The Chosen (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Indescribable Compassion - full transcript

After witnessing the healing of a leper on the road to Capernaum, the friend of a paralytic takes desperate measures to get him through the crowd to meet Jesus.

- You're a liar!

- She was crazy.

Just because I run a charity

does not mean I have to
buy rocks from every old lady.

- Charity?

- Just like everything
Roman, it's a part of business.

We loan proceeds seized
from criminals to the poor...

and others.

You are passing through?

I do not recall
seeing you before.

- I come from Tyre.

The mallet is carved
of maple from Sidon.

The chisels are bronze.

The trowel is tin
from Phoenician ore.

- Hmm, my, my.

Why would anyone
want to part with these?

- I'm on my way to The Dead Sea.

- Shalom, pilgrim.

Lucky me.

I do not often see
items of such quality.

If only they were not brought in

by some stranger
passing through.

- They weren't stolen,

if that's what you're saying.

- Hmm.

I can justify... 20 Denarii.

- You're joking.

That's a fraction of
what they're worth...

- Oh!

Hades and Styx!

- I beg you...
- Leper! You are marked!

You couldn't just die...

you had to take us all to Hell!

You are forbidden to
be within four cubits!

Take it and go!

- I didn't mean you... any harm.

My tools were all I had left.

♪ Oh, child, come on in. ♪

♪ Jump in the water.

♪ Got no trouble with
the mess you been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Oh, child... ♪
Walk on the water.

♪ Got no trouble.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

- I never knew those little
skiffs could hold so many fish.

- They can't.

The weight of the catch and the
sailors caused the boat to sink.

They had to jump.

They ended up filling two boats.

Should we put this
inside the booth?

- They'll be here any minute.

- At least you have your sword.

Should I have a weapon?

- This can't be the first time

you've been saddled with
a couple months' worth of...

- Two years and seven weeks.

- Two years and seven weeks?

- Simon and Andrew were
each granted a year gratis.

That totals one year
and seven weeks

plus another year less
marital credit for Simon.


- Plus penalties.

- That's... that's good.

- We're sitting ducks here.

Just try to... Try
to look natural.

- I am natural.

I look exactly how I feel.

- Try to act like
a normal person

under normal circumstances.

Forget I said normal.


- Yes, Marcus.

- We thought it was a joke.

- You could say it was comical

when the men
leapt from the boats.

- Leapt from their boats?

- They were sinking
from the weight.

- I told you it was made up.

You can't catch this
many fish that fast.

- Captain, may we continue
this conversation on the road?

- Whoa, Gaius.

Don't tell me you're nervous

about guarding a
couple months' taxes.

I've just returned

from questioning the man
known as John the Baptizer

while in Roman custody

at length, Av Beit Din.

Though his appearance
is unconventional

and his teachings ignorant,

I've concluded he presents
no material threat to Herod

or to the public peace.

- Order... The man
has a following.

We've heard as much from
brother Shmuel's testimony.

Is that not a matter of concern?

- I believe these "followers"

are simply investigating,
as one would a loud noise...

and on inspection,

they will that find his words
bear as much substance.

He seeks attention.

They do not gather on
the Jordan to be immersed

as we understand
ritual cleansing.

They stand in line because
others are standing in line.

We only legitimized him
by ordering his detention.

The very effort
to keep him silent

gives him a pedestal.

- But, Nicodemus, we
issued no such order.

- Oh?

I was shown sworn statements
from the arresting soldiers

saying a Pharisee had
ordered his detention.

Perhaps, they were mistaken.

- It was me!

I turned him in.

- Brother Shmuel?

- "He who justifies the wicked

"and he who
condemns the righteous

are both alike an
abomination to the Lord."”

- Quoting the
proverbs of Solomon

is not an explanation.

- I will not turn a
blind eye to his sins,

even when all others do.

- What sins?

- He called us a
brood of vipers.

- He uses coarse
language to attract attention.

- Do you know how
vipers are born?

They hatch inside
their mothers...

The Law of Moses says

"“You shall not hate your
brother in your heart."”

- Were he a member
of our congregation

or our faction, we would
admonish him, but he's not.

He's a rogue who
answers to no one.

- Brother Shmuel,
your rash actions

have inflated the
importance of a trivial outlier

and drawn undue attention
to our sect by Rome.

- But he...

- And I'm astonished
that any student

of the great and
learned Nicodemus

would have the temerity
to bypass his approval.

