The Chi (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Past Due - full transcript

Brandon gets a new opportunity. Kevin and Maisha form an unlikely friendship. Emmett takes on more responsibility at work. Cruz deals with blowback from Ronnie's confession. Ronnie receives shocking news. Toussaint gets a lead on her case.

Previously on The Chi...

May I help you?


Fuck beats up an old lady?

It's a wonder she's alive.

I need to make a call.

I need to see if my grandmother's
out of surgery now.

I'll see what I can do.

But you need to calm the fuck down.

But I already talked to them.

Ronnie Davis is trying
to get out of jail.

You talking to the DA
could help put him away.

That was cool, what you did for Junie.

I'll take it as gratitude,

'cause our debt is settled.


- You like my hair?
- It's nice.

I'll give you whatever you want.

Just show me who killed my brother.

I'll take the wheels.

What about the bike?

I'm lending it to you.

You know, for the baby and stuff.

Are you a drunk, Mr. Davis?

Stop drinking that fucking pruno

so I can get you out of here.

Smell like shit.

You okay?

I'll testify.

Hold up.

Hold up!

What's your name, you little badass?


Really, Ronnie? Three waffles?

The last thing I need is
this boy on a sugar high.

He barely concentrates on anything
other than basketball as it is.

Oh, let him have it, just for today.

No school, parent-teacher conferences...

Can I have some more syrup?


And I made you a sandwich to go, hmm?

I know how you like to eat
in the car on the way to work.

- Thank you.
- Mmm.

I can't believe you did
all this before 7 a.m.

I'm still on military time.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize.

I think it's sweet.

- Mm.
- Ew!

Boy, go brush your teeth.

So what do you got planned today?

Gonna go head over to my grandma's,

gonna cut her grass, do
some work around the house,

and after that, me and J
are just gonna hang out,

see what we can get into.

Thought you were gonna go
over to the post office.

I heard on the news,
they were hiring, like,

a hundred new mail carriers.

I'm on it, babe.

I'm gonna get a good job real soon.

It's only been a few
months since I got back.

Come here. Come on.

I'm gonna take care of you guys.

Come on. You have my word on that.

We argue.

I took out the gun and...

I need to hear you say it.

I shot him.

That was it.

I need to hear you say it.

I shot him.

That was it.

Ronald Davis' toxicology report.

Should I do the honors,
or would you like to?

Go ahead.

His blood alcohol level
was twice the legal limit

on the night of the confession,

with trace amounts of
barbiturates and a sedative.

Sarge, he shot that kid.

We know that. Now prove it.

He described the gun.

He took a chain off the body.

He confessed on tape, for Christ's sake.

All while being drunk off his ass.

My work on this case was solid.

There's an eyewitness.

You better make sure this
kid is solid, because you know

what it means if this
confession doesn't stick.

It's the Board of Review
and IA breathing down

both our necks.

I signed off on this thing.

I need you to fix it.

So my pops got, like,
this small African village

over there, right?

Okay, yeah, I know I
got a lot of kids too,

but I'm saying this shit's crazy.

I got no privacy.

I gotta wait in line to take a piss.

And my stepmom, she buy
groceries saturday morning.

Tuesday night, all the food be gone.

No almond milk, nothing.

You gotta start putting
your name on shit.

No, they don't respect that.

You better figure it out.

Can't call yourself no man

if you don't take care of your kids.

The-the system is
rigged against fathers.

They're grilling me
like I'm fucking O.J.

while she get to just sit there.

She doing what she's supposed
to, be a good mama.

So the court can take
money out of my pocket

but won't help me see my son?

That's some bullshit.

Ain't this about a bitch?

What the hell is he doing?

Oh, I know dude. I got this.

Yo, you Brandon, right?

Yeah, I'll be ready
for orders in a minute.

Bro, I don't want no damn tacos.

You can't park right here.
This is a place of business.

This is a business too.

On wheels.

Then wheel your ass on up out of here.

Man, me and Sonny sell
two different things.

People want fried chicken,

they gonna come to y'all regardless.

