The Boarding School (2007–2010): Season 4, Episode 11 - La noche de las dos lunas - full transcript

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I crossed the library.

I saw Noiret discuss
with Amelia.

Try you to tell me that
Amelia is one of them?

Did she not done so weird?

Who had you see?

A psychologist.

- Why are you back?
- For you.

When you want me to apologize
for this issue, look for me.

We celebrate the night
of two moons.

We celebrate, we girls,
wearing a white rose

like the full moon on the dress.

Like that.

I saw the white rose.

It's going to happen tonight.

The three men killed
by your father

wore a ring with a black stone.

The three had a symbol
engraved on it.

Find it,

you will find the murderer
of your father.

Do you mind?

Curious ring.

In fact, I think it does
not please me too.

But as it is he who
has offered ...

Hello, Miguel.

I'm Jacinta, your grandmother.

Miguel is my little son.
And if something
happened to you,

I'll take care of him.

I hate you.

Keep your mouth shut.

Thus, you can be his grandmother

for many years.

Leave the money in the elevator
and press zero.

Not even in dreams.
I first want to see documents.

You got no choice.
Do as I say, without
a shot-filled.

Good evening.

Good evening.

They killed my father for what's in this chest.
It must be retrieved.

- What was it?
- Id.

Blood of my sister.

Ottox denies illegally experimented
on children.

You remember the films
of underground?

Those where my grandfather
operated children.

Here, we experimented
on children.

Your parents had a boat, Martin
was another, right?

Martin gave them visit
this island.

They disappeared the same
day just in this area.

Martin has set a trap for them.

I'm tired of not being able to trust
anyone in this boarding school shit.

What are you doing here?

Give me a chance.
We talk tonight.

He wants me to return with him.

Whoever you kissed the afternoon
and your mom at night?

Or was it vice versa?

You'll lose Julia pretend
thee fuck.

I'm made of because it is good.

She has a nice ass.

This is not the stepfather
of Julia?

It is Ottox. Where has she gone?

At the bus stop.




What is it?

I'm in love with another.

Finally ...

I would have liked to
do otherwise, but ...

What are you doing?

Why do you survey the
death of your father?

How do you know?

- Where is it?
- Where is what?

You know perfectly.

Did your father kept
in the safe.

Let me out.

Let me out, please. Let me out!

Damn! Damn!

You have to talk like that.

I, Indian.
Smoking the peace pipe.

Your Name Hair Sales.

Why Hair Sales?

Pocahontas is not where I play.

Evelyn ...

Indian women wear no
crown but feathers.

The feather is for ducks.
I want some jewelry.

But in the West, they were poor.

They did not have enough money
and dressed with beer kegs.

Give your weapon,
I am the sheriff.

Javier Holgado, come on!

Javier Holgado, give
me back my weapon.

No. It is I who am the law.

Javier Holgado, you're wicked.

Javier, shall, before
dying of an eye.


I confiscated the weapon.

Since you have no weapon,
you can put your heels.

I will put no heels.

I want to play cowboys and
Indians, as with my dad.

I want my gun.

You asked him how he
wanted to dress up?

Yes, he said he would
not dress up.

I found a little preoccupied
this week.

This is normal.
At certain times,
he thinks a lot.

You'll see, it's going to pass.
Especially with the holiday.

- Go.
- Good. Thank you.

What is it?

What were you talking
with Martin?


What, what ...
What are you talking about?

Lucas does not want to dress up.


I trust anyone.

- There.
- Listen, Marcos.

I do not know what you mean.

Get out of my room.
Next time, knock
before entering.

I'm afraid, Amelia.

I'm afraid. I do ...

know who is who.

Toni, you gotta help me.

I need the bike.

Yet again?
I took big chances
with the latter.

Come on, it is very important.

Why? What is it?

That's Julia.

Go, trust!


Damn, Iván.

I hope it's worth it.

She is expensive.

Found file, access restricted

What is this mess?

