The Boarding School (2007–2010): Season 5, Episode 6 - El vampiro - full transcript

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- How did you find?
- I have my methods.

All posts are portable
Joaquín daughter.

But there is one on Wulf.

Are you sure?

I compared the voice message

that of a speech from 1944
is exactly the same.

You gotta give it to me earlier,
I can not wait.

So, Wulf ...

expected that Don Joaquin
gives him something ...

but was killed before.

Your friend Toni ...

I stole some papers.
I know one of you the a.

I do not know what you mean.

Maria, if you have them, you
must give them to me.

We could get rid of my father
forever, you understand?

Forget it. It can also kill us.

I know we took your son.

How do you know?

We gave it to me.

You saw what?

A woman ...

she drowned in a bathtub.

She wanted to give me something.
A bullet.

What does my ball here?

It's your ball?

Yes. My mother has offered.

It's the only thing
I remember her.

We can know what you do?

Never go back there, you hear?

The entrance to the
chimney is open.

Paula and Evelyn went there.

This symbol tells you something?

I saw it tattooed
on your sister.

And other girls at
the orphanage.

But who opened that door?


My baby fell into the water.

How could you be as bad?

What were you thinking?

Your brother ...

... drowned in the lagoon.

- He and Carol Marcos.
- What do you say?

He let go against the newspaper.

Remove us from there!

It is a police officer.

No, Iván!

The girl who died yesterday
was not suicide.

It was an assassination.

I have evidence.
Here is his diary.

Another day, another
boy was also killed.

If what you say is true ...
it's very, very serious.

But there's more.

Two of my friends, Carol and
Marcos, are sequestered.

And doing all that?

The school director, Jacques Noiret.
My father.

Noiret locked us.

But a policeman got
us out of there.

So everything is finished.

L \ fs18} AMPIRE


It Jimeno.

You will not believe
what is here.

Is the head guard.

And call all the staff available
to the prefecture.

Highest priority. I'm coming.

Thank you, children.

That same night, we will
launch an operation.

I can not believe that this
nightmare is finally over.

We will finally get out of here!

They will crush this
hell forever.

Those bastards will pay for
what they did to my family.

You know what?

You know that I have no desire
to see the face of my father!

Well ...

What a way to get out of school
without permission.

And annoy the lieutenant
with slander.

When will you learn?

You're a son of a bitch!

- You are a son ...
- Marcos, no!

Marcos, monitors the mouth.

Otherwise, I'll have you
washing it with soap.

Wonderful night, right?

Dark night.

Ideal for a joyride.



It will do you good to
spend some energy.

Remove your shoes, please.

You want me to ask you?
I am not as well educated.

I expect you to boarding school.

And do not linger to
pick mushrooms.



Let him go! Let him go!


The vampire will get tangled
in your hair and suck blood.

Let's see. It's not a vampire.

It's a bat, right?
Vampires do not exist.

If they exist.
It is the gentlemen who
have hundreds of years.

They'll suck the blood in the neck
and did not leave a drop.

But it's not a gentleman,
is a bat.

They are transformed, malignant.


Why do vampires suck blood?

Because they are dead
and dried them.

Eating sausage they
use to do nothing?


They need fresh blood.


Means nothing.
It is probably gone.

What happens here?

There's a bat!

Here, there is no bat.
Withdraw it.


Lie down.

It's him! He turned!

What do you say?

That Camilo is a vampire!

But go in your bed.

Well I want to.

What has happened to you?

And the police?

- Who did this?
- Take it, shit.

I told you so.

You do not get up?

No, I do not feel well.

I regret what I said yesterday.

Forgive me.
I said without thinking.

I put the brake on the pram.
How could he fall?

Then I tried to save him, but
I could not, I could not ...

Staying in bed will not
come back Samuel.

Go. Arise.

I can not.
I must convince myself that
it was an accident.

I beg you, tell me it was an accident.
I beg you.

It was an accident.

You also blames me.

