The Chi (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Showdown - full transcript

Brandon stresses over The After Taste Food Competition and makes a deal with Emmett. An accident at Sonny's threatens Emmett's job. Kevin, Jake and Papa cause mayhem on picture day at school. Ronnie adjusts to a new life he didn't expect.

BRANDON: Previously on The Chi....

LUIS: Five grand to the winner

and a three-page spread
on Great Plate Magazine

might solve your problems.

SONNY: The hell is he doing?

I got this.

I'm only parking here because the
rest of the block is permit only.

Then get a fucking permit.

Today ain't the day, dog.

It's hair, straight from the heads

of the Koyo Zom moutain
people of Pakistan.

We clean it, bag it, and sell it.

You want to come inside?


I haven't been on a
real date in five years.

Why is that?

JADA: Emmett's father...

he was the first man I'd ever been with.

Thought it'd last forever.

JERRIKA: It's a fundraiser.

My parents are throwing
it for Alderman Bonner.

I need to connect with Mrs. Brown

about selling her condos
and then we can leave.

Aww, you must care.

Care about what?

Just bring me my homework, boy.

Money's short. So what's the move?

Get out of the way!

Get naked, niggas! Now! Now!

Come on, bro. Hurry up.
Put the shit in the bag.

CRUZ: That's Reginald Taylor,

the street leader of
the 63rd Street Mob.

MISS ETHEL: I know that boy.

It wasn't him.

Congratulations on this blessing.

You see me on the streets,

you don't know me.

Jason didn't want
nothing to do with you.

The DA pulled the case.

KIMBERLY: You're a free man.

PAPA: Grey? Why can't y'all
just follow our style guide?

We agreed on the color blue.

That includes navy, turquoise, sapphire,

and even some teal if
you're feeling fancy,

but here your bum ass come,
talking about depression grey.

Man, we ain't no singing group.

I'ma wear what the fuck I want.

Plus, we wore blue last
year on picture day.

Yeah, and y'all ain't do
it right then, neither.

Now look, I know I'm the one
with the menswear expertise,

but goddamn, give a brother
something to work with.

What you wearing, Papa?
All that shit you talking...

Just a little something for the ladies

that like their man fluffy. You'll see.

So you're gonna tell us what to wear

and keep your shit a secret.

Hey, but just to make sure

we all the way wavy for picture day...


Y'all ain't seen white strips before?

My teeth ain't yellow.

Man to man, they could be whiter.

Yeah, I'm good, too.


Well, we were talking, and...

You know they're not gonna let
you bang in the picture, right?

Watch me.

These pictures last forever.

You sure you want this to follow you

the rest of your life?

Hell yeah. I'm 63rd for life, ain't I?

I thought you said that
gang shit was stupid.

I'm with it, though.

Got it this weekend,

so ain't nobody stopping
me from doing shit.





JERRIKA: Brandon!

Is everything okay?

Oh, damn.

What happened?

BRANDON: I must've passed out.

I was on the truck till 3:00 a.m.

Yeah, I heard you come in.

Poor thing.

Thought Luis was helping you out.

He had to take another restaurant gig.

He needed the money.

Taste this.

Wow, that's really good.


I need it to be amazing.

JERRIKA: Don't stress,
babe. You got this.

No, I don't got this, J.

The After Taste is a big fucking deal.

I'm going against 50 chefs

from all over the city,
all young and up-and-coming

and trying to make it big, just like me.

My signature dish got to be on point.

You heard of Chef Art Smith?

Uh, he cooks for Oprah, right?

Yeah. He's one of the judges, and I...

Are you listening to me?

Damn it. I ordered the wrong pillows.


Sorry, babe. Still have a lot to do

for this open house.

Cooking is your gift.

JERRIKA: You'll be fine.

Every chef I'm going up
against has a gift.

What's really going on?

What do you mean?

Is this about the competition,

or is this about something else?



JERRIKA: I would be hurt and angry, too,

if my brother's killer went free...


But you are not gonna have bad luck

for the rest of your life, Brandon.

You belong in this competition,

and guess what.


Guess what.

