The Chi (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 2 - Oh Girl - full transcript

Previously, on
"The Chi"...

I love you.

[Trig] I love you too.

She gon' love it, man.

[Salesperson] Mr. Taylor,
would you like me

to box this up for you?

- [Trig] Yes.
- [glass shatters]

- Oh, shit.
- Oh, what was that?


- You wanna die, huh?
- You fucking playing with me?


Trig, what the fuck is this?

- Yeah.
- Shit.

Yeah, you reading
them comments?

Man, they dragging your ass.

And a few hating motherfuckers
tagged Imani on that shit too.

You got any advice
how I can get Tiff back?

[Darnell] She don't want you.

Yeah, she does.

I don't think I wanna
be your wife anymore.

Dramatic music

[Ma is ha] Is it just me,
or is he trash?

Damn, it's like Hoop Dreams
all over again.

[Darnell] Hey, I'm just here
for all your handy needs.


Is that all
you're available for?

What else you need?

[both moan]

[Papa] I do wanna take
a quick moment of silence

for my brother Jake.

He fell on the floor,
and nobody pushed him.

Man, fuck you, Papa!

Hey, that language
ain't allowed at school events.

See, this is what happens
when you don't have

a positive image of a Black man
in your house.

[sucks teeth] Man, please,
your daddy ain't shit.

- [scoffs] At least I got a dad.
- [all] Oh!

[Papa] Whoa, whoa! Wait,
I ain't mean it like that.

W-Where's I... where's Imani?

She saw that video
of you beating up that kid,

and she wants
to take some time.

Fuck you doing here?

Why are you in my living room
looking like a Stacy Adams ad?

[Quentin] Because it's time
for the old-school niggas

to take this city back.

[Tracy] Fuck are you
talking about?

Do you think you
Iceberg Slim or somebody?

[Quentin] You know,
I got in here late last night,

and I asked D here
to drive me around the city.

It's unrecognizable.

Why, 'cause it's not
crawling with cops?

You're supposed
to bribe the cops, Tracy,

not get rid of them.

Okay, these are not
the same cops

that you used to deal with.

They're all the same to me, D.

You realize one of those cops
killed our son?

And I made sure that he
never saw his son again.

No, our son is probably dead
because of you.

Tracy, sit your ass down.

You don't get
to tell me to sit down.

This is my house,
and you ain't my daddy.

[Douda] Okay, listen.

Your son's death...

is where this all began.

Now here we are,
here we are,

three people who only want
the best for Chicago.

Now, I thought that being mayor
was gonna mean something,

but all it did was put me up
in this fucking castle

where I couldn't survive in it.

[Quentin chuckles]

And that's because you belong
to the streets, my brother.

Who you telling?

Yo, a lot of people have died
in my son's wake.

That's why I started ROCK.

That's why I believe
in Trinity house.

And I want the city
to start healing itself

without the police's presence,
if you don't mind.

[Quentin] With all due respect,
baby girl...

...I do mind.

[Emmett] All right, boys.

Come on, no more juice
for tonight.

- [EJ] No, Dad.
- [Cassius] No!

Come on, you been drink...

You been drinking juice
all day.

- Let it go.
- [Devante] No, Daddy.

[Emmett] Drink some water.
Come on.

- No!
- Water sucks.

EJ, stop hitting
your brother, EJ,

or I'ma hit you.

Mama said you can't hit me.

"Mama said you can't"...

Yes, I can. I'm your daddy.

- Only on the weekends.
- What? What you say?

Nothing, Daddy.

That's what I thought.

Now, y'all eat up
so we can get some sleep.

What y'all wanna eat

What you wanna eat
for breakfast?

- Macaroni!
- [Cassius] Pizza!

- [Emmett] Macaroni and pizza?
- Pancakes.

[Emmett] Pancakes.
That's what I'm talking about.

"And the beautiful Black queen

and her king
live happily ever after."

Soft music

"The end."

Just so y'all know, it don't
always work out like that.


Sometimes things
don't go the way you plan.


Y'all gonna learn.

The gangs have always
run this city.

The police and the politicians
are just pawns.

Do you understand me?

So what are you suggesting?

[Douda] He wants things to go
back to the way they were.

I'm not gon' stand by
and just watch y'all

burn down everything
I've built for this community.

That building wouldn't be there
if it wasn't for me.

I'm the one that's paying
for everything.

And where do you think he's
getting his money from, Tracy?

Tense music

Is he your silent investor?

Only now this investor
is tired of being quiet.

So you saying if I wanna keep
ROCK going,

I gotta answer to you?

[Quentin chuckles]

Who's your daddy now?

Dramatic hip-hop music

My kings, my kings,
how y'all doing this morning?

I hope you smiled when you
opened your eyes this morning,

because today is a day
the Lord made

for a king and a queen
to come together.

But only if that queen has
earned the semen of that king.

- You know what I mean?
- [Emmett] That's right.

See, I'm talking about

the highest form
of self-actualization.

I'm talking
about semen retention...

[Emmett] Hello.

...and the true meaning

of the word "celibacy."

Mm-hmm, and that means no
me, myself, and I time either.

- [Emmett] What?
- [doorbell rings]

No opening no secret tabs,

because you deserve better.

- Ah, hell no.
- Your dick deserves better.

- [muttering indistinctly]
- [pounding on door]

[phone chimes]

- Hey.
- [Tiff] What's up?