- I'll talk to him, Av Beit Din.

- You will defer to your teacher

on all matters of
polity and practice.

Do I make myself clear?

- Yes, your honor.

- This council is adjourned.

- Well, I'm glad I'm
not the only one.

- I thought I was prepared
for life on the road.

Snakes, hunger, floods.

- The Torah doesn't
mention the blisters, huh?

- What, you never read the
book of constant, low-level aches?

- The sermon on
dust in your nose?

- Right.

- So, what'd you do
before you met Him?

- I, um... I was on my
way to join the 288.

- The Jerusalem Temple Choir?

- Yeah.

- Right; okay.

I was Caesar's
favorite gladiator.

- ♪ My soul thirsts for you.

♪ My flesh longs for you.

♪ In a dry and weary land

♪ Where there is no water.



I stand corrected.

- Thank you.

- It's clear why Jesus
asked you to join Him.

- I... I don't know
if anything's clear.

You know, maybe
I'll sing, maybe not.

He's the only one who
knows who I'll become.

More than anything,
He is a teacher,

and we're His students.

Looks good, boys.


My mother is leaving.

I'm escorting her
back to Nazareth.

I'll catch up with the others
at our camp near Capernaum.

- I understand; all right.

I'll make sure
everyone arrives safely.

- I want you to go on ahead.

- Ahead of the others?

- Yes, you have some
business to tend to at home.

- Teacher, I can
protect the others.

- In time you will.

The others don't
have families, you do.

Look at me...

I'm leaving all this
fun to escort my eema.

- Yes, Rabbi.

- Remarkable.

For the first time in a year,

quarterly collections will have
exceeded Pilate's projections.

And if the fishermen are no
longer fishing on Shabbat...

Have an olive, Matthew.

You earned it.

- Thank you, Dominus.

- Simon the Cheat.

Simon the Fraud.


the guy who delivered
when it mattered most.

I wonder if there's a way
to make him do it again.

- It wasn't Simon, Dominus.

- What if I told him
it wasn't enough?

He obviously performs
well under pressure

and I do have a knack
for creating stakes.

- Simon wasn't responsible
for this, Dominus.

- Oh, I don't care who he
conscripts into his schemes.

- Forgive me, Dominus,
if my report was unclear.

There was a man...

- Yes, you're a fine
reporter, Matthew,

but you're also a bit of a rube.

I read your report.

It's clear Simon and his
accomplice tricked you.

- But there were others...

- Accomplices, fine.

- To what end?

- Who can say?

Maybe Simon wanted the
other fishermen off his back.

You said yourself,

word of his
disloyalty had spread,

or maybe to spook anyone
who'd fish on Shabbat.

He is a wily one.

- The fishermen
have taken notice.

- It couldn't have
worked out better.

Don't tell me you're spooked.

- I'm neither sophisticated
nor subtle, Dominus,

but I'm observant.

I detected no subterfuge.

I recorded everything
I witnessed,

however impossible it seemed.

- You did well, Matthew.

Fortunately you have
me to interpret for you.

- Forgive me, Praetor.

It's urgent.

- No kidding.

- King Herod's envoy approaches.

- Spotted where?

- Outside Gennesaret,
riding north.

- Captain?

Silvius Gemelius, son
of Senator Gemelius,

will be arriving in one hour.

- Yes, Dominus.

- Prepare my
guard for inspection.

How long would you
have stood there?

Things turned out
very well with Simon,

and I'm grateful.

Gaius, I've reviewed
your service records.

You're Germanic?

- My people were.

- Powerful warriors...
even if they did surrender.

- I believe they sensibly
joined the winning team,


- Sensibly.

- My only allegiance is to Rome.

I've trained to fight for
her since I was a boy.

- And now you will lead.

I hereby promote you
to the rank of Primi.

- Thank you for
this honor, Praetor.

- Don't slobber.

And Matthew, you're
so wonderfully... odd.

Keenly intelligent,

but it's your reactions
to the world I love.

Like right now!

How you're not a
stain on a cart wheel

is a mystery we will have
many moons to unravel,

my new friend.

- I saw no ruse or deception
at the seashore, Dominus.

- Because you have no guile.

Give me your first reaction

You will shortly to be
visited by a childhood rival

whose father gave
him everything,

while yours gave you nothing,

and yet you've
risen to a higher rank.

