The Boarding School (2007–2010): Season 5, Episode 3 - El hombre del saco - full transcript

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Samuel Espí.

This is one of the
names of the beam.

One of the missing children.

I can remember many things.

But I can not forget who I am.

Now you're Héctor.

Do not say anymore than
your name Samuel.

I toast to you ...

I have a very strange disease.

- Who has no cure.
- How?

Six months.

I do not want to die
in a hospital.

And now?

We administer treatment
at the boarding school.

I hunt men.

Nazis. I need your help.

Not even in dreams.

- I knew you would come.
- How did you find?

It's my job.

Mine too.

By supporting your brother, you
are asked something in return.

- Sure.
- Kills man.

If you do not do it, your brother
will die like a dog.

You decide.

It must stop.

It makes no sense that
if I recover,

it destroys your life.

You, take care to recover.

You hear me?

What do you need to see more
Amelia is one of them?

I'm sick of your jealousy.
Stop ridiculing you.

The only one to be ridiculous, it's you.
You see it?

It is Amelia who has
been naughty.

She was punished because we know
she has a gun for real.

She says it's a fake.

Noiret calls

Come down to the underground.
The alarms went off.

It's the kids.
We must catch them.

You were right.
Amelia is one of them.

Geographic coordinates.

Boat used for orientation.
My father taught me
by going fishing.

The Aegean.

Nisyros. What does that mean?

This is the area where
my parents are gone.

Dimitri! Come! He woke up!

I do not know how my name.

You found me there?

Dad calls



The room is flooded.

You scared me!

I'm so horrible in the morning?

Come on, Vicky, let me!

You saw?


Carol, go!

A little longer.

Water ...

There in the room!

The water came from
the corridor.

It flooded the room.

My dream was not as moist.

What is it?
Julia, closes the door, please.

Nothing. The room is flooded.

That's the Titanic.

I know.

I had imagined.



Paula, you accompany
me to the bathroom?

Attention, Evelyn!
Do not work on photos of my dad.

When he returns, he will think
it is I who crumpled.

Paula, your dad is dead.
He come back.

Let's go.

Julia told to cut their nails.

Flip it.

I had to do it underground.

It cares chips, man.

If Marcos had not been there ...

And you?

It launches you flowers and
it makes you nothing?

You've seen my laptop?

Damn ...

You have saved our ass, man.

Thank you.

Thank you ...

What do you mean thank you?

No. You owe me one.

You could at least pass
me the duty of physics.

Go ... I prefer you have life.


Your laptop, man!

I owe you nothing.
Three missed calls.

It is impossible.

It's impossible ...

What is it?

My father called me.



Calls whore. Calls!

He won it.


Picks up, please ...
Please, wins!


After the Second World
War, at least

eight officers fled Nazi Germany

and took refuge in the orphanage
the Black Lagoon

under new identities.

The bloodiest of all
was Ritter Wulf.

Butcher of Belzec.

Or, equivalently,
Santiago Pazos.

The grandfather of
Marcos and Paula?

The father of Sandra Pazos.

Until his death he lived in a village in Galicia.
A neighbor copy.

Ulrich ...

Henninger and Weigel

were murdered in 1983.

Yes ...

by my father.

But that, we all know.

Fleischer, Merkel ...

and Raub, the only
woman on the list,

we know absolutely nothing.

The eighth is Martin von Klaus.

Joaquin Fernandez, former director
of the orphanage.

Located in the Black
Lagoon a month ago.

He disappeared again.

He has not left the country.

Did not touch his accounts.

As if the earth had swallowed.

For the last time ...

I did not kill him.

You make me so think
of your father.

His version does not, but
he did not kill him.

How do you know?

I understand. If you say so ...

is that it's the truth.

And when Elsa is not there,

it's you who changes?

Yes. Always.

It seems not ...

Now, use a wipe.

In France, you do not use wipes?

Why do not we be using?

I know.
My dad says you're pretty dirty.

And who do you love most?

Samuel and Ivan?

You see he did not like Ivan?

We can know where
you go that idea?

Well then, why you knocking?

You know what happens to girls
who are too sticky?

The bogeyman for the pickups

to take them to his
lair and eat.

The bogeyman does not exist.

Personally, I believe it exists.