What you watching?

Why you here so early?

Damn, it's like that?

Yeah, I got shit to do.

Devante, it's time to get
out the tub, man!

Dry off!

- Hey, Cassius.
- Hi.

You got all of them today, huh?

[Emmett] Yeah, it would be nice
if my wife was home,

you know, to help out
maybe once in a while,

but she don't want nothing
to do with my ass,

so I'm doing the best I can.

You need some help?

Yeah, I need some help.

Wipe a nose.
Brush a head or some shit.

It's been three against one
for four days.

Boy, that's what you get.

This is what all that good,
hot, and nasty

unprotected sex will get you:

Three beautiful,
glorious blessings.

That's why I might
stop smashing altogether.

[scoffs] I might go celibate.

Nigga, please, you couldn't
be celibate if you tried.

[sucks teeth] See, that's why
we getting a divorce.

You don't be
believing in me.

No, I believe you gon' do
what you always do:

Fall in love
with some new girl

and try to turn her
into your mama.

[Emmett] You still staying
with yours?

Actually, I did have to leave.

- I couldn't take it no more.
- [Emmett] Mm.

So when you moving back in?

I'm not moving back in.

I'm staying with a friend.

You can't be having my son
around no random dudes.

He's not
some random dude, okay?

He's me and Dom's
weed supplier.

Wait, what?

Yeah, he owns the company.

That sound like
a random dude.

[phone chimes]

[pan sizzling]

Look, EJ starts
at his new school today,

and I need you to be there
by four to pick him up.

It's not as close to Smokey's
as his old school,

so give yourself enough time
to get there, okay?

You wanna eat a little bit
before we leave?

are you listening to me?

Yeah, I heard you.
Four o'clock, I'll be there.

[Tiff] You okay?

I'm doing great, Tiff.

I'm doing just fine.

I'm doing awesome.

Shit's great.

Come on, let me help you
get your shoe on.

[Tiff] Come on, baby.

[Kevin] See you ain't pick up
Jemma today.

No, she said she was good.

- She not.
- Niggas ain't shit.

See, now, if I said that,
I'd get dragged.

That's 'cause I can say it.

But when I say
Black men need

to be more present
in they family lives...

- At least I g-g-got a dad.
- [all] Oh!

At least I g-g-got a dad.

[all] Oh!

How long am I gonna have
to deal with this shit?

- Till niggas get bored.
- [Kevin] Yep, she's right.

- It'll die down in a few days.
- [Papa] Few days?

Well, is there anything I can
do to make it go away faster?

- Man, just ignore that shit.
- Just apologize.

Fine, I'll say sorry.

[indistinct chatter]

[phone tapping]

[phone whistles]

That's your apology?

It's not my fault the Black
family's under attack.


God don't like ugly.

[metal detector beeping]

[security guard]
All right, come on over.

Y'all know you can't bring
this shit in here.

Both of you to the principal's
office right now.

- Are you serious?
- Oh, that's some bullshit.

And just for that, you both are
getting in-school detentions.

- [Lynae] Kidding me.
- [security guard] Boss.

- You serious right now?
- [security guard] Very.

Soft music

Oh, oh

All right, next.

I heard of a nigga getting left
at the altar before,

but this girl didn't even
show up to the proposal?

Man, she bogus.

Hey, hon.
How you holding up?

I'm fine.

Will y'all
leave me alone, please?

[Shaad scoffs]
Well, maybe we would

if you stopped walking
around this motherfucker

like Snuffleupagus.

Well, I got something I think

is gonna make us all
feel better.

[Shaad] What's that?

So a reporter was asking
a few people

who they wanted to see
run for city council.

And guess who got
an honorable mention.

- Oh, shit.
- [laughs]

[Trig] Are you serious?

Yes, congratulations!


- This is crazy.
- [Tracy] No, it's not.

These people know
you're one of them

Thank you.

Yeah, man, people tired
of these fake-ass politicians.

[Tracy] Yes,
it's time for something new.

Now, I know you probably
thinking that you

shouldn't have nothing to do
with anybody's government.

That's exactly
what I'm thinking.

[sighs] Come on, Trig.

You can't keep
breaking up fights

and delivering groceries,
my nigga.

That ain't gonna cut it.

And you get to do this
your own way.

You don't have to be
like anybody else.

I'm a little unorthodox.

People don't have to know that
until you're in office.

Yeah, man, just get
in that bitch first,

and then you can start wiling.

No wiling.
Yes to getting in office.

Wait, y'all really think
I can do this?

- Hell yeah, nigga.
- Yes.


Oh, see?
Oh, I see it.

Now, that's the first smile
I've seen on his face

in a long time.

Wait, hold on, man.
I can't run.

I'm a felon.

I fucking hate this country.

Okay, but we can
get your record wiped

as long as you meet
a certain criteria.

- Oh.
- Well, what I gotta do?

Let me make a few calls.

Now, see, if she can
make that happen,

now you gotta do that shit.


"We need someone
that knows us,

someone that will walk with us,
not in front of us."


They're saying
you are the prodigal son

that's returned
to rebuild this city.

Yeah, man, you're like Batman,
but you're... Black Man.

- Shut up, Shaad.
- That's-that's good.

Just come help me
with these coats.

[Shaad] All right.
Just coming up with ideas.

You can do a power fist
as your sign.