If they wanna try something different

and maybe expand their
palate a little bit,

they'll come check me out.

Man, why don't you take this
roach coach up the block?

You need to pump your fucking brakes.

Don't be calling my shit no roach coach.

It's named after my brother,
and I'm only parking here

because the rest of the
block is permit only.

Then get a fucking permit.

Today ain't the day, dog.

Look, man.

I don't know why you going all crazy.

But I'm not about to
fight you over no chicken.

You know what? Fuck it.

You win. Everybody wins.

Except Brandon.

Yo, Emmett, there's
something wrong with Sonny.


He had this weird look on his face,

and then he just fell. I think
he overheated or something.

Sonny, can you hear me?

You get... get that boy
to move his damn truck?

Sonny, Sonny, try to...
try to smile for me.

Call 911. I think he having a stroke.

There's nothing to be
nervous about, Kevin.

You just tell the truth.

That's right. We'll
be in there with you.

You think that Ronnie guy is
gonna be in there with the judge?

I mean, he does have the
right to face his accuser,

something like that.

Boy, sometimes you're too
smart for your own good.

You're gonna worry me to death.

Saw it on Law & Order: SVU.

Let's go, son.

Ms. Williams?

Yes, are they ready for us?

Uh, I spoke with the judge's secretary.
It'll be another few moments.

I'm Alfred Justin with the
Advocacy Group for Children.

- Hey.
- Hi.

We work with kids and
parents who unfortunately find

themselves involved in some
way with the court system.

Are you an attorney?

No, our work is in social services.

It's incredibly brave of
you to let Kevin testify.

I've helped families
in the past deal with

the pressures and sometimes
the unfortunate consequences

of giving testimony, particularly
in cases of this magnitude.


Uh, can we have a minute?

What'd he say, Mom?

Nothing you need to worry about.

Come on. We're leaving.

- You've done more than enough.
- But, Mom...

I said come on, Kevin.

Thank you for the assist.

Hey, boy, what's your credit score?

Oh, shit.

You probably somewhere
in the 600s, ain't you?

Man, not right now.

Nobody told you to go to that
expensive-ass culinary school.

Ain't nobody told you you
gotta look through my mail

or commenting on everything
under the fucking sun

every time I come over here.

DA's office must have called you too.

Yeah, they did. I think it's fucked up.

Yeah, me too.

It's bullshit. It's all bullshit.

Your mama said she ain't
coming back to Chicago.

What? Why?

She couldn't handle being here
if Coogie's killer goes free.

He ain't even free yet.

She said her spirit told
her he was getting off.

Man, she always feeling
some shit in her spirit.

It ain't never positive.

Why she don't feel, "I'm gonna
win the lotto", in her spirit?

I know she drinking again too.

So what you gonna do,
move down there with her?

I ain't leaving Chi-town, not
even for your crazy-ass mama.

I was fine with moving
down to Tennessee with her,

get me some barbecue,

but I ain't fucking with no Delaware.

I feel that.

Guess I'll catch this overtime at CTA,

then spend my off days with
my daughter and grandbaby.

Keep my mind occupied.

Might finish sprucing
up around here too...

make it more my own.

Well, don't get too comfortable.
My name's still on the deed.


The fuck he want?

I guess you heard about Ronnie?

I did.

I can't imagine how hard this
must be for you and your family.

No, you can't.

I promise I am doing everything I can

to make sure he stays behind bars.

You think your mother
would be okay to write

a victim impact statement?

She ain't around, so I doubt it.

How could you let this happen?

All these black men in
jail for shit they didn't do

and this fool admits to
killing my brother on tape?

How is he talking about
getting out of jail?

Your mom won't write that statement,

I think you should.

It could really help.

Here's a better thought.

How about you do your job
and leave me and my family

the fuck alone?

I believe my client's
confession was coerced

by an unscrupulous detective,

that he pressured his
own confidential informant

into implicating himself
in a murder charge.

I guess it's the detective's fault, too,

that we have an eyewitness.

An eyewitness in the form
of a 12-year-old child

who was clearly traumatized,

who's currently in therapy,

and who, by the way, shot
my client in the stomach.

