The Chosen (2017–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Rock on Which it is Built - full transcript

With his life and family under threat from Rome, Simon spends one last night fishing in a desperate attempt to square his debts. Andrew spots a familiar face waiting for them on the shores of Galilee.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down!

Slow down!

- What is it?

- It's a fishing bobber.

- So?

- So, that means we're close.

- Good job.

- Hard to port!

- What?

- This way!


- You stupid sea rat.

- You... you hit a sandbar.

Why are you not listening to me?

I told you to go this way!

♪ Oh, child, come on in.

♪ Jump in the water.

♪ Got no trouble with
the mess you've been. ♪

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Oh, child, ♪
Walk on the water.

♪ Got no trouble.

♪ Walk on the water.

♪ Walk on the water. ♪

Accidents happen, boys.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

- There was no accident.

You know this sea
better than anyone.

That's why you smell of it.

I want you to remember
this, Simon, son of Jonah.

This is kindness.

- Ahhh!

- Quintus, on the other hand,

is capable of savage violence
against those who betray him.

I can hold him off
for a week, perhaps.

Think of Eden.

- If you even walk
down the same road...


- Make good on
your promises, dog.

- Ahhhh!!!

- Thanks for coming, Zebedee.

- Oh, the boys didn't have
to twist my arm too hard

to get me to have a drink.

Is that business or pleasure?

- Oh, this? No,
I ran out of bait.

I figured I'd give my ear a try.

- Maybe someone didn't
like your sense of humor.

Why are we here, Simon?

- I made a deal with the Romans.

- Romans? Simon...

- He didn't say anything
about any deal to us, Abba.

- Shh, shh, do you
see the wound?

It doesn't look like Simon
gave them what they wanted,

does it?

Use your brains.

Go on.

- I owe taxes.

- We all do.

- A lot.

They were set to take
the boat, our houses.

- Or?

- Give up a fleet
fishing on Shabbat.

- You knew about this?

- Thank you for
your honesty, Simon.

If I may return the favor?

I'm shocked you'd even
show your face here,

much less ask me to join you.

- I won't argue that.

I'm trapped, but it puts
me in a valuable position.

- Really?

Tell me... what's the
value of a dead traitor?

- I'm not a traitor.

- You're finished
on the docks, Simon.

- Leave him.

Come on, Abba.

- I know their plans, Zebedee.

They're coming for you.

- They're playing you, kid.

Sorry, I can't help you.

- You fished the
Gergesa shore last night.

- Maybe I did... maybe I didn't.

You dock six ships,
and pretty soon,

everyone in the Hammer
knows where you were.

What they can't tell you
is, where I'll be next time?

- It was only three
ships, Zebedee.

I was practically in your
wake with some soldiers,

many more waiting
onshore for you to offload.

How did he make it out of there?

- I made sure that the boat
had an unfortunate accident.

Then lost part of my
wife's favorite ear.

- Thanks, friend.

- No, don't thank him!

He chose to deal with Rome.

So, what was your
play going to be, huh?

Were you shopping
around for an ally?

Someone to take you on

in exchange for turning
over his competitors?

- No, it's way
stupider than that.

- I want you to turn
over your catch.

- What did he say?

- Wait, turn it over to who?

- To me.

Then you stay off the sea on
Shabbat, for a while anyway.

I can tell Quintus
the problem is solved.

- This is pointless.

- He's right.

- It's just one night's work.

- 40 nights!

One for every man
that made the sacrifice

to be away from his family.

- Yeah, and all 40 went home
in the morning because of me.

- Yes, Simon, because
you couldn't bear it

if you ruined us as
you ruined yourself!

We owe you a
great debt for that,

but I cannot repay
you by stealing food

from the mouths of my men.

I'm sorry.

- Matthew the tax
collector, Praetor.

- The fruit here is incredible.

Pomegranates, dates,
figs, berries... the olives.

Everything that grows
here is immaculate.

Except the people.

You're such a miserable lot.

You worship one God,
and yet, you're all divided.

You see, people complain
we Romans run the world,

but I know a dirty secret.

You people want to be ruled.

You want an excuse to complain.

It's part of your nature.

Do you understand that, Matthew?

- I... I don't know.

- No, you wouldn't.

Oh, you're a
single-minded machine.

These things are beneath you.

Where's your escort?

- He didn't want to enter.

He feels that my
lack of social graces...

- He thinks you'll
get him killed.

- Yes.

- Not today, Matthew, no.

