The Boarding School (2007–2010): Season 4, Episode 8 - La llave - full transcript

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I like Julia.

Do not make her.

I like it not, Roque.

I swear.

Since you yourself do it, you
could defend it, right?

I am who I am.

You're a shit.

I'm wasting my time with you.

Why do you think Jacinta García
killed your brother?

Because my brother discovered she
was a stealer of children.

You need to have a lot to hide.



Your parents and mine
are friends!

I thought you'd be happy to be the
mother of the abandoned child.

Do not give me hope if you're
not sure to succeed.

I know you've changed.

I know you can be a good father.
I see it.

I said that you would require
something in return.

In fact, what we need
are people with guts.

Willing to collaborate.

This son of a bitch ...

is the one who killed my father.

- I did not kill your father.
- If you killed him!

Your father is not the only
man to have been killed.

There have been others.

I give you the keys to my father.
You open the safe.

You bring me back the papers.

The dough, you keep it.

Do not you love your father.

That's what he had.
I hope it will serve you.


You have shares in
the company Ottox.

But you have nothing
before you turn 18.

Why your father made you sign the
papers of parental authority.

I found a very interesting
case in your trunk.

To recover, it will
lengthen the Thune.

Who are you?

What is Ottox?

We can be friends.



I did not know you had tried
to commit suicide.

I have not tried to kill myself.

I had to see someone outside
the dormitory.

I do not want to arouse

Who had you see?

A psychologist.

A friend of my mother.

It is a SIM card.
Surely for the contact.

Good work.

L \ fs18} EL




Thank you.


They just declare myself ...


I knew it.

I knew, I knew it!

I could not understand how ...

one could accuse you of murder.

Everybody does not love
me as much as you.

Come on, it's good.

We have a school leadership.

You look good.

You okay?


In your place I would hurry up.

There will be more croissants.

What we give food to Nancy?

It is big enough for coffee?

I know.
Give him what you want.
I do not want to play.


I just talked to my mom.

She told me that my
grandmother is sick.

It's going to die?

I do not want her to die.

All my other grandparents
are already dead.

Mine too.

Hello! You come to lunch?

It happens. When Nancy finished.


Do you have grandparents?

I have one.
He lives in Argentina.

I had another.
He died of suicide.

Suicide? What is it?

It's when you die in you
killing yourself alone.

Why did your grandpa did it?

I know. It was very old.

He coughed a lot.

He said he had no
desire to live.

Why he wanted more?

Because all his friends
were already dead.

He felt very alone.

He wanted to join
them in heaven.

The poor.

How he committed suicide?

He held his breath until it
becomes all blue and die?

I know. My dad has not told me.

I saw on TV a lady

which took many pills to die.

Because her husband was a pig
who said lots of big words.

And she died?

I know. I was sent to bed.

But I never think of taking
these tablets.

Even if I marry Javier Holgado.

Good work, Amelia.

What you told us about the psychologist
has been very helpful.

What did you do?

We had an appointment.

Strictly business.

Recently, I was a
little depressed.

I need a little therapy.

In fact, you can tell me
how you did talk Marcos.

Although I guess
your methods ...

are too intimate to be detailed.

Forgiveness. Elsa is there?

I have to give that recommended.

- It's coming Social Affairs.
- Donne, I will give him.

I must personally present.

I care.

Glad my projects are successful.

Is that you?

If you want your papers,

drop one hundred thousand one hundred
euro notes wrapped in tin foil ...

in the trash between the stone
benches, Marques de Reval.

Tonight at 21 o'clock.

It's a lot of money.
I need time.

No way.

And do not try anything twisted.

You deceived many people, including your son.
Me, it will not.

And then?

Be careful.
You're gonna kill you!

He is devastated.

His father insisted recover
parental authority

to keep all the money.

Ivan would never have
signed those papers.

It's not for lack
of telling him.

An angel is gone?

Or maybe it was a ghost with his
ball and chain, eh, Julia?

Tell us what you see, my pretty?

Listen. In fact,

I see the ghost scroll all the people
murdered by your father.

You'll freak out.

Enough, you're heavy.

You're heavy.

