suggestions?

- Anything... and everything!

Let's do this!

I'll go with you to
the ends of the earth.

- I hope so, Simon.

But I seem to remember
there was a problem.

Something about Andrew's feet.

Andrew's feeeeet!

- But first we
must evaluate, no?

- No, no, no, no, I can't!

- I think we have to.

- No, no, no, no, I can't!

- Come on, Andrew!

- So will you help him?!

- Ah, some things
even I cannot do.

- That should
be it for the night.

Who is He?

I can't pretend I
didn't see a miracle.

He gave us even
more than we need.

- He invited me to join Him.

He wants us to meet
Him in Samaria in 12 days.

- Samaria?

- I don't know what to think.

- So, don't.

Maybe, for once in
your life, don't think.