The Chi (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - This Christmas - full transcript

[Jada] Previously, on
"The Chi"...

Put it down, man.
You know bet...

- Stop, man. Stop!
- Get away from me!

- [gunshot
- [groans]

[Trig] Jamal, fuck!

So where's your brother?
Is he coming home?

Not unless he wanna
go to jail.

So a reporter was asking
who they wanted

to see run for city council.

Guess who got
an honorable mention.

- [Trig] Are you serious?
- Yes, congratulations!

So I hear the people want you
to run for city council.

Tracy wants me to.

You might wanna consider
a name change.

Victor, that's my real name.

What do you want?

[Tracy] I need you
to clear Trig's record.

I'm gonna have to call in
a favor.

I thought you had friends
in high places.

I got friends everywhere.

[person over P.A. system]
Jake Taylor,

your parent is here
to see you.

- [Peaches] Jacob?
- [Jake] Ma?

You can't just show up
like this.

I don't have your number.

Look, we finally getting
our life together.

- Don't mess that up.
- [Peaches] I won't.

One of our very own just made

her first NFT sale.

Simone Chase.


- Thank you.
- [Kevin] I'm Kevin.

We danced
at Maisha's party once.

- I don't know if you...
- I know.

You wanna get together
and look at the moon sometime?

Sure, yeah.

Douda has somebody
he wants you to meet.

[Douda] This is Tierra.
She's my play niece.

Look, all you gotta do
is take a couple pictures

for the 'Gram,
make it look good.

What if I say no?

Then it all goes away.

So if I don't do this,
everybody loses.

Soft music


I kissed Darnell.

What, you wanna be with him?

I don't know.

So when you moving back in?

I'm staying with a friend.

You can't be having my son
around no random dude.

[Tiff] He's me and Dom's
weed supplier.

My bad. My son, uh...

- He's already been picked up.
- Tiff got him?

Tiffany added
a Robert Lafayette

to his pickup list.

Give me my son.

You and Emmett a'ight?

We live together.
He needs to deal with it.

[Marshawn] Join me in
my 40-day celibacy challenge.

Your dick deserves better.

Nigga, I'm ready.

Silent night

funky music

Holy night

All is calm


All is bright


Round yon virgin

Oh, mother

And child...

Yeah. Merry Christmas, Jada.

[camera shutter clicking]

Okay, so I was thinking

we could hit
my folks' place first

and then Emmett's after that,
since we're gonna wanna spend

the rest of the day
with the kids,

and, you know,
he's further down south anyway.

But after that,
if you're not too tired,

you know what I'm saying,

I was thinking
we could come home,

sip on some spiked eggnog,
of course,

and just spend the rest
of the night

in each other's arms.

Hmm, that sounds like
a really long day.

I know, I know,
but okay, so I believe

Christmas is for family

and New Year's is for you.

[Jada] Oh.

So I was thinking
we could do Cabo,

just us.


[text message swooshes]


What you looking at?

It's just...

It's-it's-it's a...
It's a meme.

It's a meme.

[laughs] Okay.

- [Jada] Yeah.
- Okay.

Wanna help me put the Black
angel on top of the tree?


Okay, it's the best part, now.

Ain't she pretty too?

[Jada] She is.

- [Suede] All right.
- [Jada] Well, you taller.

Merry Christmas, my kings.

Merry Christmas.

Quick reminder,
it's cuffing season, uh-huh.

And these girls are gonna try
to suck your dick.

Mm-mm, repeat after me:
I won't fall for it.

- I won't fall for it.
- I won't fall for it.

I won't fall for it.

You must stay strong
in your celibacy journey

during this, uh,
"Please fuck me

just to take my mind
off my crazy family, please."

Uh-uh, repeat after me:
Not this time.

- Not this time.
- [Marshawn] Not this time!

Not this time!

My dick deserves better.

My dick deserves better.

[phone buzzing]

Happy holidays

Oh, yes, it's that time
of year

Spreading of all
your cheer...

What up, Tiff?

Hey, sorry I missed your call.
What's up?

Look, I want EJ over
for Christmas Eve.

[Tiff] Oh, okay.

Yeah, I want all my sons

waking up together
Christmas morning,

and I already got
all they presents.

All I gotta do is just
wrap 'em up and set 'em out.

Oh, so you really trying
to be Black Santa?

[chuckles] Ho, ho, ho.


Look, I'm having folks over

for Christmas Day,

and, um...

I'd love
for you to come.