JERRIKA: If you don't let your
nerves get the best of you,

I think you could win.


Now go show them judges

what a kid from the South Side can do.


BIG MIKE: What the fuck they want?



Michael Sherman?

Think you know how this goes.

What the fuck I do?

- What the fuck he do?
- Don't mind us.

Outstanding warrant.

TOUSSAINT: Unpaid parking ticket,
traffic violation. Sound familiar?

- I ain't got no damn warrant!
- This is some bullshit.

Y'all come all the way down
here for a fucking traffic ticket?

Can't have your man out here
endangering pedestrians,

Mr. Reginald Taylor.

A'ight, so you heard about me?

I've seen your rap sheet.

I wouldn't be proud.

TOUSSAINT: Figured it's
time we came face to face.

Detective Toussaint.

Nice to meet you.

There's a sweet old lady
on Eberhart who was attacked.

73 years old.

Can't seem to find out
who did it or why,

but the one thing I do know

is this is 63rd Street Mob territory.

Nothing like that goes
on without you knowing.

Miss, you really got us fucked up.

Ain't nobody out here fucking
with no old ladies and shit.

How much is he worth to you?

What's it gonna cost you
if he's out of commission?

It's all kinds of wannabes out here

claiming 63rd.

That's what...

That's what y'all need
to be looking into

instead of fucking with innocent people!

Bring me some answers.

I'll give you back your lieutenant.






Is that you?

They really let you out?

Get over here.




Who's been feeding you?

You look good.

When you get here?

Last night.

I came straight here, but
I didn't want to wake you.


Grandma, I'm sorry I wasn't here.

I'm just happy, baby, that you're home.


JADA: Hey.


Good morning.



MISS ETHEL: You see Ronnie?

Ain't this a blessing?


Yes, ma'am, it is.


Thank you

for looking after her.

No worries.



House is still a mess.

I meant to clean it up, but...

It's okay. I got it.


Look, I know we haven't
seen each other since...

I don't want you to feel
uncomfortable around...


I mean, how exactly should
I feel around you, Ronnie?

How should anyone who knows what you did

feel around you? That boy...


That boy you killed

was 16 years old,

not that much younger than my son.

I'm gonna make up for what I done.

I'm gonna make it right.

She thinks the world of you,

so for her sake,

I hope you do.


EMMETT: I need 12 more bundles
of that Mongolian Deep Wave.

I had no idea that shit
was gonna go so fast.


No, the ladies ain't here
for the straight shit.

I don't know. I guess it ain't woke.

Mm, sell it to the
Persian chicks uptown.


Oh, hold on. Uh, Amir,
let me call you back.

Yo, where you going?

I gotta bounce. It's my girl' birthday.

We short today. I need you to stay.

Wish I could, dog,

but Sonny already gave me the day off.

I'm just telling you as a courtesy.

Fuck courtesy. I-I need you
to work your shifts, bro.

Sonny ain't here.

His name's still on the
door, the last I checked.


Oh, shit.

Oh, shit!

- Whoa.
- TERRY: Man, I told you

to clean the grease trap!

Wait, no!



WOMAN: Oh, my God!

Everybody out! Fire! Fire!

You can't put the water
on a grease fire!

- That's bad!
- How the fuck was I supposed to know?

TERRY: Fire! Fire!

Everybody out! Fire! Fire!





JERRIKA: Uh, over there is good.

Thank you.

Hey, Alderman Bonner.
What brings you by?

Hello, Jerrika.

This is a nice property,

but it doesn't look to
me or my constituents

like you and Mrs. Brown

plan on spreading the wealth.

What do you mean?

Well, this used to be low-income homes,

but you already know that.

I mean, are any of these units

being reserved for low-income residents?

Not at the moment,

but I agree, we could be doing more.

But Mrs. Brown is my client,

and ultimately, I have
to do what she asks.

Mr. Bonner, how are you?

ALDERMAN BONNER: I'm good, Mrs. Brown.

You know, you've got a sharp young lady

right here on your team,

but I was telling her how upset

some in the community are

with what's happening here.

You can never make people
happy all of the time.

There's always winners and losers.

