The Boarding School (2007–2010): Season 4, Episode 10 - Un punto en el mar - full transcript

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How much you give me?

Fifteen thousand.

Simon ...

I have in my possession
a Six Tears Volkonsky.

I asked the loan there
is more than a month.

What do you mean no?

What does it mean, Hector?

I need money.

There is little diamonds
like this in the world.

If someone is after them
or Samuel Espí,

- It will surely be there.
- What do I do?

Wait till I investigate
the store.

You've screwed up.
He missed half of dough.

If you got a good look
at these papers,

you have an idea of
​​what I can do.

You play with fire.

We swear this will screwdriver
buried here forever.

We swear!


And then?

You must learn to distinguish things
that you imagine the real.

I dreamed of a unicorn.

What war is this?

It flew and clashed Camilo.

The unicorn was performed but

you think me capable
of doing harm?

I know where it's
going to happen.

Jacinta's room.

Your message has been sent.

At 9 am the swings, the evidence
for the inspector Gutierrez.

What evidence?

This is for Amelia.

That night, I saw her return with
Noiret drive to 3 hours.

I pretended to forget my
laptop at the library.


She has been quick to take it.

I tell you one last time
for you to freelancing.

Amelia has nothing to do with
them, even if you persist.

Always meddle with what
does not watch it.

It is high time to give a
good lesson to this kid.

You will not believe
what happened to me.

I followed someone else.

Carol, stop your comedy.

Papa Noel!

It starts already.

I have not given him the letter.

Santa Claus?

The North Pole!

It is the land of Santa Claus!

Dad was a murderer.

I told you you would
not know the truth.

- I leave the boarding.
- How?

What is there said that
was your father.

They want ...

Key ...

of ... safe ...

They killed my father for
what's in this chest.

It must be retrieved.

Ottox denies making illegal
experiments on humans.

Remember those movies
from underground?

With my grandfather
operated children.

Here, we conducted experiments
on children.

- What was it?
- Id.

This is my blood sister.


What is it?

I even dreamed of.

Come on, sonny, it's good now.

I want to hear about it.



Hector, are you there?

My God!

Hector, what is it?

What has happened to it?

- What is it?
- My medication ...

- What medicine?
- I was going to
take it, but ...

I fell.

But which drug? Where is he?

In the closet ... the drug ...

I'll ... do not worry.


Yes. In a metal box. Hurry.


What are you doing?

It's your business.

But it is the screwdriver that
was buried in the woods!

Why is it there?

I put him there.

It appeared this morning
in the bathroom.

Maybe there is magic and
does not disappear.

Then, he returned alone.

Me, I feel it is a screwdriver

quite normal. Like others.

Yes, but I want him to leave.
Otherwise, a disaster
will happen.

You've done a bad dream?

Yes. A terrible.

It is very scary.
It will come true.

- What will happen?
- I can not say.


But I have to hide the screwdriver
so that no one ever finds it.

The toilet did not swallow.

And it is pointless to bury him.

And if you threw the
gnome in the cave?

What gnome?

No, if something happens
wrong, we acknowledge.

It can be left at
the North Pole!

Yes, of course. Or on the moon.

The North Pole is far away.
We can not walk there.

If you can, evil.

We can go from school,
some tunnels.


This is the secret house of Papa Noel.
And there are plenty of snow.

I know go there.

Cheer up, I'm better.

But ...

what do you have?

Why did not you say something?

But what happened
to you exactly?

You gave me my medicine,
it will go.

It was the last dose.

Maria has not dropped?

It pisses me off as much as
you Amelia is with them.

I hope I am wrong.

But I am sure she is dangerous.

When you want me to apologize
for this issue, look for me.

Meanwhile, you talk to me more.

I thought about it overnight
and it makes me mad.

Why keep my sister's
blood in the trunk?

If my father kept it there,
it was important.

- I'm sure.
- Sure.

As the envelope with your photo?

What's so important?

We were able to kill
my father for that.

Then, the loops you, clown ball.

Julia is right.

Blood ...
a pharmaceutical company ...

movies with my grandfather
operated children ...

it chills me file.