Look, EJ ain't never had
to spend Christmas

without the both
of his parents, so...

I don't think this year
should be any different.

Well, if I come,
then I gotta bring Rob.

Oh, hell no, we at capacity.

Emmett, I can't just
leave my man at home

and go be with my ex.

I'm not just your ex.
We have a child.

He your man now?

I thought
he was just your supplier.

Look, it's new, okay?
And I gotta respect him.

Fine, just make sure
he respects my house.

Boy, bye.

[sucks teeth]

Soft music

All right, class,
it's time to send your NFT

to your Secret Santa.

I don't get it.

Well, it's like my way
of saying

it's not the worst thing
in the world to be different.

You know, I know
you feel ostracized right now,

but at least you're not
blending in with the crowd.

Thanks, Kev.

No problem, bro.

Do you pray, Victor?

Not often. Why?

'Cause we gon' need
a Christmas miracle

if we wanna feed
500 families this Christmas.

- Five hundred?
- That's how many RSVP'ed.

You told 'em first come,
first served, right?

You know I did,
but they still gon' show up.

I'm scared we're gon' have
to turn away more people

than we can help.

All we can do
is the best we can do.

That's not enough.


Well, look, you-you-you
wanna pray right now?

- You serious?
- Hell yeah.


Dear Lord,

we need your help.

Our city needs a miracle.

Kids need coats.

And a lot of families
need feeding.

Whatever you can do,
we'd be grateful.

Please continue
to order our steps, Lord.

And please show us a sign

that we're on the right path.

- Amen.
- And so it is.

[indistinct chatter]

[Tracy] Yeah.


soft jazzy music

Merry Christmas.

Dramatic hip-hop music

How'd you do all this?

Has anybody ever told you,

"Don't look a gift horse
in the mouth?"

What's the angle?

I don't need an angle.

I'm doing the same thing
you doing.

Man, who paid for all of this?

Wait a minute, Victor.

Who do you think?

Reaching out for someone
to hold...

We need the ROCK center
to remain clean.

We clean our money.

You're good.

Victor, maybe we shouldn't
be asking questions

when God's
answering our prayers.

[R&B music playing
over speakers]

Thank you.
We needed it.

You're welcome.

You give any more thought

to what we were talking about?

I'm still thinking about it.

Don't think too long.

We got a meeting set up
for later this afternoon.

Tense music

[Victor scoffs, sighs]


[clears throat, sighs]

Well, well, well, well, well.

Don't think
this gon' get you some.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

I don't need to buy you things
to get that.

No, I, um... I did this out
of the kindness of my heart.

I care about this community.

Well, do what you gotta do
to help me keep it safe, then.

That's always been the plan.

Ay. [clears throat]

I got the perfect
stocking stuffer...

- [chuckles]
- ...for you.

- [laughs] Is that right?
- That's right.

- Mm.
- I just, um...

I just need to know
where you want me to put it.

[school bell rings]

I think I'm in love.


Hey, you keep your eyes
off this one.

Please, I got my hands full.

[Lynae] Don't act like
you that easy to deal with.

Watch out.
You don't even know me.

I got cousins just like you.

- Like what?
- Trifling.

Least my family
ain't fucked up.

- Jake.
- Bro, chill.

[Lynae] Your family
is fucked up, nigga.

We all got
dysfunctional-ass families.

At least y'all get
to be with y'all families

for Christmas.

You ain't link up
with your brother yet?

Not in a while.

He'll hit you.
Don't worry.

I hope so.

I'm not running on a lie.

As a public official,

your entire life
is gonna get scrutinized,

so you're gonna have
to give people a narrative.

Scrolling through
your Instagram here,

and all I see
is inspirational quotes

and college basketball stats.

'Cause real niggas
ain't on the 'Gram like that.

We wouldn't have
to do that much.

We could start with a couples
photo shoot for Christmas.

Women voters, they love
a matching pajamas photo shoot.

Yeah, so I can buy you guys
a pair of matching pajamas.

I already got them.

[knock at door]

- Not now.
- [Douda] Who is it?

Oh, I'm sorry.
I see y'all working.

I didn't mean to interrupt.

Oh, Peaches, c-come on in.

Ma, we-we in the middle
of something right now.

Oh, okay, well, damn,

I just brought you a plate.

- Thank you.
- Hi, I'm Tierra.

I'm Victor's new girlfriend.

Ah, well, you sure are
a sight for sore eyes.

Victor, why you keeping secrets
from your mother?

I, um... I just wanted
to make sure

I knew what this was
before I told you.

