The Chi (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - On Me - full transcript

[Kevin] Previously, on
"The Chi"...

Now you know if you
gonna run for office,

[chuckles] you might wanna
consider a name change.


That's my real name.

If you wanna be
on the campaign trail,

you're gonna have to have
the right woman on your arm.

This is Tierra.
She's my play niece.

I think Suede
is going to propose.

Are you still thinking
about Darnell?


Merry Christmas, Jada.

- Ooh!
- Whatchu looking at?

- Are you in love with her?
- Yeah.

I been in love with her
ever since I laid eyes on her

sophomore year in high school.

I got Victor
to find your brother.

Sorry, Lynae.

Jamal's locked up...
awaiting a murder trial.

Hey, Victor.


[mother] I'm clean.

You said that before.

And I mean it this time.

Look, we finally
gettin' our life together.

Don't mess that up.

[Tiff] That's what all that
good, hot,

and nasty
unprotected sex gets you...

Three beautiful
glorious blessings.

I might go celibate.

Please. You couldn't
be celibate if you try.

Join me in my 40-day
celibacy challenge.

If you wanna soar,
you gotta stop bein' a whore.

If you wanna sing,

you gotta put
your dick away, King, mm-hmm.

Your dick deserves better.

My dick deserves better!

I figured
you could use some help.

I got 'em distracted so
we can get cracking on gifts.

You a blessing.
You know that?

Toni Jones'
"Take Up Space Sis" plays...

♪ I hype me up, I gas me up ♪

♪ I hype me up, I gas me up ♪

♪ I hype me up, I gas me up ♪

♪ Take up space, sis ♪

♪ Got more room with this ♪

♪ Take up space, sis ♪

♪ I got more room with this ♪

♪ I'ma trip for this ♪

♪ They cannot resist ♪

♪ This space is on abyss ♪

♪ Take up space, sis ♪

♪ I hype me up, I gas me up ♪

♪ I hype me up, I gas me up ♪

♪ I hype me up, I gas me up ♪

I am powerful.

I am unbreakable.

I'ma trip for this...

I am my own source
of happiness.

♪ Push through, sis ♪

♪ It's a ghetto ♪
♪ not designed for my being. ♪

♪ I know when to chill. ♪

♪ I'm humble... yeah, I don't ♪
♪ shy away from compliments. ♪

♪ I receive. ♪
♪ I'm worth the fuss. ♪

♪ I know this inner work ♪
♪ will take me from petty ♪

♪ to queen to goddess ♪
♪ to priestess. ♪

♪ Competing and comparison ♪
♪ is enough for me, dog. ♪

♪ My growth is not duplicatable ♪
♪ or copy-friendly. ♪

♪ I am powerful beyond measure. ♪

♪ The version of me ♪
♪ others created in their mind ♪

♪ is not my responsibility. ♪

♪ I normalize saying no when ♪
♪ others want too much from me. ♪

♪ I uproot any soul ties ♪
♪ of attachment ♪

♪ that has held me hostage ♪
♪ to lower paradigms of thought, ♪

♪ feeling, expressing, ♪

- ♪ And womaning ♪
- [pounding on door]

♪ Take up space, sis ♪

♪ Got more room with this ♪

- [pounding continues]
- ♪ I'm a fool for this ♪

♪ Rest is a revolution ♪
♪ and a luxury. ♪

♪ I'm learning to step ♪
♪ out of survival mode. ♪

♪ I wake up to my own BS ♪
♪ awareness put me on. ♪

♪ There ain't nobody ♪
♪ to put me on. ♪

♪ I am the blueprint. ♪

♪ I allow others ♪
♪ to tell on themselves. ♪

♪ Their true nature ♪
♪ will be revealed. ♪

♪ That's what I gotta know. ♪

♪ I love myself and others ♪
♪ out loud. ♪

♪ I am proud of what ♪
♪ and who I love. ♪

♪ I do the most for mine. ♪
♪ I use my voice, ♪

♪ my heart, my thoughts, ♪
♪ my truth ♪

♪ to speak up about ♪
♪ what I want. ♪

♪ I don't use coded language. ♪

♪ I am enough. I am worthy. ♪

Greatness is not the goal.

Being whole is.