♪ Only gon' starve with the ones ♪

♪ That's gon' feed me,
it means whatever ♪

[phone chiming]

[phone tapping]

[person over P.A. system]
Jake Taylor,

please report
to the principal's office.

[all] Ooh!

- Oh!
- You in trouble!

- [laughter]
- You in trouble!

[Jake mutters indistinctly]

How'd it go with Emmett?

Well, he ain't too pleased
about us living together, so...

I get that.

But once we have
a-a little one-on-one...

...little man-to-man,

should be cool.

You don't know Emmett.

He gets real possessive,
especially when it come to me.

[Rob chuckles]

What that mean?

We tried being open.

He just couldn't
handle that shit.

Well, I get that too.

What you mean, you get that?

I ain't into
that open shit either.

All right, can we not talk
about this right now?

- Let's talk about it.
- I don't want to.

Stop running.

I'm not running.


If we gonna do this... gonna be the only queen
that's getting this dick.

And that pussy,

that pussy belong to me.

The only person
that owns this pussy is me.


Oh, really?

So you don't like variety?

If I'm doing my job... won't need variety.

- Doo-doo
- Doo-doo

- Doo
- Doo

If it's truly yours


Sometimes the right thing

To do is let go

Even though
I really don't want to

But now it's hard to take

[Jake] Y'all good?

[Lynae] I'm good.

It's a long story.

[indistinct chatter]

[Peaches] Jacob?


What you doing here?

I came to see you.

When'd you get so tall, boy?

Your brother let you
wear your hair like that?

It's my hair.


I know we have a lot
of catching up to do.

Yeah, we do.

I told the school
I was taking you home early.

Does Trig know?

I don't need his permission.

He's my legal guardian.

I'm your mother.

She's on the list of the people
that can pick you up.

[sucks teeth]
Man, Douda only put

her name down
'cause she my mom,

not 'cause he thought
she'd show up.

Well, she's here.

[Peaches] Come on.

[door squeaks open]

[door clicks shut]

All right, look,
the only reason

we brung this PS4 in here

is 'cause we wanna start
a gaming club.

And who gave you permission
to do that?

I'm not a snitch.

I can explain.

[Reeves] I hope so.

Why do our kids get in trouble
for playing games

when white kids
are making money off of them?


I'm not in the mood for your
critical race theory lesson.

They're good kids
with a good idea.

And-and I think there's
enough interest in gaming

for there to be a club.

So are you gonna
sponsor the club?

If these two promise to run it

and keep attendance
up to at least five kids,

I'll increase my budget.


Oh, yeah, yeah.

[Reeves sighs]

Finally, some justice.

Thank you.

Hip-hop music

I-I'm telling you, s-see,

we just gotta fill in
all these columns, man.

Help me get some more coats.

Otherwise, he gonna be
on my tail, man.

Holy shit!


Did you see how fucking thick
she is, bro?

Beautiful brown-skinned
Black woman.

Mm, yeah, mm-hmm.

Wait, I thought
we were supposed

to be finding me a new woman.

Oh, no, my guy,
this-this one right here

has my name written
all on her spirit.

Scuse me!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Hold on, little mama.
Wait a minute.

- Come on back here. Come on.
- [Deja laughs]

Let a nigga sing something
to you real quick.

- Oh, oh, um, excuse me?
- No, don't talk.

Just listen, okay?

Excuse me, miss

What's your name

Where you from

And can I come, possibly

Can I take you out tonight

To the movies
or to the park

I'll bring you home
before it's dark

Just let me know

Can I take you out tonight

[cheers and applause]

Oh, y'all was
eavesdropping, huh?

That's right, Shaad got
a little bit of vocals,

I got a little razzle-dazzle.

[Deja] Wow. [laughs]

Wait, when that song come out?

- Ooh, um, April 24, 2001.
- Oh, God.

Yeah, that's one
of my mother's favorite songs.

Oh, I miss Luther.

Who you telling?

- Me too.
- [laughs]

And singing his songs,
it's what kept me sane

when I was locked up,
you know?

I mean, low-key,
it's what saved my life,

'cause, you know,
niggas need entertainment.

- [laughs]
- Oh, you were in jail.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
but that's-that's my past.

No, see, I'm...

Right now,
I'm building my future

and pouring back
into my community with my...

- [Deja] Yeah.
- Brody Trig over there.

[Deja] Oh.

I mean,
his real name Victor.

You know, he-he don't really

have a trigger finger
like that no more.

You know,
it's-it's nice to meet you.


I didn't catch your name.

I didn't throw it.

Man, fuck that!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.

Wait, I'm...

I'm sorry. Look, I-I...

I know I hit you
with a lot right there.

And-and it's true, I...

I been locked up.

But I'm not a monster.

I ain't wanna bother you.

I just...

Just hoping you would give me

an opportunity,
maybe take you out to dinner,

maybe put a smile
on your face, that's all.



That's my name. [laughs]

Oh, oh, I'm tripping out.

Oh, I see you old-school
with the shit too.

You got the little pen
and paper.

[laughs] I like you already.

Fix this heart of mine...


I'ma cherish this number
for the rest of my life.

[Deja] Mm-hmm.

Fix this heart of mine,
fix this...

- [laughter]
- [Jada] Okay, okay, okay.

Y'all ready
to hear the real tea?

[Nina] Yes.

The hell you think we drove
all the way up here for?