- Is this true?
- Yes, sir.

Eyewitness testimony is unreliable

from adults in the
best of circumstances.

Certainly that's the
case here with the kid.

Thought the Ronnie Davis case
was pretty much open and shut.

But in light of new information,

there's more to consider.

I'll deliberate and
render my decision shortly.

Having sold eight boxes,

Stacey Smith leads our
fund-raiser right now.


Not to embarrass anyone
but to encourage you all

to work harder to win those
great prizes for the top sellers,

Lisa Gobbs and Stanley
Jackson hold the last spots.

But there's still plenty of
time left and plenty of room

for improvement.

Man, Kev. I gotta level up.

Shedd Aquarium's weak.

Penguins and sharks are
straight, but that's it.

But I need this flat-screen.

I'm redoing the Papa Cave.

To win the flat-screen,
you gotta sell 30 boxes.

Twelve candy bars a box, 360
bars, at two dollars a pop

is 720 bucks for a TV
that retails at $400

that the school gets
for free as a donation.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

Who are you, Rain Man?

You don't understand.

There's only one good
TV in the whole house.

Ain't nobody got time to be
watching the Gospel Channel

- all day long.
- Man, be weak if you want to.

Great work, everybody. Keep on selling.

Mr. Williams, may I have a word?

If you're not going to sell candy,

could you at least not
call the aquarium weak

in front of the whole class?

But the aquarium's weak.

It's not about you, Mr. Williams.

Your parents can afford to
take you to the aquarium.

This fund-raiser is about students
who aren't as fortunate.

My bad.

So... no more bad-mouthing the
candy sale or the aquarium.


And since you clearly know the math,

I expect you to return on
Friday with $24 in sales.

- But...
- Think of it as doing

a good deed for your fellow classmate.

That thing you asked for.

Thank you.


how'd it go?

I laid out all the points.
It's a solid case.

Now it's up to the judge.

And what about the eyewitness?

I wouldn't worry about that.

You been keeping your nose clean?

You tell me. You're the bloodhound.

You smell better than before.

Well, thank you for
taking my case pro bono.

It's nice having someone on your side.

Mr. Davis...

I've never been on your side.

You think I enjoy getting murderers
and white supremacists off?

I'm trying to make partner.

I'll let you know when I hear something.

At least you didn't have to see him.

If he gets out of jail, think
he'll come looking for you again?

I don't know.

I hope not,

'cause all that drama with
him chasing you last time

aggravated my asthma.

Everything aggravates your asthma.

So you ain't scared of him no more?

Hell no.

I ain't scared of that nigga.

I never was.

Cool, but just in case, you
want me to have the elders

at the church pray and lay hands on you?

No, y'all be slapping oil on people

and getting the Holy Ghost too much.

But that stuff works.

Last week, my dad knocked
me out with the Holy Ghost.

I woke up the next morning
and aced my math test.

Yeah, uh, I'm cool.

Kev, who can we finesse
to get these candy bars off?

We? You mean you.

What the...

How Maisha gonna give the
bike back that I gave her?

I know she not calling
herself trying to be nice.


Hold on. Don't touch it.

Wait, what? What?

Yo, we don't know what
kinda criminal activity

Maisha has been getting into.

Was she even at school today?

Um, nope.


If I was you, I'd ride that shit

straight back to her ass.

You can't be out here riding dirty, Kev.

Anybody witness you shooting Coogie?




Cruz, you got a minute?

I'm, uh, kind of in
the middle of something.

It's cool. It'll only take a sec.

I got no priors on Brandon Johnson,

but who's this guy?

Homies showed him mad
love at the repast.

That's Reginald Taylor.

People call him Reg.

He's a street leader
of the 63rd Street Mob.

Run him, you'll see he's
been a menace his whole life.

That explains all the ring kissing.

He doesn't strike me as a boss, though.

I'm assuming he answers
to somebody else.

Yeah, they all answer to somebody.

Gang founder's doing double life

for a body he dropped in '89.

Shot caller before Reg was
a flashy hood named Trice.