We can know what you do?

A dinner for three hundred. Why?


Why are you connected to the
database of the plant?

What frames are you?

I found the murderer
of my father.

It meets the original KVM.

It speaks to you?

I feared.

And if I tell you that my KVM,

in addition to being the
murderer of my father

is Joaquín Fernández

the former director
of the orphanage?

Everything fits.

Yes. Everything fits.

And why did not I access
the database?

You know you can do for
your own account.

- You know the protocol.
- Yeah.

But if I had met, I never would
have happened so far.

So you found?

That bastard took it in his car.
I gotta go get her.

But you do not know
where they are?

I will not wait that kills.


This is Julia.

Julia where are you?

Let me out of here, please.
Leave me alone.

You hear me?

- What does it say?
- I'll let you out

when you tell me where
that was in the trunk.

- I do not know what you mean.
- Do not lie to me.

Where is the envelope?

The envelope? There was nothing.

Do not make me do
what I want to.

- Where is the envelope?
- No idea!

Perhaps the bottom
of the lagoon.

- I know.
- The lagoon.

It tells us where she is.

- Listen ...
- Enough!

I go with you.

Let's go.

Now, what will happen?

I know.

This is where you jump
from the balcony.

I ask you not to leave.

I will not go, Marcos.

You have to trust me. Okay?

It is the third.

I can go out the door?

It's boring, but ... agree.

- Where are you?
- They had Julia.


Who was Julia? Who?

Marcos, did you see
Paula and Evelyn?

No idea. Wait!

Then you go on a
trip, young man?

Ah, you're here.

Hurry. The car awaits.

I go away.

Miguel ...

We have already spoken.

I used to live in the
boarding of shit.

And I finally friends.

Everything was fine.
You come and you throw me.

You leave us alone?


I do not throw you, Miguel.

But things ...

are much more difficult
than you think.

I did something wrong?

I promise to conduct myself
better, but ...

please, let me stay.


You have to go.

I understand why my mother
hated you so much.

You know ...

for me, you did not exist
before the accident.

Now either.

Amelia grabs if we are
going to be right.

This is robbery!

It's not theft.
It was she who stole it.
The gun is mine.


Yeah, but it is the teacher.

And if she wants, she can fly.
To teach you that lesson.

I learned well the lesson.
So I fly. Like her.

Look, look!

If instead we dress up as cowboys
and Indians, dressed in Amelia?

No. I am the sheriff and I have
to put in jail Javier Holgado.

It's here.

Oh, no. It's not yours.

It weighs ...

millions of pounds.

True, it's not the sheriff.

It is classier.

Javier Holgado will understand.


Hurry up, lousy dog.

You mean Pocahontas.

I beg you ...

I beg you!

Your father died for
this envelope.

For the same reason,
others may die.

Go, run!

Monte, hurry up.

Starts, damn!

Run! Come!

All that is in this envelope is a
picture of Julia and her father.

There must be something
that has eluded us.

- What is it?
- It's blocked.

There is someone.

Who's there?


They are gone?


With the broom.

The witches are also
going to the ball.

They took the blood
sample of Paul.

Once we have something,
we remove it.

This rose can be anyone.
Do not start with Amelia.


It's here.
The photo of the envelope.

A date ...

a dedication ...

there is nothing.

Nothing else in the envelope?

- Nothing else. I watched.
- There must be something else.

A code or something.

In the address, stamp ...

- Something that has not seen.
- Yes, Vicky. I remember.

Julia threw it away.

It is empty.

María empty the trash in the afternoon.
It may still be time.

Hands up, pale face!

I've found! You must help me.

You disguise it?

My nightmare is tonight.

But we lost the screwdriver
in Santa Claus!

I do not want my dad
to do this horror.

Your dad is in the dream?

It does what?

I can not say.

But I do not want
that to happen.

You must help me.

Jacinta, this tastes bechamel.

Ewe's milk.
That gives him a taste ...


And to give you a taste ...