Yeah, I was about to tell you

to hurry your Black ass up.

[Jada] Okay.

Me and Darnell kissed.

- What?
- You lying. You lying.

- I knew it. I knew it.
- [Nina] Wait, wait.

- How did this happen?
- [Jada] I don't know.

I mean, like...
[sucks teeth]

...we were talking,
and then next thing I know,

it's like we're back
in high school.

[groans] Y'all was a mess
in high school.

- [Tracy] Mm-hmm.
- [Jada] I know, right? [Laughs]

You know I think
this is a mistake.

Yeah, I'm sorry, sorry.

I did not mean to trigger you.

Wait, what's going on?

- Nothing.
- [Jada] Look, i-it didn't

mean anything.
I just...

think we got caught up
in the moment, that's all.

Or maybe... you're just bored

'cause you're
in a stable relationship

and you're not used to it.

Or maybe Darnell is the one.

No, Darnell is not the one.

Suede is the one.

He's the one that's been
taking care of you,

establishing a relationship
with your son,

one that took Darnell
years to come to.

- Come on.
- I hear you.

We all hear you, Dre.

That's why I think everybody
that's in a relationship

should be in couples therapy.

Can we not, please?

Okay, look, I just wanna know

who is gonna be
a better plant daddy...

...than Suede, huh?

Come on!

Well, maybe she needs
somebody to water more

- than just them plants.
- [Dre] Oh, okay.

Oh, but see,
he waters everything well.

Bitch, what are you
complaining about?

[Nina] Right!

Look, I just...

I think maybe
we're just caught up

in a comfortable rut.

Oh, well, just 'cause
you in a rut

don't mean you gotta leave.

Or maybe that's exactly
what it means.

Uh, maybe we need
to refill these sangrias.

- [Tracy] Please.
- Anybody?

I want some edibles.

Yeah, what y'all need
is some sage

and some holy water
up in this bitch.

Of course you would.
Go ahead.

- [Dre] Bow!
- Aah!

Go for it,
high and mighty.

[Dre] Take that holy water.

- The whole batch.
- [Nina] Get it all up.

[Kiesha] I can't believe
he said you the only queen

touching his dick.

- [Tiff] Girl.
- [Kiesha laughs]

All I could say was, "Okay."

[Kiesha] You really about
to settle down with one man?

[Tiff] Shit, I was trying to
settle down with Emmett's ass,

but he couldn't handle it.

By the time he was ready
to act right,

I was over his ass.

- What?
- You really over him?

[Tiff] Girl, I'm so over
that nigga, for real.

Rob might be
my Russell Wilson.


I'm worthy of a man
that treats me like a queen.

Yes, yes, you are, sis.

And I love that for you.

Thanks, boo.

[R&B music playing
over speakers]

Okay, curls.

I'm glad you decided
to do this.

Me too.

I never got to go to college.

Well, I'm going
for the both of us.


Well, make sure you fuck
a few college niggas for me.

- Stop!
- [laughter]

[indistinct chatter]

[Peaches] Wow, I used
to come here all the time

when I was pregnant with you.

Back when it was still Sonny's.

Where you been at
all this time?

I've been working on myself.

Trying to stay clean.

You good now?

I wouldn't be here if I wasn't.

So what now?

I need to talk to your brother.

Mellow music

So it's that time of year.

Secret Santa gifts
are coming up.

And we're gifting...

non-fungible tokens.

Now, can anyone tell me
the definition of an NFT?

Ma is ha.

It's an interchangeable unit

of digital data
stored on a block chain.

It's like
a digital collectible.

Yep, NFTs are the future
in crypto assets.

And I want y'all
to be a part of that future.

Dang, I need
to get my crypto game up.

Hey, I'm already in on Sol an a.


One of our very own

just made her first NFT sale.

Simone Chase.

Let's all give her
a round of applause.


[Lynae] Why you staring
at her like that?

Um, we danced together once.

[school bell rings]

Need to see a first draft

of your NFTs tomorrow.


- Thank you.
- [Kevin] I'm Kevin.

I know.

We danced
at Maisha's party once.

I don't know if you...

I remember.

Yeah, it was... it was fun.

Are you interested in the stars
and galaxies and stuff?

Uh... huh?

Do you believe life exists
in outer space?


it-it could.

I think about it a lot.

You wanna get together
and look at the moon sometime?

Sure, yeah. [chuckles]

Cool, I'll message you.

I only text in emojis,
by the way.

Mellow hip-hop music

What the fuck?

We made it from the blocks

But rolls, everything...

So where you gon' take her?

[scoffs] Basement, nigga.

Nigga, you gotta at least take
her to Smokey's or something.

[sucks teeth]
This man.

Now, you know
I ain't got no Smokey's money.

You cooking?

Hell yeah.

I'ma make her that Alfredo
with the fried shrimp.

And you know I got
my own version

of the cheddar biscuits.

Bro, if she don't
fall in love with you

after eating them biscuits,
she ain't the one.

[scoffs] That part, nigga.


- [Trig] Hey.
- [Peaches] Hey, Victor.

Dramatic music

[Trig] Ma?

[Shaad] Oh, hell nah!

Miss P? What's going on?

I ain't seen you in a minute.
How you doing?

What, you just
getting out of rehab?

Mind your business.

And how you gonna let Shaad
show me more love than you?

I'm just surprised
to see you, that's all.


I wanted to surprise y'all.