Shut the door.

No way.

Very good.

Then all the boarding will be
told that Don Joaquin died.


So I know it's not you.

Don Joaquin died without having given
something important to some ...

Ritter Wulf, it speaks to you?

I do not know who it is.
No idea.

Ritter Wulf is a very
sympathetic Nazi ...

responsible for thousands of deaths
in concentration camps.

But perhaps another name you speak.
Santiago Pazos.


The grandfather of
Marcos and Paula.

You're very girlfriend's kid?

It's none of your business.

True, I'm not interested.

Let's talk about the relationship between
Don Joaquin and Ritter Wulf.

I can not help you.

I just saw Don Joaquin.

I greeted him when
he came Monday.

What was he doing on Monday?

I know.
He came to talk to
his daughter ...

Request it to her.

First, we lose Irene Espí.
Now the baby.

All Gemini is in danger,
do you hear?

No. You ...

The sign of the downstairs door is the
same as that tattooed on my sister.

Gemini, the sign of Gemini.

What is this Gemini?

- I know.
- Think, please.

You told me that this sign
tattooed on girls.

How? Who were they?


Including your sister.


Those they sought.

Jacinta was right.
My sister is not there.

Nor that of Lucas, or Esteban,
or Francisco.

They simulated their death ...

to enable them to adopt ...

without a trace.

But why?

What did they special?

What did they do their bottom?

I know.

I do not know!

Maybe there are still alive?

Moves no more than the past.

I will not stay with folded
arms, Jacinta.

That never.

I gotta know what you
did to my sister.

What they wanted him.

It's dangerous, Héctor.


I'll die in six months.

There is nothing else
scares me, Jacinta.

You're well buff!

You have a hell of a hole
in the language.

Let's see.

Supports. Fort.

I can not do more.

It will bleed a little.

Thank you very much.


Medina, Medina ...
I hope you have not done
to avoid Latin.

Sit down.

How did you do that?

In the shower.
I had to cut something.

- Glass, a piece of metal ...
- Or a backhoe.

You have a foot full of earth.

I disinfects and you put a bandage
and see if it stops the bleeding.

You had to cut you with
something rusty.

I'll give you a tetanus,
for just in case.

Do not worry, it does not hurt.

We must always do
in these cases.

Your skirt back, please.

You see?
It has a mouth full of blood.

It's a vampire!

Who is a vampire?


At night it turns into a bat.


Eh that vampires do not exist?

If they exist.

And Camilo is one.

In your opinion, why
he speaks Latin?

Because there are hundreds
of years.

It must have been born
at the time ...


Not malignant.
It is of Avila. He told me once.

And the scarf around your neck?
Hein, malignant?

He is for us not see
the bite marks.

That's true.

One becomes a vampire when you get bitten
in the neck by Count Dracula.

I think he wears a scarf because
he has tonsillitis.

There was no chest pain every day,
but he always has a scarf.

And look how pale he is.

How much you bet he
sleeps in a coffin?

She tried to give me a tetanus.

And vaccine vials were
stamped Ottox.

She pricked thee?

No. I went running.

Your father opened their school
doors to their experiences.

- He is a shareholder of Ottox.
- What do they want?

- We use them as guinea pigs?
- Sure.

What they did with Susana
and nephew of the keeper.

They have been stung.
They had a mark on the neck.

But why them?

What did they special?

They had something in common.
In addition to what
unites them now.

He's right.

We must find them before
they bite someone else.

You want something?

Whether you watch the
wheels of your wagon.

They scratch the floor.

If you do not mind, I
have a lot of work.


You're full of crap to clean.

By the way ...

Do you remember those papers
that tell you not have?

I do not know what you mean.

I'm talking about your
life insurance.

You do not have more.

I found them.

So start saying goodbye
to your son.

You're dead.

They did not kill Don Joaquin.

Of course, you already knew.


I do not get it.
First, you make me want my
help, then you digress.

You tell me not to inform you.

