The Boarding School (2007–2010): Season 5, Episode 5 - La promesa - full transcript

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Tell me how horrible I do?

You fell. Then my dad came ...

and you were afraid.

- Do not touch me.
- What is it?


This is an experimental

I do not want to die
in a hospital.

We administer treatment
at the boarding school.

We want to know how Hector
was contaminated.

One day I was playing
with a child ...

who unwittingly got bitten.

This child had an illness.

Perhaps this child "he infected?

Paula, come.

Marcos, is dead!

It must be here.

I have something.

That must be it.

It is the diary of Susanna, the
daughter who committed suicide.

She had dried blood
under his nose.

And the same brand in the neck as
the nephew of the ranger station.

You see, it's not a coincidence.

Here, they kill people.

I do not know how and why.

And they will not stop.

Why did they put the baby
in the underground?

What do they do?

It's not her real baby.
She found it in a basket
like Moses.

You know what I do?

The cradle.
In the room there was a cradle.

What interests them, it's not
your mother but the baby.

Your brother.

They take me away an egg.

This baby is my brother.

Congratulations on your new grand-son.
Keep me this baby.

The baby Elsa.

The writing is typical.

Who signs?

Ritter Wulf.

I can not believe he is alive.

In 1945, he faked his death.

He fled Germany

and changed its name
to Santiago Pazos.

We need

that you help us find it.

And why should I help you?

If you help us, I
promise to do so.

L \ fs18} ROMESS

Calm down.

I'll take care of you.
Calm down.

Give me Samuel.

This is my brother,
I'll give it.

Marcos, listening grandfather.
It will be better with him.

What are you doing? Come here.



At least we know that the death of Susana
and the nephew of care are linked.

Both had the same symptoms.

But why believe she
committed suicide?

Something to them to
cover themselves.

If it is a contagious disease?

They have not said to be fired?

I think not.

They have a strange
mark on the neck.

And if it was an injection?

This may be related to the firm
where my father cheat.


They have received complaints
of experiments on humans.

But why Susana and the
nephew of the ranger?

I know.

When we know we will do it.

I keep thinking about
the baby, man.

This is my brother.

What do they do it?

Why Amelia had descended

Do not crack now.

Not now.

We will find other evidence.

We talk to who he takes.

You'll find your
family, I swear.

And you know why I'm sure?

Because we are large stains.

But we're still together
and they do not have.

What is it?

Did you sleep?


Not at all.

Me either.

So small and so partygoer.

It has not stopped the night.

I'm crushed.

You are crushed?

You do not stop snoring
like a walrus.

At least!

Do not complain.

- You're thrilled.
- Yes, I am delighted, but ...

you, you see only the fun part.

A child is more than that.

It is a responsibility, work, change
it, nights without sleep.

Rings ...

And, in fact, I feel
a bit lonely.

What is it?

I want it all.

Do not sleep, dark circles ...

I want you both.

Will you marry me?

Wait, I'll help you.

No. I arrived alone.

I make pancakes. You want some?

No, thank you.

Once, you told me it was the only
good memories of your childhood.

I want nothing that reminds
me of my past.

And hurry up, everything
is upside down.

In your opinion, why
did I rehired?

You've released the romantic
movie that you were in love,

you wanted to retrieve María ...

and blah, blah, blah ...

And outcome, whatever you do ...

These are pancakes with cream.

Son, move up!

I bother?

There are hives in the corner?

Yes. It makes honey house.

What is it?

Beekeeping interesting?

Don Joaquin died.

And I know where they
were buried.

We need a shovel.


Our static cling will be super
cool with those photos.

It says "bonding".

This is an English word.

Look, it's, it can be the
mom with the baby.

Let me see?

And how it is called?

Samuel. As the baby Elsa.

And if it's a girl?

In the photo, we see if
he has a penis or not.

Come on, girls, the bell
will soon ring.

Small, you must go to class. Go!