Marcos, you know what?


Mom and dad were friends
of the parents of Lucas.


I saw a picture that
showed me Lucas.

We see Mom, Dad, Mom
and Martin Lucas.

It's great, huh?


Martin knew your mother.

And it just work here.

What a coincidence.

They had to invent it.
These children have
great imagination.

Why my sister invent
something as weird?

And if that's true?

If this guy was the friend
of my mother ...

it may be on our side.


Martin, a woman waits
in the lobby.

A woman?

What woman?

- Let me help you.
- No, shoot yourself.

How do I do when ...

you do your little stroll?

I regret it. But ...

it's hard to understand, but I have
things in my life to deal with.

Your life?

What a life, Fermin?

That the cook the thief
or the tables?

I want to settle for starting
from scratch.

No secrets, no lies.

I can not speak. I remind you.

Your mother?


In heaven, the sun does
not shine every day.

It rains sometimes.

This is the flood.

If this is the flood
that concern you.

This is a kitchen boy spot.

You deserve better.
Someone who makes you shudder.


Do not pretend.
We know you can not
do without me.

Between you and me there
is something special.

Not even in dreams.

You made me live a nightmare.

You make me a fixette
this ordeal ...

In fact, I'm your blessing.

And I give you more joy.

Even time.

I told you not to come here.

It's dangerous being
us together.

I could not do otherwise.

We sought thee for
so many years.

I needed to know ya.

But your eyes ...


You have the same look
as your father.

When he was your age.

Here are your real parents.

The poor ...

she died of grief.

When someone has
stolen her baby.


Here is you.

You had just been born.

In this hospital.

At Virgen de Altamira.

That night, you fell ill.

You were put in incubators.

Three days later, we
heard you were dead.

My father never believed.

Never ...

he has abandoned.

It established the connection between Dr.

and the orphanage and the woman.


Between the doctor and they
arranged everything.

How can you live here?

Near this woman?

After all they've done to you?

It is not easy, but ...

I will not go by before
we know the truth.

I saw something very strange.

What? What have you seen?

I crossed the library ...

Noiret and saw ...

speaking to Amelia.

At Amelia?

Well, and why it's weird?

I know. I have not heard much.

But they spoke of a plan.

What plan?

In your opinion, Marcos?

I know. The curriculum?

What else?

Ah ...
What's the point, all that?

I dunno, Marcos.

It seems bizarre.

We always thought Noiret
was not alone.

I think not what you mean to me.

Amelia is with them?

No. I'm just saying
that Amelia ...

did weird things, Marcos.

She goes out with you, stops,
leaves school, returns ...

What happened to you?

What connection between my
flirting and the rest?


It makes sense.

To watch you.

To get you information.
Did she not done so weird?

- Who had you see?
- A psychologist.

How art thou fallen so low?

What have you thought?

Accusing that Amelia was going
to throw me in your arms?

I swear ...

it's not jealousy. Okay?

I'm telling you to be careful.
It can be dangerous.

Well, thank you very much.
Message received.

You know Amelia.

And, accusing, you
end up sickens me.

- Thanks. See you tomorrow.
- Bye.

Please leave me in peace.

The judge acquitted me.

I am innocent.

You could fool the judge.
But not me.

I did not kill anyone.

That you do not innocent.

You have much to pay.
I assure you that you will pay.

We have problems.

Your dear Jacinta can
not keep quiet.

At the time of the death of your father,
there were three similar murders.

No arrests.

So ...

the murderer of my father, and
probably others, is free.


You think this is Saul, the
lover of your mother?

I'm starting to doubt it.

If he was guilty, he would
have not so informed.

There was nothing more. Just ...

- Wait.
- What?

I do not know if it
will serve you.

But three years ago, the
son of a murdered men

has found irregularities in
the trial of the case.

A Roldán Fernando Ugarte.

Thank you, Silvia.

I owe you another one. It's ...

... Few.

Good luck.

Amelia ... Ugarte Roldán.

Of course!

I think my hamster has
committed suicide.

But he had not strangled
with a piece of a euro?

Yes, but I think he
did it on purpose.

He was sick of running in
his wheel all the time.

