The Chi (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Lean Into It - full transcript

Brandon takes a big step with Jerrika. A new opportunity forces Emmett's hand. Kevin makes a new friend and a fateful decision. Ronnie spirals out of control.

Previously on The Chi...

You need to run Douda a bag.
Forty-eight hours.

Put all that shit in the bag
right now, hurry up!

- Man, fuck you.
- Nah, fuck you and Reg.

My brother know what he did.

- Oh, shit.
- Whoa.

Wait! No!


Everybody out! Fire! Fire!

Tell me about this
new baby in your life.

Miss Little, if you brought
me all the way down here

just to say no to my face,

you could've just told
me all that on the phone.

I did it.

- Did what?
- Quit.

Like you said.

What did Gasca Want? He
always up in people's shit.

No, I-it was nothing.

Suddenly Brandon's got his
own mini Secret Service detail.

Maybe he's selling dope
off the truck for the gang.

Let me talk to Brandon,
see what he tells me.

I think you know that's a terrible idea.

What you doing?

Just betting on me.

On us.

Have fun y'all.

Yeah, yeah, coming, coming.


What do you want?

You didn't return my call.

Were you calling to tell me
that Ronnie Davis is back in jail?

Then we don't have
nothing to talk about.

I need to get back to my renovations.

Hey, hey, you need to listen to me.

You're the subject of
a criminal investigation

involving the 63rd Street Mob.

Excuse me?

You gonna let me in so I don't have

to talk about this on the street?

You in.

Now tell me what the
fuck you talking about.

We've been surveilling your taco truck.

Known members of the 63rd Street Mob

have been seen eating there a lot,

paying for their food, and
they've been watching it.

What do you mean watching it?

As in guarding it.

That's the first I heard of that.

What the fuck this got to do with me?

And now you got a new
truck worth $75,000.

It makes me wonder
where you got that money.

- I-I got an investor.
- Who?

If you really must know,

it's Otis Perry, the pizza dude.

Not that it's any of
your fucking business.

Brandon, if you're
selling dope off the truck,

you need to stop.

So let me get this straight.

You standing here in my face,

after letting the motherfucker
who killed my brother get off,

and now you accusing
me of being a criminal?

I'm not accusing you.
I'm giving you a heads-up.

I'm trying to open a restaurant.

Why would I be getting
involved in gang shit?

How do you explain everything
that's going on around your truck?

You can leave now.

Brandon, I'm trying to help you.

You know how you can help me?

You can make the guy who
killed my brother pay for it.

♪ The Chi 2x08 ♪
Lean Into It

Brandon, come here!

Hey, what's up?
What are you doing?

What do you think about these plates?

They white.

But do they bring you joy?


It's a decluttering technique.

You're supposed to put
all your stuff in piles,

and then you hold each item,

ask yourself whether it brings you joy.

Babe, is this what you about to be doing

with the rest of your days
now that you a free woman?

Because if so, I'm a little scared.

I'm batting around a few ideas.

I just can't get that lady
Patrice I told you about

out of my mind.

Babe, you just got to relax.

It's a little hard to relax

when you don't know what you're
doing with the rest of your life.

Well, you don't have
to figure it out today.

Why don't you just, I
don't know, watch TV?

Go to brunch with your girls?
Get a mani-pedi?

Whatever you do, don't stress.

I got you.

It's all gonna work out.

Easy for you to say. You have a life.

Where you going?

I got a meeting with Otis Perry.

About what?

Business. Nothing special.

Try to have a good day.
And remember, relax.

Mm. Hmm.

- Breathe. Love you.
- Love you.

Shh. Shh, shh.

I can tell everyone's excited

for our long-awaited trip
to the Shedd Aquarium.

I don't want to temper your enthusiasm,

but I'm gonna need
you guys to settle down

while I get a headcount.

You know it's your fault

we going on this stupid-ass
field trip, right?

Would you rather stay in class

and learn about the Revolutionary War?

I thought not.

This trip is gonna broaden our horizons,

take Jake's ass to new places,

since he never been downtown.

What? How is that possible?

Okay, we're good.

Now we'll be splitting
you up into groups.

Each group will have a chaperone.

Listen to your chaperone.

And lastly, some of you
know that our sister school,

Chicago North Side
Academy, will be joining us.

So no misbehaving. Don't break anything.

And represent Hopkins with pride.

Bottom line, folks, don't embarrass me.

All right? Buses are waiting.

Don't forget to use the
restroom on your way out.

Once we are on the road,
we will not be stopping.

Mr. Williams, can I have a second?

Chicago North Side Academy is the school

I was telling you about.

Has your mother been able to
look over that brochure I gave you?

I don't know. She been kind of busy.