♪ My love language are explored ♪
♪ by genuine connections. ♪

♪ I'm worthy ♪
♪ even when I'm bored, ♪

♪ even when I rest, ♪
♪ even when I am confused. ♪

♪ Take up space, sis ♪

♪ I got more room with this ♪

♪ In the work, ♪
♪ in the bedroom ♪

♪ In the Zoom, on the IG ♪

♪ In my truth, ♪
♪ on the beach, I'm a reach ♪

♪ I hype me up, ♪
♪ I gas me up ♪

♪ I hype me up, I gas me up ♪

♪ Take up space, sis ♪

♪ Got more room with this ♪

♪ I'm a trip for this ♪

♪ They cannot resist ♪

♪ Spaces on abyss ♪

♪ I'ma trip for this ♪

♪ They cannot resist ♪

♪ Take up space, sis ♪

dramatic hip-hop music

Why have I even been paying
for all these prep classes

if you just gonna
be late on the big day?

Dad, SATs aren't even
that important anymore.

Well, they were in my day.

[Jemma] Well...

it's not your day anymore.

Just trying to make sure
you get into our dream school.

It's your dream school.
Not mine.

We've been working towards this
since you were five.

Can we just go, please?

I'm not your Uber driver.

And if you gonna smoke reefer,
go outside.

It's freezing.


Mellow instrumental

How about we get dressed
and go get some brunch?

Hmm. How about
I make you a bacon, egg,

and cheese sandwich
and, you know,

just sit in bed all day
watching murder mysteries.

[TV soft in background]

[Jada sighs]
You know what?

I think we should chill
on having sex

until you take me
on a real date.

Oh, we-we too old
to be going on dates.

Who you calling old?

Like, you know, b-both of us.

[huffs] Look, I am not playing,

I am not too old to be treated
like the queen that I am.

Oh, woman, you been
readin' too many of those memes

of those
social media therapists.

They got you talkin' crazy.

Look, I chose you.

Damn right.

But that don't mean
you could just coast.

Why not?

'Cause I got higher standards.


I am not that same
little insecure girl

you met in high school.

[groans] Ugghh!

If you wanna keep me,
you better step up.

It's starting to feel
like a full-time job.

And if you ain't careful,
you gonna get fired.


You about to have me
put in my two weeks' notice.

Oh, please, you ain't never

gave a job two weeks' notice.

[Darnell laughs]

She's more than a body

It was a woman who brought
you in this world


And girl
and it's never over

On the internet
tryin' to hustle

Even if she was,
who are you to judge?

Don't even know a struggle

So watch what you say

So that you go,
might come back

Come back your way

'Cause the world
ain't a thing

Without a woman
without a woman

Woman like me

- [milk splashes]
- Fuck!

[baby cries]

Like me

Li-ike me


You sure you ready for this?


It's time.

It's a big step, I know.

But we're all here
to support you.

ROCK can help
with job placement,

free clothes,
recovery meetings.

You have my number
if you need anything, okay?

Hey, don't worry.

It's hard not to.

Look, I know my word
don't mean shit

after all the promises I broke.

But I want things
to be different this time.

Me too.

Quiet, moody music

Energetic music

[Tracy] We read poetry
and stuff here... this is nice.

I mean, it's more than
just a place

for women to come and stay

while they're trying to
get on their feet.

This is a safe haven,
and we provide free healthcare

and the space that
they can call their own.

- It's amazing.
- Some people can't be saved.

Oh, well, now you sound
like me.

[Victor] Oh, shit.

People can be saved
with the right support.

Roselyn said I should stop by

and see what you guys
were working on.

This place is great
for the campaign.

Why isn't anyone
talking about it?

[Tracy] Well,
you know negative stories

tend to get more traction.

Would you mind taking
a picture of Victor and I

outside in front of the house?

Actually, we try not to
post about what we do here.

This-this ain't about show.

[Tierra] Oh, of course not.

I just think that
if more people knew about it,

they might want to help

or reach out
for the support that they need.

- [Victor sighs]
- [Tracy] Yeah. You're right.

Trinity House doesn't get
as much attention as ROCK does.

[Victor] That's 'cause
it ain't about attention.

It's about doing the work.

Well, you know what,

if y'all taking a picture
in front of the house

is gonna help us
get the word out,

then y'all should do it.

Sometimes you gotta do shit
you don't wanna do

to get to where you going.

I know that's right.

What are you doing here?

I wanted to bring you lunch.

That's sweet.
Thank you.