Why are you dressed like that?
You're not going to class?


I must go to the doctor.
It must sting me.

What a lovely coat.

- Where you going, beautiful?
- At the doctor.

Say, Lucas.
Paula told me that our
parents were friends.

What a coincidence!

He also knew Mom. Eh yes?


You see her often?

When was the last time?

You are not the police, eh?

Of course not.
It looks like policemen?

My dad told me not to
talk to strangers.

Lucas, we are not strangers.
One's classmates.

Okay, guys?
Come on, we gotta go.

You have no class?

You either?

I'll button.

Why the police?

I know.

But I think his father
hides a lot of things.

The son has learned the lesson.
He said nothing ...

It's very strange.

I gotta see this picture.

The time is right.

Before they return,
it will be time.

Dad, look, I'm on top!

Will not hurt you.
After your mother scolds me.

17 S7




It's been a long time! Since ...

three, four years?

The last time was shortly after
my father's funeral.

This is Lucas? He grew up.


So what is it?
Since your call, I
do not think of.

I wanted to call you for a long time,
but until yesterday I had not dared.

I'm coming. Wait.

You okay? Is Andrés? You played?


I thought about what happened
to your father.

What you told me
about his death.


And what you said.

That you had found
your adoption.

I remembered things
from my past.

And I discovered ...

I'm afraid ...

Calm down.
What have you discovered?

Little girl, I was
in an orphanage.

I was also adopted.


While I was there ...

I was doing things ...

terrible things.

Terrible things?

It was not the orphanage
the Black Lagoon?

How do you know?

I was there as a baby.

Before my adoption.

So our parents ...

had more in common
than we thought.

Someone else knows?

Well ...

I looked for things with
the help of a lawyer.


He died.

They killed him.
My God, I'm scared.

- I can trust you?
- Sure.

I have not yet liquidated because
you are insignificant.

You dig?

Where are my papers?

What papers?

You keep you fuck me.

Where are they?

I do not know what you mean.
I swear.

You want to take my money, eh?


Let me go, sorry!

So what happens to you does it?

Can you speak?

That is what we will do.

I'll let you go. Gradually.

You'll fly again and tell me where
are these fucking papers.

Is that clear?


I do not know what you mean.
I swear!


The photo was not found.

It must be there.
If my sister saw it,
it must be there.

You're sure she saw?

Your sister has a lot
of imagination.

Wait a moment.

Where do you keep your photos?

We have not looked everywhere.

Since you're there, look
at the exam questions.

Marcos and Paula.

Why such a file on you?

Go ahead. Open it.

What does that mean?

And if you still turns
to the class,

You spend your weekend

to clean the toilets with your tongue.

- Yes. Got it.
- Good.

What are you doing here instead
of being in the yard?

In recess, there is no cake.

It's terrible.

Why do I read the obituaries?

What is the obituaries?

Well ...

The obituaries are ...

part of the newspaper ...

where ...

we dont want to see his name.
Because if you're at ...

is that you are dead.

Look ...

this poor girl.

We went to school together.

She was in my class.

It was really a girl ...

So it was a joke ...

and I have to laugh, right?

A friend of yours is dead?

Not one, my daughter.

Almost all of them.

Why do you read these things?

Well, if I ever have to go
to the funeral, I know ...

It's true that ...

as cemeteries, so
much misery ...

so many funerals ...

it take away all desire to live.

You have seen my pills?

They are there.

I know where my head.

Her friends all die.

She has no desire to live.

And she has lots of tablets.

Jacinta wants to commit suicide.

Man, I'll tell you once.

I know I abused and I regret it.

But I'm sick of you always
your energy on me.

As you wish.

I had to make peace, but
it's not worth it ...

So fuck you ...

Not break my balls.

I had my dose.

We all have problems, you know?


And that's what?

Ottox site?


It is a pharmaceutical company.
A big one.

Twenty thousand shares at one hundred
and forty euro each ...

are a total of ...


Almost three million euros.

That's what I'm for my dad.

Not bad ...
I would pay that much.

How much would you pay?

Some things can not
be bought nor sold.



I need you to sign the
transfer order.