I know him.
And if I were a girl too ...

tender than you ...

I'd be very careful.

You think he knows the bogeyman?


He was in prison.


Excuse me, Mr. Noiret.

An urgent appeal
to your desktop.

You stay here and
watch the baby.

I'll be back soon.

Samuel, I do not like
your mother's fiance.

He said some very nasty.

You are finished.

You may experience side effects,
vomiting, nausea ...


To tell you the truth,
Lucía, I ...

I felt something.
A strange noise.

- A sound?
- Yes.

As if I vous.

It's weird, because you
asked me a catheter

and stung me in the buttocks, which
creates a certain intimacy.

No, say nothing.
For you, I'm just more ass.

To tell you the truth, yes.

Seriously, you know this is a rare
disease and it would be useful

how thou hast caught.

Have you recently
been transfused?


Have you had an accident?
Did you dive with anything?

Not that I recall.

The first doctors I saw told me
about a congenital disease.

To be honest, we do not
really know what it is.

It may be a virus.

When have you experienced the
symptoms for the first time?

Well ...
it's been nearly six months.

It seems like yesterday.

And that's what it is
supposed to keep me.

Six months.

If you respond well to
treatment, much more.

Anyway, I do not spend my
time crying over my fate.

There are still things
I want to do.

People with whom I want to be.

Your way of fighting is amazing.

I have no choice, no?

Can I ask you a personal

Should I call my lawyer first?

He will have six months to live.

You want to move here in
the boarding school?

At work?

No. No, no, no ...

For me, this is not work.

This is my home.

And teach kids is ...

I would not trade anything cons.

You have no family?

My family is here.

Lucas, come on.

In the attic, there was ...

a very dangerous thing.

If it were hidden,
is not to take it.

Even fewer children.

I did not.

Come on, Lucas.
Someone could get hurt.

Paula gave the weapon
to his brother.

- Damn ...
- You're gonna rumble?


I'll hide it does not hurt.
Going to lunch.

And do not say anything
to anyone.

I had three calls from my father.
I call and it does not respond.

It is perhaps not him.

Who would have his laptop?

A band of Nazi crackpots.

I know.

Nothing makes sense, Marcos.

Maybe he was kidnapped as he and
your mother was able to escape?

And why does not it?
They have taken?

I know.

She may know something?


Hey, stop with your
little words!


Girl ...

One word of the bride corpse?


My world is dark,

but with your love, I
can enlighten him.

I want to be with you always.

And skate to your heart.

And go ahead with the black
letters of my two.

But what you play?

Super cool people like you do
not care about his face?

Will join, Roque, shit!

Sure it will make you
super autopsies.

I always thought you were for something
other than sports lessons.

- Bon appetit.
- Thanks.

As you see ...

this student was on
the honor roll.


But no.
Since it does not listen,

I was an expert in cribs.

You too, Brutus?

- Bon appetit.
- Thanks.

Camilo, I'm tired of calling
my brother and no news.

What happened?

He made tests.

What tests? I do not know.

What was he doing in our room?

The cameras are there.


He took the weapon.

Where you going?
You take me for your little dog?

My dog, when I call,
it wags its tail.

You, you got an ugly head.

I think I'm easily
the difference.

The head is not horrible
for your whistle.

I had a nightmare.

I'll tell you.
When you close your eyes ...

think only of myself.



Look at the maid as
she is cute ...

With its products ...

This is ... ?

I know. I've never been.

Say, look ...

it could be our new love nest.

Say rather a nest of
mice, because ...

damn ...

I prefer the boiler room.

Here, it peels terrible.

It peels ...

Approach ...

Now, we'll give you your
snack, Margarita.

His name is not Margarita.

His name is Samuel. It's a boy.

He has a penis.

In the game, he has not
because it's a girl.

- It will not.
- If it's okay.

In the game, you've
wanted to be a dad.

And you do not have a mustache.

Or penis.

Now all you gotta
eat, Margarita.

Otherwise, the bogeyman
will come and get you.

And take you away to
his lair for dinner.

Do not scare him!

Margarita, the bogeyman
does not exist.

It will not get you.

How not?

If it exists. Mr. Noiret knows.

Well, there is in France.
Here in Spain it is not coming.

It is great your fish!