Just do one picture.

It'll be painless. I swear.

Make him look presidential.

- [Tierra] I'll try.
- [Tracy giggles]

- What's up, Kei?
- Hey.

- Hey!
- Thank you so much

for watching him.
I just need like a few hours.

Yeah. I got you.

- Hey, EJ.
- What's up, Ronnie?

- What's up, man?
- [EJ] Baby Ronnie's back!

Come on. Have fun
with this baby, son.

'Cause Daddy ain't
having no more, okay?

Yeah, you say that now.

Come on. Come on.

- Yeah, you want the toys?
- Hmm-mm.

Oh, my bad, lemme get...

all this stuff out your way.


- [continues murmuring]
- Hey!

- How you doing?
- Good.

You sure you got him.

Yeah. I got him, girl.
Get to writing.

I got this.

- Come on. Come on.
- [EJ babbling]

Come on. Come on.

[murmuring] Yeah.

Wanna play with some toys?
Wanna play with some toys?

Come on.
Let's take off your coat.

Let's take off the coat.

[indistinct chatter]

[Emmett] All right.
All right.

[indistinct chatter]

[Emmett laughs]

What's going on?

What do you mean?

I'm not dumb.

Have a seat.

I saw Roselyn yesterday.

So that's why you
brought me a picnic?

She wants to help.

- [Tracy] We don't need it.
- I think we do.

The last thing we need
is another cook in the kitchen.

Roselyn's expertise
is in nonprofit organizations.

She's also good
with fund raising

and public relations,
and she likes you.

No. She knows
that you like me, Otis,

and that's why she tried
to play me

so fucking close all the time.
You for real?

What Roselyn wants is to be
the new co-director of ROCK.


A partnership.

I think it's a good idea.

[Tracy] ROCK is mine.

I created it as a legacy
for my son.

Listen, this could be
a win for everybody.

Yeah, we can let Roselyn
handle the bureaucracy

while you focus on the people.

How does this help
Victor's campaign?

Well, she can recruit a board,

give Community Protection

the stability
that it needs to thrive.

And when we're ready to
announce Victor's candidacy,

ROCK can be a platform
that we run on.

Come on.

[softly] Damn it.

I've been under Q's thumb
for fucking far too long.

And if we let her do this,

she can raise money
that doesn't have blood on it.

What if I say no?

Then you get fired.

Heavy music

- How are you gonna fire me?
- I won't have a choice.

You asked me to help you get
Victor's record cleared.

And Roselyn
was one of the people

I had to call to do that.

And she don't do shit for free.

You finished the test?

Nah, I didn't.

Why not?

I don't know if I wanna go
the college route anymore.

So watchu gonna do?

[Jemma] I don't know.

Some privileged-ass shit.

If I didn't finish my test,

my mom would've whooped
my entire ass.

- Really?
- Yes.

I need to get an education

and get the fuck up
out her house.

She got enough mouths to feed.

Do you really think a degree

will make that huge of
a difference in your life?

Probably not, but I'm sure it
would mean a lot to my mother.

She gave me life.

The least I could do
is make her proud.

Besides that,
what do you want to do?

I don't wanna be
tired all the time.

I don't wanna work a job
I hate.

If you could do
whatever you wanted,

what would it be?

I would rap.

[Jemma] Oh, yeah.

I heard your song
on Papa's Pulpit.

That shit was good.

Yeah. Whatever.

[Jemma] I'm serious!

You should start doing
more freestyles on your page.

You know niggas
talk too much shit

on the comments for that.

They'll talk shit now

and be asking
for a selfie later.

All right.
Maybe I'll do one this week.

Hey, don't say maybe.

Okay, fine.
I'll do one this Friday.

I'ma look out for it.

- It'll be there.
- [both laughing]

You want to get
something to eat?


[mellow R&B playing]


No, you.
You can go.

Hey, I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

You know I didn't mean
for you to get hurt, right?

I know.

When my sister got taken,

I didn't think I was
gonna see her again.

Heavy music

Fucked me up bad.
So I know how you feel.

But you got your sister back.

My brother
about to go away for life.

Hey, Lynae. Can you come
down here real quick?

There's somebody
here to see you.

Uneasy music

Who are you?

I'm from the Department
of Children

and Family Services.

We've just been informed
that your brother,

your legal guardian,
can no longer look after you.