MRS. BROWN: But you're
a politician. You know that.

I'll let you and Jerrika
finish chatting.

She'll handle it.

No surprise there.

She's worse than the white folks.

But you...

I have known you since
you were in diapers,

and I can't believe that you are willing

to sell out your own people

just to get ahead.

Is that the headline you're gunning for?

I'm not selling out. In fact,

I'm actively working to bring
upwardly mobile black people

into these homes.

Not all change is bad.

A black middle class will provide access

to better schools, better healthcare,

and safer neighborhoods.

You know damn well
that's just a fancy way

of pushing poor black folks
out of their own homes.

In a few years,

this area will be whiter
than the North Shore,

and I'm not gonna stand by

and watch that happen to another one

of our neighborhoods.

If you don't mind, I
think you should go now.

I have an open house to prepare for.


I dismiss the class,

not the bell.


MR. GASCA: As a reminder,
picture day is on Friday,

and just so we don't have any issues,

remember the school
dress code still applies.

Mr. Gasca, can we bring accessories?

Like what?

Never mind.

If you come in here wearing
a Nick Cannon turban,

I'm done with your ass.

MR. GASCA: Language. Dress code means

no grills,

no gang colors,

no gang signs,

and if you think it's a joke,

just try us.

You will be expelled.

The fuck he keep looking at me for?

'Cause you're the one bangin'.

GASCA: Perry's Pizza,

yearbooks will go out on time this year,

and if everyone

follows all the rules,

we'll throw you guys a pizza party.


All right!

Now, class is dismissed.


Something wrong with
your arm, Mr. Taylor?

No, I'm good.

Punk-ass 63rd Street bitches.

Yo, why you gotta be
so extra all the time?

'Cause these motherfuckers
keep talking shit!

Bro, mess up picture
day and see what happens.

Man, fuck picture day!

I know the Wild Boyz gonna
bang and throw up their shit,

but if I do it, I'll get expelled.

So fuck it. I'm out.

But Jake...

[QUIETLY] Oh, my God.

How you been, Tiff?

I'm fine. What's up?

You look nice.


Um... So the other night was...

It didn't mean nothing, Emmett. Besides,

you know the bedroom ain't
never been our problem.

So what happened to you?

Look, Tiff, um... Sonny's
just closed, all right?

There was a fire.

My job is gone.

I came to ask you for a favor.

So what? You here to say the
checks ain't coming no more?

No, I'm not, but I am wondering if...

is there any way you
could remove the order?

Excuse me?

Just until I find
another job, all right?

So the courts ain't riding me.

Tiff, we don't need the
courts in our business.

Yeah, we actually do.
This shit is hard, Emmett.

While you out here, running
around, doing what you do,

I'm either at work or
here, raising our son.

It's nice getting those checks on time

without having to be
a fucking detective.

You won't have to come
find me, all right?

I promise you'll get the money on time.

I-I don't know.

You asking a lot.


EJ still at your mama's house?

No, he's here, asleep.

Can I see him?

He'll be up again soon.

I need this time to take a nap

before it's time to go back to work.

Okay, yeah.

He's so cute.

TIFFANY: I know.

He puckers his lips when he sleeps.

It's all I got right now.

Court's got the rest.

Thank you.


JAKE: Okay. Oh boy. Okay.

JAKE: Okay. Hey, yo.

A'ight, easy, okay?




JAKE: Hey, yo, Reg,
who you got money on?

Hey, yo, Reg, why you trippin'?

REG: While y'all out
here fucking around,

I'm finna be out of 20 stacks

a week with Big Mike being locked up,

and stop posting that shit online.

That's probably how they
found us in the first place.

They got a whole task force on our shit

'cause of you silly motherfuckers.


Little Big Man, get the fuck over here.

How you, the biggest one out
here, gettin' your ass beat?


How big is your big ass, anyway?

I'm 14, yeah, and a half.

Nigga, I said "how big," not "how old."


225. That's what my...

my moms and my doctor said.

Yeah, yeah.

Get your ass back over there
and work on them hand skills

so when I need you,

you'll be ready to put some
work in for the company.



He big, but I could take him.