This bitch is perfect.

My bad, I didn't mean
to call you a bitch.

It's okay.

Ma, we gotta get back to work.
You mind?

Okay, I'm going.

I never thought
I'd see the day.

You helping your community,

raising your little brother,

looking out for Shaad
like you always have,

and you have a beautiful
Black woman in your life.

I'm proud of you.

And y'all look good
together too.

Yes, they do.

This is the only
Christmas gift I need.

Okay, now... I'm going, okay.

Yeah, you take care, Peaches.

Good seeing you, Otis.


[indistinct chatter]

light jazzy music

You made the right decision,

[Tierra] I think we're going
to give a lot of people hope.

[Kiesha] It's gonna be you,
Emmett, and Rob together

for Christmas.

- Girl, that's real progressive.
- [Ronnie cries]

It's okay. Look.

It won't be just us.

It's gon' be
Emmett's other kids,

his parents,
and then they new boos.

Girl, it's gon' be
a full house.

- He gon' barely notice us.
- Oh, he gon' notice y'all.


Look, it's not gon' be easy,

but we gotta blend this family
at some point.

I'm not trying to hurt him
or throw shit in his face,

for real, but at some point,
we all gotta move on.

I mean, yeah, if it's the past,
then let the past be the past.

That part.

Well, how you gon' feel if he
move on with somebody else?

Soft music

Honestly, I don't think
I would give a shit.

For real, me and Emmett
been through hell and back.

Yeah, I know.

You know
we signed divorce papers.


Yup, girl, we done.

Damn, guess it's the end
of an era.

Yup, all things
must come to an end.

Ain't that
what you told Christian?

No, I told him
we need to be friends.

And he read me for filth.

He did?
What he say?

- Girl, he was upset.
- Damn.

You know he was a gentleman
about it, though.

For real.

- Hey.
- What's up?

Well, it's nice to meet you.
I heard good things.

What I like to hear.

- [Tiff laughs]
- [Rob speaking indistinctly]

Rob, you know
we got the night off tomorrow.

Oh, yeah?
No kids?



[Kiesha laughs]

I'm taking you out.


We ain't gotta go
nowhere, though.

Look, if we ain't got no kids,

we might have to act like it.

- [Tiff laughs]
- [Kiesha] I know that's right.

Anytime my mama watches Ronnie,
I take full advantage.

Okay, fine, y'all,
I'ma go put together an outfit.

Yo, who got us
all this new stuff?

[Victor] Who you think?

Well, it is nice in here.

Yeah, just trying
to give y'all a place to be

rather than outside.

Shit, I ain't trying
to be outside noway.

It's cold as hell.

[laughs] Yeah, it is.

I was wondering if you
could do something for me.

Depends on what it is.

Well, you think you could
get me in touch with Jamal?

Lynae's brother?

Yeah, I wanna surprise her
for Christmas.

Yeah, he's, um...
He's laying low right now.

- I understand.
- Yeah.

I just know it'd mean a lot
to her and all that, so...


Look, wait.
Let me see what I can do.

- For real?
- [Victor] Yeah.

I ain't making no promises,

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

- Thank you, man.
- Yeah.

For sure, appreciate you, yeah.

Of course.
Hey, stay warm, bro.

- Yeah, I-I will.
- [Victor] Yeah.

Thank you.


Joyful music

O come

All ye faithful

Joyful and triumphant...

[Papa] Ready?

Oh, make sure
the lens ain't smudged.

We can't have no blurry video.

- Count me down.
- [Ma is ha] Three, two, one.

What's up, y'all?

It's your boy Papa
from Papa's Pulpit

here at ROCK, donating
a large platter of food

to their center's
inaugural food drive.

That's right, me and the good
folks over at Smokey's,

but it was my idea.

This was just a small token
of love from me

to my amazing community,

a community I love very deeply,

and I'm happy to be a blessing

to the less fortunate
on Christmas.

After all, Jesus is the real
reason for the season,

and I just wanna be as close
to Jesus as I can.

He laid the blueprint for us,
so we all deserve food,

shelter, love,

and, most of all, forgiveness.

Happy holidays, everybody.

Papa, this has got to stop.

I know.

[Ma is ha]
I'ma go get some napkins.

Fuck is you doing?

I was trying
to be a Good Samaritan.

How that go?

How you think?

My bad, player.

Shit, you wanna smoke?


Fuck it, let's go smoke, then.

Bright R&B music

No outside clothes
on the bed.