This is the new mascot
of the class.

His name is Moby Dick.

My dad gave me for all.

We'll put it in a jar.
You coming?

Of course!

Super. I'm having a mascot.

I had asked for my mom,
but she said that ...

the parrot my grandmother
was enough.

Well, then?

What are you doing here alone?

Who left you alone in the hallway?
Go, my heart.

We will look ...

your witch mother.

And if this dummy class ...

we'll throw it in the trash.

Go, my heart.

What is it?

Water flows from the wall.


What, Julia?

You okay?

Leave here.

Wait ...

Let's get out!

This part freaks me out the drone.
Let's go.

But, Julia ...

Julia, what is it?

And where you go?

I was repairing a pipe at the bottom.
A leak ... damn!

This is the last time you
disrespecting me, okay?

What respect?

What respect?

We can not talk like
two rational adults?

You, reasonable?

C'mon. But you are ...

you are completely frosted.

Iván ...

put it on mute.

It's her job to do.

She claims to be my mother.

I gotta talk.

Me too.
These days, you take advantage
of the salt in food.

I heard "kitchen".
My turn.
Where is Joaquín Fernández?

It's dangerous path that
we talk together.

Why do you say that?

Concentrate on the
menu and I forget.

You know ...

you're right.
I'll check the videos.

I gotta talk.

Marcos Novoa contacted.
He called her cell phone.


Found what he said.

He is still alive?

Say ...

Just keep your eyes to make yourself up
as the kid tell you what he knows.

Tell me something
this afternoon.

A moment.
I can not reach my brother.

Your brother is well.

Do not worry.
It is flirting with a nurse.

He's happy, right?

Yes, but I would put
her curtains.

Curtains? What for?

I know.
To make a little more cozy.

Ah ...
You know what would be best?

Find him a bride.

Yes, that way they would marry.

And they have babies, and ...

The baby!

It is not there.

He had to learn to walk ...

and he went in his room.

You saw Jacques and the baby?
They are not in the room.

You okay?

Yes. I'm just tired.

Mr. Noiret is in the library.
Without the baby.

To whom did he leave?

What are you doing? Go!


Samuel is gone.

And if the bogey had taken him?

The charge moving between two points without
resistance does not lose energy.

That bastard is with them.

I'm sure he knows where
my parents are.

Marcos, calm, okay?

Now he will al'arme.

Your father needs you alive.

Say, guys.

You make everyone enjoy
and I continue?

Marcos is a laptop?

You can not have it in class.


If I leave my room,
I can steal it.

Give it.

Very good.

Very good.


Who has it?

You, Ivan?


Marcos, that's enough, right?

Let's see.

I will not get into
your game, okay?

If you give me the phone, you'll
be stuck until dinner.

My legs are shaking.

Marcos is finished!

At 19 h 30 in the library.

All five.

Marcos, watch this
guy has a weapon.

... the current ...

voltage, potential difference,

and electrical resistance.

I looked at the floor,
there is not.

Did you find it?

The bogeyman will have
already eaten.

It's your fault.
You wanted to take
him for walks.

It's your fault. It's you, Dad.

No, because I have no penis.
In addition, you wanted
to see Moby Dick.

And you even more!

There is a place where
we did not go see.

It can not be there, malignant.

It is the home of Santa Claus
and Father Christmas is nice.

He would not let him in the
bogey, which is very bad.

He may not ask permission.

We can know what you do?

You are not entries in there?

We even know how it opens.

Do not ever go back
there, right?

Never get there. Never again.

Is that clear?

Go play elsewhere. Go.

Wait, wait.

It was not something ...

- Leave me alone.
- ... underway?

Let me go!

Roque, wait.

I'll help you.

Thank you.

Weird, huh?

Why weird?

Because I asked them a drawing

classroom, their next vacation,

and sister drew this.

I thought she had already overcome
the death of your parents.

But obviously not.
At least that of your father.

It is not easy.

No, of course.

You'd have not said anything to her
to get better, to have a hope?

Your parents are alive?

I do not tell him anything.

The death of my parents is
not a subject of play

I speak to him.

Do not worry.

I worry about is my sister.

It was over.

Me too.

What did she want?

You will not believe it.

She wants to know if I have hope that my parents are alive.