You know who killed
Don Joaquin, eh?


But let me know it.

Why they killed him? You know?

I'm on it. Let me do it my way.

On your way? Good.
Take your time.

There is no hurry.

Fermin, right?

Yes, yes.

Too bad for the baby Elsa.

- Yes.
- I just talked to
the lieutenant.

He took your deposition?

Me? Why?

I burnt omelette yesterday,
but it's not a crime.

He wants to talk to all those who
went yesterday to the wood.

Yeah. And?

I believed you to see the lagoon shortly
before the fall of the baby.

You need glasses.

In fact, I'm sure I saw you.

Yes, and I'm sure you confusing
me with another.

Excuse me, I put the
rice in the paella.

Alex ...

Eva ...

Nacho ...

A review in white?

Open the book, please.

Read aloud the first chapter.

In place of the Channel I want
to forget the name ...

Enough, thank you.

What pavement, eh?

Better. I'll tell you a joke.

He is an Englishman, an American and a
Spaniard who is an airplane and ...

You do not like?

Yes, yes.

But it is in literature,
not the Big Heads.

What you say interests me.

You mean, maybe ...

I do not what should be done ...

a teacher of literature?

- Yes.
- We're quits.

Because you have not done what
is supposed to be a student.


- He had me.
- But, relax ...

We're both evil we do.

So I propose something. There.

You'll be the teacher,
and I am the student.

If I like your progress ...

you spend.

If instead, you bore me ...

you have nothing to teach me ...

you go to catch up.


At least appointing a student
teacher, you shall rest.

You look good.
Did you sleep well?

I have not slept all night.

You have noticed something else?


Tachycardia ...

loss of appetite ...

and a strange obsession
for some kisses ...

Let's see.
You, you were there ...


It was you. You kissed me.

That or drugs ...

make me psychotic.

Sorry, Héctor.
I'm not supposed to do that.

Kissing patients is not
part of the treatment?


No. In principle,
no. But, hey ...

we must not neglect it.

But, in contrast,

must follow very, very close ...

these side effects.

I beg you.



I found this white paper.

This is the list of students
in your class?

I have not seen your name.


I thought.

I thought you were the type
to save your energy.

I'm pragmatic.

If I take the art, it
can up my average.

Seriously. Tu me files a hand?

If I am your way, I'll have the hardware.
Apart from the lipstick ...

Come on.

We'll see what we find.

Marcos, here we go.

A second, right?

What's his name?

Ivan is not our son.


Where is my baby?

The child ...

is stillborn, Valentina.

And you did not tell me?

But ...

- Why did you do that?
- To keep you from suffering.

I just wanted to protect you.

Change my son by that of another
is to protect me?

If you're quiet, I can explain.

I'm all ears.

Who is this ... María Almagro?

It is his mother?

We have raised.

- You're his mother.
- No!

It is this woman.

Why do we have his son?

It's a poor girl who did
not care for her son.

I paid.

I did it for you, Valentina.
I did it for us.

And that's what?
These are experiences?

What is it? Torture?

What are you doing to
these poor children?

You would never have seen it.

And I know why my husband
keeps one thing ...

No, we can not know.

It is best if you forget it.

You're crazy ...

if you think I'll forget I
saw something so awful.

What do you want?


Excuse me.

There are only three days.
I ask one thing.

Ignore me.

Where you been?

I was looking for it
if we Camilo attack.

Better a hammer, right?

This is not to strike.

Just to show him. Right?

When a vampire sees a crucifix,

his eyes fall and
he went flying.

That's why Camilo has
never married.

He can not enter a church.

This is not why, malignant.
This is because it
is a bit ugly.

And it feels weird.

The kids are cowards.
It was an impressive shot.

Let's go.

You will see that he
sleeps in a coffin.



You see it is not a vampire.
He sleeps in the bed.

But it has no mirror.

You know why?

Because vampires
are transparent.

They see themselves in a mirror.

This is not why, malignant.