What kind of milk should
I give you?

The sofas should be served
within an hour.

Where did I put my schedule?

Go, grab a drink, your memory
lack of phosphorus.


Where is my little son?

It is far from you.

Forget him.


You killed my daughter, but ...

You shall not kill
my little son.

Miguel is safe.

And you can not make me sing.

I'm going to tell the police.

You dare not.

I have the list ...

all ...

of all children ...

those who were stolen ...

those that were purchased ...

their true identity ...

- You will pay for what you did.
- Do it ...

and you're dead.

At least, I'll go to the grave
with a clear conscience.

Jacinta is served all sofas
or one on guard for what?

Excuse me.

No. Serve them all.

Good evening, Fermín.

No. It is not so good.

For you.

And I'm not Fermín.

My name is Carlos.

Carlos Almansa.

That tells you something?

Son, where were you?

I seek you for an hour.


So, put on a disguise
and go to the party.

I'm not.

Well now you can put your
team's jersey from Spain.

And I, my costume.
It'll be great.

I go there.

It's weird ...

Have you seen my costume?

I put it to play.

I spotted no will.

That's okay.

Let me see.

You gonna tell me where he is?

I hid in the attic.

For you to scold me.

Of course, I'm an ogre.

Come on, show me.

Where have you been?



Let's go.

How are you?


But at least we have sown
the son of a bitch.

You tell yourself stories.

It is not forbidden to throw
some food in the baskets?

This is not the time to
make your precious.

That is the envelope. Let's go.

Damn ...


This whole story with the costume.
I see nothing.

Just this little spot, but ...

thou hast hidden for this?

Come on, queue.
It will be the last
to the party.

Hold my costume.

Does not open.

I want to stay here.

Say no nonsense. Why stay here?

Lucas, darling.

I will kill anyone. Really.

Forget it, please.

I do not want t'ailles
room with Jacinta.

Neither my dream come true.
And they always come true.


If it reassures you, we
spend the night here.

- It's what you want?
- Yes.

Very good.

We can know how we
were locked up?

This is Paula and Evelyn.

But when it's light,

they will open up.

Thou shalt not they said anything
on your nightmare?


We must not frighten them by
telling them these things.

Well, here we stay here.

You'll see, nothing will happen.



What are you doing well dressed?

And do not tell me the stepmother
cursed thee private ballrooms.

The stepmothers ...
I do not have the heart to
the stories or the ball.

I also had a bad day.

But it may yet be arranged.

It would be a shame you
did not go to the ball.

You're beautiful.

Let's go.

I promise to let you go
home before midnight.

Before midnight?

If it had been up to 5 hours,
I would think maybe ...

See you all later.

María, he stole the loot ...

That bastard left me naked.

Who Noiret?

I told him fuck peace.

- You have to leave the boarding.
- No.

Before he finds you.

I'll take your things,
wait here.

- That way you not.
- Damn, Pitu ...

I wanted to stay here.

With you and the kid.

You shoulda thought
about that before.

I was a kid, you know?

I was playing ...

and a son of a bitch ...

entered his shop and he
fired two bullets.

I care for over twenty years ...

image engraved in the head.

And finally, I found you.

You know who was your father.

What he did.

I know who you are
and what you did.

And it's more than enough.

It's over, son of a bitch.

Between there.

I can not give you your father.

But I can make you very rich.

I works of art estimated at hundreds
of millions of pesetas.

Ah, yes?

No way!

Say your prayers.

You think you're better than me?

But we are not so different.

Just like your father.

He believed also to
have the right ...

I try and convict.

You are like him and me.

A murderer. Nothing more.


- One, two, three ...
- That's all.

You have to wait until
I open the gate.

Four, five, six.
I'll eat and has twenty.

You cheat.

No. Horses jumping all barriers.

If, on parchment, is played
not with horses.

We play not to parchment.
We play échechis ...

Échechis? We play échechis?

Are not you ashamed?