Today, I am in need.

You heard me right.

I am in need of your machine.

- My machine?

- You're mind, Matthew, keep up.

You might've been
right about Simon.

He double-crossed me... maybe.


Truth is, I don't have many
seaworthy troops here,

it might've been an accident.

- Dominus?

- Follow Simon.

I want to know where he goes.

With whom he meets.

Tell me what
they're talking about.

What he's drinking, anything.

- The latter may
prove difficult.

In fact, all of what
you request, Dominus,

may prove difficult.

- But you're a resourceful man.

Goal oriented.

- I am not accepted.

- Where?

- Anywhere.

I am a tax collector.

- Viewed with jealousy.

- Hated.

Everyone hates tax collectors.

We're worse than the Romans.

You were born a
Roman, I made the choice.

- So go in disguise;
I don't care.

You can write, can't you?

- Yes!

- Write everything,
every detail.

Is your booth protected?

- Yes, Dominus.

My dog guards it while I'm away.

- Oh, Matthew, you
are a priceless treasure.

Of course you have a dog.

- I saw it with my own eyes.

The line stretched from
the edge of the Jordan

into the acacia groves,
as far as the eye could see!

All of them awaiting an
immersion in the river,

by a loud man in camel skin!

- And not for purification?

- He called it

a baptism of repentance,
a forgiveness of sin!

- What exactly did he say?

Have you seen him before?

- I have not; that
is what he said!

Rabbi, is there
precedent for this?

- What of his speech?

- Rabbi?

- His words, the message.

Did he advocate Rabbinic law?

Did he call for
revolution, violence?

- Not violence, but I haven't
told you the worst part.

One of our own approached
him, and he called all of us snakes.

- Us?

- Yes, religious leaders!

- Snakes?

- He ranted like a madman
about how worthless we were!

- What else?

- What else? What
could be worse than that?

- It depends on who he is.

- He told tax collectors and
soldiers not to extort money

or collect more than
they're authorized to.

- They were present
as he said this?

- Yes!

And, he told the commoners
to share food and clothing

with those who have none!

- He's preaching
a populist message.

- In Jerusalem,

I heard talk of a wild man
who entered the King's court

with a list of evils done by
Herod Antipas and his family.

- What should be done, Rabbi?

Can we bring him in for
questioning by the Sanhedrin?

- If it is the same person, he
does not answer to Sanhedrin.

And, we're not his
only targets, anyway.

He seems to relish rejecting
anything with tradition,

or anyone with influence.

Do they say he
performs miracles?

- I don't know.

- Hmm... this
meeting's adjourned.

Simon will understand.

- What's this?

- Ah-ha-ha! There he is!

- Jehosaphat, Abrahim.

- Simon!

What happened to your ear?

- There is a cut on it...
Wh-what's going on?

- Simon, we are brothers here.

- Yes, if you ever find
yourself in need of anything-

- Look, if this is about
what's going on at the docks,

I don't need know
what you've heard.

It's just a
misunderstanding, all right?

It's business.

- What's wrong at the docks?

- I lost a lure.

What's up?

- Eema is sick.

- Eema?

What happened?

- She's coughing in fits.

She has no strength
to do anything.

- And yet, she does not sleep.

- She's spitting up blood.

- I don't understand,
we just saw her last...

- Month, Simon.

It's been a month since
you have visited Eema.

- You know how it's been.

Work, and I know I
haven't been a good...

Wait, why are they here?

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Look, I love your eema like
she was my own, but we...

- She loves you!
- But we can't...

- Abrahim and his family
are all in my home already.

- This is really bad timing.

- Well when is a good
time to fall ill, Simon?

- Guys, the answer is no!

- You knew it! You
always told me!

- What kind of man are you?

- You always told me.

- You have no
honor, son of Jonah!

- It was so good
punching your head!

- Sucker punching me, yeah!
Where's the honor in that, huh?!

- Stop it!

Jehosaphat, Abrahim, if
Simon says it's a bad time,

he has good reason;
it's a bad time.

- Thank you, Eden.

- A bad time for
you, not for me.

- Honey...
- No!

If I can't be there for my
own eema when she's sick,

what am I?

I'm nothing.

I'm not a daughter,
I'm not a sister.

- You'll always be...
- Nothing!

- Abrahim, Jeho, please,

go and be with your
eema or go outside.

We need some privacy.

- Eden...

- I'm not talking
to your sister.