[Trig] Hmm.

How long you need
to stay for?

Well, that's up to you.

What do you mean?

- We got room, Peaches.
- Nigga, it ain't yo crib.

True that.

Of course
she can stay with us.

Jake, go help Shaad
organize the coats.


'Cause he said so, nigga.
C-come on.

You can't just
show up like this.

I don't have your number.

There's a reason for that.

I'm clean.

You said that before.

And I mean it this time.

How long you need to stay?

Just until I find a job
and get some money together.

And that could take anywhere
from six months to a year.

Look, we finally getting
our life together.

Don't mess that up.

I won't.

I love y'all.

Love isn't just a word.

It's about how you show up.

Add a lemon pepper wings too,

fried hard, drowning.

Let me get, uh, that deep-dish
mac and cheese, too,

with Old Bay seasoning.

[customer] What y'all ordering,
man? Come on.

Oh, shit!
Uh, I gotta go.

Um, 'ey, uh, she gon'...
She gon' take your order.

- I gotta go.
- [customer] Where you going?

Where my keys?
I gotta go get my son. Damn!

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
I'm here.

My bad, my bad.

My son, uh...

Are you EJ's dad?

Yeah, uh, traffic was crazy.

I forgot I needed
to leave sooner.

He's already been picked up.

Tiff got him?

No, Tiffany added
a Robert Lafayette

to his pickup list.

Smooth music

Ain't this a bitch?

Fucking little
random-ass nigga.

What's up, bro?

Where my son at?

Give me my son.
Come here. Come here.

You all right?
You okay?

[Rob] He's good, man.
He's super good, bro.

Where Tiff at?


She's not here.

Tell her to call me
when she get back.

Come on, man.

Hey, G, I ain't mean
no harm or disrespect.

I'm a team player.

We ain't
on the same team, nigga.

Fuck you talking about?
I don't even know your ass.

You fucked up.
Come on, you all right?

You all right? You warm?

This bitch got me fucked up.

I don't even know
who the fuck you is.

[hip-hop music blaring
on car stereo]

Come on.
Come on, man.

Get in there.
Put your seat belt on.

Put your seat belt on, okay?

[Tiff] Yeah?

Tiff, stop putting
random-ass niggas

on the emergency pickup list.

It ain't my fault you was late.

I told you to be there by four.

I was busy!

I am too.
And he not some random nigga.

He's a good dude, and he's
just trying to help, okay?

I don't need this shit
from you right now, Emmett.

I'm doing the best
that I can.

All the... all these fuckin'...

- You good?
- Yeah.

- Go easy on him.
- Girl, fuck him.

Okay, Ronnie got his bottles,
and he got his grandma.

And I got three hours
till I gotta pump again, so...

♪ Hey! ♪

Let's go fuck shit up.

- Okay.
- [both] ♪ 'Ey! ♪

♪ I'ma always choose my girl ♪

♪ If she going for something ♪

♪ Trust I'm standing
right beside her ♪

♪ She got a drive so you know
I am a rider ♪

♪ Ooh yeah ah ♪

♪ I swear she a queen
and she always on her stuff ♪

♪ Made riches outta rags
and turned royal outta rough ♪

♪ We Bonnie and Bonnie ♪

♪ We don't stress
about a Clyde ♪

♪ That's my best friend ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ♪

When our love...


I kissed Darnell.


I didn't mean to.
It-it-it just happened.

Guess there's
no more words...


what, you wanna be with him?

I don't know.

You know, Jada,
just because this dude

cooked you some pork chops

and rubbed your feet

don't make up for all
the years he hurt you.

You know that, right?


Jada, I love you.

The sun is gone...

I love you too.
I do.

But are you willing
to fight for us?


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Look, I fucked up, a'ight?

Can you elaborate?

What you mean?

[Jemma] What do you mean,
you fucked up?

I was mad about some shit,

and I took it out on you,
and that was wrong.

Yeah, but it doesn't mean
you fucked up.

It just means you didn't know
how to process your feelings.


I heard about Imani leaving.

Papa told you?

I'm sorry.

Don't know why you
saying sorry to me.

That was Trig girl.

She was a part of your family.

And she didn't get a chance
to say goodbye.

It never feels good to be
abandoned by someone you love.


I'm glad your mom's back.

Damn, Papa told you that too?

Actually, Kevin told me
she picked you up from school.

[Jake chuckles]

I'm surrounded by snitches.

You're surrounded by people
who care about you.

I care about you too.

Queen with a crown
that be down with whatever

There are a few things
that's forever, my lady

We can make war
or make babies

Back when I was nothing

You made a brother feel

- Like he was something

That's why I'm with you

To this day, boo,
no fronting

[both laugh]

Hey, man, will y'all cut it out
with all this kissing?

We trying to eat.
Good night.

- [laughs]
- [Shaad] It's smoky in here.

That's the reason
God made heaven

'Cause Earth just
don't wanna do right...

Well, who is
this beautiful young lady?

This my girl, Jemma.

Oh, you got a girl?

It's nice to meet you,
Ms. Taylor.

[Peaches] Oh, now,
don't make me feel old.

Everybody calls me Peaches.

Now, let's give thanks.

[Shaad] Oh, I got it.

I got it.

Come on.
Everybody, join hands.


God is good.
God is great.

Let us thank Him
for this plate, amen.

I'm hungry.