It is no coincidence.

She knows something.

A small signature.

- Thanks.
- Nothing. Goodbye.


Well, it's your third
visit to the kitchen.

I'm so irresistibly beautiful
that you do not control.

I'd just nibble.

There must have cookies in the reserve
between the boxes of tomatoes ...

and the corpse of Joaquín

I believe you.

I think you did not kill him
and you know where he is.

And then?

On August 4, 1944, this man
led a commando of the SS.

This commando killed and more than 2800
cremation Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.

You want me to believe ...

that left you unconscious ...

and he walked away quietly?

There is a catch.

Like what?

Someone had to help out
the treasure room.

Surely someone who
works for them.

It's not very sensible
either, right?

Listen, Carlos.

I understand that you are in debt with
her and you want to protect it.

But if we must work together,
I must know who it is.

So when you will know, tell me
because I know what you mean.

If you collaborate, you
can reach an agreement.

Otherwise, I'll know who it is.

And she will spend her
life behind bars.

Meanwhile ...

you make me my knife?

I have to make cannelloni
for four hundred people.

Here, there is nothing.
You have something?

Listen, Marcos.
Sorry, but the only
question is, Vicky.

Something had to escape.

A letter, an address that looks like
where my father is retained.

There is a hidden folder.
I will try to open it.

What is it?

Just ran Amelia.

She rises.

Remove immediately.

It is in the hallway.

Amelia arrives.

What are you doing here?

I waited.

If it's for Paula, it's okay.

Do not worry.

What a welcome!

I wanted to kiss in
the hallway ...

- Not now.
- What?

You progress, you will not see
you there and it's not good.

And then?

No. It will take us and
I risk my place.

Come after class. Okay?

Damn! Damn! Damn!

- Carol remained hidden!
- What do you say?

And what can you do?


No. Marcos knows nothing
about his father.

You there?


I take 20 hours to laboratories.

Let's go! Let's go!

Come on, it will take us.

Where are we going?

By that, I think.

What was that?

THE BLACK orphanage, 1972

A bat.

It's dark and cold.

Back to the orphanage.

There is a glimmer.

We should go see what there

- Let's go.
- Must continue.

Want to find your
sisters or not?

We are the avengers.
Not the cowards.

Where are you? Come back!

What wimps.

Come! There's a boy!

And if she found it?

- I'm going.
- Calm down, Marcos.

Do not lose the ball, okay?

Amelia fate.

You okay?

What happened?

- Marcos ...
- What?

At your departure, Amelia
received a call.

I know not whom.

But they spoke of your father.

- My father?
- And you did not
know anything ...

- Damn, she knew.
- It's not all.

I think they have it and they
will bring it this afternoon.

They told Amelia to get him
to 20 hours in labs.

Which labs?

It makes sense.

If your father has not picked
up is that they have had.

Below, you saw a room with
medical equipment.

- Yes.
- Good.

Surely the hall from the labs.

- I gotta go get him.
- You can not Marcos.

- Spartacus us glued until dinner.
- The son of a bitch
have my father.

I will not stand idly by.

You already know where
I put the punishment.

You came to revise
your alphabet?

Where is Don Joaquín?

What do you know him?

We had not agreed to take care of your
omelets and me from my course?

It is dangerous that we
are seen together.

And for you and me.

Tell me where it is
and I'm leaving.

You want us to kill
my brother and me?

You prefer to sit idly by
while they t'exploitent.

No lessons.

- I have no choice.
- There is always a choice.

I'm here because sooner or later,
your friends will fall.

And I want to keep you from ending
up in the hole, like them.

If you help me, I promise you that
nothing will happen to you.

Very good.

He will be difficult to help
your brother from prison.

Wait ...

Nobody has reviewed Don Joaquín
since the night of two moons.

So, you were the
last to see him.


He asked me to take care of you.

You've done well. And what else?

Two days later they sent me home

to clean up before
police arrived.

In addition, you do cleaning?

Clean fingerprints, take a diary
and papers of the office.

Nothing interesting.

I must see these papers.

- I did more.
- Get them back.

You will not regret helping me.

But what is it?

You knew that the entrance to
the underground is open?


The entrance to the
chimney is open.

Paula and Evelyn went there.