Oh, my God.

[Suede] Hey!

Hey, shit, you just scared me.

My bad.

I was just wondering
what you were thinking

for dinner tonight.

Uh, let's just order in.

- Shit, say less.
- [Jada chuckles]


You good?

Yeah, you know,
I'm just... I'm fantastic,

feeling the Christmas spirit.



All right.

Festive music

Oh, jingle bells,
jingle bells

Jingle all the way...

[Emmett] I'll tell you,

being a single parent
ain't for the weak.

Boy, stop.

No, it ain't.

[Emmett] I need one
four-hour nap, just-just one.

Shit, I'll take 15 minutes.

They should create an app
for single parents

so they can hit each other up
whenever they need help.

Yeah, it'd be called, like,
Co-Parenting or something.

I would use that shit
all the time.

Me too.
How you been?


What you mean, why?

My bad, I-I guess nobody's
ever asked me that.

I'm single again.

I know.

Just trying to be
a better father to my kids.

I know that too.

I'm also trying this, uh...

celibacy challenge.

- Wait, what? [Laughs]
- [sucks teeth]

See, that's why I wasn't
even gon' say shit.

No, I mean...
No, I think it's good.

- You do?
- Yeah.

Has it been hard?

Hell yeah,
it's been hard, okay?

- I bet it is.
- [Emmett] Not funny.

[knock at door]



Y'all turned up in here!

Come on in!

- Hey!
- [Dre] Hey, family!

Hello, family.

[Dre] Close that door
'fore the hawk gets in here!

And this outfit too...

Okay, so Tiff hooked us up
with some holiday pre-rolls,

some CBD eggnog, and cookies.

So we got the Christmas Tree
and the Holiday Hybrid?

- [Jada] Bet.
- [laughs]

Yup, and I got this here snacks

'cause you know the munchies
about to be crazy

'cause Tiff don't play.

Oh, we 'bout to be fucked up!

- [laughter]
- Whoo, shoot!

- [Nina] Okay.
- [Tracy] This looks delicious.

Ooh, what's in the bag?

- [Dre] Ah-ah!
- [Nina] Uh-uh!

What are you two
still doing here?

I told you
we were having company

and you needed to find
someplace to be.

- [Tracy] Y'all gotta go.
- That way, that way.

It's a grown folks' party.

Going through my stuff.

Don't mess around.
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, I got you...

[Tracy] Ooh, I party fouled.
I sipped before we toasted.

- My bad, y'all.
- That's okay.

I'm out.

[Dre] Hey, where you going
with the baby?

- We'll be back.
- You better be.

Okay, but why don't you
just leave him here?

He was already asleep.

No, I got it.

Text me your destination
when you get there.


If you take too long,
I'm gon' call you.


- Have fun, Kiesha.
- Bye, Kiesha!

- Bye, Kiesha.
- Love you, Kiesha!


- Give me my lighter.
- We finna get lit.

Let's do it.
And then puff, puff, pass.

This is how grown folks do it.


[upbeat music playing
over speakers]

[both groan]

That was fun, though.

So your family doesn't mind

if you don't do Christmas
with them?

They're not tripping.


Y'all not close?

[Rob] Let's just say I'm
the black sheep of the family.

I don't really fit in,

so if I'm not
at the holiday party,

don't really make a difference.

Shit, if I ain't go home
for Christmas,

my mama wouldn't let me
hear the end of it.

But you can't stand your mama.

But I got a baby.

don't play that shit.

Why do we buy into this idea
that just 'cause society says

we should spend holidays
with our families, we do it,

even if we don't want to?

I don't know.
It's just how it is.

Fuck that, I'ma do what I want.

Boy, that's 'cause
you ain't got no kids.

When I have some kids,

I'm gonna make sure
they do what they want.

They can't just be out here
following the pack.

Oh, so that's what
you think I'm doing?

I think you're good
at asking for what you want.

Even if I get judged for it?

People tend to judge

when they just scared
to do something themselves.

So do you judge me for not only
wanting to be with one person?

I'm not here to judge nobody.

Would you consider it?

I'm a traditional nigga.

What does that mean?

That means, um...

...that means I want you
all to myself,

and if you don't want that,

you need to say that.


So what say you?

I say I like this.

Now, hurry up.
I'm hungry.

[mellow music playing
over speakers]

I just wanna thank you
for the moon again.

You're welcome.

So you're really
into outer space, huh?

Yeah, this planet is boring.

[Kevin] Hmm.

So, um, you like video games?