We must finish the tree geological
we asked Amelia.

A tree geological?

And what is it?

We must put up grandparents

A daughter, Paula.
Do not you see that he has
a jersey nunuche ...

But what do you do?

Where do you come from
these photos?

In an old box of
the reservation.

They're old pictures,
full of dust.

These photos are mine.

You had no right ...

We did not know, Jacinta.

Amelia told us to use magazines.

But as they are not found ...

You forgive us?

It was all the memories of my life.

My whole life.

It was all that was left
of my daughter.

You've destroyed.

I'm sick of you!

Get out of here.

Go out!

Your niece was very appreciated.

We sincerely regret it.

After the bad news, I want to
congratulate you for good.

We'll miss you.

It is about a wedding?


Thank you, Camilo.

Elsa ...

So, mother occasionally, you'll
be my mom false official?

If you ask me if your father
and I are getting married,

the answer is yes.

- You were going to tell me?
- Of course it does.

Do not be defensive.

It is up to you to be
on the defensive.

Or you like to play
the masochists?

Whether you clap,
you torture ...

- Ivan, do not start.
- To him it must be said.

When it starts, it stops it.

Ivan, your father loves me.

It's hard to understand?

He loved very much, you know.

The first, liked it so much

he broke his arm.

But you love it a lot
more, of course.

He will marry you.

It should save yourself for the
quenching of the century.

She who forget.

You must tell me.

Susana was not suicide.
There is evidence.
At noon in the chapel.

It comes?

What do you think?

What roads!

With my car, it would
never arrive.

Yes, that's why I took
the car Héctor.

It happens everywhere.

You gonna tell me who told you that
Don Joaquin was buried here?

You have your sources, me, mine.

It's here.

You know ...

my source is not a murderer.

And that only those who buried
him was to tell you.

Therefore, whoever killed him.

Nobody told me. I discovered it.

Discovered? How?

I have my methods.


Thank you for coming.

You'll help us?

So? Tell me what you saw.

Cows ...
dead, hanging ... and ...

... this man ... he was about to
hang a woman ... a hook ...

... but she was alive,
his eyes were open.

It's slaughter! Let's go!

Do we remember more ...

I will not let her
live it again ...

... again.

There is nothing.
You've been scammed.

Rebeca ...

It saves?


Hello, Jacinta.

Hello, Jacinta.

We very much regret to have
damaged your old photos.

That's why we will
make new memories.

When you were born, there are
lots and lots of years ...

Like millionnards or more ...

Yes, everything was
in black and white.

Like your photos.

Yes, because it was cloudy.

There were no streets,
nor have, nor cars.

Cars, if malignant.

No. They rode on horseback
or by donkey.

They were shit in a bucket they
emptied out the window.

I saw in a movie.

Liar! It's yucky!

Si And the food was not
from the fridge.

The dads had to go hunting
in a swimsuit.

It's called a loincloth.

That's it.
And they planted the spear
in Rex dinosaur.

But no, silly.
They died because
of a meteorite.


Jacinta and lived here in
the boarding school.

We do not know if
she lived here.

Where, then, malignant?

Well ... in a cave!

No. You invent it.

He should ask for it tells us.

Yes, but she said she
wanted to see us.

And who could help us?

Give me the camera,
Javier Holgado!

What is it?


Well, nothing ...
you have a mushroom head!

Looks like you saw a dead man.

Fuck you ...

It's going to end
up like this ...

And that?


You have already registered?


What a success!

You had to miss your marketing.

I have no budget for it.

I am relying on word of mouth.

As you have nice lips ...

You could make the pub
with your friends.

- Tell them they are part.
- You're clever, you.

I bring you my friends?

What is it, little brother?

Where you going?

Draw to the lagoon.
The light is beautiful.

Will not catch cold.

Amelia told you she
has a brother?

She thinks I still 4 years.


Come on, it heats up a little.