Before him, it was an
old-schooler named Q.

Street says both are dead.

And if Reg should
meet an untimely death,

who are the next
knuckleheads in succession?

Appreciate you, Detective.

Don't mention it.

Getting used to you interrupting me.

My dad talks about you all the time.

You're like a son to him.

Doctor said he wouldn't be
alive if it wasn't for you.

Tch, well, my mom's a nurse.

She's always talking to
me about her patients.

I guess some of it stuck.

But look, Sonny ain't going nowhere.

He got the whole hood to feed.

Yeah. I don't know.

And I'm vegan, so I don't know
the first thing about chicken.

Wait, so you're thinking
about closing this place?

The family has talked about it.

You can't. I need this job.

Well, I'd hate to do it, but I...

Let me run it.

I can hold down the fort
till Sonny's back on his feet.

But do you have any
experience running a business?

I know enough.

Besides, no sense in shutting it down

when it can be open,
making money, right?

One step forward, two steps back.

That's my life. No breaks.

It's like this thing
with Coogie's killer.

First he confessed and said he did it.

Now he got a new lawyer and
he's trying to get out of jail.

Hey, I wouldn't sweat it.

He murdered your brother in cold blood.

There's no way he's
walking Scot-free for that.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Good thing is, business is steady.

Give me a little breathing room

to catch up on some of these bills.

Yo, speaking of bills,
you get this joint?

Five grand to the winner
and a three-page spread

on Great Plate Magazine
might solve your problems.

Yeah, I saw that, but I
might be out of my league.

Please, you're just as good as them.


- Can you get that for me?
- Yeah, I got you.



Yeah, I can do that.

Just send me the address.


Hey, look, after we
handle this last customer,

- shut it down.
- What? Why?

We got another job. I'll
tell you about it on the way.

Um, where the fuck are we,

the Players Ball?

Man, ever since I did Junie's repast,

I've been getting calls off the hook.

I'm in high demand at hood funerals now.

Plus, I can make twice
as much doing this

as I can selling tacos on
King Drive from 12 to three.

There's gotta be an easier
way to make money than this.

Nah, G.

This the lick.

Besides, in a restaurant,
I'd never be able to get

to see Monkey D and Lady Isis.


You feel me?

I knew you'd come.

I've been all over this
place looking for your ass.

I didn't know you moved.

Look, I'm just here to
give you this bike back,

'cause God knows what
you been doing with it.

Aw, you must care.

- Care about what?
- About me.

I don't care about you. On my mamas.

I just don't give people
stuff and take it back.

You know what? Forget it.


My mom told me to bring the bike back.

One of my snitch-ass cousins told.

But as long as you
here, I need something.

You need to start
bringing me my homework

every day.

Now you got a ride.

No. I'm not your slave.

You would be so lucky.

Do it, or I'll tell Mrs.
Jones about that volcano

y'all stole from the library

and get you and your
little friends in trouble.

Damn, Maisha. Thought we was cool.

Just bring me my homework, boy.

Miss Ethel, this is Detective Toussaint.

Miss Davis, I wanna talk to
you about what you remember

about the attack.

Would you recognize any
of the men if you saw them?


I know that boy.

But it-it wasn't him.

Yeah, take it slow.

Can you describe who attacked you?

Now, that I can do.

He was black.

Smiled a lot.


And ugly something.

And said he was a homeless vet.

You said, "He."

There was only one attacker?


I'm all right. I'm all right.

I'm sorry. She needs her rest.

You should come back later.

You have reached (773) 555-0155.

At the tone, please leave a message.

You and that girl must
be getting serious.

What's her name? Tammy?

Tracy, Grandma.

I knew it was a T some kind of way.

Seems very serious if
you keeping her son.

When your mama was alive,
she wouldn't let nobody

watch you but me.

Grandma, how you like if I plant
you some peonies out here?

Sounds good to me.

I made some sweet tea.

- Y'all want some?
- I do.

- All right.
- Thanks, Grandma.

Ronnie, who's your favorite
Bulls player right now?

Jordan. Past, present, and future.