How you doing?
I'm Victor Taylor.

I'm running for city council.

How you doing?
I'm Victor Taylor.

I'm running...

Listen, what...

How you doing?
I'm Victor Taylor.

I'm running for city council.

What do you need to feel good
where you live?

What I need?

We need more art
and murals and shit.

More bike lanes.

Fix these
motherfucking potholes.

Well, y'all did
the damn thing,

getting them bitch ass cops
out the hood,

but what you gonna do
'bout these parking enforcers?

[speaking Spanish]

I need that punk-ass
university of Chicago professor

stop parking in my spot.

Hi, I'm Victor Taylor.
I'm running for city council.

[doors slamming]

Don't these niggas
know that when they see

a live chest sitting there,
that means the spot is taken?

I went to the DMV
to renew my plates

and they talking about,
oh, you need an emissions test.

But all the emissions places
are closed in the city.

So now you gotta drive
all the way out to the 'burbs

just to get it done.

- Ah!
- See?

- Yeah.
- You should come to Ward Night.

Uh... I got kids.

We have free child care.

Y'all gonna have food?

Smokey's is catering.

Well, I love Smokey's.


- Ha hey, gracias.
- Gracias?


Jazzy instrumental

Her brother
was making progress

before this whole
incident happened.


This was
supposed to be temporary.

Why can't she
just stay with us?

this doesn't concern you.

Yes, it does, Ma!

I-I know both
your biological parents

are deceased.

Do you have any other
relatives in the area

that could take you in?

with all due respect,

we treat Lynae like she's one
of our own children.

She has her own bedroom here
and everything.

She's safe here.

it doesn't work that way.

I ain't goin' back
to no group home.

[agent] If you don't have
a legal guardian,

the court will petition to
make you a ward of the state.

So what if we became
Lynae's new legal guardians?


That's a long process,

but you could petition

to become Lynae's
temporary foster family.


How much time
do we have to discuss this?

Things are moving fast.

So I suggest you talk quickly.

Moody music


Upbeat hip-hop

Yeah, lemme see if you can
make it go boom

Lemme see if you can
make it go mmm

Lemme see if you can
shake up the room

Lemme see if you can
make it go mmm...

I'm off dairy. Do y'all
have a vegan mac and cheese?

Ha. Nah.

Girl, move.
Um, let me get the...

Three-piece combo, dark,
drenched in mild.

You remember.

Of course.

Can I get my
hot sauce on the side?

Why would you
want it on the side?

Can I just order
how I want to order?

I'm all about a woman's
right to choose.

- Whatever, Papa.
- Thank you, Papa.

Why would you
need it on the side?

Thank you.

The side?

[Papa laughs]



- [Victor] Yeah.
- Ooh.

I know this part is hard, bro.
Ha ha.

But you know what?

I finally feel like I found
something I'm good at.

Like, I found
my purpose and shit.

Man, let's hit this next block.

Nah, nigga, I ain't
getting out this car

until I could start feeling
my feet again. You feel me?

Now turn that fucking heat
on, man, so I could roll up.

Hold on, bro. We can't
roll up to people's houses

smelling like weed
and shit, bro.

That is not
what my campaign need.

So I'm cold.
I can't smoke.

And your goofy ass
ain't paying me nothing?

The fuck am I doing here then?

Man, what else
would you be doing?

Man, I be at the crib
with my fine-ass woman.

Man, she got a job.

Yeah, she do got
a cool little gig, though.

You know she a art curator
and shit?

Man, I never thought
I'd see the day...

Hey, man, a good woman
turn your life around

- if you let her.
- I know nigga. Shit...

Look. Here we go.

Mm-hmm. What you see?

Damn, nigga!

Your followers high as well.

Yeah, it's wild, right?

Black women been
following me like crazy.

Leaving emojis in the comments
and shit.

They like me
and Tierra together.

Man, they eating
that shit up too, ain't they?

- Mm-hmm.
- Man, that's a trip, man.

You sure you don't wanna
take her on no real date?

Man, bro,
she is not my style.

Tch! You tripping.
She er'rybody style.

If people thinkin' we together
gets me into office,

I will take it.

There's a lotta people
countin' on me, bro.

I can't let 'em down.

- I can feel that.
- Mm-hmm.

But you need to stop
looking at Tierra

and start focusing on Deja.

You lucky she fuck
with your dusty ass.