Jacinta, there is nothing for me?
A letter or in kind ...


Waiting for news from
the social worker.

Rather a confirmation that I will
not have custody of the child.

For I am sure your dear Hector

did not lose the opportunity
to carve out a suit.

Hector is a good person.

And I guess ...

he talked about you the better.

If you do not have children,
it will be because ...

t'affiches you all over ...

tyrant with your fiance.

And I think that ...

it removes you points.

I was sure that, with
Miguel here with you

you would stop hating us, my father and me.
But this is not the case.

I do not hate you.

But now, I'm not sure ...

that you can succeed in
being a good mother.

Anyway ...

your father ...

not worthy of grand-son.

Say, he will have to change this oven.
It is irreparable.

But how could you
do Noiret sing?

You're mentally ill.

All in good time.

First, I too, I love you.

Then I do not know
what you mean.

"What are you talking?

This morning, he nearly
killed me!

He believes that it is I who am singing.
You dig?

No. Not really.

You have not enough
with your son?

Want more money?
Did you get for that?

T'affectent bleach fumes too.

If you could, you'd sell
your son again.

There, I hold the balls.

He will have to drop
the Thune for good.

- You know what I found?
- I'm not interested.

I want you to leave us alone.

Well, well.

This guy does things very ugly.

Worse buying babies.

Hospital Virgen de Altamira?

I wonder if you kept
the birth of 1972.


Can you tell me if the department head was Dr.

Good, but ...

Give me someone who
could tell me.

If you change your mind,
I'll let you copy.

If you want thanks, places
an advertisement.

Why was there any pictures
of you and your sister?

I would like to know.

It may be related to the disappearance
of your parents.

And he is there to watch you.

What we must do is nab this idiot and ask him.

- Yes?
- Yes.

Pretend to Mateo, right?

- I pass.
- What can we do?

He offers roses, he likes until
he tells us everything.

Hello, children.

Go sit down.

Today review.

So you can concentrate
and do it quietly.

You have one hour.

We could talk to his son.

He knows things. I'm sure.

And he's going to say?

Her father to fill the slack
he speaks to anyone.

If he told Martin that he asks
questions, you are wrong ...

Dude, it's only 6
years old, shit.

Leave me alone.
I am seated in child psychology.


- You doubt?
- No.


Why you looking at me like that?

It's pretty easy.


- You gave me your picture?
- Yes, that's Batman.

- It?
- Yes.

You have to get used to putting
your name on your work.

I know everything

Say, the type of meat ...

when it comes, you tell me ...

in the kitchen for something
urgent ....

- Okay.
- Thank you.

Be careful.
By the way, did you
see my little son?

No idea. Sorry.


Arturo, have you seen
today my little son?

He left with the father of Elsa.

With Don Joaquin?

Thank you.

Searching ...

Hi, Amelia.

Iron, you okay?

Very good. I went to the pool.

The physio says I'm improving.

And you?

- A problem?
- No. Nothing.

- I wanted to hear your voice.
- Yeah. Sis, we know each other.

Seriously, what is it?

Someone found a picture of you and
me and made it with a message.

He said: "I know everything. "

Damn! Who?

I know.

- No idea.
- Amelia, you gotta
get out of there.

- It makes no sense.
- If it has one.

Listen to me. I'm fine.

No, Iron.
You are not going well.
You the expense of
this treatment.

They can not force you
to work for them.

Yes they can.

I do not know why I called you.
I would not worry.

I just wanted to hear your voice
and know that you're OK.

Me, I'm fine, but ...

if something happened to you, I ...
I can never forgive myself.

Do not worry. Really. It

anything happen to me.

I'll do it. Okay?



Hello. What are you doing?

What is it?

A bottle of pills
to kill himself.

You do not want to live?

No. It is to Jacinta.

She wants to die because
she is very old,

and almost all his friends
are already dead.

And he took it to
commit suicide.

But ...
if she commits suicide
in another way?

How else?

I know.

Imagine it jumps from a plane
without a parachute.

Or if she goes to the zoo and she
puts her head in its mouth

a lion or a crocodile
and eat ...

and reduce it?