I'll teach you to play échechis ...
I'll teach you!

Okay, calm down.

Breathe, honey. Breathe.

Breathe. Where is your Ventolin?


Open up, please!

Calm down, son, okay? Breathe.

Please open!

There is nothing.
Neither inside nor outside.

And on the stamp?

The stamp is normal.
We see not the date,
there are no sender.

Incomprehensible. It's a shit.


Look, there's something.


- Who's them?
- A bunch of son of bitches.

Let me see?

It Noiret.

And father-in Julia.

He's the father of Elsa.


The former director
of the orphanage.

It should be in the know.

We saw nothing!

They enter the shrine.

There must be something.

We went there many times.

- It's just a chapel.
- There must be something else.

Otherwise, why would the father
of Julia hid these pictures?

Why are these bastards trying
to get them back?

There must be something

We gotta go.

Then you go on honeymoon?

One who wanted me to
sing, it's your guy.

Toni is not my guy.

I hardly know him.

You know the father of your son?

Why does it surprise me?

Ah, yes.

Because it is a lie.

You have woven together, right?

You wanted me ...

how do you say, the junkies?

I pluck?

I have nothing to do with it.
I swear.


If you want to see your son, you'll
have to see something.

What do you say?

Where is Ivan?

You have documents belonging to me.
And I have your son.

I'll draw a picture
or make sense?

You would do no harm
to Ivan, is not it?

What was that?

A message?

Someone asks. Look at him.

Compares well.

Documents of shit, or Ivan.

You have until midnight.
Not a minute more.

I know that thou hast made.

They will kill me, man.

We are here!

Open to us!

Lucas, son.
Especially, do not stir. Okay?

I'll get the Ventolin.

No. Dad, do not go out.

I'll be quick, honey. I promise.

Especially do not stir.
Account gently to a hundred.

Before you had finished,
I'll be back.

And your flower?

I know.

I had to lose by playing
with the girls.

There is a problem?


I hope it will hold better.

Guys ...

Why would she?


Hands up, redskins!

Pity! Me good Indian.

At any hour.

There are hundreds of
flowers like this.

Hands Up!

I'll be there to drink,
I promise.

It does not work.

Let's see.

That's true.

The other was much better.

It's here.




Toni, I know not what thou hast them,
but they will kill me, man.

If you do not realize their before
midnight, they kill me.

Tell me where the papers.

I did not.


I have not.
They are in the tank of the motorcycle
and the motorcycle, Iván took it.

They will kill Ivan.

They'll kill by Iván your fault!

Calm down, okay?

Let me see.

A moment.

I know where that is.

Basically, this is the lagoon.


I go to the lagoon.

Toni, wait!

Have you seen my son?

No, I have not seen.

Fortunately, we brought
you dinner.

Otherwise, you die coughing.

But I do not know where my dad.

He exited through the roof
and did not return.

If I find it, it will
be a misfortune.

Your father is looking for you.


Your time has come.
You're gonna die.

Calm down.

Oh, shit weapon.

She does not even put beads.

That's because security is.

Let's see.

The bodyguard of my dad
has one like that.

Want. Good.

We play the duel?

What is it?


And now what?
You're gonna kill me?


This is one of the famous
Faberge eggs.

It is in our family since
long, long time.

I will deliver you to an old friend who is
looking for you for a very long time.

And, do not panic ...

you will live.


Do not move a hair.

I control the situation.

You have retrieved
the papers or not?

If thou hast not, we're
in deep shit.

It's better.

Not that I like this
mess, but ...

your role as Bruce Willis
was not bad.

I could have avoided if you had
not had this crappy plan

road movie genre with

I left because you're
an asshole.

I will not support it, shit.

You're so in love that
this beardless?

Maybe she wanted to try

with a guy who does not need to
remove his teeth at night?

You're the cock of the yard?

Julia, I thought you
had better taste.

Master yourself, young man.

Finally, you won.

Let him!