It is almost noon. Let's go.

I'm going for a ride.
I need some fresh air.

There is a problem?

I spoke with Ivan.

And they rushed maybe marriage.

Do not worry.

It's normal to be jealous
of a new family.

He realizes that he
can take part.

Your son hates you and will not
want to be part of anything.

- To not we waiting for?
- Elsa, listen to me.

I do not give up on
you, or Samuel.

It will not be easy,
but look ...

it's worth it, right?

So it's Elsa. Your next victim.

Whether you're dramatic!

Say, do not you'd be jealous?

Jealous of what?
Us, it was only a pathetic shot.

For it was pathetic that you were
looking for me every night.

And Elsa ...

Do not hesitate, if you
want to come back ...

You help us to make new
memories Jacinta?

New memories?

When Jacinta was born, people threw
the poop out the window?

I feel that you have
a problem ...


He planted a sharp object.

The injury is four inches.
There's rust.

But, of course ...

I guess you already knew ...

with your methods.

It was a screwdriver.

When you want, you tell
me which is cool.

The question is not who.


If you say so.

Here ...

It can give us answers.

It is a bit weird. Withdrawn.

I wanted to talk to him,
he told me nothing.

He would not talk to
me this morning.

Do not worry, I'll do it.
Thank you, Amelia.

What's champion?

Come, sit.

You know, today we will
talk man to man.

I am not a man. I am a child.

Yes, but you're a little man.

And there are things
we should talk.

Sit down, please.

What did you dream
the other day.

It happened.

I know. My dreams come true.

- And you are angry because of that?
- Yes.

I do not like you kiss someone
other than mom.

I understand, son.

But now ...

I should have told you before.

Let's see.

Mom and me ...

we are no longer in love.

You love him more?

If I like it, but differently.

Sorry, I know it makes
you sad, but that ...

And now?

You are with Rebecca, right?

Good. Well ...

in truth, I like it very much.

Is wrong?


I want to see Mom.

I know, son.

- When I see her?
- Very soon.

Trust me.

You promise?

I promise.

It is past noon, it will not.

Why would not she?

It should come!

By finding a note saying that
her niece was not suicide,

she wants more. No?

And what have you to tell
me the flirty teacher?

This guy is the brother
of Amelia.

He seems nice.

You find it strange that happens
one week before classes end?

We have seen weirder Marcos.

You'll register for courses?

Why not?

Are you serious?

It is not necessarily like her.

There is no evidence.

Amelia for either, there
was no proof.

And it was also very nice.

Extremely nice.

And sweet ...

and cuddly ...

I've already apologized.

I told you I was a big con.

You got me swinging
a lifetime to face?

I'm just saying be careful.

I also warned you.

And you continued to
do it yourself.

We can know what you do outside
of the boarding?

This time you'll pay dearly.

Get in the car.

Jacinta was born where?

There, you caught me.

So maybe it was at
boarding school?

You see, malignant?

She was married in white?

Like a princess?
And she was beautiful?

No. Jacinta never married.

If she married because
she had a daughter.

To have children,
you must marry.

We can have children without
being married.

No, because to have children,
you have to have sex.

And it can be done
if we are married.

But it is also possible to have
sex without being married.

But it is sin!

Jacinta will go to hell?

Wait, wait ...

To have sex is called to love.

And the important ...

is this: there is love.

So Jacinta had a boyfriend
she has many, many loved

with whom she had
sex all the time?

That's it.

And they loved each other so much,
why they are not married?


Well, I think ...

I think ... because ...

Jacinta's fiance has married
another woman.

And, besides, her daughter
died in a car accident.

Poor Jacinta!
What a life so sad.

Sometimes life offers happy moments
and others less fortunate.

So when good things happen to you,
you know appreciate them.


You promise me to show
me the video?

I would not have memories

Yeah ... Me either.

I knew you'd be there.

A friend told me it was
the best place to hide.

What happened to you?