Dusty ass, huh?

I said dusty.

Well, I ain't so dusty
no more, nigga.

Ha ha. Yeah, you look
like a new man

ever since you got you a woman.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

She help making me
a better man.

You know,
teach me some new things.

[Victor] Mmm.

Don't fuck that up, now.

[small laugh]
I try not to.

Funky electronic music

Feelin' it now


Feelin' it all over

Lovin' how, how

It's bringin' us closer

[exhales] I finally finished.

- You finished it?
- Yes.

- Hey. You did it.
- [light laugh]

There no typos in there,
is there?

No. I triple-checked.

[Emmett] Kay.


You know,
you can lean on me anytime.

I appreciate that.

I'm proud of you, girl.

I'm proud of me too.

[both chuckle]

Mellow jazz music

Look, Lynae's gonna be 18
in a couple of years.

So will Kevin.

All we gotta do is get 'em
across the finish line.

[Nina sighs]

Mellow jazz continues

If it's too much on y'all,
I could figure something out.


I can find a place to stay.

You don't sound too confident.

Taking on a foster child
is a huge commitment.

Babe, I'm committed
to building this family.

And I'm not?

Kiesha and the baby
are outta the house.

And Kevin has matured
a lot in the past year.

Whatchu so afraid of?

I don't wanna make
a promise to be there for her

when we might not even...

We might not even what?

I just always thought

my brother
would come back for me.

Sometimes... things
don't go the way we planned.

So what you wanna do,
send her to a group home?

Do you know the kind of abuse
that goes on in those places?

I didn't say that.

Well, regardless of our issues,

we don't know
what's gonna happen to her

if she becomes
a ward of the state.

Now, if she stays here,
then she can have a future.

You wanna get outta here?

Where we gonna go?

ROCK's hosting an event,
and Papa does need some help.

I'm not in the mood to be
passing out food.

Aw, come on.
Just grab a plate.


[Dre and Nina
continue arguing]

[Dre] You know the kind
of abuse

that goes on in those

[argument continues]

We don't even know
what she wants to do.

- Then let's go talk to her.
- [sighs]

- Come on!
- Fine.


[sighs] Damn.

Well, it looks like they
went out without permission.

Yeah. I don't blame 'em.

Now I'm gonna be up
all night worryin'.

It's gonna be okay.

They're gonna be fine.

That's what we said
about Kiesha.

Jazzy music continues

[phone vibrates]

[background chatter]

Good evening.
Could we get started, please?


Well, tonight I have the
distinct honor of introducing

one of the co-founders
of Community Protection

and this beautiful space
that we're in, Trinity House.

Victor Taylor has been
a pillar of his community,

and he's someone you can trust.

So please join me
in giving a very warm welcome

to the love of my life

and your future city
councilman, Victor Taylor.

- Whoo!
- Yeah.

All right!

What up?

What up, y'all?

Thank you so much
for coming out tonight.

First, I wanna send
a shout out to ROCK

and my lovely lady, Tierra,

for putting this together
for us.

For those of you
who don't know,

Ward Night
is usually an opportunity

for elected officials
to hear from the people.

Well, I'm not
an elected official.

Not yet.

- [laughter]
- That's my mama.

Last year, my baby brother
was one of the many Chicagoans

that were brutalized
by the CPD.

And though he's not perfect,

former Mayor Perry
did take a brave step

in standing up
for the community

and defunding the police.

I've been one of the folks
on the ground

with our homegrown alternative

we like to call
Community Protection.

And tonight I just wanna
open up the floor

to hear from you.

What's working?

What's something
we could be doing better?

What's something you think
I should know?

I'm here to serve y'all,
so... don't be shy.

Mellow R&B...