Yeah, okay.

[CLICKS TONGUE] Man, whatever.

I can do work for the company too.

He ain't the only one out here, repping.

All I need from you is to stop

filming our location
for the police to see

and keep your head in them books

so when niggas ask,

you know the difference
between being big and old.


You got picture day coming up?

How you know?

You think I don't see them
letters you been throwing out?

Make sure you there.

I got real problems. I don't
need another DCFS visit.


ran a property check

and sat on the building
for a couple of days.

- Any action?

Just my boys fighting for the overtime.

It's pretty quiet,
just the way we like it

down here in Raleigh.

So in your estimation,

Family C Realty is a legit operation?

SHERIFF PORTER: Far as I can tell.

All the details are in that email.

Thank you, Sheriff.

Appreciate the help.



This is an eviction notice.

Family C Realty Group

would like to offer you a stipend for..




This motherfucker here. What he want?

You know how hard it is to find

a food truck that's not online?

You ain't got no Instagram,
no Snapchat, no Twitter.

Are you trying to fail?

Man, I almost blew your head
off just now. What you want?

Look, I owe you an apology

for all that bullshit outside Sonny's.

I came at you sideways,
when all you trying to do

is create an opportunity,

the same way I want to
create an opportunity for you.

Get to the fucking point, Emmett.

And there was a fire at Sonny's.

But the word isn't completely out yet,

so people still showing up
to eat, so I got an idea.

You park your truck there,

you catch all those customers.

All I'm asking for
is a 20% finder's fee.

So what's stopping me from just parking

in front of Sonny's and
not giving you shit?

Your sense of honor and respect

for a righteous hustler such as myself.

BRANDON: No, man.

Everything I make, I gotta keep, Emmett.

Later, bro.


What do you think?

I just came here to
give you your homework,

not a fashion show.

Do you think the part should be lower?

- MAISHA: I'm getting a weave.
- It's fine.

KEVIN: Man, Kiesha be
in the bathroom for hours,

come out looking the same way:

basic as hell.

It's not my hair.

It's this.

Damn. How'd you do that?

My mom's curling iron.

KEVIN: Um...

Put some cocoa butter on it,

so it don't leave a scar.

What you know about that?

I live with a whole
bunch of black women.

It better work, 'cause I gotta
be in the school club photos,

since according to all
my college applications,

I'm in all the clubs,

and I ain't trying to miss picture day.

Why are you worried about
college applications, anyways?

You still in middle school.

Oh, I got it all mapped out.

Florida A&M, Virginia Union,

Spelman College, and Howard University.

I like FAMU, though.

Their marching band played for Obama.


MAISHA: I got bigger problems
to worry about, though.


Should wear your hair like that.

It'll look prettier.


Hey! Hey, stop!

Don't play with this.

It's worth a whole lot of money.

EMMETT: Get out of here.

And this shit is selling faster than
Armor Oil at my car wash, man.

Hey, split the difference
and let me get half

Mongolian Deep Wave,

half Pakistani Flow.

Got you.

It's just a little side hustle

so I can bring in some extra cash

and get out your house.

Mm. I got a better idea.

Get that funky-ass hair
away from my kitchen sink

and pay me some goddamn rent.

I got child support!

I got light bills!

I don't know what kind of
bullshit-ass arrangement

you had with your mama,

but you can't have strange men

walking in and out of my house.

All right, man. You
ain't gotta go there.


I know you sorry.

Now clean this shit up
before I slap you

upside your nappy-ass head.

I'm taking this Mongolian bundle

for Cheryl... for my troubles.




Is that what you
wearing for picture day?

- Kiesha, what do you want?

Girl, get out of my room.

Boy, how do you not
know you match twice,

not three times? That's too match-y.

I don't need you
telling me how to dress.

Oh, clearly you do.

Didn't you tell Mom you
have track practice today?

KEVIN: You don't look
like you running nowhere.

Mind your business.

Daddy's coming into town this weekend.

KIESHA: It's his birthday.

You want to come to dinner with us?

Nah. I'm straight.

KIESHA: Look, Kev, I know you guys

aren't the closest, but
you can at least try.