- To think I get chills.
- But ...

it's impossible!

You've checked it yourself
by buying the orphanage.


Someone opened it.

But who?


It makes no sense.

Stop torturing you, Hector.

We never found the sisters
of my friends.

But I'm sure, down, terrible
things were happening.


Maybe, but ...

all this is the past.

I know.

I know, Jacinta.
This place is a nightmare.

I saw ...

there a. ..

there is a door ...

This symbol tells you something?

You know what?
You've already seen?


I saw it tattooed
on your sister.

And other girls at
the orphanage.

On my sister?

What does that mean?

I do not know.

But who opened that door?

- What has happened to it?
- Nothing.

- What is it?
- Dizziness.

Do not worry, Jacinta.

This must be a reaction

treatment. Calm down. Happened.

Why nobody leaves?

He must descend.
My father may already be there.

Relax, Marcos.

Once they leave, it
enters the chimney.

Look at the corpse bride ...

It will even eat you your
heart of ice ...

It's not that she
will eat me ...

And shit, I'm going down.

Where you going?

Wait a minute.

Vicky away your guy and
his friends here.

Listen, Vicky.

We must go to the underground
for 20 hours.

We think they'll bring
the father of Marcos.


- Your father?
- Yes.

Carol heard Amelia say.


Martín punished us until the arrival of my father.
We must go forward.

Guys have to stop with that.
Otherwise ...

Otherwise, what?

You'll tell tales?

If this is the only way to
avoid getting killed ...

How to save your father you
think if you point a gun?

- They kill, damn!
- Forget it, Marcos.

It is no longer with us.

I even know why he was told.

A problem?

Say, Romeo ...
Come, my pretty,
going to smooch.

Shit line.

Here we go.


Everyone in front of a PC.

You will review the
notes of the week.


Marcos, you join now or you are spinning
in the office of Noiret.

We will think of something else.
It happens.

Eh the bogeyman does not exist?


Of course it exists.

And he takes the girls who are disobedient
to where it should not.

So ...

beware ...

no longer prowl ...

the fireplace of the library.


You see? You see there?

So when he took Samuel?

Who will help us find it?

Only God can help us.

Ave Maria, very pure.

Ave Maria.

When you will be mine ...

Conceived without sin ...

But no, Evelyn.
My mom told me that the bogeyman
does not exist.

In addition,

Surely someone has taken
Samuel and cares.

You think?

Yes. I'm sure it does.

What is it?

These are the bones of Samuel!

Her nipple ...

The bogeyman has eaten!

I see you at the next meeting.

I've been looking all day.

Look Iván.
Always punished.
I do not know what to do.

I do not know what you're going to
do, but with Samuel, you know.

Change the layer,
it is impossible.

Just as the monitor.

Jacinta has brought me.
She was found alone
in the hallway.

Are you listening?

It's really amazing.

You left the baby alone!


Do not ever again.

You understand?


Amelia, they arrived?

Keep me informed.

It is almost 20 hours.

Let him go to be seen,
I'll get my father.

Calm down.
How you gonna go with
this type before?

- You lose the ball?
- How do I go? I get up.

I open the chimney
and I go there.

If he wants to follow me, let him do.
It stop me ...

You close it!

In July, we could go to
my aunt, Formentera.

Your aunt?

- Are not you ashamed?
- Why not?

She is deaf as a post and has cataracts,
she will see nothing.

What a brilliant plan.

You can not forget your
PC for a minute?

No. I'm addicted. Sorry.

Please, help us.
We must descend to
the underground.

What? Is important?

No. Nothing.

Personal mail.

And these cannelloni?

Well, well. In the oven.

How long do they stay?

What is it?

Are you interested in cooking?


Not really.

I'm hungry.

Yeah. So, grab snacks.

I call whenever I have new.

No messages in this folder

It's over. I'll fetch my father.

Marcos, where are you?

I gotta go.

What are you doing?

- I gotta go.
- Where you going?

Go, go sit! Sit!

Return to your place, please.

Sit all.

But what are you doing?

Applying Ohm's law.

But in reverse.

You're completely crackpot.

Everyone was calm.
It's just a break.


Martin, please, come help me.

- We will try to fix it.
- Stay away.

This is the storm that has been
blowing up the generator.