Well, let her know that I'm available

if she has any questions.

Yeah, I'll tell her.

What else did this detective say?

Did you tell him anything
about our partnership?


He asked, so I told him.

I wish you hadn't done that.

You are not that dumb, Brandon.

The people who are
guarding your truck...

they work for me.

J.B., Reg, two employees I sent you,

we're all a part of The Company.

But Reg is 63rd Street Mob.

So you're 63rd...

I'm a businessman, Brandon.

And a good businessman has
his hands in a few pots.

And we made it our business to make sure

that The Company evolves over the years.

We're not just street niggas no more,

standing on a corner slinging crack.

Respectfully, Mr. Perry,

this ain't what I signed up for.

I ain't never been
about no illegal shit.

What are you telling me, Brandon?


You don't want my money?


Okay. Okay, that's fine.

Just make sure you pay me back
for the cost of the new truck...


And the 50 Gs I put in your account.

- Plus 20 percent interest.
- Twenty percent?

Yeah, that's the time value of my money.

You don't think that I should
lose money on you, now, do you?

Or we can continue to pursue your dream.

I was envisioning...

... a brick-and-mortar
restaurant in the West Loop.

Perhaps across the street

from the restaurant
where you used to work.

What was that called? Uh, Trestle?

Might be kind of nice to give
your old boss the middle finger.

I'm assuming that you don't, uh, intend

on selling tacos from a fucking truck

in the middle of February.

Do you?

It's your choice, Brandon.

Oh, but, uh...

... you can't fuck with my money.

Yo, man, what the fuck you doing?

What you think I'm doing?

Okay, well, um, you
coming to the aquarium?

Of course I'm coming.

I'm about to sell these dub sacks.

I'm fittin' to make a killing
of them North Side rich kids.

- How much a dub go for?
- Usually 20.

But I think I can hit them up for 30.

Nigga, what I look like?

I ain't fittin' to
touch your dick dollars.

Ain't even wash your hands.

What the hell?

Anyway, this is pure THC.

It'll knock you off your ass.

These rich white kids be
traveling from everywhere

to get it from Reg, so I
figure why not bring it to them?

- Let's go! Let's go!
- Shit. Get down.

The buses are
ready to leave now.

- Put it in your pocket.
- Fuck, no.

- Put it in your bag.
- Hell, nah.

Gentlemen, what are you doing?


Okay, then let's go. Get on the bus.

Come on, Kev.

I picked the safari one

'cause Jason loved The Lion King.

And I had a stuffed lion just like this

when I was a kid.

Took that thing with me everywhere.

And now you have one just like it.

You really didn't have
to buy all this, Ronnie.

It's a lot.

What are you talking about?

This here my granddaughter.

Ain't enough gifts in the world for her.

So how's the job search going?

There's not a lot out there.

Thought about nursing?

Not really.

I mean, it's interesting, but...

'Cause I asked my friend
Jada to talk to you about it.

Um... okay.

I don't really know if I'm
into it like that, just...

Classes at the community
college start up next month.

And I read there's a shortage of
nurses right now in the country.

They make good money.

You'd be really good at it.


I guess I could look into it.

I'll do it for you.

I can pick up the
brochure from the college.

God, she's growing so fast.

Hey, do you mind if I take her

to meet my grandma tomorrow?

She'd love to meet her.

Um, I don't know, Ronnie.

Now, don't tell me you
couldn't use a break.

I mean...

I could get some
laundry done around here.

She'll be totally safe with me.


Okay, but only for a couple hours.

Do you hear that, Jordan?

You're gonna meet your
great-gran, Miss Ethel.

Oh, come on.

Let 'em know ETA five out.

Ambulance mean cops showing up.

What the hell going on?

They just found Peaches
in the hallway OD'd.

Paramedics had to hit
her with that Narcan pen.

Are you fucking kidding me?

They taking her to St. Bernard.

Who the fuck sold to Peaches?

I don't know.

But these niggas know the drill.

Fire up the G-Wagon.

I'm gonna head up St. Bernard.

Got you.

You got a problem.

The Obama clone? He's a rube.

Maybe, but so was Obama
when he lost to Bobby Rush.

Then that rube became president.

- I'm not worried.
- You should be.

He's young, charismatic,

and he's hitting you
where you're vulnerable.

Old-school politics versus new,

passion and principle versus
cronyism and corruption.

Everyone knows you're dirty, Alderman.

I know it personally,

and he's gonna bury you with it.

He's five points behind.

He's within the margin of error.

Why are you here, Jerrika?

You have a constituent, Patrice Jenkins.

She got pushed out of her
Section Eight apartment

by Mrs. Brown's condo development.

So why aren't you talking
to Mrs. Brown about that?