You want to make
it clear you won.

That it's your meeting, even
if he arrived unannounced.

- I would show him my
plans for infrastructure.

Conquest is not simply
conquering nations

but imposing a way of life.

- Unbelievable.

So simple.

You're dismissed.

- Thank you, Praetor.

- Hello.

- Hello.


- It's a beautiful day
for picking flowers.

- Well, if you like Gilboa
Iris, lupine, and anemone,

I sell them in the market.

- Is that Egyptian?

- Yes, I grew up there.

My father was from Ethiopia.

Shalom to you all!


- You were speaking Egyptian?

- I lived there
when I was a boy.

- Why were you there?

- We had to leave Bethlehem
when I was two years old

because of Herod.

He... - You lived in Bethlehem

during the massacre
of the innocents?

- I did.

- I know this story.

Herod had every
child in the area

under the age of two killed.

- Yes; it was very sad.

Not to spoil this beautiful
day or anything, huh?

Come on.

- It's a leper!

Stay back!

- Cover your mouths!

Don't breathe his air!

- Don't come any closer.

- It's okay, John, it's okay.

- Please... please.

Please don't turn away from me.

- I won't.

- Lord, if You are willing,
You can make me clean.

Only if You want
to; I submit to You.

My sister, she was a
servant at the wedding,

she told me what You can do.

I know You can heal
me if You are willing.

- I am willing.

Be cleansed.

- Thank you.

Thank you.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

What can I... what can I ever do...
- No.

Do not say anything to anyone.

- You don't seek Your own honor?

- Please just do
Me this one thing.

- But what do I tell people?

- Go and show
yourself to the priest.

Let him inspect you to
see that you are cleansed.

Make the proper
offering in the temple,

as Moses commanded,
and go on your way.

Who has an extra tunic?

Just one of you,
just one of you.

That's enough.

Green's definitely your color.

Not too shabby.

- Spread out the flat.

It dries faster.

- Okay.

- Zebedee?

- Yeah?

- Will you check
the grapes, please?

- Aah.

I forgot... we no longer
have anyone on raisin duty.

Eh... too tart.


- What?

-They're coming!

- Zeb! Be careful!

- Ahhhh!



- Hello.

James? John?

Yes, Eema?

- Listen to Him, please.

And stay by His side.

- We will, we will.

- It's a pleasure to
meet you, too, Salome.

I'm Jesus of Nazareth.

- Of course you are.

- And hello, again, Zebedee.

- It's an honor, Rabbi.

- Eema?

- Eema?!

- Where are my manners?

Quick, come in.

- Are you certain?

There will be others joining us.

- I insist.

Everyone, please.

- Oh! Hey-hey-hey.

Where is Simon?

- He's taking care of
some things at home.

Andrew's getting him now.

- Hmm.


I thought maybe
he got cold feet,

or I'd have to go drag
him out of The Hammer.

- Are you kidding?

He's the Teacher's pet.

- You would hardly
recognize him now.

- Come on.

- Shh-shhh-shhh...

♪ May my meditations
please you... ♪

♪ As I rejoice in
you, my Lord. ♪

♪ Praise you, Lord.

♪ Praise you,
Lord, forevermore. ♪

- the wine, oh.

He introduced us
to all of his friends.

- It... it really was
unlike anything.

We danced... He danced!

- He danced?

- Yes.

- She's asleep.

Breathing is labored but steady.

- Okay, good.

- That was some
soulful singing, my man.

- All right.

- Most are at
Zebedee's to regroup.

And eat Salome's cooking.

Don't tell Eden I said that.


Tax man.

- Simon.


- I guess no one told
you the good news.

- We squared our
debts with Quintus.

- Isn't that great?

So, go back to your cage.

And stop following us.

- It's not you.

I'm here about the man...
- What man?

- The man at the shore
who made the fish appear.

- Man on the shore?

You saw no man on
the shore, you hear me?

- Yes I did!

I was there! I saw!

- And I bet the first thing
you did was tell Rome, huh?

- Simon!

- They don't believe me!

- You really are a traitor.

- Simon!

- Best for you to forget it.

- Go home, Matthew.

- They don't believe
what I saw, but I do.

I need to know... am I deceived?

- What good is our answer

if you don't even
listen to yourself?

- Rabbi.

- Welcome, Rabbi.

- Greetings.

- Everything is
prepared, teacher.