Ronnie, come get this tray.

Keep working on your left hand.

- Hey!
- Go get it, scrub.

Watch it there now, son.
Keep the ball over there.

- Whatever.
- Don't you "whatever" me.

- You call me sir, understand?
- Hey, hey, hey!

Don't you put your hands on my son!

What'd I tell you about keeping

- that ball over here, huh?
- Ow!

You need to stay on
this side of the street!

You're hurting me!

- You ain't my daddy!
- Hmm.

I'm ready to go home.

Jason, come back here!

Damn, burner's out.

Oh, we served that much food?

You mean they ate that much food.

That was a gang of
people. I'm tired as hell.

Now I gotta use what I
was gonna make off this job

to fix this shit.

Didn't I just say? Two steps back.

Hey, B, let me holler at
you right fast, young blood.

Man, I sure do appreciate you
coming through for me like that

on such short notice.

Cousin Mildred was supposed
to did all the food.

She messed around, got
called in for a double.

- You understand, playboy.
- It's all good, Smitty.

- You ready to get settled up?
- Yes, sir.

Let's handle this biz and
I'll get back to these streets.

It's gonna be 1,500 even.

Fifteen hundred?

You said 850.

I mean, that's when you told me

it was gonna be 60
people I was cooking for.

Half of Lawndale showed up out here.

Oh, boy, you got that Ronald
Reagan inflation around this piece.

I got you, though.

What am I supposed to do with this?

That's that Ooh-Wee Teena Marie.

You bag that up right,
you got 700 right fast.

By the time it's all said and done,

you might mess around, owe me, blood.

I wanna speak to your supervisor.

What seems to be the problem?

The problem is her funky attitude.

And you're out of dark meat.

Oh, I apologize for that, ma'am.

Um, we cooking up
another batch right now.

She said that 30 minutes ago.

Can you please be nice to the customers?

And where the hell is Rhonda?

She called off.

Said she ain't feel like dealing
with these people today.

Neither do I, but I still showed up.

- Folks is trifling.
- Mm.

Terry, how much longer on the chicken?

I'm moving as fast as I can, bro.

I only got one fryer.

And that grease trap is still
backed up on the other one.

Who was supposed to
clean the grease trap?



Sundra need to close this place,

'cause you don't know what you doing.

What you say? What you say?

Man, get back to work.

Oh, so you're the manager now?

Yeah, which means I can fire people.

Sir, this chicken is burnt.

Oh, it's not burnt.

It's-it's-it's extra crispy.

I want my money back.

Get off my porch!

Go away!


Yo, go!

What they running for? Excuse me, miss.

I just wanted to ask... I have a...

Come on.

Instead we see who we are not

Wait a minute. This is about Ethel?

I'll talk to you.

Sit your ass down, Kang!

Making all that noise.

I got a noisy one too.

Detective Toussaint.

What's your name?

Gladys, baby.

I've lived over here 46 years, and
I ain't scared of these Negroes.

What you need to know?

Recognize anybody
here as a troublemaker?

I don't.

You know, they all start to
look the same after a while.

What's with all the "For Sale" signs?

Folks want to move,

it's getting so bad around here.

All the shootings, break-ins,

what they did to Ethel.

It's terrible.

Miss Gladys, aside from the crime,

would you happen to know
if some of your neighbors

have been forced to leave their homes?

Anybody been evicted recently?

I don't know nothing about
nobody getting evicted.

There's this white girl walking
around offering folks money

to move, so some people taking it.

This white girl have a name?

I don't know.

If you see that white girl again,

will you please give me a call?

Sure will.



- It's actually premium shit.
- Yes.

Yeah. I could flip it.

Probably get about 800 for it.

That should square us on the truck.


Damn, yeah.

I was gonna knock out a
couple of these other bills

before I hit you back for the truck.

How the hell you not gonna pay me first?

I'm your chief investor.

Man, 'cause these bills
taking turns whupping my ass.

Let me just hold 400 of this

until I can get the burner
fixed and get out of this hole

and then I'll pay you
back as soon as I can.

I got you.