Because I just like you better.

You're gonna give Patrice
a low-income unit somewhere else.

I got a line around the
block for those units.

Why would I jump your
friend to the front?

Because if you don't,
I'll call the Tribune

and tell them how you extorted $50,000

from me and Mrs. Brown.

You wouldn't shoot yourself or
Mrs. Brown in the foot like that.

I actually don't work for her anymore.

A nice photo-op with Patrice

will help you push back against Nelson.

Plus, I know you have your
eye on running for mayor soon.

You could be the next Harold Washington.

You're a fast learner, Jerrika.

What was it that you told me?

Politics is a dirty business.

I'll make sure your office
can get in touch with Patrice.

Hey, Pyro Pete!

Your fire-happy ass burn down
any other buildings lately?

I don't believe this.

Boy, don't be getting soft on me.

Sonny, man, how you doing?
It's good to see you.

I'm a little slow, but good otherwise.

Look, before you say anything,

I just want to say I'm
really, really sorry

for what happened to the restaurant.

I got a little money to
help you with the deductible.

It's not a lot, but it's something.

Boy, I ain't about to
take nothing from you.

You got enough mouths to feed as it is.

I didn't ask you here about no money.

Well, then why am I here?

Two reasons.

First was to thank you.

You saved my life.

No, I-I can't let you thank me.

I-I-I burned down
your restaurant.

The second is to tell you

the insurance money was actually good.

So good that if I'm careful
rebuilding this location,

I can open another one.

Yo, that's great.

So Sonny's gonna be a chain.

Two restaurants ain't no chain, boy.

And since my daughter's
making me cut back on my hours,

I'll need a manager.

So you want a job?

Manager? You mean,
like, run the kitchens?

Hell, no.

Ain't nobody putting your
ass near a damn oven again.

You keep the supplies ordered,

deal with the vendors, and
do that social-media stuff.

I lost a lot of customers
when I was away,

and I know you're good at it

'cause what you did for Brandon.

Always got your face in
that damn phone of yours.

Wow, I...

I can't believe this.

It's a yearly salary, not hourly.

- With benefits.
- Benefits?

Your problems in the kitchen aside,

you a good worker.

So you interested?

I'll, uh, have to think about that.

You got kids, you got bills.
What's there to think about?

Oh, you trying to negotiate.

Okay, we can do that.

Yeah. Think about it.

Talk it over with your financial team.

How come you never been downtown?

Man, I don't know.

I guess nobody ever took me before.

What you mean "took me"?

You can take the 3 King Drive bus

straight up and down Michigan Avenue.

Stop riding him, Kev.

Let the man enjoy his new surroundings.

This is so exciting.

- Yo, is that the ocean?
- Come on, hurry up!

Oh, my Lord, the man
doesn't know the difference

between a lake and an ocean.

We in trouble.

Nah, it's Lake Michigan. Nice, right?

Yeah. It's beautiful.

What the fuck? Look at they bus.

Exactly how much candy did they sell?

Yo, who won y'all fund-raiser?

What fund-raiser?

Ain't that some shit?

We really are the broke-ass
public-school kids.

All right, everyone, let's go!

Aquarium is that way.

Mr. Williams, you forgot
your backpack on the bus.

Oh, uh, I thought I could leave it.

Nope, got to take everything with you.

I'm not bringing that shit inside.

That's why I left it on the bus.

- Put it in your bag.
- How the fuck can we do that

right now without getting caught?

I don't know. You were the
one that wanted to bring it.

Just keep it. I'll get it later.

Man, fuck.

Five hundred and
twenty-three candy bars later,

I finally made it.

All right, listen up!

Miss Collins and I have
assigned you each to a group,

half Hopkins, half North Side.

Now, remember, the goal is
to get to know each other.

Stanley, Jake, Lauren,

Demarcus, Elizabeth, Robert, Mercedes,

group A.

Kevin, Malcolm, Melanie,

Monique, Donte, Fiona,

William, and Alison,

group B.

Mr. Gasca, why are you splitting us up?

Yeah, why? That's not fair.

Go to your group, Jake and Papa.

You boys will survive a
day without each other.

Kevin, you're with
group B, with Malcolm.


Kevin Williams, I'd like
you to meet Malcolm Whitman.

He used to be one of
my students at Hopkins.

Now he buses up to Chicago North
Side Academy from the South Side.

Doesn't live too far from you, actually.

I was thinking it might be cool

if you guys spent the day together,

got to know each other a little bit.

You can ask him about his experiences.

- Sound good?
- No.

I already got friends.

Ah, you can make new ones.

- What's up?
- Hi.