In the book of Martin,
there's nothing left?

No message?

I was able to decipher the last.

I do not get even less.

Nemo, 110,736 and other figures.

What does that mean?

We will become fools with
such hieroglyphics.


And if you talk to Martin?

He and your mother were
friends, right?

It is there for a reason.

He can probably help us.

If he is here for, why
did he say anything?

He knows that is my mother.

I think we can not trust him.
Can be trusted.

That the teacher blonde
is super good.

She, yes.


Back in the bedroom of Martin.

There must be a track.

In his PC.


Silvia, there must be a police file on these cases.
We talk ...

... three dead, bitch!
Must be something.

I know you do your best.
It is important to
find something.

You got mine dirty, kitchen boy.

What, you do not your
account, at night?

What are you doing here?

I was looking for you.

Yesterday, you told me you were
leaving and you're not gone.

I understand nothing.

Who ... who is this child?

You never get tired of
digging my stuff?

This is the only way
to learn about you.

Maybe I am not.

Fermin, what do you have?

Fermin, I just want to help you.

Want to help?

So plug me in peace.

Thank you very much.


The happy family.

Where is the cherub?

It is not already
in emergencies?


I'm coming.

I'm sick of your valves.

And what will you do?
Beat me up?

Or you'll still play the father
to keep my legacy?

Now, I've stolen your heritage?

I'm not a jerk!

Is that why you wanted
me to sign!

To keep the money.

Had I not been there, unworthy
of junkies will have you high.

And then, you'd trash cans.

In addition, I should thank
you for my life to rot?

- Come on.
- What?

Have you ever missed anything?

You're the most spoiled
child in this school.

I gave in to all your whims.

Not all.

My biggest indulgence was
to have a real father.

No luck.

You found something?

I can sell more diamonds?

Do you remember where
you sold the first?

You had to assure you
that it was safe.

The jeweler was shot in the
head a few days ago.

The diamond has disappeared.

You say you murdered him ...

for diamond?

These diamonds are the Tears of Volkonsky.

Put on the market is dangerous.

I believe you, but ...

I have to sell.

You have not heard?

A man died for these diamonds.
You might be next.

Márquez, I need ...



- It's too risky.
- Make ...

I beg you ...

help me.

Good. Give them to me.

Thank you.

I will try to place them.

Thank you.

But I promise you nothing.

I'm calling to 17 hours
to tell you what.

Come on, kids. A little faster.

You'll never warmed
up, otherwise.

Hand me your cigarette.

You had words with your old?

It goes wrong with him?

Counting the hardened since
he gave me as I walk ...

it would have been worse.


He's a bastard but is
my adoptive father.

The real ...

is responsible for everything.

Say, what do you do?

I think not.

Who's that?

His stepfather.

One with whom she went out.

- What are you doing here?
- I wanted to see you.

You abandoned me here.

Will have to do better.

I miss you.

You disappear like that ...
and there ....

The manager threatened me to go to the police.
What could I do?

Ignore it and fly together.
For example.

It's childish.

I love you always.

You can not do this to me.

Moreover, things have happened.

- I gotta go.
- Give me a chance.

We talk tonight?

I can not. It is not easy.

At 20 pm, at the bus stop.

Tonight, there's a party.
I can not.

- It's your ex?
- It's watching you?

Give him some Viagra, it
is a bit old for you.

With me, there was no need.

You, you're a little
early, right?

At this rate, it will not be
finished in thirty minutes.

Where will you also covered?

You'll faint!

We play.


Your coat?
You can not go like that
at the North Pole.

I can not go.
I promised my brother.

If you've not ...
how we will find the North Pole?

It's easy.
First, there is the mailbox
Santa Claus.

Then, corridors like this,
like this and like that.

Then a staircase and there is.

If we hid the screwdriver
to another location?

No. This should be a place where
nobody will ever be found.

If you have not, I go alone.

We must help him.

If this horrible thing
happened ...

it would be our fault.

Are you coming?

Or do you not come?

Let me see the light.

Okay, I'm from.

Are you sure, you coming?

Please, look after thee.

Shall we?