What the hell you doing
catering pimp funerals?

I'll cater anybody's funeral,
long as the check clears.

No, what you need is a venture
capitalist with deep pockets.

I got this joint in
the mail the other day.

Might not help me
right this second, but...

"The After Taste. Next generation."

Yeah, it's a food competition.

It's a spin off the Taste of Chicago.

In order to get in, you
gotta own a restaurant

or a food truck, be affiliated with

a culinary school, and have,
like, three signature dishes.

But you got all that. Why
you saying you don't know?

See, this is what I'm talking about.

Your chakras, they all out of balance.

Two, three, four, five,
six. All seven of them.

You'd kill this contest, bro.

My school's one of the
sponsors, and you gotta be

in good financial standing to compete.

Which I know you ain't.

Man, it don't even matter.

Hold up, did they actually
tell you you couldn't compete?


But you know how white
people is about they money.

Boy, you better act like
you got a mouthpiece on you.

You a Johnson.

We make shit happen.

Now, go down there and
talk somebody ear off

until they let you in.

- Well...
- Boy, what you doing?



You're getting a quiz
on linear equations.

My notes are in there.

Use them if you want.

Have one. They're yellow cake.

I made too many.

Mama got you babysitting again?

Yeah, she got another job.

Your mom's got a lot of jobs.

She got a lot of kids.

Uh, you wanna come in?

I'll wrap the rest up for you to take

to your big-boned friend Papa.

I know he'll eat them.

Next time, you gotta
use two hands, Sierra.


No more snacks after this.

It's time for y'all butts
to take a nap anyway.

So what's the tea at school?

Is Dijonay and Alexa still beefing?

No, y'all girls be
spilling tea too much.

I just mind my business.

You're boring.

So, uh, when you coming back to school?

I don't know.

My mom says she got a lot on her plate

and she needs me right now.

Uh, tell Papa not to
eat these all at once

with his greedy self.


I'll tell him.

Uh, will I see you tomorrow?


Hey. Come here.

Can I have a high five?

High five?

Can I have a hug?


Hey, yo, Brandon!

Brandon! Hey, yo, Brandon!


Yo, Brandon!

Brandon, wait up!

What up, Kev? Long time, no see.


I didn't think you saw me.

You heard about that Ronnie
dude trying to get out?

Yeah, I heard.

Look, man, it's getting late.

Put your bike in the
back. I'll give you a ride.

All right. Thanks.

I just wish I could do more.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

Just you being willing to
speak up in the first place

was helpful.

Real talk.


What you was doing all the
way on the other side of town?

Dropping off some homework
to this girl at my school.

Don't let me find out you
got a little girlfriend, Kev.

First of all, she ain't little.

Second of all, it ain't
even like that, bro.

Yeah, whatever.

Whatever, man.

Let's get in on this football.

You know anything about
a white lady canvassing

Miss Ethel's neighborhood,
making property inquiries?

No, first I've heard of that.

The Davis confession.

Figured out your next move?

No, there is no next move.

Ronnie Davis is exactly
where he belongs.

He shot that kid

and confessed.

Drunk, sober, it doesn't matter.

I know him.

Guy's a functioning alcoholic.

Worked as my CI for the past two years.

So you took the confession
of a drunk informant?

Why didn't you just tank
him till he sobered up?

You know the protocol.

He killed Coogie Johnson.

He and I both know it.

It's all bullshit.

Lawyers doing what they
do: bastardizing the law.

They find loopholes,

and it's our job to make
sure there aren't any.

There must have been
something about this

Ronnie Davis guy,
this Coogie Johnson case

that caused the rush.

I don't need a shrink.


I did everything by the book.

That was his, right?


How was it like, having a brother?

Fun. Crazy.

When he was little, he
used to hate all that hair.

Kids made fun of him, called him a girl.

He got into a gang
of fights over it too.

Until I told him, like, being different

is what makes you special.

Anyway, why? No brothers?

No, just a bossy-ass big sister.

I'm sure she just
looking out for you, G.

Thanks for the ride. Dope truck.

You're welcome to roll anytime.