Unless you plan on robbing a bank,

you need to tell your
woman to borrow the cash

from that fat cat daddy of hers

and pay that crazy motherfucker, Douda,

who I told you was crazy,
every penny of his money.

He not fucking around with you, boy.

I can't do that.

'Cause doing that means I got
to tell Jerrika everything,

and she was the one who
warned me not to get involved

with him in the first place.

And me.

Hardheaded ass.

Well, if you don't tell her,

she gonna find that shit out eventually.

You know how women are with
their spidey senses and shit.

They can actually smell a
crime before the shit happens.

They... ... just
smell that shit, you know?

Is that what happened to your lip?

I told you what
happened to my lip, okay?

It's just... like, it's a reaction.

That shit just blew up like
that like a fucking life raft.

I was eating some falafel,
and that shit just did that,

but, nigga, fuck all that, okay?

All I'm saying is that
last time you lied to her,

she broke up with your ass.

Can y'all just help me

figure out some sort of solution?

You need to sell that new truck

and get what you can for the other one.

I'm not selling my food truck.

I might sell the new one.

I might bring this engagement ring back,

but I'm not selling my damn food truck.

Even if you sold both trucks
and took the ring back,

I-it's still not enough.

Okay, I got it.


They got these late-night
commercials where people

can sell their livers and
kidneys and shit, right?

You need to take your ass
down there and sign up.

Man, what?

Wait, wait, wait, hold on, B.

Greavy's got something right now.

I-I mean, he's... no, he's definitely on

some "sunken place" type shit.

What I'm saying is that
I see where he's going.

He's saying that you got to liquidate.

You feel me? Like, what do you have

attached to your name right
now that's worth some money?

We sitting in it... this house.

Oh, shit, now you tripping.

You want another busted lip?

Greavy, we did already talk
about selling the house,

and we renovating it.

this house can definitely

get this man exactly what he needs

to get this Douda cat off his ass.

Man, damn.

Hand me another fucking beer.

You know sharks never stop moving?

Yeah, I know.

I've been here before.

A hundred times before.

Is that a hammerhead?

Did you know you
can measure a shark's age

by counting the rings on his vertebrae?

And they don't really
like the taste of humans,

so even if they do bite you,

they'll usually let you go right away.

Anyways, this is the only
part of the aquarium I like.

The rest of it's pretty fucking weak.

Yeah, that's what I've been saying.

The first time it's straight,
but how many times

you supposed to be excited to
watch the Aquatic Presentation?

Right? Only time I want
to see dolphins and whales

is if they fighting sharks.


You know what my
favorite part about sharks is?

Seven rows of teeth. That'd be dope.

I would never go to the dentist.

Lose a tooth, who cares?

Mine is probably the
fact that they can smell

one drop of blood in
millions of drops of water.

Wow. For real?

Yep, either that or the fact
that they don't have any bones.

How you know so much about sharks?

It automatically syncs
up with the exhibits.

Huh, cool.

My school gives them to
the students for free.

Damn. That's what's up.

So, if you could be
any shark, what would it be?

That's easy. I would be a great white.

That way, nobody would fuck with me.


What's going on? Huh.

Go, Jake. Go, Jake. Go, Jake.

Oh, that's Jake. He
one of my best friends.


Go, Jake. Go, Jake.

♪ I be flee as shit, I be flee as shit ♪

♪ No tricking shit, Patron get me gone ♪

♪ That Rémy get 'em on ♪

♪ I got red bottoms on ♪

♪ Now yo bitch wanna bone ♪

♪ Flee as shit, flee as shit,
I got bad hos on my dick ♪

♪ I be riding foreign whips ♪

♪ And I ain't tricking on no bitch ♪

♪ I'm flee as shit, flee as shit ♪

♪ I got bad hos on my dick ♪

Everyone, Soul Train is over.


Hopkins students, I have
your lunches over here.

I guess that's all y'all get for now.

Hey, you want to go
get something to eat?

Oh, um, my school's not
eating in the café here.

We brown-bagging it.

That's okay, I got you.

For real?

Yeah, let's go.

Let me guess, your school paying for it?

♪ Yo, Mike, what it is, yo? ♪

♪ So I get a little, grinding daily ♪

♪ 'cause I can't get a nine
to five, so I grind my ride ♪

What it do, boss?

She gonna be all right this time.

Need to get her ass in rehab.

Man, I feel your pain,

but you've been doing your
best to help her, though.

You sure it was him, and
that's how it went down?

You sure you don't want
to take this inside?

No, I want they ass to know

just how much I don't give a fuck.

Because the only thing

I hate more than someone
fucking with my money

is repeating my motherfucking self.

Because if I have to repeat myself,

that mean y'all ain't listening.

And if y'all are not listening to me,

that mean y'all don't respect me.