The scrolls of
Isaiah, and Malachi.

Would you like us to get
you any water, teacher, or...

- No, thank you.

Actually, I'd like to do
the readings a little later,

would you mind giving
me a little time to myself?

- Of course, teacher.

- Shmuel, would
you join me, please?

- Eh... Salome didn't cook?

- No.

- Walnuts?

- So good.

- Ah, your herbs are beautiful.

- Rosemary... dill...

- Mint, coriander, and sage,
for Zebedee's indigestion.

- Thank you for
sharing that, dear wife.

So, your father was a fisherman?

- Carpenter.

- Is he back in Nazareth?

- No, he's... in heaven.

- What was your
father's lineage?

- Josiah, father of Jeconiah
at the time of the exile.

- But before the
exile, what tribe?

- Abba!

- I like genealogies.

It's what we talk about.

- I would imagine from
the tribe of Judah... yes?

- And why would you
guess the tribe of Judah?

- Well...
- Are you having a party?

- We heard voices.

- Mara, please come in.

- Rabbi, these are our
neighbors, Mara and Eliel.

- Oh, we've heard about you.

- Have you?

The parable of the net.

- I have a question about that.

- Please, our Master is tired,

He's had a long day of walking.

- It's all right.

It's all right.

- You said angels would come

and separate the
evil from the righteous.

- Mm-hmm.

- How soon do you think
that day would come, Rabbi?

- My friends and I recently
returned from a wedding.

The father of the bride was
a man of great wealth, Abner.

As the night got longer,
near the end of the feast,

what do you think the
servants were doing back home?

- Waiting.

If they're good at their jobs.

- Waiting where?

In their rooms?

In the kitchen?

- At the gate.

- Ah, at the gate.

And doing what?

Just standing there in the dark?

- Holding lamps.

- But why?

Why wouldn't they just relax?

- Because they don't know
when he's coming back.

- Suppose they figured the
master was delayed in coming,

so they took a nap on his bed?

Got drunk on his wine and
let their lamps burn down?

That's easy.

They would be fired.

And then kicked
out, called a name,

and told that if they ever show
their face around here again...

- My friends! Shalom, shalom!

- We were just passing by
and heard a familiar voice.

- We heard about the wedding.

Can you do that to
the well by my house?

- You know them?

- Yes, Mary
introduced them to me.

- Stick around, hmm?

- Why not.

- You were saying, Teacher?

- Ah, yes, thank you, James.

The servants.

So, it will be at the
end of all things.

Neither the angels in
heaven nor the Son of man

know the day or the
hour, but only the Father.

So, you must always be ready,

with your lamps trimmed
and burning brightly.

- Yes, what?

- It's getting too crowded.

- Don't worry about it.

You know Eema and
Abba love the company.

- I'm not worried about them.

- Oh... okay.

So what do you want to do?

- Let's try to make sure

the path out of your
back garden is clear.

- What do you think
is going to happen?

- Anything could happen.

All these people,
word spreading,

the wrong people stop by.

- Simon, you don't have
to be His bodyguard.

I think He can
handle... anything.

- Well, He called me,

and if we're not
fighting the Romans yet,

I wanna do something
until that time comes.

- He called you to catch men.

- I don't know what that means.

- Exactly!

And if He needed you
to know what it meant,

He would have told you.

So, just... just be you, okay?

And, hey... maybe
you already know.

- Shmuel, my eyes are tired.

Would you mind reading to me

from the scroll of
the prophet Isaiah.

"Comfort, comfort
my people says our..."

- A bit further
down a few lines.

- "A voice cries,
'In the wilderness

"'prepare the way of Adonai;

make straight in the desert
a highway for our God.'"”

- Hmm... and who
does that sound like?

- The heretic John.

- And what heresy do
you find in those words,

being that Isaiah
said them also?

- The heresy is that John has...

appropriated Isaiah's words.

By taking a spiritual
description of God in heaven

and applying it to John's
physical successor on earth.

- Successor.

- John said, "After me comes
He who is mightier than I,

"the strap of whose sandals

I am not worthy to
stoop down and untie."”

- And?

- God has no body.

He cannot wear sandals.

God cannot take human form.

To say so is blasphemy.

- Where does it say that
God cannot take human form?

- In the scroll of

"You saw no face the day
Adonai spoke to you at Horeb..."

- Just because they saw no form

doesn't mean God
cannot take one.