- Y'all ain't hungry?
- [laughter]

- Come on.
- [indistinct chatter]

What the world needs now

Is love, sweet love

I wish that we could all
hold hands...

So what do you say
to the people of Chicago?

You made a lot of promises,
and then you fled.

So what made you
wanna speak now?

Well, first, I would like
to thank the new mayor

for stepping in so quickly
and so gracefully.

I'm sure that couldn't
have been an easy transition

for her or for the city.

And I'm glad that the dust
has finally settled.

Where have you been?

I-I needed
to take a mental break.

But let me say this
without hesitation

that being the mayor
of this great city

was one of the most
meaningful moments of my life.

- Where did you go?
- Where did I go?


I, um...

I went to visit an old friend.


Dramatic music

And I got a therapist.


Yeah, I'm not gonna hide
the fact that I need help,

and I'm getting it,

and I feel that
I'm a better man because of it.

Mellow music

I saw your interview.

[Douda] Oh, you did?
What'd you think?

I think you're full of shit.

Thank you.
I'm a changed man.

- [glasses clink]
- [Tracy] Hmm.

We'll see.

I wish
that I could hear...

What do you want?

I need you
to clear Trig's record.

Oh, all
the little things...

Why would I do that?

Because he wants
to run for city council,

and he can't do that
as a felon.

Why-why does he wanna run

Didn't he learn
anything from me?

The mayor's office
and city council

are two very different things.

[Douda] Hmm.

Mm, mm, mm...

You know, uh,
to clear his record,

that's gonna take more
than a few calls.

I am, uh...

I'm gonna have to call in
a favor.

I'll be right there

I thought you had friends
in high places.

I got friends everywhere.

If you do it,
he'll owe you one.

Mm, I'll be right here
waiting for you


Oh, I know.

So I'll hold you...

[Tracy exhales heavily]

[Douda] What's his end goal?

Well, he wants to announce

that he's running first.

We're gonna have
to prep him first.

I know.

And he's gonna need
to trust me.

You're gonna have
to rebuild that.

No, no, no, no.
We ain't got time for all that.

I'm gonna need him
to listen to what I say

and do whatever I tell him.

He's not a child, Otis.

[Douda] Okay, maybe not,
but he needs my help.

And I don't wanna hear
no fucking backtalk.

- Okay.
- Hmm.

I will talk to him
about that.

No fucking backtalk.

[Douda] Mm-hmm.

But for right now,

I'm the boss.

Take off your clothes.

Hurry up.

Fucking hell.

I told that nigga to leave
and never come back.

No need to start a war.

[Trig] Why not?
He left you for dead.

As long as we have it on tape,

we can hold it over his head
as long as we need to.

I say we hold on to it,

just in case we need it later.

So I hear the people want you
to run for city council.

- Is that right?
- [chuckles] Apparently.

You gonna do it?

Tracy wants me to.

[Marcus] Hmm.

Well, you gotta get
your record cleared first.

[Trig] I know.
Working on it.

How so?

She said she was gonna
make some calls.

[Marcus] Now, you know,
if you're gonna run for office,

you might wanna consider
a name change.


Soft music

That's my real name.

Victor, I like that.

Suits you better.

Time, time, time

Keep talking
that slick stuff

Wanna know
if you'll back it up

Talk is cheap,
and you stay on my line...

You and Emmett a'ight?

Yeah, he'll be fine.

What that mean?

That means I told him,
we live together,

and he needs to deal with it.

Yeah, I'd be mad too.

What do you want me to do?

He need to know what we are.

shit always gonna be messy.

And, um, I don't do messy.

Rob, we live together.

That's it.

We do more than that.

You trying to be a couple?

I mean, I fuck with you.

I feel like we could be
on some...

Some power-couple shit
round the city.

Rob, we barely know each other.

We already smashed, so...

That don't mean we should
be a couple, though.

So what is it like?

You just don't
wanna be with me?

Of course I do.
But I also like my freedom.

[Rob scoffs]

Well, I ain't gonna put you
in no handcuffs

unless that's what
you wanna be in.

You should pull up
on me...

So you believe in monogamy?

Pull up, pull up...

I do.

Pull up...

I just don't believe
in forcing it on nobody.


you gotta make a decision.

You should pull up
on me...

Do you wanna
run the streets, or...

Pull up, pull up... wanna be home with me?

It's on you, mama.

♪ Bumping it loud
like bees around a lotus ♪

♪ Kinda hard to focus ♪

♪ I don't fit in, homey,
I know this ♪

♪ The love is real fake ♪

♪ Like the people
out in showbiz... ♪


♪ Can I heal the pain
through this all ♪

♪ Storytelling is kind of like ♪

♪ Noah's Ark, drifting away ♪

♪ At the time... ♪


Nigga, you good!

[Suede] You know, I bowl anchor
on the team sometimes.

You got your own ball
and everything.

I take this shit serious.

I ain't messing around.

Hey, bro.

You know I really care
about your moms, right?

I ain't come here
for all that.

I'm just trying
to eat these nachos

and bowl, that's it.

[Suede] I'm saying,
I just wanna make sure, like,

you think I make her happy?

[Emmett] Honestly,

the happiest
I ever seen her.


All right, cool,
I appreciate that.


...she realize she ain't happy
with you no more,

I gotta support that.

Just being honest.

No, that's real.

I respect that.

So how you doing?
I mean,

how you handling Tiff
moving in with another dude?