You saw ...



I saw something.

And it's scary enough to die.

And I can not tell the guy with who
I am because he will fuck me.

Damn, you know that Ivan is
like that, not with you.

He thinks nothing until he has
no right under the nose.

Damn! It is here, man.
She's here!

And I'm sick.

I'm tired of being the monster
coming this stuff.

You saw what this time?

A woman.

I do not know who it was.

But ...

... I know it's drowned
in a bathtub.

Bad trip.

But she gave you nothing, right?

You okay?

What does she want?

I do not know.

But, I guess ...

when someone appears to you
is to ask you something.

She wanted to give me something.

A bullet.

A ball?

She may want to play with you?

You gotta know who it is, okay?
And what she wants.

I'll do a resit after tomorrow.


But that is the last time.


Looks like you avoiding me.

I did not understand what
happened yesterday.

A woman ran away after
kissing me ...

I want to sound pretentious,
but it had never happened.

There is always a first time.

Is that all?

It was a kiss.

It is because of
the dream Lucas?

He sometimes dreams
that come true.

I do not know how and why.

It's also disconcerting to me.

Lucas is a nice boy.

It does not matter.


But if we kissed, it's not just
because Lucas has dreamed.

But because we wanted it.


- Yesterday, it was a mistake.
- Not for me.

Listen, Martín.

It is impossible.

I'm not ready.

I can wait. I'm in no hurry.

Do you want us to take time,
we will know better?

That's not it.

- What do you know me?
- Nothing.

I do not know.
I do not want any relationship.

I regret what happened

But it must not repeat.

And not insist, please.

Good luck, Vicky.

Avoid thinking about that
night in the car Héctor.

If you like, we can
start tonight.

I know where the keys.

Tell your friends ...

that attending the examinations is
required to validate the year.

Marcos and Carol should have
been there for a while.

Maybe Aunt Susana was shocked
and they are the police.

At the police?

What have you done?

It looks at you, my pretty?

Take care of your Romeo.
And fools us peace.

Iván Noiret, at the office.

Iván Noiret, at the office.

Noiret, they call you.

You did not hear? Come on!

You have fifty minutes
to the exam.

And it starts now.



Hello, Iván.

What do you want?

Sit down.

I understand that you do not agree
with Elsa my household, but

I have the right to
remake my life.

I do not know if you had already
understood, but your life ...

I do not care.

In this case, the last time
you unwelcome Elsa.

Do not put your nose
over in my business.

Can I go?

Oh, by the way ...
Your Friends, Marcos and
Carolina are punished.



Well ...

officially ...

to be removed from the
boarding school.

Unofficially ...

to make heavy jokes.

Tell a poor woman who
just lost his niece

you have evidence that
it did not suicide ...

How cruel.

What punishment they have inflicted on you?
Where are they?

This evidence is not the journal
of the poor Susana?

You will not find it.


Find it?


You're gonna bring it to me.

Or you never see your friends.


Help! Remove us from there!

Nobody hears us.

We will do what?

I dunno, but if it comes out,
we'll die of asphyxiation.

It is very hot.

I can hardly breathe.

This is where they failed
to kill Julia and Ivan.

It already shows 60 ° C.

If it goes up again we will not.



Help me, please!

What is it?

My son is there under water.

- Where?
- I know.

Does it hurt?

It's just an electrocardiogram.
You can feel ....

- Tingling.
- Do I trust you?


You spoke with the
director of what?

Ah, that's why?

- You love her very much.
- It's obvious that much?

Let's say we do not share
the same upbringing.


What did he want?


He worried about you.

- He wants to know how you go.
- It should not prevent
him from sleeping.

In fact, he wants to know if you
could contaminate the students.

I told him he is safe, otherwise
you would not be here.

If it were up to him, I would
already be in quarantine.

I thought you already
had the quarantine?

But I'm well preserved, right?

Let this heart.

What is it? I'm already dead?