I could always use an extra hand.

Hey, you're pretty
smart at school, right?

Hmm, I'm all right, I guess.

I wanna read something
to you. Check it out.

See what you think.


The detective handling Coogie's case,

he asked me to write a statement.

Supposed to sway the judge's decision

about keeping Coogie's killer in jail.

Hey, look, I'm not much of a writer,

so don't be judging my shit hard.

Just read it.

"My little brother, Coogie,

everybody loved him.

He was the glue that
held my family together.

And now that he's gone,

it just seems like
everything's falling apart.

For me, sometimes my mom.

Even though he was my little brother,

he felt like a son to me.

Because I raised him.

Taught him how to tie his shoes,

how to read, how to ride a bike.

He was the light at
the end of the tunnel.

Now there's no light.

Just darkness.

That's what this killer took
away from me and my family."

That was, that was really good.

Brother seemed like a really cool guy.

Yeah, thanks for listening, dude.

Still got my number, right?

All right, well, let me
know if you need anything.

- Thanks.
- All right.

Maximum range of an
M-16 A1 assault rifle's

3,600 meters.

Effective flying range of 550 meters.

Fires in rapid succession
800 rounds per minute.

It'd be so easy to take you out.

You been back and forth
at that window all day.

What you looking for?

You need to come away from it.

Your disability's here.

I'm not disabled. I'm fine.

Ronnie, I need you to go downtown

and pay that water bill.

And get yourself together like
you been telling that girl.

The DA pulled the case.

What does that mean?

They didn't think they
had enough evidence

to move forward.

You're a free man.

I don't know exactly what to say.

Say you'll do better.

This check is the balance
on your commissary account.

I can coordinate a halfway house

if you need someplace to stay.

No, I-I'm staying with my grandma.

I gotta get back and take care of her.

While your concern for your
grandmother is understandable,

you won't be much use to her

if you don't get your life together.

I know.

It's all I've been thinking about
since she's been in the hospital.

If I was a better man,

maybe this wouldn't have happened.

This probably sounds
crazy, but it's like...

I been doing better in here.

The order, routine.

It's almost like the Army.

- Almost.
- I've heard that before.

Some people thrive in the
four walls of an institution

but a prison can't be the
only place a man survives.

You have to find
structure on the outside.

You being released is a miracle.

No one walks on a murder charge.

Unless I'm defending them.

You have a lot to figure out, Mr. Davis.

Good luck to you.

Is there any brisket today?

No, just chicken.

Uh, hush puppies?

Nope, just chicken.

All right, what about
them Cajun fries y'all got?

Bruh, just chicken.

So when y'all said,
"Sonny's Chicken Pit,"

y'all really meant that shit?

Look, man, this is the
menu until Sonny gets back.

This all we got.

I mean, can we move it along?

You want a hush puppy, you can...

I can't believe Sonny
left you in charge.

Well, believe it. How can I help you?

Look, I need some money
for EJ dentist appointment.

I already gave you your monthly check.

And that barely covers daycare.

You wanted a child support
order, you got one, all right?

I'm paying what they told me to pay.

Why you need to go to an
expensive-ass dentist, anyway?

He only got three teeth.

So you can spend $300
on a pair of gym shoes

but you can't cough up no
extra money for your son?

I ain't bought no new
shoes in, like, three weeks.

Am I supposed to feel sorry for you?

Look, you can either order
food or get the fuck out.

Fuck you, Emmett.


Where you taking me?

It's a briefing for inmates
within 30 days of release.

Congratulations, by the way.

Playing your drunk card is bullshit.

You know it.

You're the one that told
me that kid was standing

over Jason's body.

The fuck you think was gonna happen?

I looked out for you.

Your family.

This is what you do to me?

Fuck you.

And since you think I owe you something,

I won't tell my lawyer you assaulted me.

Excuse me, sir. Would
you like a candy bar?

We've been out here for
three hours and only made

eight dollars between us.

Be patient. Sales is the long game.

I feel light headed.

What you light headed for?

Do not try to back out of this.

I told you.