He asks about you.

Y'all getting beignets after?

Can you bring me one?

KIESHA: I will, if you
put on a different outfit.

Don't embarrass me.



Heard you might be getting out,
but I didn't think it was true.

I came to clear up some things.

Listen, Ronnie, I don't have the energy

- to go down this road.
- No.

I need you to listen.

It's my turn to speak.

Last time I saw you, you said some...

fucked-up things to me.

Said Jason didn't want me in his life.

And these past few
months of being locked up,

I've had nothing but time,

time to reflect,

to forgive,

to try and heal.

I'm not there yet, but...

what I do know is this.

What you said wasn't true.

I meant something to Jason.

Everything I did was for him,

for you.

You were my family.



Sorry about the mess.

Some days, I can hardly get out of bed.

I thought it would get better.

It's all right.

- It, um...

Takes time.

What happened with that group?

The other mothers?

Made it worse.

The more I talked about it,

the more I missed him.

Everything makes me sad now.

A song on the radio, a random billboard.

I know it sounds crazy, but...

sometimes I see a mother smiling,

and I think it's because
she has her son, and I don't.


Even you...

just seeing you...

it's why I'd lash out.

I remember the good times
we had with Jason,

and I'm just so angry

that it was taken from me.


You know Shanté...

- had the baby.

[LAUGHS] Yeah?


A few weeks ago.

A girl.

Oh, huh.

She said she looks exactly like Jason.

She invited me to the hospital,

but I just... I couldn't
bring myself to go.


I can't.

Seeing Jason's daughter...

i-it feels like...

it feels like I'm
saying good-bye to him.


It makes his death more real.


And I...

I'm not ready to do that.


Well, um...

you gotta start somewhere.


Let me, uh, help you clean up, Tracy.

No, you don't have to.

No, I...

I want to.


I thought about your
offer, and it was bogus.

Dude, I gotta make money too.

I got a better offer. Better for you.

I gotta prep for this
After Taste competition,

so if you down to man
the truck for one day,

I split the profit with you, 50/50.

I'm glad you came to your senses.

You welcome. I can take it from here.

Hey, slow your roll, man. I gotta
show you how everything work.

Bro, I got it.

It's just tacos.




♪ To all the ladies in the place ♪

♪ With style and grace ♪

♪ Allow me to lace ♪

♪ These lyrical douches in your bushes ♪

♪ Who rock grooves and make
moves with all the mamis? ♪


♪ The GS3, I got the
chronic by the tree ♪

♪ I love it when you call me big poppa ♪

♪ Throw your hands in the a-ya ♪

♪ If you's a true playa ♪

♪ I love it when you call me big poppa ♪

King Papa, I see you,

- and your accessories.
- Thanks, Kev.

I think you just helped me go viral.

Hey, lunch on me today.

Yo, what the fuck you got on?

Jake walking in here looking
like a parole officer.

Man, Reg made me wear
this weak-ass shit.

I've been hiding in the bathroom
between classes all day.

Do it again, and we squaring up.

[LAUGHS] This nigga think he hard.

Look like his grandma pick
his clothes and shit.

- Man, fuck you.
- COREY: Nah, fuck you, and Reg.

My brother know what he did.

Nigga, what the fuck
is you talking about?

No, fuck them, bro.

[QUIETLY] Dudes, Look
at this clown, man.


He choked, though.


Oh, that's your ass.

BOY: Food fight! Food fight!




Stop! Up!

Up, now!

Settle down!

Which one of you two started it?

MR. GASCA: Tell me now.

Mr. Williams?

MR. GASCA: You want to
tell me what happened here?

Not really.

Do the right thing, Mr. Williams.

Which one of them started it?



It was me. I did it.



MR. GASCA: You started it? Why?


All of you,

go get cleaned up for pictures, now!

BOY: Gross. All over my shirt.

BOY: What is it?

- Damn.
- Come on.

Caught ketchup on my shirt.

At least your shirt's not white.

How am I supposed to get this shit out?

How you ain't get nothing on you?

Angels, they be watching
over my pretty ass.

Yo, what's this again?