And that's a fucking problem.

Now, you see this is what happens

when you let a dope fiend suck your dick

and all common sense goes
out the fucking window.

- Ah!
- Get your bitch ass up.

For the last fucking time,

don't sell Peaches a
motherfucking thing, ever!

Somebody get this
nigga some cocoa butter.

Yo, you see that beluga whale?

The one with the goofy forehead?

You hear she fittin' to have a baby?


Jake, Papa, meet Malcolm.

- What's up?
- What's up?


Spaghetti. Garlic bread.

Where you get all that?

Malcolm got it for me.

And we stuck with bologna sandwiches?

Sure. Nice. Thank you.

The building's
located in Armour Square,

and the unit should be ready
to be moved into in a few weeks.

I don't know how to thank you.

Believe me, letting
the Tribune do a story

is thanks enough for the Alderman.

Yes, the story's gonna be great,

but your support and vote mean more.

One more with the
two of you together.

That's great. All right.

Alderman, you have a two o'clock.

Oh, duty calls, ladies.

Thanks, Alderman.

How did you get him to agree to this?

I just made
your problem his problem.

- He owes me.
- Well, thank you.

- You're welcome.
- No, really.

I was pretty harsh on
you when we first met.

I was feeling pretty beaten down then.

- I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry.

It might sound weird, but
you helped me in a way.

And this is just a drop in the bucket.

I actually wish I could do more.

Well, maybe you can.

There's a lot of people in my position.

I know you can't get
them all apartments,

but maybe you could at
least meet with some of them.

Well, hello, there.

You just as cute as a
little button, ain't you?

Can we keep that baby?

Miss Ethel has not fussed
one bit since she's been here.

I know.

If I knew a baby was a magic charm,

I would've made a point to
have one a long time ago.

I was watching
you with her earlier.

You're good with kids.

I'm hoping Shanté will let me
spend a lot of time with her.

I'm sure she will.

She got to be really
grateful for all your help.

Raising a child with no father around,

it's always tough.

Well, I guess all the single mothers

are getting a break today.

You ready for a little seafood tonight?

- Mm.
- I made a reservation

for 8:30 at Joe's on Grand.

I am. Mm, downtown.


Come here.

I'm looking forward to tonight.


Me too.

Um, I better get going.

Give myself time to put myself together.

- Babe.
- Hmm?

I thought we agreed
you were gonna relax.

No more decluttering.

I'm prepping for a community
meeting here tonight

for low-income residents
who are looking for housing.

Hmm, I guess that's better than
you changing all the plates.

Oh, uh, I looked into comps on houses

in your mom's neighborhood.

They're pricing around 175.



That's great!


- Well, what?
- I took an extra step

and talked to my friend who
works at a title company.

She ran the title.

Your mom took out a second
mortgage a few years back

when the rates were really low.

So what does that mean?

Between the first and
the second mortgages,

you'll probably only net 20K.


Why are you even talking
about selling the house anyway?

Isn't Greavy still living there?

Where's he gonna go if you sell it?

Mr. Perry's been talking
to me about expanding...

opening an actual restaurant.

Wow, B, that's huge.

Yeah, he wants to front the whole thing,

but if I let him do that,
then he gonna control it.


And I want to be an
equally vested partner.

Equally vested partner?

Look at you, sounding like a boss.

That's a gutsy move, babe.

I got to do something,

build off the momentum
from the food truck.

Look down the board a couple
of moves for our future.

"Our future"?

Yeah, I mean...

I just got to think ahead

instead of burying
myself in more trouble.

What's wrong, babe?



Nothing's wrong.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, absolutely.



I don't know. It just...

feels like you're hiding something.

Call it a woman's intuition.

Well, your intuition is wrong.


You got a PS4?

Why, you trying
to get smoked in some 2K?

Yeah, yeah, what's your handle?

Bet. So how is North Side?

It's all right. It's school.

Yeah. What time you got to get
up in the morning to be there?

I ain't even gonna lie... early.

How early is early?

"It's dark outside" early.

Dang, that's messed up.

For real, for real, though.

The teachers are really nice,

and the students are...

You know, you just got to be
okay with being the black kid

and people seeing you as
the poor kid from the ghetto.

And you probably won't have
any friends but me, of course.

So you're telling
me you ain't never had

a fund-raiser for nothing, ever?

That don't make no sense.

Dude, so we're having a party next week,

and you got to come.

My dad's getting Kanye's DJ.

- Where is it?
- My place. Lincoln Park.

Uh, I don't really know.

I don't really go to the North Side.

Oh, come on, you have to.

You have to show us some more moves.

All right, I'll try and come.

Yeah, I'll holler at you later.