I've been on the Daniel Fast at church.

But today is the last day.

Praise Jesus.

You've been on a Daniel Fast?

And today's the last day?


Bible says that obedience
is better than the sacrifice.

Can I get some help in here today?

Aww, don't y'all go to
looking at your clocks.

Because the Lord is speaking
and I'm still teaching.

I said obedience is
better than a sacrifice.

And through your obedience
all blessings will flow.

Almost over.

As soon as my daddy get done preaching.

He long winded.

He been preaching for a long time.

How you know he almost done?


I say ten days.

Ten days.

He just held up crackers.

He always does that
at the end of a fast.

Boy, I feel the anointing
of a four piece

spicy dark in my spirit.

Right now I receive it.

I receive it.

I receive it. You are dismissed.

- Two dollars.
- Know you're hungry.

- Get them before they sell out.
- Selling over here.

- Selling over here.
- Two dollars.

Thank you, man.

Two. Two dollars.

We got everything over here.

Here we go, here we go.

Time is money, people.

- I ain't trying to waste it.
- You make change here?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We know you're hungry.

Come on. All right, here you go.

- Give me four!
- There you go.

We do good?


You are receiving a call
from a correctional institution.

Caller, please state your name.


You can't put your hands on
my child like that, Ronnie.

I didn't mean to hurt him.

Let's not make a big deal out of this.

You know I love Jason.

What's going on with you?
You're not yourself.

I don't want my son to be scared of you.

Hell, I don't wanna be scared of you.

I was just trying to
protect him, that's all.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Listen.

I hear a lot of what you say, Ronnie,

but it's not lining up with what you do.

You love Jason. You love me.

You say you're applying
for all these city jobs.

You say you're working on
finding us a better place to stay.

But where is any of that?

I'm waiting on people to call.

Baby, I can't control all that.

I need stability.

I'm really trying, Trace.

I swear to God, I am!


Just, if you can hang in there with me.

I love you. But I'm sorry.

This is all just too
much for me right now.

I think we need to slow down a little.

You know?

Take a break.


Here's all my tip money.

You can have it.

Go get his teeth checked.

Thank you.

You wanna come inside?

Where EJ at? He asleep?

I work early shifts on
Wednesdays so he's staying

with my mama Tuesdays.

I don't wanna mess
up his sleep schedule.

Why the fuck you invite me here, then?

You knew I'd want to see him.

You're always on some bullshit, Tiff.

I was trying to be nice to your ass.

I should go to your
mom's house right now

so I can go see my son.

You don't wanna do that.
My mama don't like you.

She only don't like me

'cause you're always
talking shit about me.

No, she don't like you

because you spent the first year

of EJ's life denying him.

Now all of a sudden he's your son.

I've done everything I'm supposed to do.

You pay one month of child support.

That don't make you daddy of the year.

You ain't winning no
parenting awards, either.

Fuck you, nigga.

No, I used to fuck you. Now
I don't. That's why you mad.

If I keep up my monthly payments,

I was hoping the school
would make an exception

and let me participate
in the After Taste.

I'm just a young man trying
to do the right thing.

What I'm saying is,

I just need somebody to believe in me.

I get it.

But this is a business, Brandon.

If I let you slide,
I have to let others.

I appreciate you taking
the time to see me.

However our mission is not only
to train the next generation

of great chefs but to encourage
people of strong character

to pursue their dreams.

I think we can count that
payment as a good faith effort

and consider the name Brandon
Johnson to be in good standing.

Thank you so much,
Dean. Thank you so much.

Wait. There are no more
Brandon Johnsons, right?

- I don't think so.
- All right.

- But I'll check.
- All right, thank you.

- Jason's chain.
- Yeah.

Was this outside the corner store?


I took out the gun.

Maximum range of
an M-16 A1 assault rifle

is 3,600 meters.

Mom! You're hurting me.

You can't put your hands
on my child like that.

I don't want my son to be scared of you.

Hell, I don't wanna be scared of you.

You love Jason. You love me.

You say you're applying
for all these city jobs.

Your disability's here.

Death in milliseconds.