♪ Yeah, whoo ♪

♪ Ha, you know when ♪
♪ they doubt you ♪

♪ That should give you fuel ♪

♪ I think these rappers ♪
♪ runnin' that tool ♪

♪ You can just tell ♪
♪ when they pen game weak ♪

♪ In come the knee, ♪
♪ I'm too elite ♪

♪ I'm 16, ♪
♪ I'm stacking it neat ♪

♪ Ain't on my body, ♪
♪ that would be no good ♪

♪ If y'all wanna talk about ♪
♪ stackin' the things ♪

♪ That I need as a shorty, ♪
♪ you better make sure ♪

♪ You let her know ♪
♪ I be head of the class ♪

♪ I'm in designer ♪
♪ from hip to the ass ♪

♪ I'm from the rack, ♪
♪ if you play with the sack ♪

♪ You know that the hood ♪
♪ ain't gone give you a pass ♪

♪ How many bars I got, ♪
♪ a lot? ♪

♪ Four and... ♪
♪ run at it a lot ♪

♪ I left my granny to see ♪
♪ I been offered a match ♪

♪ If you ask me, ♪
♪ I been through a lot ♪

♪ But uncle play ah, ♪
♪ they say that I'm older ♪

♪ They say that she wild, ♪
♪ so I don't know who wrote it ♪

♪ My big flows, ♪
♪ ain't no foldin' ♪

♪ They know me, ♪
♪ and I ain't Mcboldin' ♪

♪ How many flows you got? ♪
♪ A lot ♪

♪ How many goes to that? ♪
♪ A lot ♪

♪ These hos been hatin' ♪
♪ they been tryin' to knock me ♪

♪ But don't no guy ♪
♪ secure my spot ♪

[cheers and applause]

[DJ] Alright, y'all,
we got something special

for you tonight.

So I'm gonna need y'all
to keep that energy going

and give it up for Ma is ha!

[cheers and applause]

I ain't try in to rap
in nobody's charity event.

Okay. Where else you getting
booked to rap at?

Look, just tune 'em out
and think of this as practice.

- Okay.
- Okay? Just go. Go!

Okay, y'all must a
forgot who I was

When I'm talkin', this big
body bends in the womb

I deserve your round
of applause

Yeah, pressure

You cannot out-finesse
a finesser

Elite on any one
of your spectrums

Brilliant as she built
like a blessin'

Princess of my city,
I stand on it

Pen pal, you heard
my hands on it

I been to up up up

My downfall cost
put bands on it

Ma is ha the GOAT, my bad,
you already knew that

No, I ain't need me
a church boy

- Whatever platform...
- Whoo hoo hoo!

Now, mama got
all them kids

And I got all the sieves

'Cause I told her
that I needed them soldiers

She kept me gangster,
baby, go go

So part of my hug
and mission is simple

Usin' my gift-givin' body

To build a foundation
to make that bitch fold

I'll make a hit
off a beat box

I used to run outta

Dedicate this
to my granddad

He up there braggin'
on me now

A friend of my royalty,
under construction

I'm more than me, childhood
tryin' to take hold a me

Tradition beggin'
for older me

I just wanna be
a code-a me

But damn, that's a lot

[cheers and applause]

All right, Ma is ha!


Yes, that was good.

But you could work
on your stage presence

- and your diction.
- My what?

you mumble your words.

And what you're saying
is great.

So I just want to hear it.

Okay. Ha.
I'll work on that.

[both laugh]

[Emmett] You gettin'
big and strong.

[EJ making engine sounds]

Daddy, I'm bored.

You bored?
Well, go outside.

- It's too cold outside.
- What?

That's what my mom used
to tell me when I was bored.

This is a new generation.

Can I watch TV?

Nah, you done had
enough screen time for today.

How about... we build a fort?

- Yeah, Daddy!
- Let's build a fort!

- [EJ] Yeah!
- Come on.

I could be the one
to out-praise ya

Show you about all these
different flavors

Baby, we could do it big
like the majors

Let me put you out
on all the front pages

I could be the one
to out-praise you

Lemme show you about
all these different flavors

Baby, we could do it big
like the majors

Let me put you out
on all the front pages

[cloth snaps]

Hip-hop song begins...

♪ Black lights, black toilet paper ♪

♪ Sittin' on the frigerator ♪

♪ I'm bad and I know it ♪

♪ Big wheels are rolling ♪

♪ Got that Nina on my hip
and they never... ♪

You think your mom's
gonna let me stay with y'all?

I hope so.

♪ Nigga, dope-a-da ♪

♪ Money in the ear ♪
♪ no time to fuss ♪

♪ Livin' in the brush ♪
♪ when I bust a nut ♪

♪ See a girl in a party ♪
♪ just actin' up ♪

♪ And these niggas ♪
♪ be lettin' 'em ♪

♪ I'm drowin' out ♪
♪ to this roast ♪

[music continues, muffled]

...wet bottles, throttle

Sippin', sippin'
on them wet bottles


Leave it with a bare model

Who shakin' up
that black bottle, bottle?