How do you know Tiff's living
with another dude?

Kiesha told her moms,

and then she told
everybody else,

so you know how that go.

My business stay
in the street, man.

[Suede] It's all good, man.

Moving on is good.
It's healthy.

Forget all that.

[Suede] So what you gon' do?

Focus on my sons.



I believe in you.

I see why my mama
like you, though.

You supportive as hell.

Now support this.

♪ To them is appeasing ♪

♪ Rain or snow, sun don't shine ♪

♪ I'ma get what's mine ♪

♪ Okay, I'm drifting away... ♪

Cash, Cash!

Should have bet money!

♪ Hell on Earth, it's so hard ♪

♪ For me to say "cheese" ♪

♪ But now I'll be the change ♪

♪ Here's a coin for the machine ♪

[cell phone ringing]

- [phone chimes]
- Hello.

[Darnell] Damn, woman.
'Ey, what you wearing?

[Jada laughs]

Stop it.


Hey, you tell your little
boyfriend about us yet?

There is no us, Darnell.

What's the matter with you?

What you talking about?

I told him, and he still wants
to work it out.

Oh, he one of those, huh?


Yeah, he's one of those.

Actually, he's out with
our son right now, bonding.

Jada, if you don't put
that appetizer down

and come get
this full-course meal...

Look, I'm not playing.

Yeah, but, you know,
you and me, we...

We got a history together.


a history of you
getting my hopes up,

then letting me down.

That's our history.

That's that boy talking.

Mm-mm, that's me talking.

Okay, all right.

Well, look,
I may have lost the battle,

but... the war ain't over yet.

Bye, Darnell.

Hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Hey, wait.

- [Jada] What?
- Pan down.

Let me see what you wearing.

- [Jada] Oh! Bye, Darnell!
- [laughs]

- [sighs]
- [phone chimes]


What are y'all up to?

Douda got your record erased.

[Trig] If I knew he was
the nigga you was gonna call,

I would have told you
never mind.

Wait a minute.

I'm the nigga that's
about to change your life.

- Watch how you talk to me.
- Trig.

- It's Victor now.
- Okay.

That's beautiful.

I mean, you're already making
steps towards your future.

I've been thinking about it.

And I'm not even sure
I still want this.

And if I did, seeing as though
he's not mayor no more,

I wouldn't say
he's too good at it.


You see?
You see what I'm saying?

- [Tracy] Stop, no.
- [Douda] Oh, my goodness.

Listen, here, bro.

I just had the whole city
of Chicago

eating out of the palm
of my hand

after being gone
for six months.

Boy, I was born
to be a politician.

- I'm not you.
- Fucking ain't me!

Tense music

Because I'm one of one,

Okay, what about this?


you could stand
to make over 100K a year.

Okay, while you
ponder that over,

Douda has somebody
he wants you to meet.

Right, listen.

[clears throat]

If you're gonna be
on the campaign trail,

you're gonna have to have
the right woman on your arm.

- Imani ain't coming back.
- [Douda] Yeah, yeah.

We're not...
We're not talking about her.

Then what you talking about?

You know how we like
our leaders,

coupled and God-fearing.

Look, I'm not trying
to be something I'm not

just to get people's approval.

And you don't have to be.

Just trying to paint
a picture right now

just to get you in office.

Let me tell you this.

I am only willing
to fund your campaign

if you are willing to do
everything it takes to win.

Whatever it takes.

Yeah, whatever it takes.

Tierra... he's here.

Smooth music

[Tierra] Hi.

Nice to meet you.


This is Tierra.
She's my, um...

My play niece.

She was born and raised
in Evans ton,

no record,

she, uh, knows how to keep
a secret,

and she's always been
very discreet.

This is crazy.

Don't worry.
No one will ever know.

Yeah, apparently, this kind
of thing happens all the time.

[Tierra] Mm-hmm.

[Trig] And what do you
get out of this?

Speaking engagements,
maybe an endorsement deal.

Why does it matter
if it's real or not?

People just need to know
that this is possible.

Look, all you gotta do
is take a couple pictures

for the 'Gram,

walk in and out
of some churches,

make some appearances together.

[Douda] Yup.

Make it look good.

It's easier than you think.

What if I say no?

Then it all goes away.

What does?

All of it.

ROCK, Trinity house.

We have independent funding
for all of that.


He's our financer.

So if I don't do this...

everybody loses.

[Douda] Basically.

- What's this?
- NDAs.

Man, I'm not signing this shit.

Listen, listen.

The only way
that we can change Chicago

is from the inside.

You couldn't.

Yeah, you're right.

I couldn't.

But I think you can, Victor.


- Victor.
- [door slams]

We're good.

♪ I like the way you smile ♪

♪ Like the way you laugh ♪

♪ Some kind of perfect person ♪

♪ New aphrodisiac ♪

♪ We can burn a scent ♪

♪ Set ourselves a mood ♪

♪ I know you can't resist ♪

♪ The love that I got waiting for you ♪

♪ I got waiting for you ♪

♪ Yeah, I been waiting for you... ♪

You look good, babe.

So do you.

[both laugh]

♪ And love me, love me down ♪

♪ Till the break of day ♪

♪ Yeah, just love me, love me down ♪

in a rising tide ♪

♪ Maybe we should let it
take us under on a ride ♪

♪ 'Cause you're acting cool ♪

♪ But I can see you sweat ♪

[computer beeping]

♪ So just ask me to stay... ♪

Good evening, ladies.