I'm talking to my
wife in my own home,

and if you are not out of
this room in three seconds,

I will beat you both
with my bare hands!

- I can't do this anymore.

Please, please, listen to me.

I haven't been honest with you.

There's no woman.

It's not gambling.

Look, a few days ago,

I looked you in the eyes
and I told you, "I've got this."

I lied.

- What do you mean?

- I've been fishing on Shabbat
because I've had no choice.

Andrew has tax debts.

I've got tax debts.

We haven't been able to keep up.

I did some things that
I'm not proud of to fix it,

and now it's gone bad.

We're in trouble.

- We? What do you mean?

- I... I'm in trouble,

but we because I need a
miracle, or I can be in big trouble.

- I'm not a child, stop
speaking in riddles.

Tell me what's happening.

- I could go to prison.

We could lose the house!

- What?

- The cut on my ear,
it's from a Roman.

- Simon!

- If I don't catch
a ton of fish,

or get some help
somehow, they'll arrest me!

- Or kill you!

They are Romans!

- Yeah, so I need to go now...
- Go where?

- To fish! I've got to
spend the rest of the week

doing nothing but
catch every fish I can

and hope I can fix this somehow!

So, that's why we
can't take your eema!

It's just not
possible right now.

- No! She has
nothing to do with this!

I will not let you
punish her for your sins!

- Eden, you can't
do this alone...

- You can't tell me
what I can or can't do.

You have had your
eyes closed around here,

and God is with me,
even if you aren't.

- I'm sorry.

- Where is your faith?


- What?

- You heard me.

- Eden, faith isn't going
to get me more fish.

- I'm not talking about tonight.

I am talking about
long before tonight.

You've been different.

Before, it was gambling,

and now it's working

and trying to do
everything yourself.

The popular Simon...

fixing everything and charming
everyone, all by yourself.

And fishing on holy days,

without even thinking about
it, with no respect for our God!

- What about Pekuach nefesh?

We can break a
commandment to save a life.

Our lives are at stake here!

- You don't know that,

because you have not
pursued the Lord lately.

Not like the man that I married.

That is why you are stuck,
and you feel desperate,

and now you're off to
try to fix it yourself again!

So go!

I don't want you
here tonight anyway.

- I'm sorry.

- I know you're sorry.

I know.

And I'm glad that you were
at least honest with me...

but no more talking.

Maybe God can get
your attention now.

- Simon... Simon!

It's happened! It's
happened, Simon!

- What are you talking about?

Did you run all the
way from Jerusalem?

- We're saved.

- We're saved?

- I saw Him, with
my own eyes, Simon.

- Who?

- It was incredible.

- Andrew, who did you see?

- The Lamb of God.

He who takes away
the sin of the world.

Simon, we were
standing by the Jordan,

and John the Baptizer pointed
at the man who was walking.


Are you listening?

- Yeah! Yeah, you're
just not saying anything.

- I saw the Messiah today!

The man all of
us, including you,

have been praying
for our whole lives.

Don't you even care?

- Was He a big man?

- Big? No.

- Rich?

- No.
- So, He didn't seem

He could bail us out
of this debt to Rome?

Maybe, maybe He was a doctor.

No? So, He can't
help with Eden's eema,

who's now living
with us, Andrew.

- Dasha's sick?

- So, pardon me
if I'm not exactly

jumping out of my sandals

because Creepy John
pointed at someone!

- You're scared.

- I've lost everything.

Burnt every bridge.

- It doesn't matter.

The Romans don't matter.

If the Messiah has arrived,
anything is possible now!

Don't you see?

- That'd be nice.

- Where are you going?

- Go help Eden.

Her brothers are trying
to cook, I can smell it.

- So, you're following
me now, huh?

- It's a matter
of accountability.

- And, you're here to
make sure Quintus knows

where to go when
it's time to hurt me.

- To settle your debt.

I keep track of things.

I do it well.

Quintus knows I do it well.

- You're a little...
off, aren't you?

- You should turn yourself in.

We can accompany you...

- Nah, I'm still
pursuing every option.

- There are none.

You must provide the information
implicating the guilty fishermen

or balance the books somehow.

- Andrew says
anything's possible.

- Not mathematically.

- Yeah, but...
what if? You know?

- You'd only be subjecting
your family and friends

to needless anguish by
prolonging the inevitable.

- You use a lot of big words.

- But, no one listens to me.

Not like they do you.

You have a singular talent.

- That's something at least.

- Can I assume that you are
not heading to the authorities?