- In Exodus... "You
cannot see my face,

for no man shall
see me and live."”

This person would
have to walk around

with his face covered!

- So you would place
limits on the Almighty?

- None that are
not written in law.

- And if God did something

that you felt
contradicted the Torah,

would you tell Him
to get back in that box

that you have carved for Him?

Or would you question your
interpretation of the Torah?

- When I was a student,
I knew all your sayings.

I read every word you wrote.

Your teachings were so
sturdy, so reasoned and pure.

- We are still students, Shmuel.

All of us.

Our understanding
will never be complete.

- It frightens me

that I can no longer
predict your rulings.

- And fear alone ensures
we remain ignorant,

asleep in the safety
of a rigid tradition.

Take the Sadducees.

They take the first five
books, the law of Moses,

as inspired Scripture.

The rest... they disregard.

To them, God stopped
speaking when Moses died.

Think of all they have
missed... the psalms of David,

the stories of Ruth and
Boaz, Esther and Mordecai.

I don't want to live
in some bleak past

where God cannot do
anything new, do you?

- Why is that your concern?

God gave us His
law, we must uphold it!

- We can do both!

Let's look to the ancient
roads where the good way is

and walk in it,
as Jeremiah said,

and still keep our eyes open

to the startling and
the unexpected.

Can we agree on that?

- Yes.

- You and I, we can
lead the others in this.

- I beg your pardon,
Teacher of teachers.

- What's happened?

- A crowd has
gathered in the east side

to see a man preaching.

- A Pharisee?

- No, a common person.

It's not John.

Someone normal.

He has commanded the
attention of the entire area.

- We will investigate.

So, you think that
because Pilate killed them,

they must have been
worse sinners than others?

- I know Pilate wasn't
doing it for that reason,

but God must've been
punishing them for something.

- No, no, God does not see
some as worse than others.

All must repent or perish.

You know the tower in Siloam

which fell and
killed the 18, yes?

- Of course.

- Do you think that they
were worse than those

who lived in Jerusalem?

No, all must repent or perish.

- I'm out of pistachios,
walnuts, breads, and water.

Can you please go next door
and ask Deborah for more bread

to feed this crowd.

- Deborah's... at the door.

- They're already being fed.

- What about prayer?

- What about it, Shula?

- I don't like to pray out loud

because I feel embarrassed
around the leaders

who know how to
do it so much better.

- Ahhh, big words don't matter.

A lot of that's for show anyway.

Don't worry about
doing it in public.

It's better to go
into your room,

shut the door,

and pray to your Father
who sees you in secret.

The same is true for
giving to the needy.

Don't let your left hand know
what your right hand is doing.

- How can my right
hand do something

and my left hand not know?

- I mean give generously
without thinking about it.

Do not do it for show,
to impress others,

don't even congratulate
yourself in private.

Give in humility.

- Come! Come!

- When was your last customer?



- I'm sorry, what?

- How long has it been
since you got a customer?

- I don't have customers.

- When was the last citizen?

- One hour, perhaps two.

- Is there a Jewish holiday
that I don't know about?

- There are many you
don't know about, Gaius.

- Snap out of it.


Matthew, close the
booth and go home.

- It's not time yet.

- There is a situation.

Lock up and get out of here.

- What situation would
require we abandon our post?

- A mob in the east slums.

- I'm coming with you.

- Excuse me?

- I'm coming with you.

- I said a mob... of people.

Matthew, I do not
have time to protect you.

- How do you think I survive

the other 16 hours of the day?

- I... I have no idea.

- which brings up a good point.

All of you listening here...

you're pretty
decent people, yes?

Pretty righteous?

Kind of?

Not bad?

Let me tell you a story.

There were two men

that went up into
the temple to pray...

Excuse us, please!

One of them a Pharisee,

the best of us, right?

The other was a tax collector...

- Shalom, good to see you.

The worst, yes?

This is Jesus of Nazareth.

A Pharisee, standing by himself,

goes inside to the temple
and he prays this prayer...

- Can you hear okay?

And he says...
- He's amazing, huh?

"God, I thank you

"that I am not like
other men, extortioners...

- Excuse us.


- Where are you going?

- Please, we need to see Jesus.

- There's no room up there.

- He's paralyzed
from the waist down.

He can't stand.

- There... there is
definitely no room then.

- Simon, he deserves
to hear Jesus

as much as anyone else.