Good to see you again.

So... how have things been?


Just love me, love me down

[doorbell rings]

Blair Perkins'
"Exclusively Yours" playing...

♪ If you really wanna see me ♪

♪ I'll pull up ♪
♪ up in your city... ♪

Okay, let's make this right.


- Hey!
- [Deja] Hey.

- Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo, look at you.
- [Deja laughs]

- You look great.
- [Deja] Thank you.

Come on in.

Um, so as you can see,

we will be dining on
fried shrimp Alfredo tonight.

[Deja] Mmm.

Oh, and by the way,
all the shrimp is fresh,

and so is the pasta.

Made that myself.

Ain't nothing
come out the bag either.

[both laugh]

I mean, I...
I know it's not much, but...

No, no, no, no.

It's-it's perfect.

Think so?

Well, look,
let me take your coat.

Come on.
Sit down. Relax.

Make yourself at home.

You see I got
the little pillows propped up.

- [Deja laughs]
- You know?

[Shaad clears throat]

All right.

Wow, I mean, I have gone
on lots of dates with guys,

but I can't remember the last
time someone made me dinner.


- Yeah.
- Okay.

And, uh, you know,
these-these candles, they...

They're nice.

Oh, yeah, I made sure
that they were unscented

as to not mess
with your taste buds,

'cause, you know, your nose
and your mouth are connected.

A lot of people
don't know that.

[both laugh]

You want some Moscato?

Um, you know, I don't...
I don't normally drink that.


I mean, it's, uh...

It's not the fancy stuff,

but it get you fucked up.

You ever been
to a wine tasting before?


Can I take you?

I'm embarrassed to ask,

but what exactly do they do
at a-a wine tasting?

I don't know,
you just get a chance

to try a bunch of wines,

and, you know, you just
spit 'em out as you go.


Spit 'em out?

It's a waste of some good wine.

[Deja laughs]

You laughing at me, girl?

No, no, no, no, no,
you just...

You just make me smile.

Is that right?


Well, mission
accomplished, then.


Hey, listen, uh,
let's eat this dinner.

Okay, okay, okay.

And you better drink
this Moscato too, okay?

I spent $8.99 on it.

♪ I saw the light ♪

♪ Girl, just hit you ♪

♪ Oh, it's nice to be yours... ♪

[phone chiming]

Didn't see you
in fifth period today.

You leave early?

You ever see the comment thread
after a celebrity apologizes?

People be going in.

[Ma is ha] Figures.

It's like, even when you try
to say that you wrong,

they find something
wrong with that.

[Ma is ha] You know people be mad
for no reason.

Ready when you are.

[phone chimes]

Look, y'all.

I messed up, okay?

I'll be the first to admit

that I'm not always
gonna get things right.

But when did we start
throwing so many stones

at each other
for being human?

Jesus taught us
better than that.

And, Jake,
I'm really sorry

about making fun
of your basketball skills.

You got other skills.

You're really good at stealing
other people girl, but...

[sucks teeth]

...but we don't need
to rehash that.

But seriously...

you like the brother
I never wanted,

but now I can't imagine
life without you.

So my bad.
Love y'all.

[phone chimes]

My kings, my kings.

- Is your life fucked up?
- Yep.

- [Marshawn] Is your woman gone?
- Hell yeah.

[Marshawn] Are you feeling
lost and hopeless?

Well, maybe you need to step

out of the sex matrix you in

and join me in my 40-day
celibacy challenge.

If you wanna soar,
you gotta stop being a whore.

If you wanna sing, you gotta
put your dick away, king.

Mm-hmm, you wanna succeed,

stop playing
with your ding-a-ling

and move on to better things.

Your dick deserves better.

I swear to God,
I can't stand your ass, man

Wish I never even met...

Nigga, I'm ready.

♪ Man, I hate my ex ♪

♪ Hope you fall down the stairs ♪

♪ And you break your neck ♪

♪ Get fired from your job,
end up homeless ♪

♪ Hope your new relationship ends
over a text ♪

♪ I hope you step on a tack
and you stub your toe ♪

♪ Hope your son smokes crack
and your daughter's a ho ♪

♪ Hope your teeth turn black
and your hair won't grow ♪

♪ And your dog and your cat,
I hope they die in the cold ♪

♪ For real, fuck your mama,
fuck your daddy ♪

♪ Fuck your uncle,
fuck your auntie ♪

♪ Fuck your grandpa,
fuck your granny ♪

♪ Fuck your whole
fucking family ♪

♪ I hope you get a rash
from your deodorant ♪

♪ So you musty and I hope
you get corona, bitch, 'ey ♪

♪ You can tell my ex
that they ain't shit ♪

♪ Dead forever, dead and gone
down the drain quick ♪

♪ Fuck your squad and anybody
that you came with ♪

♪ They my bitch,
rub my hos for a lang bitch ♪

♪ 'Ey, man, I hate my ex ♪

♪ What, huh,
bitch, fuck my ex ♪

♪ 'Ey, look, man,
I hate my ex ♪

♪ And I feel bad for whoever
gotta date them next ♪

♪ For real, and I would say
I wish you well ♪

♪ But I truly hope you fail ♪

♪ When you step up
on the scale ♪

♪ Hope it asks
if you're a whale ♪