Yeah, but not the violent ones.

- Which ones you like?
- Anime.

Oh, cool.

'Cause when I think of you

I can see it's just fooling,

Now I got you myself

And you know I got you

And a little me,
a lot of you

I can see it's just fooling,


...I see you don't talk
as much.

I find that's something
people say

when silence
makes them uncomfortable.

Baby, this ain't
nothing new...

I got you something.


Close your eyes.

Where I'll be

Baby, baby, baby,
baby, baby...

Open 'em.

- I love her.
- Yeah.

I saw you reading
one of her books

in class the other day, so...

Thank you.

Hey, uh, maybe we could
hang out

over Christmas break
or something.

if my grandma says it's okay.

Okay, cool.

I got the first one
off the shelf,

so I hope you like it.

I love it.
Thank you.

Aw, look at the two lovebirds.


What's y'all's secret?

- Therapy.
- [laughter]

It's really helped.

[Dre] Yeah, listen, I mean,
it hasn't been easy, but...

Well, it hasn't...

But we been learning a lot
about each other

and, you know,
what we both need, so...

I wonder if me and Suede
should do therapy.

Well, if you're both willing
to work at it,

it can be really helpful.

[Dre] Yeah.

Are me and Douda a couple?

- [laughs] You don't know?
- [Nina] What, you don't know?

- What, you don't know?
- [both] What, you don't know?


- What do you want it to be?
- Yeah.

I mean,
I-I wanna be like y'all.

- Ooh.
- [Tracy] I wanna be normal.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Normal, really?

Do you love him?

And wonders of his love

And wonders, wonders
of his love...

I don't know.

Well, maybe you need
to figure that out first.

[Dre] Yeah, if you don't know
what you want it to be,

you can't go to him
and ask for answers.

[Nina] Uh, and don't
start acting like a couple

before you really are a couple,

because you will be
acting like a couple...

For the rest of your life.

Thank you.

Okay, well, he is married,
so then there's that.

- Part, see?
- There's that.

[Tracy] I know it sound crazy,
y'all, but I just...

I keep falling deeper
and deeper, and I can't...

Okay, see,
so what maybe you need to do

is to, uh, go
to that individual therapy

before you get
that couples therapy.

Oh, see, now you trying
to call me crazy, Dre?

You know what?

No, what I'm saying is,
you cannot try

to go and define a relationship
with somebody else

until you define a relationship
with yourself first.

- Okay, Counselor.
- Okay, it's just the facts.


That'll be $250.

Y'all, I feel safe with him.

Well, maybe you might need
to unpack that.


Okay, pass me that CBD eggnog,
'cause see...

You gon' try that.

- [Tracy] Yes, okay, fine.
- This is called help.

- [laughter]
- What's up, J?

I think Suede

is going to propose.


Girl, what you mean?

I found a ring.

Is it pretty?

Is it a good ring?

- Babe.
- What?

- No, it's-it's beautiful.
- Oh, Jada.

So what you gon' say
if he asks?


Okay, see,
you're taking too long, Jada.

You're taking too long.

Chill, Dre.
That is a big life decision.

I-I'm just saying.

Wait, I have a question.

Tell the truth,
shame the devil.

Are you still thinking
about Darnell?


Jada... look at that!
I called it.

- [Dre] Jada...
- We called it.

- We called it.
- [Dre] Oh, my God.

No, come on, why you smiling?

- Jada, no, my gosh.
- [Nina] The big D!

Okay, so the big D sent a D pic
the other day, and...


And you ain't put it
in the group chat?

I feel left out.

Hell no, group chat?

Nobody wants to see
that man's old-ass dick.

- No, I do.
- No, no, no.

- Hell no.
- [Nina] Why?

[Dre] Talk about that.

That was it right there.

That was it. That was it!


Soft jazzy music

[iPad chimes]

What the fuck is this?

Oh, hell no.

[door slams]

[knock at door]

- [Emmett] Who that?
- [child] What?

[indistinct chatter]

Who could that be?


I figured
you could use some help.

This is why I love you.

Here, girl,
let me hold that for you.

Yeah, what up, Ronnie?

Oh, he trying to cry on me.

Oh, he trying to...

Okay, um, come on, let's watch
The Preacher's Wife.


- We got a show.
- Thank you.


Boom, yeah, there we go.

Who wants hot chocolate?

Me, me, oh, me!

That's what I thought...
Boy, go make the snacks.

I got 'em distracted so we can
get cracking on gifts.