Cool, I'll come over sometimes.

The lease says they can
evict you for alcohol use

that threatens the health
or safety of others.

Now, how does my husband getting tipsy

on his birthday one night

and tripping over the
front stoop do that?

Hmm. CHC evicted me
for letting my boyfriend

crash with me when his
job put him on night shift.

And that's also supposedly
a violation of the lease?

He was there two weeks,

just trying to clock some overtime.

He was even gone by the time CHC

filed the complaint against me.

- Hmm.
- I've heard rumors

about unjust CHC evictions.

Helen, tell her what happened to you.

They put me out after
they arrested my grandson

for selling marijuana.

Now, the charges were dismissed,

but the arrest was enough for the CHC.

I've lived in that
apartment for over 30 years,

and they put me on the
street within three months.


I mean, I know they're
redeveloping buildings

and selling to private developers,

but they're not supposed
to evict people to do that.

And they have to pay
to relocate all the tenants...

Unless they've already been evicted.

- Mm-hmm.
- This is messed up.

We need to stop this.

You have any great ideas, we all ears.

Well, uh, what about
an exposé in the paper?

I have a friend at the Tribune.

Helen and I were profiled last year.

- Yes.
- What about protests?

We could spread the word,

get people to march outside CHC.

We did that. I'm still going to court

for an arrest I got for picketing.

Protests didn't even make the news.


A class-action lawsuit.

We get a bunch of people
who've been evicted...

We met with Legal Aid last year.

They tried to file a lawsuit,

but they couldn't certify a class.


I see you guys have been
around the block on this.

- Oh, yeah.

Wait, are you a lawyer?

Can you come up with a case?

I went to law school,

but I haven't taken the bar.

Well, this was nice.


- Mm, back to square one.
- Oh.

- Cassio.
- Hey.

♪ Womp, womp, womp-womp,
she give me what I wanna ♪

♪ Ball so hard, need a warm-up ♪

♪ I bagged her at the Walmart, yeah ♪

♪ I beat the pussy, drummer ♪

♪ I roll up no more drama, yeah ♪


♪ Ball so hard, need a warm-up ♪

♪ I bagged her at the Walmart, yeah ♪

♪ Big-timer stunner, I'm
out here on the come-up ♪

Bro, what the fuck you want, bro?

I need to come in.

So I'm assuming you heard

that I met with Mr. Perry.

Welcome to the team.

I ain't on nobody's team.

Then why the fuck you here?

'Cause I wanna know what
the fuck Otis Perry is doing.

You mean Douda.

Mr. Perry is your investor.

Douda is the motherfucker that got you

banging on my door like
you the fucking police.

Mr. Perry, Douda, whatever, man.

Why is he investing in my business?

My dude, didn't you grow up
on 63rd and Yates just like me?


Then why you care why
he giving you money?

Don't run from this shit, lean into it.

It's way too much pressure

on niggas trying to be
good these days, trust me.

Being the bad guy is way less stressful.

- You got a girl, don't you?
- Yeah.

And you broke as shit, ain't you?

I can handle my own.

But can you handle hers, too?

How long you think she gonna
stay with your broke ass?

You know it's a shelf life on
the struggle with these bitches.

You need to roll with Douda

and get your best life, playa.

Ain't like you got a choice.

If this cat don't care about killing

a white woman in broad daylight,

he'd care even less about
killing your black ass.

Wait, wait, what white woman?

Do I look
like eyewitness news?

Read the fucking paper.

♪ Old-school look undone ♪

♪ But you still wanna buy one ♪

♪ Bitch look like Wonder
Woman, high fashion... ♪

Ronnie, what's going on?

I got it, Grandma!

Where have you been with my daughter?

You were supposed to bring
her back two hours ago!

Shanté, I must have misheard.
I thought we said five o'clock.

No, we didn't, Ronnie. We said three.

And I've been calling
your phone off the hook.

I'm really sorry. I-I forgot.

My grandma turns the ringer
off when she's taking a nap.

Fine, just give me her
diaper bag so I can go.

It's right here.

I got you the nursing class schedule.

I'm gonna put the brochure

right here in the bag for you, just...

- Stop it, Ronnie.
- What?

Look, I know you loved Jason,
and I know you mean well,

but you're not even
Jordan's real grandfather.

She has one already.

Come on.

Okay, um, look, we'll just, uh...

I'll come by in a few days.

No, Ronnie, don't.

We're fine.

Just give us some space.

Where's the baby? What happened?

You turned off the damn
ringer is what happened!

And now you just ran
off my granddaughter!

Which one? Red or black?

I told you, I ain't
picking till you tell me

who you going out on a date with.

And it best not be
no Tinder date either.

Mamas ain't got no
business dating online.