One mac and cheese.

Didn't you order that?

Yeah, joe, but why is it in the taco?

Mac and cheese don't need no taco.

EMMETT: [LAUGHS] Well, this one does.


Thank you for your business, sir.


Can I get a two-piece mild?

Uh, no, you can't,

but you can get two really
delicious chicken tacos.

Y'all not serving Sonny's?

No, but this is just as good.

You're telling me I done
came all the way over here

on my lunch break for a two-piece

and you talking to me about a damn taco?

Try it. You might be surprised.

If it ain't Sonny's, I don't want it.

Lyin' ass.

You have a nice day too, ma'am.




What are you doing here?

Something wrong with Emmett?


So what do you want?

- Can I come in?
- How do you know where I live?

How'd you get into my building?

Emmett told me,

and someone downstairs let me in.

Well, use the buzzer next time.

I don't like strangers
showing up unannounced.

We're not strangers, Jada.

Now, are you done giving
me the third degree,

or do I need to start getting loud

and ghetto up in this hallway?

JADA: You still take it with six sugars?


Doctor told me I need to cut back.

Ah, I guess I'm getting old.


You are.


Oh, but it is nice seeing you, Jada.

Yeah, you too.

So... what's up?

What'd you need to talk to me about?

Well, our son has been
staying out of my house,

rent-free, and if
it's gonna be that way,

I'ma need you to slide me back

what I've been sliding
you all these years.

[SCOFFS] What?

Those child support payments.

DARNELL: I'm saying if he going
to keep staying with me,

I'ma need you to chip in.

You boy eat like he got a tapeworm.

Yeah, well, tell me about it.

Emmett lived with me for 17 years,

so I'm very aware of how
expensive it is to feed him.

But I ain't giving you shit.

Oh, look, I take care of my kids,

and I been giving you my share,

so don't act like I'm some deadbeat.

Your share divided by the
1,400 other kids you got.

What about the birthdays you missed,

his baseball games,

all the graduations?

You couldn't afford the $1.50

to catch the L across
town for any of that?

I had three kids when you met me,

so you knew what it was from the get.

Oh, so it's my fault you like it raw?

I was 25. I told you,
I ain't want no more kids.


Yet last I checked,

you got enough kids over there

to start a football team.

No surprise where Emmett gets it from.

Well, you know what?

Maybe I wasn't around,

but you were.

So which one of us
didn't raise him right?


And if you treated him like
your son and not your husband,

maybe he wouldn't be acting like this.


It's time to stop blaming me.


You know,

I'm glad you learned
something in the two weeks

you decided to be a father to your son,

but don't you ever
come to my house again.

Now get the fuck out of here.

[ALL CHANTING] Housing is a human right!

Stop the war on the poor!

Housing is a human right!

Stop the war on the poor!

Housing is a human right!

Stop the war on the poor!

Housing is a human
right! Stop the war...

MRS. BROWN: This is ridiculous.

Call the police.

Mrs. Brown, would you at least consider

offering just a few units
for low-income housing?

I'm not giving in to the
demands of these terrorists!

- They're not terrorists.
- Then what are they?

This is my property, my business I built

from the ground up, and
I will do with it as I please.

Good Lord.

I need to lie down.

Think these people might
be giving me a heart attack.


I don't know if you know,
but you got a kid in room one.

Says he has info on the home invasion.

- Kid?
- Mm-hmm.

You wanna sit in?


She opened up the door, and...

I-I just blasted in,

and, you know, I just went for it.

Went for what?

You know, she had all kind of stuff.

She had jewelry,



That's a lot to grab
for just one person.

Sure you didn't have anyone helping you?


Just me.

You know, I'm pretty strong.


I'ma do you a favor and let
you go home with your mother.

So that mean Big Mike getting out?


Does this look to you
what it looks like to me?

Must be one of Reg's corner boys.

Get a juvie to confess, he
gets a slap on the wrist.

WOMAN: Welcome to the
After Taste, contestants.

ANNOUNCER: A reminder as you make

your way to your station,
any and everything

you need to complete
your dish for the judges

must come from your basket.