You're a blessing,
you know that?

Soft music

[Ronnie crying]

Oh, no, no, no, I got him.
I got him.

Uh, you handle the snacks.
I-I-I'll get him changed.

What's up, man?

What's up, man?
Ooh, what's this?

Love is in the air

[Tiff] I'ma just follow
your lead and everything.

[Rob] Yeah, you should
follow my lead,

let me drive.

Wait, who decorated?

[Rob] I might've had somebody
handle it while we was out.


I always thought decorations
was a family activity.

It is, but it's exhausting.

It's gonna use up time that...

we don't need to be wasting.

But it's also a time for us
to bond and create memories.

Turn your frown
upside down...

I kind of just wanted
to come home, chill.

[Tiff chuckles]

And I can appreciate that,

but next year,
we decorating ourselves.

Mm, so you already guaranteeing

we gon' be together
for next year.

Just right...

I'm with it.

Seeing us
just brings me new life

Love is in the air

I can smell it everywhere

Prancing, glancing,
light smiles in the Hamptons


Love is in the air


[dog barking]

[Darnell] What's up?

Oh, shit.

Oh, damn.

Boy, soon
as I find my earpiece,

I'ma let you have it.

Text Jada again, you gon' lose
more than that damn earpiece.

Oh, so, uh...

So-so you... what, you went
through her phone, huh?

I got her pass code.

Mm, that's why I don't believe
in no bitches

having none of my pass codes.

Are you in love with her?

Man, why don't you ask her
if she's still in love with me?

I'm asking you, motherfucker.
Are you in love with her?


Yeah, I been in love with her
ever since I laid eyes on her

sophomore year in high school.

So why you waste
so much of her time, then?

Because I wasn't born perfect.

I had to grow to get here.

Well, it's too late.

Yeah, well, that ain't
for you to decide.

You lucky
you caught me off guard!

Otherwise, I'd have knocked
your ass into next week!

[winces] Damn.

Gentle music

[Kevin chuckles]

Merry Christmas, Mom.

I'm tired, boss.



This is nice.

It is.

Merry Christmas, Kiesha.

Merry Christmas, Emmett.

Mellow R&B music

I'm sorry.
It's-it's-it's getting late.

Yeah, it is.

It is.

You-you need a ride?

No, we gon' take an Uber.

You-you sure?
I could...

[Kiesha] I don't want you
to wake those sleeping babies.

I just gotta
get Ronnie together.

Light music

Deck the halls
with boughs of holly

'Tis the season
to be jolly

Each year, this time

I'll spend my Christmas
with you

Mama's cooking,
Daddy is lounging

Snow is falling
while kids are shouting

- Each year, this time
-[phone buzzes]

I'll spend my Christmas
with you


Yeah, each year, this time

I guess I been stuck in
traffic trying to get home

I've been waiting
for the day to pop up

At your house and say it's
been way, way, way too long

And Granny's mad at me
'cause I ain't even call

Looks like Daddy's 'bout
to put up all the lights

Ain't trying
to babysit my cousins

All they wanna do is fight
while I'm here

You'd think
we'd wait up all night

Let's just say
that Santa's coming

So make sure
them cookies right

So later on, we'll conspire
getting colder by the minute

While we dream by the fire,
happier with my peoples

And the plans that we made,
I'm blessed that I can say

I'm here with y'all
on Christmas Day

Oh, deck the halls
with boughs of holly

'Tis the season
to be jolly

Each year, this time

I'll spend my Christmas
with you

Mama's cooking,
Daddy is lounging

Snow is falling
while kids are shouting

Each year, this time

I'll spend my Christmas
with you...

[Jada] You good?

[Suede] I'm fine.

Each year, this time

dramatic music

So people online talking shit?


And you give a fuck?

- Yeah.
- Why?

'Cause I got feelings.

Man, fuck them people, a'ight?

Fuck 'em.

I ain't never got that advice.

Check this out.

When you stop giving a fuck
what people think,

you'll be much happier.

Merry Christmas, Bakari.

Whatever, nigga.

[Papa laughs]

Each year, this time

I'll spend my Christmas
with you

Mama's cooking,
Daddy is lounging

Snow is falling
while kids are shouting

Each year, this time

I'll spend my Christmas
with you


[camera shutter clicking]

Yeah, each year, this time

Deck the halls
with boughs of holly

'Tis the season
to be jolly

Each year, this time

soft R&B music

- [Tiff groans softly]
- Merry Christmas, baby.

Get up. I been waiting
on your ass to get up, man.