- I'm going fishing.

- Variables.

People are always
adding variables.

Does it change anything to
know you only have until sun up?

- Sun up?

But, Shabbat's
not for three days!

- Quintus is convinced
you've double-crossed him.

He's coming.

- I'm still going fishing.

- Turn yourself in!

You have no feasible plan!

- I just told you my plan.

If I'm going down,

it will be doing what
God built me to do.

Tell your boss he can
come get me off the water.

We should be
counting our blessings.

Adonai is great, indeed.

- This trip could not
have gone any better

if we had planned every moment.

- My eyes are always
opened anew in this land.

- Not to mention
the new opportunities

our successes here
will no doubt unlock.

- We will stay
another fortnight,

or until all of my
research is concluded.

- But Nico, surely you
can conclude your research

in Jerusalem, the
archives are there.

- The matter is decided.

- I'm expecting no one.

- It's important; I
need to see him.

I'm sorry to interrupt
at this hour, Rabbi.

I bring news regarding
the heretic called John.

- The Baptizer?

- Romans have
taken him into custody.

- How did you hear of this?

- Shmuel, Rabbi.

I believe he may have given
the Romans his location.

- We do not lightly turn
Jews over to the Romans.

Did the Sanhedrin order this?

- No, teacher.

- I want to question
the Baptizer myself.

I'll make inquiries.

Thank you, Yussif.

- Yes, Rabbi.

- And, I will discuss this
with Shmuel myself, huh?

- Unh!

- Ahhhh!

- Ahhhh!

Eh! People bark sometimes, too.

- Cast after cast.

"And I will make
your descendants

as many as the
stars in the heavens."

And then what, huh?

Make the chosen as
many as the stars...

only to let Egypt enslave
us for generations!

Bring us out of Egypt,
part the Red Sea,

only to let us wander in
the desert for 40 years!

Give us the land, only to
let us be exiled in Babylon.

Bring us back, only to
be crushed by Rome!

This is the God I've served
so faithfully my entire life.

You're the God I'm
supposed to thank.

You know, if I didn't
know any better,

I'd say you enjoy yanking
us around like goats

and can't decide whether
we're chosen or not.

Which one is it, huh?


- Andrew?

- Who are you talking to?

- Apparently, no one.

- You shouldn't joke
like that, my friend.

- Yeah, your friends
might think you've lost faith.

- James and John, I presume.

And who brought the old man?

- I heard you need
a real fisherman.

- How'd you know I was here?

- Eden may be angry,

but she's not too
proud to ask for help.

- Oh, so you told her
the whole story, huh?

- Eesh, how'd she take it?

- Let's just say,

it's my last night
as a free man and...

I'm fishing.

- Your last night?

- Quintus.

- Well, there are only so
many hours in the night, huh?

Let's fish.

- If we catch nothing,
in the morning,

maybe you could hide
in the merchant caravans.

Escape to Egypt.

- Fish the Nile.

- They've got perch
the size of children.

- Egypt is a Roman province now.

- Nah, Eden hates Egypt.

- So?

- She can wait for
you to send money.

- I'm hoping if I let
Quintus and his boys

take out their
frustrations on me,

they'll eventually
allow me visitors.

Let down!

- So, about the news
I was to tell you about.

I was walking with John,
they call the Baptizer...

- Andrew!

- What's he on about?

- And he pointed at a man...
- No more!

- And he said,
"“Behold, The Lamb..."

- Andrew! I
said... just, please,

not another word from you
about this Lamb of yours.

We don't need a
lamb, we need fish.

- Maybe John was right.

You have a chance.

Sneak into a merchant
caravan and get away.

- No, I won't leave
the land of our father,

and they'll find me, I'm sure.

Maybe the Baptizer
can me a disguise

out of an old camel's hide.

- Just pull up.

- James!

- James! Help.

- Zeb!

Come around.

- Sometimes the
sea bests all of us.

It's not your night.

- All right.

Time to be done.

- Boys!

- Roman scum!
Couldn't even wait!

It's the parable of the sower.

- So, there's all these
different kinds of seed

that is sown on the ground.

Seeds that fall on a path,
which is trod by people.

- We're right with you.

- Make sure Eden is safe.

Do you hear me, Andrew?

- Hey! Those aren't soldiers.

- I might still have
time to see Eden.

- We're going to clean our nets.

We'll stick around to
make sure you can leave.

- Simon! It's Him!

- Excuse me.

- That's Him!
Simon, that's Him!