If you are out of salt,

your dish will go unsalted.

Contestants will be eliminated
by a tap on the shoulder.

Judges will be watching for knife skills

and cross-contamination.

When the judges come to you,

please present your
completed dish to them.

Those of you who survive the tap
will advance to the next round.

All right, people, you got 30 minutes.

Get your cook on.


♪ To the rhythm of the boogity beat ♪

♪ To the rhythm of the boogity beat ♪

♪ There it go like
simple the plainness ♪

♪ It's primal and basic ♪

♪ Zulu arrangement rocking amazement ♪

♪ Flaco radiating from
heaven to pavement ♪

♪ They phony as a face lift
I've nothing to play with ♪

♪ Spent time hating it but
that ain't changing it ♪

♪ God give it to me
nobody ain't taking it ♪

♪ Therefore moving on
the base for stimulus ♪

♪ Standing in the twilight
and watching them get it in ♪

♪ Walls trembling the air simmering ♪


♪ Testing your equilibrium ♪

♪ Sonic wave booming
all over your intimate ♪

♪ Skin on skin and skin on skin again ♪

♪ Put it all get it
all get on get it in ♪

♪ Ladies and gentlemen,
misters and mistresses ♪

♪ Cousins, uncles,
aunties, and synonyms ♪

♪ There it is boogieman ♪

♪ Don't stop the rock
you keep up the rock ♪

♪ Quiet dog bite hard my God ♪

♪ Ha simmer down, simmer
down, simmer down ♪

- ♪ Stay cool
- ♪ Simmer down now ♪

♪ Simmer down quiet
dog bite hard, my god ♪

- I apologize for the last-minute change

but I need to postpone the showing.


Yes, thank you.


Hey, J, where are you? I forgot plates.


BRANDON: Yeah, I know.
I just been so out of it.

Can you grab them for me?

They probably sitting
right there on the counter.


[SIGHS] Babe, I am nowhere near there.

I have an emergency at the condos.

I'm not gonna be able to make it.

What? J, I need you!

♪ Simmer down quiet dog bite hard ♪

Babe, I'm so sorry.

♪ Simmer down simmer down ♪

♪ Simmer down simmer
down simmer down now ♪


♪ Simmer down now, simmer down now ♪

♪ Simmer down quiet
dog bite hard my god ♪

♪ Said and the rocket don't stop ♪

Hey, can I borrow a
strainer? I forgot mine.

♪ Preservation makes
the great hip-hop ♪

Do you have any extra plates?

Sorry, no, I just brought
enough for the judges.

♪ These dudes ain't
dope but they on it ♪

♪ They need to get off it ♪

♪ So whack-whack is
all you can call it ♪


♪ Don't stop the rock ♪

♪ Maintain the rock and
you don't stop the rock ♪

♪ You keep up the rock
quiet dog bite hard my God ♪

- [ANNOUNCER] Time's up.

My dish is chili beef à la broche,

and it's... best eaten family-style.

BRANDON: When it comes to my food,

my family is my greatest inspiration.

And I know what you're thinking.
It sounds corny as hell,

but my grandpa Earl...
he was a Pullman Porter.

He worked really hard,

but he always made sure to come home

every night to have dinner
with his wife, Joyce.

And then there's... well,
there was my little brother, Coogie.

He helped me discover
my love for cooking.

[LAUGHS] I would have to always keep him

from eating straight out of the pot,

but today...

each of you get to do just that.

Right out of the pot?


- GIRL: Okay, how do I look?

My mouth was open!


My hair was sticking up.

- Don't I get to do that again?
- Next.

PAPA: Timing is everything.
You gotta be ready

for the flash. That's the key.


- So you gonna smile?
- Real niggas don't smile.

Thanks for having my back earlier.

No problem.

Mr. Gasca just gave me a warning.

MAN: Next.

♪ Fiending for your energy ♪

STUDENTS: Ooh! Ooh! Look at...

GIRL: Hey! Girl!

GIRL: Damn, Maisha!

- Hair...

♪ Lovely days is over ♪

♪ Over, over, over ♪



Oh, hell to the no!

PAPA: I gotta get a do-over.