Come on.

What's-what's wrong?
You don't like your gifts?

[Tiff] No, I do.

I just feel like
you went to the store

and bought a bunch
of expensive shit

but didn't consider
what I actually wanted.

That's 'cause I did.

Who don't like a bunch
of designer shit?


It just feels basic.

What, though, like,
the brands or the bags?

I like thoughtful gifts,

not expensive ones.

I'm sorry.

Nah, don't-don't apologize.

You like what you like.



What you get me, man?

[chuckles] A black sheep.
You remembered.


It's not expensive,
but it means something.

I promise to never get you
a basic gift ever again.

Mellow music

Thank you.

Come here.

[Tiff chuckles]

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

You like it?

- I love it.
- [laughs]

[knock at door]

- [knock at door]
- Coming!

what are you doing here?

Just chill.
Come here.

Dramatic music

What happened your face?

Oh, no...
Oh, don't worry about that.

Just some fool
sucker-punched me.

Listen, woman, I...

I love you.

Always have.

I just, uh,

you know, didn't know
how to love you properly

when I was younger, but...

I've been-been hoping,

I've been praying

that I get a chance
to love you the right way.

Are you serious?

About as serious as I am
about this earpiece.

[Jada laughs]

That's pretty serious.


Yeah, it is.


Light music


Deck the halls...

Merry Christmas, everybody.

[Shaad] Peaches come through
with the Christmas breakfast!

All right, this looks great.

I'm 'bout to roll up
and make me about two plates.

[Jake laughs]


I missed your cooking.

And I missed
cooking for my family.

[Victor] Hey, I'm sorry
I didn't have enough funds

to get y'all gifts this year,

My family under one roof,

that's the only gift I need.

I got you something, Ma.

- Me?
- [Jake] Yeah.


Oh, my God.

This is us
when you were a baby.

Where did you get this?

Uh, I had it in my drawer
ever since you left.

I wanted to get it framed
so you could have it.

Oh, my God, thank you, baby.

Let's promise
to take more pictures together.

- Wow, this is beautiful.
- [doorbell rings]

Oh, hold on, the doorbell.

- [Shaad] Hey!
- [Deja] Hey!

- [Shaad] Come on in.
- [Deja] Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you too.

This is a, uh...
A pleasant surprise.

Now, I know you ain't
get me no gift,

'cause you know you are
all the gift that I need.

[Deja sighs]
Well, I wanted to.

[Shaad chuckles]

See what this is.

Oh, hell no, girl,
you finna have me sharp

out here like Steve Harvey.

Well, I knew you wouldn't
buy it for yourself, so...

Well, you know I like
my little cargo pants

and FUBU jerseys.

I know.

Hold on,
I got something for you too.

[Deja chuckles]


Ooh, wow, wow, a m...

You made me a mix tape?

Yeah, yeah.

Well, don't worry. Don't worry.

He, uh...

He got a cassette deck
for you too.

- Yup.
- Okay, vintage, okay.

Merry Christmas.

[Deja] Aw.


You trying to be funny?

No, I mean, I told you before
that, uh,

you know,
music means a lot to me.

I don't know... when I was
locked up in the pen,

music was really just
the only thing

that made me feel free,
so I...

You know, I put
these little songs together

I recorded off the radio
especially for you.

Now, never mind the DJ,
'cause sometimes he comes in

before the song ends, but,

- I mean, you get my point.
- [R&B music playing]

Oh, my God, this is...

Wow, this is, like,
the most romantic gift

I've ever gotten.

- Really?
- [Deja chuckles]

[Peaches] Shaad done went
and found him a woman.

it's a Christmas miracle.

[Shaad] Oh, I'm tripping.

We about to sit down
and eat breakfast.

- Oh, okay.
- You wanna sit down with us?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Come on.

Let me introduce you
to my family.

- Okay.
- [Shaad] Hey, y'all.

It's Christmastime,
and I'm looking forward

To seeing all of my family,

Mama made
the collard greens

Corn bread,
mac and cheese...

Fried chicken
with the yams

dramatic music

[Tracy sniffling]



You okay?

is always hard for me.

I can't help
but to think about Jason.

Holidays are just hard

when you've lost someone,
you know.

[Douda] Come here.
Come here. Come here.

It's all right.

You know, we're still here.

We're still together.

You know what?

Let's go make
some new memories.

[Tracy laughs]

- Okay.
- Okay.

We need to talk about this.

You found it?

I didn't mean to.

O-okay, so...