- No time for this, Andrew.

- It's Him!

Simon, it's the
man John said...

He's here!

I know.

- May I ask a favor?

I'm teaching these people,

and apparently, they're
having trouble hearing me.

If I could stand on your
boat, that would be helpful.

- They're having
trouble hearing you, huh?

- Yes, yes, of course!

Please, please,
stand on our boat.

Thank you!

- I need to go, I'm sorry.

No time for this today.

- Stay a few moments longer.

I have something for you.

- For me?

I'm in a hurry.

- Yes, I know.

Just allow me a few
moments, please?

- Simon, trust me
as I have trusted you.

This man is the Messiah.

- It's good to see
you again, Andrew.

- Yes.

- I'm Jesus.

Thanks for this.

- Simon.

- In my last moments with you,
I want to share another story.

Can everyone hear me?

Well, let's thank our friends
for this strong boat, huh?

Trust me, my yelling voice
is not easy on the ears.

Because I am on this boat,

my final parable should
be about fishing, yes?

Simon, please hand me that net.

When this net is
thrown into the sea,

what happens, Simon?

- Well...

- I mean, most of the time.

- It gathers.

- A little louder.

- It gathers fish.

- Yes!

This net gathers fish.

All kinds of fish, yes?

- Yes.

- All kinds of fish.

And the Kingdom of Heaven
is like what happens next.

After the net is full,

Simon and the others
draw it to the shore,

sit down, and sort out the fish.

The good fish go
into the barrels,

and the bad fish... thrown away.

So it will be at
the end of the age.

Angels will come

and separate the
evil from the righteous

and throw them
into a fiery furnace.

Do you understand?

Therefore, every scribe

who has been trained for
the Kingdom of Heaven,

like you all are now,

is like the master of a house
who brings forth his treasures,

both new and old.

You are to do the same
with this knowledge.

These parables I tell,
make sense to some,

not to others.

Be patient.

That is all for today.

I have some business to
attend to with my new friend.

Put that down for a catch...

a little farther out.

- I don't have a quarrel
with you, teacher...

but we've been
doing this all night.


All right, at your word.

- Hmm...

- Hmm...

- Unh!

Grab it! Grab the net!

Grab it!


Take that side!


Help... Come on!

Help... Help!

- Let's go!

Come on!

Let's go!

- Help us push! Help us push!

- This way.

- Pull up!

- Pull up! Pull,
pull, pull, pull!

Push it! Push it!

- Pull up!

- Help us bring
it in! Bring it in!

- Hold on!

- Push it, push it, push it!

Let's Grab it!

Grab it! Push!

- This way!

- Pull up! Pull up!

Pull up, pull up,
pull up, push it!

- Pull! Hold on!


- The net's breaking!

- Hold on!

- Pull up!

Pull! Pull!

Hold on!

- Pull hard, this way!

- Simon... I told you.

I told you!

I told you!

- Whoa, Whoa!
- The boat! It's tilting!

- Get out!

You need to get out!

- My brother, and
the Baptizer, they...

You are the Lamb of God, yes?

- I am.

- Depart from me.

I am a sinful man.

You don't know who I am,
and the things I've done.

- Don't be afraid, Simon.

- I'm sorry.

We've waited for
You for so long.

We've believed, but
my faith... I'm sorry.

- Lift up your head, fisherman.

- What do you want from me?

Anything You ask, I will do.

- Follow me.

- I will.

- Rabbi.

- You as well!

Yes, you, James and John!

Come! Follow me!

- I'll take the fish into market

and settle up Simon's debt.

I'll get some help to
fill both of these boats.

- Are you sure?

- Yes! Go!

- What will you tell Eema?

- You've just been
called by the man

we've prayed for
our entire lives,

and you ask me what will I
say when you miss supper?

Go! Now!

- So, you're sure you
don't want to do this

just a few more times?

What? We'd make a
great team on a boat.

- Simon.

- Joking.

- Fish are nothing.

You have much bigger
things ahead of you,

Simon, son of Jonah.

Did you understand
that parable I told earlier?

From now on, I will
make you fishers of men.

And you are to gather as
many as possible, all kinds.

I will sort them out later.

- Hello.

- This catch is worth a lot.

- It's amazing!

- It's impossible.

[ ♪ Dark music ]

- You are supposed
to be the powerful one...

yet, you are more
frightened here than I am.

- Are you the one they
call John the Baptizer?

- Yes.

- I have questions for
you about... miracles.