GIRL: You look good, Maisha! I am sure!


Maisha' whack fairy dust
ass just ruined my pictures.


KEVIN: Hey, Maisha. Guess
you figured out your hair.


You ain't ready for this, Kev.


- EMMETT: Next! Here you go.

Come back and see us.


Can I have the Hawaiian Wavy?


- So is it extra for ombré, or...
- No.

- BRANDON: What the fuck?
- EMMETT: $1.99 for everything.

- WOMAN: Really?
- EMMETT: Yeah,

that'll look good on you too.

What the fuck is this?

BRANDON: My cousin texted me
and say he saw the truck down here.

As you can see, all good.

You need to explain to me real fast

why the fuck you moved my truck.

Look, business was slow at Sonny's,

so I came here to make us some money.

And what, you figured
you was gonna sell hair

- out the truck too?
- One-stop shoppin'!

The express bus runs from Lake Shore

all the way through the South Side.

Lots of ladies getting off work.

I could lose my license over this.

Nobody wants to buy food with weave.

This is just from the last hour,

from tacos and hair.


EMMETT: And this is just your cut.

50/50, right?

I'ma take this in exchange
for not whoopin' your ass.

Get this shit off my truck.

WOMAN: Uh, hello. Hello?

I'm still waiting for my Hawaiian Wavy.


You heard her.

Get the customer what she need.


WOMAN: It took forever.

EMMETT: All right, I got you, I got you.

EMMETT: I'll throw in an extra ounce.


I named her Jordan.

Oh, uh...

I remember one time,

he wanted a summer job so bad

just so he could make enough money

to eat at Michael Jordan's Steak House.


He worshipped that man.

Made me watch all his games.

Hey, you should hold her.


It's all right.

I'm right here.




She has his nose.

And his ears.




I'll be right back.


Thank you...


For doing this with me, Ronnie.


Hey, beautiful.





♪ Ha! ♪

♪ Let me see you drop ♪

♪ You runnin' on fire ♪

Papa, why your eyes closed?

Man, I ain't even gonna lie.
I'm still in my feelings about it.

And Jake ass cheesing hard!

JAKE: I'm not smiling!

Yes, you are. Look at it.

Whatever. Look at yours.



I'ma... I'ma go, uh, grab another slice.


Oh, looking good, young brother.



All right, listen up!

I'd like us all to take a moment

and thank Mr. Otis Perry

of Perry's Pizza for
sponsoring picture day.



My son, Jamal, was killed in 2011.

The killer, they never caught.

So that sweet boy that you murdered

just in case his mama couldn't do it...



I'm so sorry.

I couldn't get rid of
these dang protestors.

What happened?

Did you find plates?

No, I didn't,

and you should be sorry...

'cause you just missed your
man going to the semifinals.


I'm so proud of you!

Thank you, baby.

We gotta celebrate!

Yeah. You hungry?

If so, we should order in,

because this man has done
enough cooking for the day.

I'm hungry,


not for food.



Yo, Kiesha, you gotta see
these pictures of Papa.

What's wrong?

It's Dad.

Flaked on you again?

Couldn't pick you up?

Daddy had a heart attack.

He... he's dead.





I didn't embarrass you today.


They came hauling off Big Mike.

He my top earner, so I sent in this kid.

You know, his mama a hype.
Pay her a little rock,

she let her boy do whatever I need.

He ain't got no rap sheet.


Shit, I'm trying to make things right.

I did what you asked.

I got some outside guys to go
to that house. I didn't know

it was no old lady they beat up, though.

You didn't have to know who it was.

Problem is, you chose the
wrong people to do the job,

niggas who don't know the
difference between scaring people

and sending them to
the fuckin' hospital.


That's a real problem.


Oh, shit.

Miss Ethel?


That was her house?


I've known her since I was a shorty.

Oh. Oh, that's nice.

We ain't supposed to be
making headlines, Reg.

Douda, man,

I'm doing the best that I can.

You know, maybe if I
knew why we was doing

any of this shit in the first place...


Why we doing this is above
your fuckin' pay grade.




Soldier up, Reg.

The shit is on.