No. It seems not.

You're too alive!

You got me.

I am going to retire, not
to distort the results.

What would they be biased?

I think that's obvious.

That's true.

Normally I'm not as fast, but
I still only six months ...

I think that, given your good response
to treatment, it remains you.

Why did he call Ivan?

For no good.

Guys, please, be careful.

You play with fire, you see?

How are you? What is it?

- He and Carol Marcos.
- What do you say?

- Where?
- I know.

He will release when he
has the newspaper.

I told you so!

Why you never hear me?

I knew this would happen.

I knew it.

Where is this newspaper?

Well, it is given.

The newspaper or anything.

There is no better proof, damn!

The biggest one was
against them.

There remain four days
to finish this hell.

And it is perhaps half an hour
they end up with our friends.

Gives me the newspaper.

Now what?


Was not thinking, we give them what they
want, otherwise it will be worse!

Damn, they can kill them!

It escapes us completely.

But what?


Go! Come!

You could not be as silly!

What were you thinking?

Connection ...

Enter PIN


Where were you?

In addition to digging up corpses,
I have to cook for four hundred.

It beforehand?

Almost done.

Okay, with Maria?

It works not terrible, eh?

Between 5 and 6 o'clock in the
morning, my only free time,

she sleeps, you know ...


It's easy for anyone.

When you have a chance
to have a normal life,

a job, a couple ...

at the end, while on the lam.

Even try seems unnecessary.

I thought never abandon you?

You've told me, you forgot?

You also have said.

You said to Maria.

You love her very much, right?

It's fun.


It is there, both ...

trying to do justice
to history ...

and unable to have
our own history.

Tell me something.

Why did you put in there?


Let's see.

What is the difference between the
Cold War and other conflicts?

The United States and the Soviet Union
did not use their armed forces.

Yes they did.

Not directly, but they
have benefited

and caused civil wars.

As in Greece and Angola.

They supported one side or the other
according to their ideologies,

or interests.

Please read the bibliography
for tomorrow.

Have we met?

Who are you?

Someone with nothing to hide.

Check for yourself.

What do you expect from me?

I want you to use your gift.

What I have is not a gift.
It's a curse.

I survived a concentration camp.

I was lucky.

But many have been murdered.


I know.

My grandparents died there.

I know your story.

And many other stories.

What you have is a gift.

It is a gift but also
a responsibility.

Do not reject it.

You have to use it.

But I do not want it!

- I did not choose.
- I know.

But even so, you have
a duty to use it.

You can help us find
these criminals

living in hiding ...

for that history does
not pass through them

without them accountable.

I think we did well to destroy
all his photos.

It is better to forget all those
nasty things she had.

We could shoot him
pretty things.

A video with ham sandwiches
she eats in the afternoon?

No, silly.

We could shoot Samuel.

Jacinta loves him very much.

Yes, of course.

Where is he?
It should be there doing a nap.

Maybe he fell off the cradle ...

- And went on all fours.
- On all fours?

Watch beneath the bed.

What are you doing?

Who allowed you to enter?

Samuel is sought.
You know where he is?



Get out of here now!

What it is unpleasant.

What is it?

Camera! She was left inside.

No. It was you who left. So you're
going to ask this ogre.

Quick, let's go.

I'm dying of thirst.

Remove us from there!

I'm afraid.

I also fear. But we must keep.

It was naive to believe it can
happen with these people.

They will kill us.

No, Carol.
They will not kill us.

You hear?

I swear we will get away.

I promise we will end this shit.

Paula and I will leave my brother here.
Take them away from this hell.

And when we're out ...

you and me ...

if you forgive me for Amelia,
we can start over.

We can go away from here ...

very far. Very, very far.

At the end of the world.

Hein, Carol?

Carol, wake up.

Where is Ivan?

- It made the newspaper?
- I know.

Come on, Elsa.
You'd better lie down.

What happened?