Damn, Julia and Ivan
did not respond.

It had to happen to
them something.

Thank you.

What were they to do?

Surely not pray.

Everybody does not.

In the photos, they were
at least fifteen.


There must be a secret door
leading somewhere.

Something like that.

You okay?

I do not know why
I told you that.

Take a drink.

Thank you. But ...

Verily, I am not in the mood.

You count ten paces.

You turn ...

and pulling. Okay?

Un ..

two ...

three ...

four ...

five ...

six ...

September ..

eight ...

New ...

Javier Holgado, you're
a cheater!

Where did you get that?

It's not me. It's them!

Go. Out of my sight.
Go, off you go!

What was that? A firecracker?

I know. I have seen nothing.

Surely out. Let's see.

- Where you going?
- The music ...

This is the music of the two moons.
It's time for prom.

Is now!

- Where you going?
- In the room of Jacinta.

It is weird.

But it is beautiful.

It is more bizarre
than beautiful.

It's a trap.

Yes, but we may have answers
to our questions.

At what my mother suffered.

Look at that!

It's Latin. What does that mean?

Only ...

die ...

I can not translate.

Only the weak must die.

I feel weak, then
I'm outta here.

Calm down.

You do not scare me.

- I have nothing to fear.
- I want proof.


I repeat once again.

Give me the papers.

I will not give you anything.

Kill me if you want, but ...

these papers ...

only the police will see them.

- Have you seen Lucas?
- No.

Hello, girls.
Have you seen Lucas?

It is in the room of Jacinta.

For a misfortune that can not

he dreamed of a screwdriver.

You know what will happen?

Nobody could dream this
will happen, is not it?

Of course not.


Just in time for toast.

Throw yourself, sir.

I beg you.
Year in, year out, you
have always done.

It has been ten years since
I drink with you ...

night of two moons.

Not with us. It is only 6 years.

You're right, miss. Excuse me.

The legend tells of a knight manages
to make the most difficult.

Offer the moon ...

he loved the damsel, and thus

win her heart.


toast to the possibility

get what we want ...

although this seems terribly

I toast to you all ...

so you learn to stay
in the light,

some obscure ...

of the waters.

Call an ambulance! Hurry!

An ambulance! Hurry! Call her!

Well, Julia.

Your account is good.

Midnight is past three minutes.


What is it?

What is it?

I know.


I never thought being so happy to
have you on the back, Maria.

Untie me, untie me.


What are you doing?

They kill! They kill!

My patience is wearing thin.

Farewell, Jacinta!

Daddy, no! Begone! Begone!

Dad! No!

You were afraid, darling?

Hey Toni, how are you?

I have seen better days.

It's going to go, eh?



Not ...


Wait. Do not go.

Do not go.

Hurry, damn! Come help!

Do not shit, like it!

Do not shit, man.

You're a good boy.

I am very proud of you.

You like her.

What I had in my life better,
it was your mother, you know.

Tell him.

Do it for me.

My mother?

Mar. ..


You okay?

What is this place?

I know.

But it fucks scared.

Looks like a meeting room.

She has a look ...



As a satanic ritual.

It should Caleta.

Someone might appear
at any moment ...

There is an inscription.

Looks initials.

Yes. On it too.

RW ...

... KF

M. .. V. .. K.

Who are these guys?

The knights of King Arthur?

I want to get out of here.


I've already said.

I'm tired of your explanations.

I want to see my children.

I do not know how she
left the room.

It poses. You have no escape.

Leave us alone.


I need to see my children.

Please ...

Soon you can see them.

They are fine.

I promise.

And my husband?

Where is my husband?

Tell me a good time. Is he dead?

It is ...

with them?

I'm sorry.

Nothing is known of Andrés.

Dimitri! Come! He woke up!

You feel better?


What's your name?

Where am I?

You were very sick.

How do you feel?

I do not understand.

I think he understands nothing.
It must be German ...

And you?

What's your name?

I know.

I do not know how my name.