This is the volunteer schedule.

We only accept
free store donations

Monday through Wednesday,

and somebody needs to be here
every day by 6:00 a.m.

to unlock the kitchen
for books and breakfast.

This could be
a good thing if you let it.

Listen, if you do
anything to damage

what I've built,
I promise I'll kill you myself.

My goal is to make sure

that ROCK is the type
of organization

that famous people
want to donate to.

[Tracy] I don't care
about famous people.

I started ROCK to honor my son.

You started ROCK
because you feel guilty.

I know that you sent Ronnie

to kill the kid
that killed your son.

Problem is,
he killed the wrong kid,

which in turn got him shot.

Sounds like I'm not the one

who's causing all
the damage around here.

[Victor] Yes.

Aren't you taking credit for
the labor of a trans woman

by claiming you founded
Trinity House?

Well, like my lady said,
I helped co-found it,

which I did.

But now I'm doing everything
I can to keep these doors open.

Look, I've never shied away
from the fact

that this community
has been built

on the backs of Black women
working hard to keep us safe.

And Trinity House was founded

by a Black trans woman
named Imani.

She had the courage to speak up
when no one else would.

She transformed this place
into a safe space for women.

And she helped make me
the man I am today.

Now I've taken on more
of a leadership role

since she's moved back home,

but I will always,
always give her her flowers.

Thank you.
Any more questions?

Gotta keep it one hundo

rapping continues

[Jemma] I know your heart
is set on the college thing,

but if you wanna
lean more into music,

maybe I can help you.


Maybe I can manage you.

What you trying to do,
be the Earn to my Paper Boi?

Something like that. Yeah.

I don't know.

What's that smell?

Um... Smokey's.

Does it smell weird to you?


All I got left
is beef ribs and gizzards.

[Ma is ha] Oh shit.

True, stay true

True, I need you to keep it
real with me

I, uh, I really appreciate
that question.

No, you didn't.

But you handled it well,
I guess.

I was sweating.

Ha, yeah, I was about to
get you a paper towel.

- [both laugh]
- It's nice to meet you.


It's a beautiful name.

Thank you.
I gave it to myself.

Oh really?

I'm the one that wrote
the article

about who the folks
wanted to see run.

Oh. I didn't
get that many votes.

No. But, you know,

enough folks
talked to me about you

to get that honorable mention.

That's why I'm working
on getting my name out there.

Well, I see, uh, Tierra
is helping with that.

[Victor] She's amazing.

She's everything
voters could want.

When did you
and Imani break up?

Are you interviewing me?

- Is this... Is that what this is?
- Off the record.

I don't want to focus
on the past.

Tonight is about
the city's future.

And what do you have planned?

Whatever they need.
I care about these people.

It's not just a career
move for me.

I believe you.

I ain't got
nothing to lie about.

Victor, I have been
looking all over for you.

There are some voters here
that need to speak to you.

Okay. I'll be right there.

It was nice to talk to you.

I hope we can keep
the conversation going.

I'd like that.

- Shall we?
- [Tierra] We shall.

We're not done yet.

We have a few more people
that need...

[knock on door]


What is all this?

Well, don't take
a whole day

to recognize sunshine.

Aww. Darnell.

All right.
All right, woman.

- Come on, take this.
- Okay, okay, okay.

Go back there. Get dressed.

- I like the new Darnell.
- We got reservations.

- [Jada] Oh!
- [laughs]

Mellow instrumental

This can't be happening.

Don't stress out yet.

We got like...
a few more minutes.

Stop staring at it!

I'm just making sure
you did it right.

I can't be pregnant.

Well, there's a 50% chance
you could be.

This isn't funny.

You just mad
'cause you pregnant.

Oh my God.
Is that what it says?

No results yet.

Stop scaring me.

What would you do
if you are?

I don't even want
to think about...

- Who would you tell first?
- Ma is ha. Stop.

Okay. Okay.
I said sorry.


It's time.

You, uh, want to hold
my hand?

[Jemma sighs]


Excuse me, y'all.
Can I borrow him

for a second, please?
Let me holla at you real quick.

[mellow music in background]

- What's up?
- Nigga.

Is you stupid?
How are you going to push up

on another woman
in front of all these people?

Man, I ain't push up on nobody.
We was just talking.