This guy is not a cop?

They had to find the father
of Elsa something else ...

Lieutenant ...

if you have new, tell me.

We will continue to
explore the lagoon.

Once we have found the body, you
will be the first to know.

Believe me, I am
sincerely sorry.

I not find my father.

Who's he?

It is a police officer.

A policeman?

Very good.

We wanted to give evidence?
The time is right.

You are a policeman?


Lieutenant of the Civil Guard.

I want to make a statement.

I remind you.

Tell me.

The girl who died yesterday ...

it was not suicide.

It was an assassination.

I have evidence.
Here is his diary.

You will see that it
was not suicide.

But it is not alone.

Another day, another
boy was also killed.

You will see at autopsy.

If what you say is true,
it's very, very serious.

But there's more.

Two of my friends, Carol and
Marcos, are sequestered.

They could be next.
You understand?

And who is this?

The ...

the school principal.
Jacques Noiret.

My father.

And now, what do you want?

It was a present for you.

For me?

Jacinta, forgive us for destroying
all your memories.

But worry not,

because we will tell you your life
so that you never forget it.


You were born in a palace
very, very nice ...

... called the Palace of the boarding
of the Black Lagoon.

You'll have grown,
but not much ...

and you met a boyfriend
whom you fell in love.

And he fell in love with you.

Yes. And you did all the time

because you love very much.

You are married and have
been very happy

because this man was
very nice to you.

In addition, you also
had a daughter.

But she had to go and live far
away, on a beautiful island.

Where one moves into a donkey and where
they can not die from car accident.

You, you remained living in
the Palace of the boarding

where everybody loved you.

And those who loved you most,

were two blonde girls
very, very beautiful.

Even if one day they destroyed
all your memories.

And you're a little
angry against them.

But ultimately, you
forgave them.

This is your life, Jacinta.
A life super happy
and super nice.

And now, this video is over!

Jacinta, you love your
new memories?

Of course yes.

They are much better
than old ones.

So you're not angry?

Of course not.

You know where are
the best memories?


Wherever you are.


What's going on?

I hope we will soon find
Marcos and Carol.

I did well to balance my father?


It will be better.

What does my ball here?

This ball is yours?

Yes. My mother has offered.

It is the only memory
I have of her.

What is it?

You will not believe it.

You know why the officer
was there?

For the baby.

The brother of Marcos.

You found something?

Messages from mobile Joaquín her daughter who are looking for him.
Thank you.

But there is one, you will not
believe it, that is to Wulf.

- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.

I compared his voice with a speech
recorded in 1944, is the same.


Everything is delayed
because of you.

You gotta give it to me at the earliest.
I can not wait.


So Wulf ...

expected that Don Joaquin
furnish him something,

but was killed before.

Yes, but it was already searched,
he had nothing.

But if anything, it might be
here in the boarding school.

He may have left here
before I die.

Or is the killer who has it.
He will be killed for that.

Whatever it is, we must find it.

You can stay quiet?

You train for the pilgrimage to Santiago?

How can you remain calm?

They were forced off
the policeman.

You forgot the judge?

They had Marcos, Carol and
we will be the following.

Are you alright?

Noiret locked us.

But a policeman got
us out of there.

A policeman?

It's good, right?

What are you doing?

Who allowed you to enter?

Samuel is sought.
You know where he is?


Get out of here now!

Nothing, nothing.

First, we lose Irene Espí.

Now the baby.

All Gemini is in danger,
you know?

No. You do what you
gotta do. Okay?

Son of a bitch!

So there it is.

Everything is finished.

We go to my parents.

I can finally get out Paula
and my brother here!

What is it?

Listen, Marcos ...

What is it?

Your brother ...

he ...

he drowned in the lagoon.


The cop was there for that.

Sorry, dude.

No! Damn!

Is he here?

I told you I keep my promise.

Do not worry.

For the rest of the world,
this baby is dead.