The boys did not look
in a mirror.

It is you who say this.


Cape to fly.

As Count Dracula.


I'll see what I can do.


Yes, I still have a mouth
full of blood.

You're long gone?

Let me warm it.

But what happens there, Hector?

Why all those I love disappear?

First, my father.
Then the baby. After ...

And I have a lot to be connected.
Many ...

Samuel died because of me.

No, no.
None of that.
Elsa, listen to me.

It was an accident.
It was not your fault.

Stop torturing yourself with this.

I know it is very difficult, but
you gotta get out of the well.

You have to lean on
those who love you.

We're here for. Okay?

How will Noiret?

Mal. It goes badly.

He also loved.


Hector, yes.

It was he who helped
me get custody.

It's him, you say?


Sure. He spent a few shots son.

It was a bad start and he arranged
everything, I want to know how.

I go into my room.

Well ...

So is Martin who killed
Joaquín Fernández.

You have to go away.

I can not help you.

Susana file straight
from the oven.

Carolina has not returned?


Carolina has not returned?

It must be with the art teacher.

- What does the file?
- She was an orphan.

The nephew of attention too.

And orphans of former orphanage
on which we were experimenting?

- This is where it started.
- Sure.

They are orphans, so that
nobody complains.

They failed, Manolo and Susana,
we realized this.

The ranger did not ask questions
about the death of Manuel?

He was never sick.

But shortly before his death,
he made two ailments.

The doctor said it was okay.

This should be a doctor Ottox.

Poor boy.

He had just come here to
work with his uncle.

He was fired from his school because
he missed everything.

Another coincidence.

From this, Susana even stepped
in kindergarten.

A moment.

My mother was gifted.
The orphans also.

Now they take the TOQUARD?

It makes no sense.

Maybe so.

You remember the Nazi slogan?
Only the weak must die.

They kill the weak.

What do they test?

The time it takes for
a repeater to die?

These bastards are using
students as guinea pigs.

There is only one
way to find out.

We must go to the underground

There must be answers.

The door is not sealed
by computer?

We need to Victoria.

Why Martín Fernández
Joaquín killed?

I know. There is nothing here.

For the body, how thee know?
He told you?

Do not touch me!

So how you did know?
Who told you all this?

You believe me not.


It's ...

is something that I've
had a little girl.

It's not premeditated.

I do not even control.

But ...

when I touch people ...

when I touch their skin ...

I see things the darker
they made.

Oh yeah? As darkness?

Like what you did at
the Musée d'Orsay.

Nobody knows.

You remember the day I met you?

I've shaken hands.

I knew well. I've seen.

That's why we sent you. You ...

you have a power.

This is something that happens.

It is a gift.

Do not think I like it.

Then you have to edit.

We would know more about the
death of Don Joaquin.

- I do not choose what I see.
- We risk what?

We could learn more
about Martín.

I've seen enough to know that
Martin is a murderer.


So there is something between
you and Professor of Physics.

There is nothing left.

More ...

I'm not the only one making
the wrong choice.

I kiss you, but ...

the first thing you'll know
is that I do not recycle.

María Carolina you saw?


Look, there she is.


Students should not enter
the room Teacher.

He gave me a notepad.

I do not mind.

But if Jacinta catch you ...

I was looking for you.

You have to convince
Vicky to help us.

It kills children.
It will not idle.

I hope.

Et ..
with the designer?
Good? Nothing strange?

But no.

You've had the opportunity
to search the room?

What's the point?

Amelia took me, okay.

But as you, we love you,
then you're smarter ...

I sleep with anyone.


I'm sorry. Forgive me.

Okay? Sorry.

- In the boiler room ...
- What, in the boiler room?

What, Marcos?
In the boiler room,
we nearly died.

And then you leave me that?

I found two of the orphans.

One died of cancer long
ago, but the other ...

You'll never believe it.

The other judge was found
dead in the woods.

So his death was linked ...

at boarding school.