Lucas, illuminates the floor.

During my maternity leave,

the board shall choose
another director.

I am sure they will
request Héctor.

Have you a better candidate?


Are you serious?

Why not?




What do you want?

You're in the office of
the director, right?

I know that you're not, but when
I find out, you'll be sorry.

This time I want three hundred
thousand euros.

You'll have nothing until I
will not have these papers.

In the third drawer
of the buffet

there is a red folder with instructions
for the next payment.

Hurry up, let your girlfriend
find it before you.

- Bizarre. Who put it there?
- Me.

I left yesterday.
It's about the board.

What is it?

Who was that?


It's not normal that these
bastards cashing.


See you later.

If I hear that you and your
son are behind all this

you will regret all your life.


Bring me two kilos of onions
from the reserve.

You are beautiful.

You, you got mine wrong.

Want. The files you requested.

They are reserved.

Mr. Savan is after you?


Your father has killed
three people.

The police were tracks.
They knew it was him.

But they have not stopped.

The case was dismissed the day after his death.
What a coincidence.

Someone did not want to see stopped.
But dead.

Someone with power and contacts
in the police.

Who closed the case?

I do not know.
But the police officer who resigned
following the case.

Find his address.
I must speak to him.


Anything else?

Carlos, what do you find?

Do not do it.

I can not.

It was my father.

Let's see.

Quickly, it was five minutes
before class.

This is super weird.
Nothing personal.

- Neither letter or photo?
- Nothing.


There is a multimedia file.

It is hidden.

The time to copy.

- How?
- The time it takes.

I'm savvy, but I have
no super-powers.

Current copy

It's good, let's go.

What did you do in the
bedroom of Martin?

Go ahead. I'll explain.

What is it?

You're never coming from a
teacher to steal an exam?


True, you were born
with mop in hand.

Better to study than to copy.

Is this your business?

Yes, that's my business.

Do not say anything, please.

Sorry, I'll say.

You must study, not fly.

So maid, I will say that
you stole my watch.

You'll see.

You're late and you're
not showered?

He has not showered since it was in your
room with his friends to steal the exam.



Thank you, Maria.

Come on, queue.

I'll decide what to do with you.

You forgot this.

Thank you.

Come on, kids.
We'll sit here a moment.

Without making a mess.


I'll tell you one thing.

You know what they celebrating?

We celebrate the night
of two moons.

But there is only one moon!

When she reflects on the black
lagoon, there are two.

Does anyone know the legend?


There are many years

came to the region,

a valiant knight.

It was very sad

because he loved the damsel

do not marry that

if she got the moon.

Because he was ugly as a foot.
Like him.


Then the knight did not
know what to do.

Then he saw the full moon reflected
on the black lagoon.

He then had an idea.

He went to buy a bottle
of crystal.

He filled it with water
from the lagoon ...

and at the next full moon,

he went to offer it
to the damsel.

The damsel, seeing him,

stood in awe.

The full moon reflected in water and
appeared to be in the bottle.

But she was not there, right?


Somehow, she was there.

Then the maiden married the knight
and they lived happily ever after.

That's why we celebrate

wearing a white rose symbolizing
the moon on our dresses.

And Evelyn and Lucas?

They are in bed. They are sick.

Stomach ache.



I'll see how they go.

Jacinta it is already!

She gave them full of drugs.

Jacinta I ask how they go.

Come, we will continue
our business.


Oh, a snake!
Take it off! Take it off!

It is a string, silly.

I saw something run.

Maybe not.

Lucas, do you think we're going
to the North Pole by that?

I know.

I see no snow.

I see no Santa Claus either.

Come, let's go.

But what's so ugly will happen?

Why do not you tell me?

I can not!

Naughty But how?

More horrible if you are put into
a box full of cockroaches?

Much more.

Lucas, this place is scary.

I am a little scared.

Me too.

It is long gone and we have not
yet found the North Pole.

You think we're lost?

That lack of salt and pepper.

Scullion your lack of
concentration, eh?

You're sick of your head!

You continue with Noiret?

What are you talking about?

He again threatened.
Me and Ivan.