Imagine it into an oven and
done as a roast chicken?

It can kill at any moment!

Come, Evelyn.
We can not let her
commit suicide!

Wait for me!

Where you going?


It's a fun game. Police.

It's easy.

The police, in other words we

ask questions and you answer.

For example ...

What do you know about
Paula's mom?

Why your dad and she knew?

I do not like this game

In fact ...

the funny thing is that
if you say anything,

I call the real police and they'll
put you and your father in prison.

- But I ...
- Enough.

Say, Lucas.

Your father will have nothing.


We just want to know if
he and my mother saw.

- Nothing else.
- But ...

he will know that I have said?


I know that ...

they could not talk because
it was dangerous.

Very good. Continues.

Sometimes ...

Sometimes he saw her.

We went to the library
to read stories.

A. .. then ... the ...
boi ... expensive ...

30 IT

as ... se ... ra ...

a sword.

Not "asser". Struck a sword.

That means he gave him
a sword on his head.

You read better and better.

The ...
King ...
lives ...
ap ... pro ... dear ...

what ...
question ... che ... dale ...

of ...
then ... its ... room ....

When ... he ... lives ...

Lucas brings another storybook.

I can change?

No. Always the same.

We know it by heart.

It's nothing. Go get him.


You like this book?

Well, the drawings are not bad.


Let's see.

He will branch?

There are others similar.

If you want.

What did this man?


If I loved the book.

Always the same book. Which was?

A storybook.

You were never told what it was?


I think they send
messages secret.

As spies.

We must get this book
at all costs.

Let me ...

Where is he?
You went to the library?

Yes. Surely yes.

Otherwise, he and his father would be in jail.
For theft.


We're not going to jail for
not rendering a book?

No. Of course not.

I bet the book is in his room.

We must go back and find it.


Why she sets her watch
and window?

She may want to jump
to 6 hours battery?

It is too small.
It will not happen.

And those fucking girls?!

Let's see.
You have no duty to do?


At other!

Where did you spend the day?

Huh? File study in your room.

Grandmother, Joaquin ...

Ni Joaquin, nothing.
Now go study. File.

And you too, go to your room!

I told you ...

I told you to walk
away from him.

And I told you to
shut your mouth.

- I did it.
- No.

You have nosed and discussed
with whom he should not.

I do not know what you mean.

This morning you argue
with this woman.

Then someone called the hospital
Virgen de Altamira

asking what I do know birth.

This is not me.

Not ...

Of course not.

I'm just saying that
I took Miguel

to get used to being with me ...

in case ...

Ivan, you know perfectly well
that smoking is prohibited.

Turn off immediately
and it goes over.

It was not two weeks ago
as a stable for smoking?

You would not because of favoritism
is the family?



Can I call you mom or
your favorite ...


Elsa, that's okay.

I'm glad you're my father.

You look trained and he
needs a punching bag.

You are very wrong with
your father, Ivan.

I assure you that
he respects me.


What do you think?

He hit the other first rencart?

First, he offered them flowers.

Then he took them to
dinner occasionally.

And when they were ripe ...


He rouait blows.

He hath already
resented flowers?

It does not concern you.

I remind you that you are
a student among others.

So, take your books
and going under.

You'll know what you do.

If it suits you ...

Prepare your left hook,
do you'll need.

Oh, and ...

welcome to the family.

You'll be in your juice ...


What are you doing here?

I waited. Taking my cabbage.

What is it?

I keep thinking of one thing.

Do you remember when
you took this bus?

I was devastated.

You know?

I regret it. Really.

I needed to get away to
the point peacefully.

And you came to the conclusion that
you wanted to be my friend.


You're back to that?

That you seem a little odd?

Marcos, you're a minor.
And me ...

I am lost.

Are you lost?

And I, in your opinion?


Since your arrival at the boarding school,
that I sometimes weird things.

First, my parents.
Then Cayetano.


You're right.

I would not have gone.

If you want me to go ...

No. I do not want you to go.

Look into my eyes.

And tell me why you're back.

Why are you back?

For you.

I came back for you.

I remind you that you're in
the room of a teacher.



You really want me to leave?