We must separate, sometimes
they lock us down.

I stay there.

Me too. Feel free to call.


Come on, Carol. Magne you.

It's over.

A drop in voltage
due to treatment.

Everything is normal.

Sorry that Jacinta tossed thee
brought by this storm.

She exaggerates.


She told me it was you who
insisted she calls me.

No. I swear not.


If I want to go to a
woman, I call it.

So you'll give me
an appointment?

Saw the candles, I
thought it was.

I remind you that we
have a power outage.

All the excuses are good.

You love to make fun of me.
It's part of the treatment?


The evening was superb.
You should leave before
the storm worse.

It would be better.

Do not run, you'll fall.

Go to your room.
The light will return.

THE BLACK orphanage, 1972

I think the kid is there.
Get him!

Who are you?

It would be useful to know
how thou hast caught.

Have you recently
been transfused?

Have you had an accident?
Did you dive with anything?

You scared me!

Jacinta asked me to
check generators.

These are not the generators.
Is the electric panel.

How do you know?

I turned off a thousand
times as a child.


María. Here is full of people.

Boy, to be alone with a
girl, I had to get by.

You're kidding, right?

It was very easy.

I enjoy the black girl to get
close to him speak softly ...

Stop it ...

That's exactly what
they always said.

So, I have passed my
hand in the back ...

to ensure their escape ...

Then, I took advantage
to tell them ...

I'm as nervous as you.

But the light will come back and
we should seize this moment.

You know what happened then?

They slap you?

The lights came on.

The light always came back.

But that was another era.
Jacinta has to lose
his faculties.

Thou art great.

I'll spin a helping hand to
avoid a week of stable ...

Fear not, Moby Dick.

The bogeyman has already dined.

And even if he's
still hungry ...

he should not eat fish.

But what are you doing?

- Go to your rooms.
- Girls, listen Jacinta.


What is it?

Is ...

he got one thing ...

- ... horrible.
- What happened?

Well, we played the
mom and dad ...

Moby Dick but came ...

Moby Dick ... whale?

No. This little fish ...

It is for you.
So that you do not be sad.

Ah? Well ...
thank you.
But what is this horrible
thing that happened?

We searched everywhere
your baby ...

But the bogey that
left no bones.

And nipple.

The bogeyman ate your baby!

Ah! Now I understand everything.

So, okay.
I keep the small fish. Okay?

That way, I do not need
to change diapers.

But you're not sad?




The bogeyman, he
must eat, right?

Me, I'm ...

Instead, he preferred girls ....

It's Samuel!

The bogeyman has not eaten!

Of course not.
The bogeyman does not exist.

I do not know who puts these
ideas in your head.

Thou hast committed?

Free me.

Free me!

Free me!

Relax Fernando.

You do not have enough

Free me!

What for?

To try again to kill you?

It would not be fair.

Think that your poor
sister, Amelia?

When I am dead, she will
not have to worry about.

It will be free.


I think you do not understand.

Without you, life has
no meaning for us.

It would be pointless.

And what is not useful ...

we throw in the trash.

I found this.


Vicky fucking!

She assured with the cut.

You think the father
of Marcos is down?

I know.

Look ...

What is it?

Water ...

What water?


I come back, okay?

Yes, but ...
you leave me here alone?

It's a fucking maze.
We'll never do.

Where are we?

Come. There is someone.

This is Amelia.

Marcos, wait!

There are two other men.
They should be armed.

It's dark, you see nothing.


Are you there?

Anything happen to you.

I think it's good. Tries.


- Wait, Marcos.
- Let me go!

Ivan, tell me it's not a coffin.

EDF bills and go to the dentist.

You have something?

I'm afraid that your source
is questionable.

Tell me who it is.

I could eliciting useful

Let's see.

Congratulations on your
new grand-son.

Keep me this baby.

These should be Samuel, right?
The baby Elsa.

Why you ask him to keep him?
Who wrote that?

This is what we must find.

The writing is typical.

Let's see if it's one
of our friends.

Who has signed?

Ritter Wulf.

Ritter Wulf. Or Santiago Pazos.

Or whatever his name.

I can not believe he is alive.

It has happened?


Do the autopsy and send
me the results.


Nothing more?

How are my grandchildren?