I talk about this.

He is nervous.


He is beside himself!

Fuck it.

Toni, this man is
very dangerous.

- You do not know what he can do.
- I know.

Why do I sing?

Do you think? For the money!

Only money interests you.

This time, you're Uygur, Pitu.

Money is not for me.
The money is for Ivan.


This is my son.

You know what having a son.

And money is the last
thing needed by Iván.

Can we talk?

It's not what you
do best, but ...

Come in, sit down.

My ex wants to see me tonight.

What ex? Your stepfather?

Whoever you kissed afternoon,
the night your mother?

Or was it vice versa?

Make yourself beautiful
for rencart.

- It's not a rencart.
- No?

- We'll talk.
- Super ...

He wants me to return with him.

We retry.

You say nothing?

You want my opinion? It's great.

You got my blessing to take advantage
of the grandfather.

Take two bottles of Viagra
and have fun.

- It's what you think?
- Yes.


Now it is clear.

Nevertheless, Casper?
You had hopes?



You're not up to par.

Ivan, we'll see the
video of Martin.

There are two files.
I open that?



Look at me, pretty.
Lucas looks at the camera!

Home movies, man.


We seize, we did nothing.




- Andres, a beer?
- I'm coming.

It's my father!


A few months ago, some of you
have demanded my resignation.

Now you ask me again director
of the internship.

I never accepted your proposal

if this is because the
other candidate ...

is ... Jacques Noiret.

It is my duty, not for you ...

but to the students ...

not to leave the center
in his hands,

knowing, as everyone knows,

his past.

It's completely irrelevant.

If we are here is only

- To select the best candidate.
- Let ...

Discuss it.

Héctor just mentioned ...

my past.

We all know here

I was convicted of abuse.

You all know also that I
have served my sentence.

And I am not ashamed.

Thanks to this,

I learned and I've changed.

Today, I am no longer the same.

I do not doubt that you have
paid your debt to society.

But you're not ready to give
me a second chance.

What you said on the day
of your resignation.

Everybody can make mistakes and
learn from its mistakes.

You've forgotten?

Not me.

Me, I have not forgotten.
Because I believe that,

is what should distinguish
this school.

Here ...

here you can learn and improve.

This is what we must teach our children.
Teach them that ...

yes ...

there is a second chance.

Good. If you want, we'll vote.

Thank you raise your
hand if you vote for

Héctor de la Vega.

Now, those who vote
for Jacques Noiret.

There is equality.

We will have to use
the casting vote.

Yours, Elsa.

That voice ...

determine who will be the new
director of the internship.

Lucas, ignites quickly,
I very, very afraid!

That is, it works.

Go, Evelyn.

What was that?

What's that?

I know.

Lucas, I'm afraid. Let's go!


He is a gentleman.

Looks like he's asleep.

Mr. ...

Sir, wake up!

Mr. ... Are you sick?

It is very cold!
And if he was dead?

Leave here.

Hurry! Open!

I can not open!

Try using a screwdriver!

I can not!


I want out, please!


Looking for someone?

I'm talking to you.

Talk to me?


David Almansa. It speaks to you?

It happened there a. ..

very long.

- I can not help you.
- I am the son of Almansa.

I will not leave until you
know the whole truth.

Whether willingly or forcibly.


Your father ...

killed three men.

When we had evidence
and would stop it,

someone high up

gave the order to
dismiss the case.

He was killed the next day, I know all this.
But who killed him?

I dunno.

Someone with very
good relations.

Is that all?


There a. ...

There is something else.

One thing that has never solved
and continues to intrigue me.

The three men killed
by your father,

three ...

wearing a ring ...

adorned with a black stone.

The murderer of my
father was a ring

adorned with a black stone.
I was hiding, I saw it.

But that's not all.
The stone, for three

was a symbol engraved on it.

What symbol?

Something like that.

Like that.

That tells you something?


I retired to bet ...

that the ring you saw
was also the symbol.

Find it ...

and you will find the murderer
of your father.

The new director.

On education ...

to second chances ...

and all other values ​​of
this wonderful school.