Nigga, please.

I ain't never seen you look
at Tierra like that.

Yeah. That's because
we are just bidness.

Look, man, I ain't
even gonna hold you, okay?

But judging from what I saw
earlier this evening, man,

you could go all the way
with this thing, man.

Many of these people'll
vote for you

no matter who you fucking.

Man, this just one town hall,
all right?

I need these people
to believe in me,

and Tierra
is helping with that.

Want to win that bad, huh?

I want to help people, man.

See, that's what I'm saying.

Man, they got gay mayors.
They got trans senators.

All types of shit
out here, man.

You ain't gotta lie to win.

Man, my followers
is going up.

We got new folks visiting
ROCK every day, every day.

I mean, that's true.

I just don't want
to rock the boat now.

- A'ight.
- A'ight?

Oh my God. Oh my God.
Oh my God.

Don't call on him now.

[Jemma] What should I do?

[Ma is ha]
You need to tell Jake ass.

What do you think he'll say?

[Ma is ha] He'll probably be
cool about it.


Yeah. He the type

to take care
of his responsibilities.

Have you ever been
in this situation?

Ha. Hell no. I know
how not to get pregnant.

Um, how are we supposed
to keep the conversation going

when, uh, I don't
even have your number?

I know how to find you.

All right.

You know what?
I know what you're doing.

What's that?

You're making
folks feel comfortable.

I know where you're getting at.

Oh, do you?

Yes. And love it
if we could go somewhere

and talk...
maybe off the record.

I want to show you the real me.


Soft jazz

[phone keys clicking]

I'll leave my...
pen and pad at home.

I'll take a glass
of your best red.

Y'all ain't got
no Crown Royal?

[server] I doubt it.

Just bring me
whatever brown liquor y'all got

and bring the lovely lady
a whole bottle

of the most expensive real wine
y'all got back there.

- Look at you.
- Yeah.

Don't you even think about
ordering no dessert either.

Wow. See, there goes
the old Darnell.

What I mean, woman, is

you the only dessert
I want to have tonight.

- Hmm?
- Mmm.

What if I want
a real dessert?

Oh, shit.
When we get home,

then I'll make you
a Darnell Sundae.

[both laughing]

Look here, I am not
lickin' no whip cream.

[mutters, laughs]

Like I used to in high school.

Why not?

- Ooh!
- Ha ha ha ha ha!

You drunk?

No, but, uh...

in all seriousness,
you were right.

I can't just demand your love.
I gotta earn it.

Pshh. I done lost too much time
with you.

Now, I'm gonna make sure
I do everything it takes

to make sure
I don't lose you again.

Aw, Darnell.

- [giggling]
- I love you.

Me too.

Jazzy dinner music

[phone buzzing]


- What you doing?
- Uh, I-I was asleep.

You fell asleep
on the couch again?

What you want?

[Tiff] Don't get
disrespectful, nigga.

- [Emmett] I'm not.
- [Tiff] Where's EJ at?

[Emmett] He asleep.

[Tiff] Okay. I just wanted
to tell him good morning

before he went to daycare.

A'ight, I'll Face Time you
when I get in the car.

A'ight. You good?


You sure?
You seem a little short.

I just woke up, Tiff.

A'ight. Just call me
with my baby

before you drop him off.

All right. Bye.

You good?


Why you ain't
tell her I was here?

I didn't feel like I had to.

- Why not?
- I don't know.

You feel guilty?

I just didn't think
it was necessary, that's all.


[phone buzzing]


Soft music...

♪ When it seems impossible ♪

♪ Like against the wall
at the end of the road ♪

♪ We need to talk. ♪

♪ Hope helps me to know that ♪

♪ Within me
there's a purpose ♪

♪ I'ma take all the good,
to hell with the bad ♪

♪ Livin' in the present,
forget 'bout the past ♪

♪ Not goin' back,
my mind's made up ♪

♪ I decided I'm enough ♪

♪ Been through the ring ♪

♪ In a fire ♪

♪ Yet the sun always shine brighter ♪

♪ And so I know
anything could be done ♪

♪ Well ♪

♪ Nothin's impossible ♪

♪ Days get rough
and you can search them ♪

♪ Lookin' for the answer ♪

♪ Don't you get discouraged ♪

♪ Please know that ♪

♪ Nothin's impossible ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Nothin's impossible ♪