What is clear is that
the Gemini project

began with the orphanage and
it still exists, Jacinta.

Joaquín bought ...

and stealing children.

Will know why.

And I was complicit in all
this without noticing.

It was not your fault, Jacinta.
You were used.

Listen to me, it was
not your fault.

But I need your help.

I can still find the
fourth orphan.

Marta Hernández Velasco.

Tell me if, once you've discovered
something about herself.

They killed the judge. But why?


Help me, please, it's very important.
Help me.

It is probably dead, too.

Like all the others.

As your sister.

They all finished the same.

I do not know.

But I will not give up before
I provide, Jacinta.

I will not stop.

- Thanks.
- Nothing.

Hey, is there?
It's "bread and cheese!

Say, Maria, excuse me.

You have a duplicate
of all room keys?

Yes. Why?

- You've forgotten?
- No.

So if you want, you can enter
the mine at night like this?


And I imagine that if I go,
you will not snoring?

To tell you the truth,
I sleep very light.

When you've finished here, come
to the girls' bathroom.

There is a small problem
with one of the tanks.

I do not know if it is blocked.

And you?

You should not train yourself
to your escapades?

Say, you have a problem?

Yes. No, nothing.

That's the tank?

No. Excuse me. Sorry.


Shut the door.

If you stay quiet,
I drop the weapon.

What will you do to me?

- What do you want?
- Only one question.

I saw you in the woods.

What were you doing?

You killed the baby Elsa?

I brought him to his mother.

His mother?

His real mother.

It's her. You know, right?

How do you know?

First, the mother of two.
Marcos and Paula.

Moreover, those who flew the baby
are those who sing your sister.

- I am one of the good.
- Good?

The best present themselves
like this?

By pointing a gun to your head?

Imagine then the bad guys.

You have an idea of ​​what can happen
to you if you put yourself in my way.

Now you're warned.

A moment.

Why you know things about
me and my sister?

For you, it changes nothing.

Concentrate on your art classes
and everything will be fine.

I can not believe
you took biology.

Up to the gym, Nacho.

The new is after me.

He knows that I have dubbed
Kung-Fu Panda.

You saw what he did
with the stick?

Do not mouth, it will
already be ...

We can talk for a moment?


There will be no all summer?

We murdered a few.

The nephew of custody and Susana died
because they were experimenting.

You gotta get down with us to
open the door of the labs.

It is controlled by computer,
you can unlock it.

A moment. What laboratories?

Listen, Marcos.
I'd rather not know.


You will never stop?

This night will not suffice?

- No need to remind us.
- If necessary.

You see that even the
cops with them?

See you one day it's all
dangerous, whore?

This is precisely what
we want to avoid.

How, Marcos?

These people are criminals.

And you get along forever.

Look out: it is fine.
Think of the beach!

Enough. You make me freak out.

I tell you that kills kids and you,
you think of the holidays!

Do not get me wrong, Carol.
Just the opposite.

The only thing I think
is yours ....

because I do not want to
lose one more friend.

So, I'll help you do more
in this madness.

It opens the door by
force if necessary.


I want to put it, I'll
feel the gazpacho.

Put it.

Vampires do not like it.

Neither garlic nor gazpacho.

It bothers them and gives
them a stomach ache.

In the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit ...

What are you doing?

I bless.

You can not bless,
you can not cure.

If I can because I have faith.

In addition, we need holy
water to kill Camilo.

You're gonna kill him?
Are you crazy?

But have you not heard?
He said he has a mouth
full of blood!

He bites people.

What brings you?

Lettuce or eels? What horror.
It's pretty.

- Jacinta!
- What?

Vampires do not exist?

They do not exist?
I could name at least two ...

And they are constantly being
happy before I have withered.

And tell your boss that tomorrow
I will speak to him.

- Good afternoon.
- Tomorrow.

And the garlic?

How many times have I said that
to play at the dinette,

you have to do with the dough.
Come on, put it there.

I've brought a pile.

What for?