It's just good to see
you enjoying my cooking.

You saying you miss me?

Visiting, yes.

Living with you, nah.

So how's work?

I got a job offer.

- That's great. Where?
- Sonny's.

He offered me a managerial position.

You know, it's like a real job...

good pay, benefits.


I don't know, Ma.

I don't want to just be the guy

who works at the chicken
joint his whole life.

It feels small.

Honey, you're gonna
have to start somewhere.

You don't have a high-school diploma.

You don't think I know that?
But I got kids.

I got to work.

Would you listen to me?


What I'm trying to tell you

is you can't expect to start at the top.

That's not reality.

But wherever you do start,

you'll rise up quickly.

You a natural-born salesman, Emmett.

Thanks, Mom.

You're welcome.

Now, which one?

♪ There's no place, no place,
no place I'd rather be ♪


I'm going out with Ronnie.

Hold on.

Ronnie who killed
Brandon's brother, Coogie?

No, no, no. You can't go out with him.

Hell, no. I forbid you!

Emmett, I had the same
exact reservations,

but there's more to him,

and he's trying, so...

let's see what happens.

Well, at least let me get
a key to your place, then.

I ain't trying to move back in,

but if you're gonna be dating,

I just want to be able to check on you.


I'll get you a key.

Red dress with the black heels.

They cute, and they
won't hurt your feet.

And-and you better not sleep with him.


Hold up!

What's your name, you little badass?


Really, Ronnie? Three waffles?

Keep working on your left hand.

You call me "sir"!

Don't you put
your hands on my son!

You're hurting me! You ain't my daddy!

You can't put your hands
on my child like that.

Let's not make a big deal out of this.

- You're not yourself.
- Protect him, that's all.

I'm trying, Trace. I swear to God, I am!

That's what you should've done.

You are
not Jordan's real grandfather.

She has one already.

Where'd you get that chain?

I gave my boy that chain.

- It's my chain.
- Take the fucking chain!

Then take the chain, man!


♪ You've got to take the first step ♪

♪ To reach the... ♪


I got one question, though.

How the hell you get Mr.
Belvedere here serving

and a spread like this

and not have no Red Rooster
Hot Sauce on the table?

I appreciate you making
time to break bread with me.

Well, I appreciate the invitation.

Let's not ignore the pink-ass
elephant in the room, though.

Your man Reg hit one of our
stash spots for a grip of cash.

Took us a minute to figure it out,

but the facts are fucking irrefutable.

I'd prefer to settle this
like gentlemen and offer terms

before shit gets out of hand.

I don't want a war.

Neither do I.

And I hope me having you in my home

shows you how serious
I am about making peace.

You now know where I lay my head.


that young blood has
to be taught a lesson.

Let me pay you back what you lost.

You can decide the interest.

This ain't about money.

It's about respect.

Doing what you got to
do to protect your own...


You give us your man Reg, we square.

It's the principle of the matter.

I-I hear you, but what
I'm trying to say...

Don't tell me Douda's
getting soft in his old age.

He's raising his little brother alone.

Touching. Not my motherfucking problem.

You have our terms.

They are beyond generous.

Inaction on your part...

You know how this go, right?

♪ The day you realize ♪

♪ There's nothing to stop you ♪

Thanks for the meal, man.

♪ This is where the road begins ♪

- That it?
- Yeah.


Give me a whiskey.

One of those minis.

Two, actually.

Hey, watch where you're going, asshole!

Get the fuck out of the
road, drunk-ass nigga!

You hear someone got
killed by a great white

in Massachusetts last week?

We're not at the aquarium.

No sharks today, man.

All right? I had enough.

Okay, what do you want
to talk about, then?

I don't know. Music.

I like Valee.

Yeah, he-he dope.

I saw him at the House of Blues.

For real?

How'd you get tickets?

A kid at school. His
dad owns Ticketmaster.

Hmm. No shit.


- Want to play another one?
- Okay.

Oh, uh, sorry. That ain't mine.

Don't worry. I'm not tripping.

North Side Academy's full of drugs.

How much you want for it?

Well, uh, like I said,
it-it's my friend's.

I got to give 'em back.

But he said it's pure THC.

It's worth 30 bucks.

That's it?

I can get 45 for THC at my school.

I could sell it by lunchtime tomorrow.

For real?

Definitely. Can you get more of it?

I don't think getting more
of it's gonna be a problem.



Hey, Jada.

What took you so long to open the door?

Ronnie, are you okay?

I'm fine.

I'm ready for our date.

Well, let me get my purse.

Ronnie, are you drunk?

Me? Nah.

Damn, Jada.

You look fine as hell.

Why don't we stay in
and just get right to it?