- Hello, again.

I'm so glad I found
you, my friends...

- Why do you need to get closer?

- I saw what your
Master did to that leper.

I know what I saw.

- We're trying to keep
that under wraps for now.

Look at this crowd.

Imagine what we'd
be up against if they...

- Please! Please help
me get my friend to Him.

"rather than the other..."

- We've got company.

- I'll talk to them,
I'll talk to them.

- Come with me.

- What's going on here?

- This is a peaceful gathering.

- That's what the
Maccabees said.

- They're blocking the road.

- I'll move them.

They just haven't been
told where to stand yet.

"finally he said to himself,

"Even though I don't fear God,

"because this widow
keeps bothering me,

"I will see that
she gets justice,

so that she doesn't
wear me out!"

Listen to what the
unjust judge says...

- I'm sorry, there's
too many people.

- But you know Him.

Can't you get us closer?

- I don't want to
interrupt the Teacher

by causing a scene.

- What if you were me?

- Wouldn't you want your
friends to make a scene?

- I was you, once.

- What about the roof?

- I just wanted to hear
the Teacher teach!

- Psst!

- Up here!

- It's okay! Come up!

- How did you get up there?

- We climbed the ladder.

It's easy.

- Thank you.

- Where are your parents?

Consider how the
wildflowers grow.

- I see, okay.

They do not labor...

Well, the man
speaking is called...

- Jesus of Nazareth.

- We know Him.

If this is how God clothes
the grass of the field,

which is here today,

and thrown into
the fire tomorrow,

how much more will
He clothe all of you?

- Ahem.

Excuse me.

- Quiet! We're trying to listen.

- Do you know who
you are talking to?

- Shmuel...
- Did you hear his disrespect?

- You remember the Red Quarter?

We're out of our element here.

- But we have to find
out who is teaching.

Look at this crowd!

- All the more
reason to be cautious.

- Rabbi... it's her!

She is truly restored!

I had only heard your
report, not seen her for myself.

She's a different person!

- Why is she here?

A city on a hill cannot be hid.

And if it were nighttime,
Zebedee wouldn't light his lamp

and put it under a basket,

he'd put it on a stand
where it could light us all.

- Jesus of Nazareth!

I saw what You did to the
leper on the road this morning.

My friend has been
paralyzed since childhood.

He has no hope but You.


do for him what
You did for the leper.

- What on earth...?

- That's our roof!

- Put it back, man.

- If you are willing, Rabbi,
I know You can do this.

- Heal him!

- Is this what you wanted?

Get out your tablet at least.

Mary! Is He in danger?

- I don't know.

No, I don't think so.

- He's got room in there?

- Yes.

- Can you believe
we're really here for this?

- Yes.

- You.

By whose authority do You teach?

Answer me!

- If You are willing, Rabbi,

You know You can.

- Hey! I'm talking to You!

By whom do You teach?

Certainly not the authority
of any rabbi from Nazareth!

Where did You study?

- Your faith is beautiful.

Son, take heart,
your sins are forgiven.

"“Who is this who
speaks blasphemies?

Who can forgive
sins but God alone?"”


But I ask you...
Which is easier to say?

"Your sins are forgiven,"

or, "Rise up and walk"?

It's easy to say anything, no?

But... to show you,

and so that you may know,

that the Son of Man
has the authority on earth

to forgive sins...

I say to you, My son, rise,

pick up your bed, and go home.

Easy does it.

- Thank you.

- Now, go on.

- Roman guards!

A threat to the public peace!

- Teacher! This way!

- No!

- Go, go...
- Zebedee!

- Mary! Wait!

- You saw it?

- I... I saw a paralytic walk
past me on his two feet!

- You asked me before
if I knew His name.

Now everyone knows His
name, and I fear for His safety.

- I mean no trouble
to Him, no dishonor...

- Your friends tried
to have Him arrested!

- They're jealous,
they're afraid.

But I'm not, I promise.

Mary, please, I
need to talk to Him.

- I follow Him, not
the other way around.

He doesn't tell
anyone His plans.

- Will you ask
Him for a meeting?

- I...
- In secret... under cover of night.

At a place of His choosing.

I don't care if it's a ravine
or a cave or even a tomb,

But... I just need
to speak to Him.

Please, Mary.

- I will try.

- Are you lost?

- Yes, I am.

- Is there a problem, officer?