It is a mistake. Really.



Go away.

You love the zoo and animals?

That's why I like living here,
surrounded by wildlife.

The zoo is closed.
There are more animals.

Neither lions, crocodiles ...

Or any animal with fangs.

Well, it's annoying.

What happens to you?


But, finally!


You have nothing else to do
but follow me everywhere?

It's me ...

- I have to pee.
- Me too.

You know what, Paula?
The other day I heard

a man fell from a plane without a parachute.
And he is not dead.

Oh, no?

No! He just broke a leg!

It's long ...

Say, and if it puts its head in
the toilet and flushed it?

But ... Are you still there?

I can not even go to
the bathroom alone?

You tire me.


Where are my papers?

In a yellow envelope
at the bus stop

Street Huerca Francisco ...

You have fifteen minutes.

Do not waste time.

A yellow envelope
to the bus stop

Street Huerca Francisco. Hurry.


I want to take care of that
son of a bitch in person.

It's time for dinner.
You're not hungry?

You okay?

You were right.


You're right.

He better not give me the child.


I know that Jacques has changed.
I know.

But ... finally ...

it is unwise of me
to take that risk.

Sometimes you choose, Elsa.

If you want to be with
Noiret, so ...

is the price you pay.

Excuse me. We ask you, Elsa.

I'm here for anyone.

Hello, good evening.

You have not received the letter
from social services?


You are granted the temporary reception of
the child for the purpose of its adoption.

If it was up to me,

you never had custody
of this child.

But it turns out that Mr.
Noiret was very i
fluential friends.

Come here, sweetie.

Hello, sweetie!

Do not worry.
I'll look very good.

Good evening.

Coward ...

I hope you will do your best so
that nothing happens to him.

So Martin did not know
the mother of Marcos.

But they exchanged
secret messages?

The kid has one of
these fantasies.

You give him a little more.
He has not finished growing.


Of course, university education a.


This table is wobbly.

Yes, I felt a roll.

Do not bother, Fermín.

It is unpleasant to eat like this.
I set it in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, in an elite
school like this,

- What does Oxford?
- Oxford!

You're not exaggerating a bit?

Clear All

I'm not saying that.

- Considering ...
- Mission accomplished.

This laptop was down.

This is mine.

You're exaggerating a bit.


Martín, excuse me.
A call for you.


Silvana, I think.

Is that possible?

Excuse me.

- Who is Silvana?
- His ex-wife.

Lucas' mother.

Quick, call them.


Remove immediately.
Martín arrives.

It happens.

Let's go.

I go without this book.


Library Miguel de Unamuno.

That must be it.

- Come on, son. We are going.
- Where?

- We will have dinner?
- No. There was not time.

Grab your backpack.
We are going.

Why? We're going?


You promised ...

that this time, we
remain very long.

There is nothing left!

I was wrong. Okay?

The bad guys found us, we must
leave before their arrival.

So please, sonny, take
your things and leave.

Why do they return the
room at this hour?

- Son of a bitch!
- What is it?

Nothing is mine!

Damn, I found it! Donne.

This is my dinner, bitch!

Get out!

Out of here! Queue! Queue!

Never mind approach.

As if the trash was yours!

Fuck you.

- Come on, Lucas.
- I want to leave!

You promised me!

Come, we must go.

I've told you twenty times.

You want the bad guys we catch?

Yes, I want!

At least we would
not need to flee.

- And I would see Mom.
- Come on, champ.

I know it's hard,
but we must do.

Being a nice is not easy.

You're not nice.
The Gentiles are not
fleeing police.

Naughty! I want to be like you.

Lucas, that's enough!

Son, forgive me. Wait!

Where you going?

You did not call?


Do not worry.

Nobody called you.

Your wife knows nothing.

For now.

What do you mean for now?

Tell me, Jacinta.
What do you want from me?

I want you to stay quiet.

And that you stop digging
up the past.

I know you called the hospital.

And you've talked to this woman.

This woman is the only
family I have left.

I saw her today for
the first time.

Let's see.

How can you ask me to stop?

For Your Own Good.

It's very dangerous.

More than you think.

I do not care.