And blah, blah, blah ...

You drink it?

You kidding?

So, your whole speech was just
before foutage of mouth?

Of course not.

Please ...

I thought we shared the
same sense of humor.

You really do not trust me?

Iván why you hate so much?

Why has he not yet forgiven?


My resignation as
head of school.


I thought you only
wanted to see me.

You're the best chef school
can have this internship.

I never renounced the best
and I will not start.

The school needs you.

I know you do not want
to work with me.

- You never wanted ...
- Do not get me wrong.

There is nothing personal.

Everything is personal.

More reason.

If you're so afraid that I am
the director, why not stay?

To you all run.

Or is it because students
do not interest you much?

And that, ultimately, it's
something personal ...

Why not open it? It is locked.

We never go out of here.
I want to stay with the dead!

Do not be silly.

I tell you he is not dead.

There happen to you nothing,
I will defend you.

Paula! It's you!

As you return it, I was afraid.

I thought he was befallen you.

Your brother was right.

This place is very dangerous
and very frightening.

That's true.

There is a very strange man.

- Odd how?
- It is very quiet.

He woke up.

Lucas said no, but
I think he's dead.

Let's see.
His eyes are closed or open?

I dunno, it has not
seen his face.

Look for yourself.
Me, I watch the door.

I'm staying with you.

What are you doing?

I'm going.


You're gonna run away?

I rencart to the bus
stop with my ex.

Your stepfather?

No sermon, right?

- I'm leaving anyway.
- You go back with him?


You said to Ivan?

Did you tell him or not?


I told him.

He played hard and made
as if nobody cared?

- It's a fool.
- The fool is me.

But I do not care. That's it.

See you later.

I suppose you are also entered
my room with your friend Iván?

What were you doing?

Stealing a review.

I know it's wrong. I'm sorry.

Listen, Marcos.
Maybe Maria does not know ...

but you and I know you not looking
for any examination.

So if you said that you
were really in my room?

We'll talk.

He told you something?

- No.
- Come into the room.

I have nothing to say.

Listen to me.

It's about the video
of your parents.

Marcos, look.

That tells you something?

This is the name of the boat.

The same name as the book.


Nemo is the name of the boat.

And the numbers?

What do they mean?

No idea.

Nemo and if the numbers are together
is that they are linked.

But we've seen nothing
on the boat.

Of course they are linked.

I think I know what they mean.


Very good. You're on time.

Put the money in the elevator
and press zero.

Not even in dreams.
I first want to see the
rest of the documents.

You got no choice.
Do as I say, and without
kick thicket.


Always there, girls?
Get ready for the party.

These patients in Ottox.

So involved doing experiments
on children.

And my bastard father sat
quietly in the center.

Look how he smiles!

What do I débecte!

A little what happens to you.

What is it?

Julia must now be with his
ex and you do not care.


Yes, nothing to fuck.

But you're stupid or what?

To pretend to fuck worry,
you'll lose it.

Tell me, comrade ...

You, you're struggling for
the ghost hunter ...

But I'm made to me because
it is good.

She has one of these asses ...

Is that clear?

You're crazy about her.

Otherwise, you do not persist in
pretending that you do not care.

Shut up or I'll slap, Roque.

Iván, playing stupid, you'll eventually
lose it, you see it?

- You know what?
- What?

I'm happy.

Because she deserves
better than you.

- Where is she?
- Why?

This is the stepfather of Julia?

It is Ottox.


What he want it?

I know. Where is she?

At the bus stop.


Hurry up!

What are you doing?

- The roses arrived.
- Yes.

You do not wear one?

You know he must wait
for the night.

Jacinta, do you know
if you called me?


You waited ...
a specific appeal?

Marquez has promised to call
me before 17 hours.

At the latest.

Why did he call you?

I gave him the diamonds
for sale, and ...

he was able to get something.


A man that you hardly know ...

share with priceless
diamonds ...

and discontinued.


It would be something happened.

Perhaps, the Caribbean,
there is no network ...

We can know where you got?
You two, you were not sick?

We went to the underground to go to
the North Pole and it was lost.