Planted in the heart
of the vampire.

But it's awful!

We can not just put
him in holy water

for him to think again
and do more?

And if not understand and
even biting people?

Jacinta ... Marcos ... and we?

They become vampires and
they won everything.

But killing is a sin.

Sure, but not kill it ... kill.

Because vampires are
already dead.

We will do it for his own good,
for he rest in peace.

Let's go.

Iván, wait.

Your father has stolen
the papers he wanted.

Sorry, he handed me a trap.

You said not know
where they were?

Was to protect us.

To protect us, Maria?

What was on those papers?

Your father will kill me if
I stay in the dormitory.

And he will do the
same with you.

You have to disappear

- Me, I touch them.
- What?

You are mistaken if you think I'll
leave you here so they kill you.

You come with me.

I'm not going anywhere.

Even less with you.


We have found it.

This plan is a bit crappy.

We should reconsider
what you do.

Yes, of course.

And while they kill and torture
us buy cops, we ...

we begin to meditate?


If you want to ...
do not go down.


I'd rather die beating me ...

Rather, they bite me and send me to another world.
I prefer.

I prepare a warm bath.

I have no desire. Thank you.

Elsa, it will do you good.

I do not want.

I want nothing, you understand?

I do not understand?

I repeat that I also
lost a child.

I know what you're
going through.

But I do not complain
and do not want pity.


Forgive me.

Understand that I am also very affected
by the loss of Samuel.

I suffer as much as you.

If there was a way to
forget all that ...

You want to forget
what happened?

You want to forget your son?

A real mother would
never say that.

If you take no bath, I'll
turn off the water.

Where did you spend your day?


You know perfectly.

You followed me, right?

If I do, because I'm
worried about you.

If that were true, you would have gone with
me to face the real mother of Ivan.

And not at the other
end of the bay.

And what did you talk?

Because he misses his
son very much.

The way we took him at birth.

And how nobody believes
it has given life.

I told him that everything
was true.

How could you do that?

And if she tells all?
And if she asks for our child?

No need.

I'll give it back.

I can not believe it.

You'll take Iván in a juvenile
facility with this junkie?

You want our son to
end like this?

- I know this is a horrible place.
- So?

We will help economically.

We owe him.

It's the least we can do.


Okay. If that's what you want.

You say this for real?

I think you're right.

Poor girl.

That what is right.


I can help.

Have you talked to your father?

I wanted to do but I could
not talk to him.


Does that make ...

The angel face you have, dude.

- The head that you do.
- No, this is it. Password.

And there, his head that you do!

Guys, this is a place of study.

To the idiots, there
are the rooms.

The housekeeper is good.

Have you seen how tight are
the buttons on her blouse?

Follow Maria.

What will you say?
Once you cross it, you slobber.


Now, I do baverai that
on your plate.

He hath shut up.

If he wants, I decal.

Calm down.
You do not measure up.

Moreover, not waste
your time with it.

Nothing. Camilo is nowhere.

He had to take his cape and
fly through the window.

- Is stopped.
- No.

You're stupid?
There are plenty of fresh blood.

He must be hiding to attack.

And when you least expect it, wham!
it flows around your neck.

Come on, come on.

There he is! Camilo is here!

It's true!

During the day, vampires sleep.

We must bring it down with
a stick or something.

- Why you looking at me?
- Because you're the boy.

Push yourself.

You're not talented.

You've never had a piñata?

I do not suck! I do not suck!

I'm Paula, your friend!


And now?


How did you make sure that?

It is thought that the gym
should not be mandatory.

It should run only if
there is continued.

And if I have bad grades,
it is no vacation.


Come, it's there.

What is it?
What are you looking at?

What do you see?

I know who it is.

It is the mother of Ivan.

Magne, the French
will not delay.

Security System

Say ...

What did your classmates?
I do not care ...

but you are so intense

with your secrets and your head ...
poker players

Impossible to break.
Is shielded.

That I am not sure.