I can not stop until
you know the truth.

If you continue to
investigate ...

I call your wife and the police.

The prison is worth it?

What she told him?

Something more than family and
that is very dangerous.

Have they gone?
Nothing more is heard.

We will wait, just in case.

How did they do to exchange

They had to use a PIN.

They used it maybe
to pass notes.

There is no leaf in it?


Sorry about earlier.

I would not have talked
like that of Amelia.


Forget it.

I know you think I'm jealous.

And it's true.
I'm jealous, Marcos.

But I swear the way
he talks to Noiret

was suspicious.

Do not start.

If Ivan had told you?

You would have thought.

I would not say.

Iván had questioned
directly Amelia.

Rambo way.

Let's see.


There are words at
half underlined.

- Tell me that you did.
- There is nothing.

What do you mean nothing?

- You sure?
- I looked up and down

and the whole area.
You were wrong. Person you saw?

No. Just a beggar shit ...

It said six hundred, right?


Seven hundred.
You've played well.

Thank you, dude.

Do not drink at all.

Where is Fermin?

Why has he not made the cake?

How, in the smoldering?


The oven is broken.


Toni has not repaired?

Toni? Repair?

- It must be changed.
- What do you mean change it?

This oven has always
worked perfectly.

Why should we change
the oven today?

She committed suicide!

Do not commit suicide!
Please! Do ...

- ... you not commit suicide.
- Again?

Damn kids! Really.
But what happens?

- I just try to repair the oven!
- So you want to die?

Why would I want to die?


Because you're old and your parents
and your friends are already dead.

And your daughter also died.


Now that you say ...

I want to throw myself
out the window.

No, Jacinta. We let you do.

Or take your pills to die.

Hey, hey ... a moment.

You two ...

you would not hide my
pills for the heart?

It is for you to
blow your heart?

Let's see.

You'll see.

The truth is that ...

I'm old and ...

I saw many people die.

But nothing in the world ...

I would lose ...

happiness to see you grow ...

It is a very good idea ...

continue to live,
you believe it?


It was very scary, Jacinta.

Ah, those little girls!

Hello? Are you Fernando Ugarte?

Yes. Who is asking?

I am a journalist.

I investigate unsolved crimes,
including that of your father.

I already said everything I know
and I was not listening.

I want to do it again.

I understand.
But police will not
talk to me and

only you close the case.

No wonder the police
want to talk.

They were on the trail of the
murderer and did not stop.

If they knew who it was, why
did not they arrested?

I know. And I do not care.

The murderer of my father has
been dead for years, so ...

Is he dead?

A thief was killed by
attacking his shop.

An attack? But ...

who was it?
Who killed your father?

I just know it was
an antique dealer.

A ...

David Almansa.

This shop belonged to my father.

He was killed in the attack.

The truth?
You do not want to
know the truth.

Notice that the words are
not underlined entirely.

Just a few syllables or characters,
sometimes blue.

And sometimes red.

Still guessing your mother.

If bored, she should have
done a sudoku ...

Say, if it meets the
syllables ...

highlighted in color,
you can make words.

It has already been tried
makes no sense.

Ban ...
ti ... cu ... ji ... fe ...

And in another direction?

The syllables are
vertical lines.

Fortunately you prefer the
alphabet soup, or else ...

I ... not ... could ...

in ... TRERE ... in ...

the ... bank ...

On ... me ... sui ... vi ...

to ...

I could not enter the bank,
they followed me.

A bank? Which bank they speak?

There's another one.

They want ...

Key ...

of ... safe ...

Gar ... of ... the ...

with you.

The key to the trunk?

What box?

Surely the key to a safety
deposit box at the bank.


I do not get it.
Finally, we followed my mother
because of a key?

What was in that bank?

Roque, there are other messages?


I dunno ...

what we seek.

The trunk ...

is ...

not ...

Street ...

At ... gus ... ta ...

Damn, awesome.

Even they know not
where is the bank.

We're lucky.

Martín ask!

Your mother had
onfidence in him.

Weird it did not come
to tell me something.

Guys ...

It seems the key to a
safety deposit box.

There are a number.


This was key to my father.