And we stayed locked in a
room with a strange man.

It was very cold and never woke.

A man? Who?

I dunno, we did not
see his face.

- It was not Santa Claus.
- He was dead.

You said that he was sleeping?

I did not want to scare you.

I know what you saw.

It was not a dead man.

In fact, he was asleep.

You know who it was?

It was with Father Christmas.

For real?

I am very angry at you.
You lied to me.

You're very badly.


Marcos said nothing.
I do not want him to
get annoyed at me.

We will do something.

I did not tell him that you went to the
underground under two conditions.


The first, not lie to me again.

Second, do not tell anyone
you saw with Santa Claus.

Okay. We tell anyone.

This will be our secret.

That's it. It's our secret.

Now, get ready.
You must go to the party.

Can I disguise myself
as a killer?


And you ...

you should put a white
rose like that.


And remember not to wear
the night before.

You okay?

What is it?

Finally, they are to us.

Six Tears Volkonsky.

The most important ...

How did you find?

He went to sell the diamonds.

He fell into the trap
like a chick.

Are you sure it's him?


He resisted long enough.

But he admitted it was him.

It does not cause
us more problems.

Glad you came.

What are you looking for?

I understand what
the numbers mean.

1107 is the date of death of my parents.
July 11.

And the others?

This is a latitude
and longitude.

Geographic coordinates.

We saw it earlier this year.

I know what I did yesterday
and I'll remember that ...

On moving boat with my father
taught me by going fishing.

Tell me the numbers.

Let's see ... Thirty-six ...

- Thirty-seven.
- Yes.

Zero, five ...

Twenty-seven ...

Ten and thirty-five.

You see?

I told you.


Nisyros. What does that mean?

It looks like an island.

In the Aegean.

This is the area where
my parents are gone.

Let's see if I understand.
Your parents had a boat.

Martin was another one, right?

The last message was
a rendezvous.

They arranged to meet my
parents on this island.

The day of their disappearance.
In this area.

Martin had set a trap.


And I almost tell
him everything.

I'm tired.

I'm tired of not being able to trust
anyone in this boarding school shit.

Carol, let him.

- Vicky, I want to help.
- I know. Not now.

Believe me.

- They had Julia.
- What?

The celebration of the two moons

Good evening.

Good evening ...

You're not going to the ball?

My coach has turned
into a pumpkin.

And my prince became a frog.

- Hi.
- Elsa, what elegance.

Thank you.
It is for dinner. You know ...

The night of two moons,
is a family tradition.

Where is the product
for silverware?

Just down there.

This is to clean the ring.

Do you mind?

I can clean it yourself.

Well, thank you.

Strange ring.

- It is old?
- It must have a few years.

In fact, I ...

I like it too.

I put that on days
like this, but

as it is he who has offered ...


Hello, my daughter!

It is when the moon
comes out, right?


Good evening.

Thank you, Fermín.

- Shall we?
- Yes.

- Otherwise, it will be late to the ball.
- Okay.

Dad, we gotta go!

Lucas, the quiet.

Let's go!

- What's going on?
- The dream ...

It was this night. I've seen.

Son, sit down a moment
on the bed.


- What have you seen?
- I saw the white rose.

In my dream, someone
was wearing it.

You're gonna kill someone.

Come on, son.
Calm down.
Look at me. Look at me, Lucas.

Nothing will happen. You hear?

Dad will not kill anybody.
Neither tonight, not ever.


But I saw the white rose.

It's going to happen tonight.

Tonight ...

I'm glad you came.

What is it?

That's not what you wanted?



I would have done anything
to be with you.

Not anymore.

What happened?

I'm in love with another.

It's an idiot, he deserves
it, but ...

I'm crazy about him.

Finally ...

I would have liked to do
it otherwise, but ...

What are you doing?

Why do you survey the
death of your father?

How do you know that?

Where is it?


You know perfectly.


Did your father kept
in the trunk.

Where is it?

Let me go.

Let me out, please.


I know there was something else.

Or you tell me ...

or you will not get out
of that car alive.

Let me out.

Let me out!

Damn! Damn!

It will happen tonight!