Marcos! No, Marcos! No, no!

Opening the door. Open. Cancel.

- Marcos, No. Not like this.
- Leave me alone!

Marcos, listen.

Do not enter.

And if it's a trap?

Open laboratories.
Intruder detection.

- Shit.
- What is it?

Nothing. Move over.

I spoke to the chef.


He said that those for whom you bump
kidnapped the mother of Marcos.

And stole her baby.

Marcos is the student
with whom you go out?

Fernando, do not meddle.

I'm doing.

Remember to take your medicine.

Why are you with this boy?

This is because they
have asked you?

You lie to him.

You handle it.

He and his little sister.

How do you transform yourself?

If I do not what they want,

they not give me the medicine
I bring every day.

Even if you do not think
I like Marcos.

I am nauseous

whenever I have to ask me
what these bastards.

But thanks to that, you
stay alive, right?

At what price, Amelia?

At what price?


Only me.

Provided that my father
is not here.


Please ...

I can not watch.

I can not.

Stay outside.

It is empty.

There must be somebody.

Damn ... What's that?

The eyes of orphans.

And that's what?

A human fetus?

This place is pinball.

This is ...


It Susana.

And there's Handbook.

Damn, the poor.

So my father was not
in that coffin.

If anything, they did not.

If they have not, where is he?

You want some?

It is sturdy ...

I warned you.

Ah, Spain!

There are still many miles.

Newsletter last minute.

Police found two people killed

Nisyros in the region.

The suspect, a man
named The Killer,

is a man of Spanish nationality.

measuring 1.80 m in 40 years ...

brown hair and light eyes.

He wears trousers and
a white shirt.

It is an armed and dangerous

So ...

Shall we?

And it generates me
the key and ...

There. Page of our friend.

These are photos of the
night two moons.

- Just when Don Joaquin disappeared.
- It's here.

It is unclear.

These two girls but the mask ...

This boy takes a picture
from another angle.

It Ramón Guevara.

It must have an account.

Here it is.

Can I come?

No. Is ...

This is not the right time.

You're not alone?

I know not why I came.


He carries a wooden box.

Don Joaquin came religiously
every Monday.

And Tuesday, he saw Wulf.

And the feast of the
two moons was ...



So he came every Monday
picked up the box.

To give Tuesday at Wulf.

But he could not because
Martin was killed.

We must find this package.

Camilo, forgive us.
But it's for your own good.

Yes, Camilo.
We will accommodate you.

For that you rest in peace in
heaven with the good guys.

And you do not suck more
blood to anyone.

Come on, Lucas.

Plant them in the pile
right in the heart.


But ...
I do not know where his heart.

Do you think? Next to the belly!

Maybe that vampires have
in another place?

In the mouth.

Then, hit him in the
stomach and mouth.


Rest in peace, Camilo.

What are you doing here?

Vade retro! Vade retro!

What, vade retro?

Camilo, we not suck!

- Go, vampire!
- Vampire?

Accursed children!

- What have you found?
- Nothing.

Why have they made
their corpses?

For them these horrors.


What did they do them?

Looks autopsies.

Topic 1, Topic 2 ...


It is their medical records.

About 1 ...

this Manual.

Subject 2, Susana.

The degenerative process of the aorta
begins two days after infection.

The expansion of the catheter
that causes ...

the cardio-respiratory arrest
on the seventh day.

Damn ...
This is the folder
of the theme 3.

Let's see.

There is no name.

This topic is already
carrying the virus.

So ...

there is a third infected.

Another student is going to die.


Well, there is little time left.

What are you doing this summer?

I rest.

And you?
Lucas goes to see his mother?


She has other projects.


See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

Damn ... Finally!

I thought we were going
to stay there.

And Vicky in bed ...

I'm my best friend
and she leaves us.

And then?

If she needs us, it's good.
Come on, come on.


Open, please.

Pity, Get Me Out of here!

Pity! Help!

Let me out of here!
For pity's sake!