I mean, what you thinking?

I think...

...we got a lot of things
to figure out

before we get engaged.

This about Darnell?


This is about us.

I don't think
we should rush into something

just because we're in a-a rut.

That's what you think?

Somber music

I'm sorry.

[Suede sniffles]

[Jada breathes shakily]


Merry Christmas, Jada.

[door clicks open]

[door clicks shut]

Merry Christmas!

Want some of these fabulous
greens and corn bread?

All right.

First Noel

The angels

Did say

Was to certain

Poor shepherds

In fields

As they lay

In fields

As they lay

Lay keeping

Their sheep

On a cold

upbeat music

Oh, Octavia got Ronnie a gift.

Hang all the mistletoe...

[knock at door]

I got it. I got it. I got it.


Hey, Merry Christmas!


- [Dre laughs]
- [Lalah] Merry Christmas.

[Dre] Good to see you.
Come on in.

- [Lalah] This is for you.
- [Dre] Oh, thank you.

Hey, everybody, listen up.

This is my good friend Lalah.

She missed her flight,
so she's gonna be

spending Christmas with us.

- Come on in.
- Y'all got a record player?

Yeah, it's a little rusty,
but, you know,

we'll make it work.

Ah, you brought the good goods.

- There you go.
- [Nina] Hello, I'm Nina.

- [Dre] Wifey.
- [Dre] Look at that.

Look at that.
What you know about that?


Will be
a very special Christmas

[knock at door]

For me

festive music

- Hey.
- What's happening?

- Happy holidays.
- Happy holidays.

My world is filled...

Brought you some wine, G.

I appreciate that.
Y'all come on in.

Hey, happy holidays.
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Place look nice, yo.

[Emmett] Appreciate that.

You did all this by yourself?

I had a little help.

We're caroling...

- [Tiff] Merry Christmas.
- [EJ] Merry Christmas.

Okay, cabernet, a'ight.

You know, I never thought
I'd see the day

when you were
hosting Christmas.

[sucks teeth]
First time for everything.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Mama.

- [Jada] I'm so proud of you.
- [Emmett] Love you.

I love you too.

[Dre] All right, everybody,
come on, let's eat!

[doorbell rings]

Looks like it's your gift.

- What is it?
- It's a surprise. Relax.

I don't like surprises.
Just tell me.

All right.

I got Victor
to find your brother.

- For real?
- Yeah.

Thank you.

Yeah, you know I got you.

How much fun it's gonna be


- [Kevin] Yo.
- [Victor] Hey.

Hey, Merry Christmas, Vic.

- What's good?
- [Victor] 'Sup, Dre?

Merry Christmas, everybody.

Where's Jamal?

Will be a very special

I tried, Kev.
I tried to find him.

But the cops got to him
before I did.

I'm sorry, Lynae.

Jamal's locked up,

awaiting a murder trial.

Hang all the mistletoe

And I'm gonna get
to know you better...

[Dre] Lynae.

Hey, Lynae, hang on.

How much fun
it's gonna be...

Sorry, bro.

This Christmas

The fireside
is blazing bright...

Thank you.

[knock at door]

We're caroling

Through the night...

- [Emmett] Hey! [Laughs]
- Hey, ho, ho, ho.

- Happy Kwanzaa.
- [Emmett laughs]

[Darnell] Good to see you, son.

Happy Kwanzaa.

Some stuff for the kids.


- [Tiff] Merry Christmas.
- [Darnell] Hey, boys.

- [EJ] Hello.
- [Darnell] Hey, Tiff.

- [Rob] What's good, bro?
- [Darnell] All right.

Where's your boy?

He's not a boy.

He's not here.

- A shame.
- [Jada] Mm.

Look, Daddy.

Grandma and Granddaddy
under the mistletoe.

Now they gotta kiss.

[Emmett] Oh, no,
they ain't kissing, son.



Ey, ey!

Y'all take it easy!

We-we got kids in here,
and both of y'all are taken.

We're caroling...

[Emmett] Oh, hell no,
I gotta capture this shit.

- It's crazy.
- [camera shutter clicks]

Look at this shit.

A very special

[text message swooshes]

[phone chimes]

Shake a hand,
shake a hand, now

[text messages swooshing]

[text message swooshes]


The fireside
is blazing bright

We're caroling
through the night

And this Christmas will be

A very special Christmas

For me, yeah

Hang all the mistletoe

I'm gonna get to know you


This Christmas

And as we trim the tree

How much fun it's gonna be