What, are-are you crazy? You are drunk.

Get the fuck out... get the
fuck out of here, Ronnie!

You know you want to give
me some of that pussy.

Get the fuck out of my fucking house

before I call the cops on you!

Get the fuck out!

Come on, Jada, let's get dinner.

♪ Embers ♪

♪ Falling from the incense burning ♪

♪ Timbers ♪

♪ Caught up in a deep thought yearning ♪

♪ For answers ♪

♪ I never get, I can't forget ♪

♪ I often sweat when haunted
nightly by regret like ♪

It's nine o'clock at night.

Why are you texting me
to meet you out here?

I knew you were up to something.

Are you gonna tell me why
you've been acting so weird?


I wanted you to come out
here because it was you.

You were the first to believe in me,

to invest in me.

Jerrika, you've been with
me through thick and thin...

through everything.

And I am not perfect.

And I want to give
you the best life I can

the best way I know how.

I don't want to kneel 'cause
I want to be standing for this.

I want to stand...

to show you that...

I'm committed to being the
man that you want me to be.

Jerrika Little...

♪ Afraid of all your fears ♪

Will you marry me?


♪ Than over your shoulder, I'm here ♪

- I love you.
- I love you.

♪ Afraid of all your fears... ♪

Let's get this on.


♪ I've been waiting on... ♪

I knew you were hiding
something from me!

♪ I finally realized that I'm here ♪

♪ I finally realized that I'm here ♪

♪ Yeah, I've been waiting ♪

♪ On the moment ♪

What the fuck?

Let's go, Ronnie.

♪ I was born on a small city lakeside ♪

♪ Dream bigger than the
motherfucking state line ♪

♪ Mama taught me how to
build it from the ground up ♪

♪ And a job was never
done until the paint dry ♪

♪ Drug dealers ain't
believe I have an iPhone ♪

♪ 'Cause ain't nobody ever,
ever trying to FaceTime ♪

Uh, you proposed on the truck?

Please tell me you had a thousand roses

or some violins, some
R&B romantic-type shit.

Man, I don't need all that with J.

I just poured my heart out to her.

She really love your ass.

That's what's up.

Congrats, man.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Um, there is something I
need to tell you, though.

- It's, uh, work-related.
- Me too.

I was gonna see if you wanted
to pick up some extra hours

'cause I'm gonna keep that
new truck and I could use you.

That's cool, but see...

actually, uh, I quit.

Sonny is doing some rebuilding,

and I'm taking a new
position as a manager.


So it's over?

Look, bro, it's...
it's not you. I-it's me.

Well, can we at least still be friends?

Of course.

Don't ever doubt what we had was real.

I mean, are you still
gonna call and text?

I'm gonna call and text.

Damn, congratulations.

- Yeah.
- Man, I'd be lying if I said

I ain't gonna miss your ass, though.

Bro, I'm still gonna
be in the neighborhood.

And you ain't gonna
need me around no way,

now you got Mr. Perry backing you.

You about to blow up!

And there's one last thing
we need to settle, though,

and this is serious.


You got to hear me when I say this.

What, motherfucker?

Get your ass some real sneakers.

They gym shoes. They ain't sneakers.

They sneakers.

Where you sneaking to?

- The gym.
- Thank you.

♪ Dope on the scale, got shit for sale ♪

♪ Except in my Benz, of course ♪

♪ I got one hand on my dick
and one foot on the game ♪

♪ Keeping my family sane ♪

Yo, Reg.

I met some new kids at the aquarium.

They having a party on
the North Side Saturday.

You mind taking me?

What the fuck I look
like to you, a soccer mom?

They just want me to
listen to some music

and teach them some new dances.

You sell them dub sacks I gave you?

- No.
- Then that's your answer.

Now handle that garbage
while I handle this business.

Douda, my man.

Everything cool?

There's a delicate balance
that needs to be maintained

in order to conduct business
discreetly in our ecosystem,

but you, my young friend, like it noisy.

I understand you disciplined
an employee in public.

What the fuck was that about?

It wasn't about business, Douda.

It was personal.

He sold dope to a hype I
didn't want him selling to.

My little brother Jake's mama.

He don't know who she is.

Trying to keep her alive, hoping she get

her shit together and
be a part of his life.

Hey, little man.

Come holler.


I remember you.

You gave a pizza party at my school.

I did.

Sharp mind you got there.

How's school going anyway?

I mean, it's good, I guess.

Oh, we got to be doing a
lot better than "I guess."

I mean, it's all right.

We went to the aquarium the other day.

Low key, that was cool.

That's nice.

Keep being open to new things, you hear?

Yes, sir.



You did what you had to do

to protect your own.

And that I understand.

We all got to do that.