Tempted Again (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

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I'm leaving tomorrow before sun rise.

You must come.

Don't go. The fact that you are going to him, I don't like it!

Find it! Search thoroughly and find everyone!

We must show mercy to him.

In fact, I'm in a relationship with the chief diver's daughter.

It must hurt a lot.

Episode 7

A bad diver, with an ugly face and a weak body, Beo Jin...

Definitely, She can't get married in Tamna.

Although he is good for nothing, he is tall and fairly good looking.

Although I am a little bit concerned that he came here as an exile for harassing women,

I can put things right by beating him.

What's wrong?

Beo Jin, you tell me the truth.


You set a breakfast table, which you've never done.

Why did you sneak out of the house at night?

Answer me.

What wrong did you do?

Mom, it's not like that.

Were you thinking of running away with the exile at night?

You hit on the exile, didn't you?


It's not like that.

Tell me the truth.

It's not like that at all!

I guess I have to keep an eye on you two.

I thought he was just a tobacco vendor, but he's been stealing the tributes to the king.

Send those thieves to Jeju Provincial Office tomorrow.

Finally, I can save my face in front of the Jeju Governor.

But, there are many things that are strange.

The tributes on the ship are sufficiently lacking when comparing it to the amount of the stolen tributes.

Especially, the fact that there were no items of real value such as horses worries me.

All we have to do is to send the thieves to Jeju Provincial Government.

I'm sure they'll look into this more closely.

The royal secret Inspector, himself, pointed out the thieves.

And you caught them according to his order. What are you not happy with now?

The royal inspector has been missing for days, as well.

He must have left since he finished his job.

A royal secret inspector, who came to catch the thieves of the tributes,

didn't even interrogate them when they are actually caught.

You just think too much.

Hyang Dol!

What is it, Beo Jin?

Oppa, I.... William...

Oh, that blue-eyed...Right, that blue-eyed man.

Could I take a look at him just once?

Ah! Hyang Dol, I only saw him from far away earlier...

Okay, just for a little while.

I might get in trouble if the elder finds out.

Go ahead.

Hello. (literally, "Have you eaten?")

Wow. That's really amusing. Your hair is really golden.

Are you okay? Are you hurt at all?

I'm okay.

Beo Jin, don't worry.

It was good that you didn't come. If we got caught together, it would have been worse.

No, I did go.

I was trying not to be late, but the police was already there.

Beo Jin, you came?

Is that so? You did come?!

Oh, what happened to Yan?

I don't know.

He must be hiding somewhere alone.

William, don't go anywhere and stay put here.

This home of the elder is the safest place in our village. Do you understand?


Tell Park Gyu that I thank him. Thanks to him, I'm still alive.

Okay. I'll tell him for sure.

Beo Jin, you should get going.

Okay, oppa.

How can a person's hair be this golden?

Beo Jin.

Be careful on your way.

Elder, thank you for the medicine you sent me last time.

Yeah, I hope you'll stay healthy.

You' have to be a great diver like your mother, don't you?

Oppa, I'll get going then.

Elder, I think the foreigner and Beo Jin know each other.

The foreigner and the chief diver's daughter?

Yes, Beo Jin had a Christian necklace around her neck.

Oh.... That girl must have been hiding him all this time.

Continue to monitor her.

So, did you find it out?

It was difficult to find out anything about the thieves...

He's the owner of a small boat from San Bang who trades goods for the villagers...

When he was about to set sail, they all got caught by the secretary's raid.

You should have been the one credited for the meritorious deed.

An owner of a small boat?

What was the cargo on the ship?

Abalones, sea cucumbers, and things like that.

They are terrible bastards.

Any horses?

What are you talking about?.... Just seafood...abalone and such...

They are not the thieves.


If there weren't any hoses... the most expensive items...

the secretary must have caught the wrong men.

But, the royal secret inspector pointed out the ship?

Please help yourself.

Thank you.

Was the ship you were on a merchant ship that makes trades?


Then, you must be a genuine sailor.

A sailor?

My friend is a sailor.

What happened to that friend?

Who are you?!

That's enough!

East India Company...?

You don't need to be alarmed.

This is the safest place on Tamna.

You look like you have something you want to say.

Could you do this old man a favor?

If I can trade something with you for what I'm looking for,

then, of course, it's a possibility.

You know very well how to do business.

When it gets light, go back quietly without drawing attention to yourself...

It's an important letter, so make sure you deliver it to Han Yang.

Young Master, leaving you behind in this backward place makes me want to cry... and makes my heart ache.

Don't you know I can't leave here?

-Hurry and take off.


William told me to tell you that he thanks you.

So, you did meet with him.

What is this?

It's an herb that's good for healing wounds. Apply this to your wound.

Did you get it for me?

No! I had it here at home.

I tried this on myself before...

If you don't want to, then, fine.

Don't ever make a rash, emotional decision like you did before...

You didn't even know where he's going... how could you decide to go with him?

You have no fear?!?

I don't care where it is.


There's nothing here on Tamna that I want to do or can do.

Nothing has ever happened in my life until now...

William is the first to make me happy...

I don't care where I go with William... as long as it's not Tamna...

Even if you hate it here, your life is here, isn't it?

I know life here is difficult.

Even so, you shouldn't leave and abandon your family.

Exile, you don't understand how I feel.

Anyway, why did you say you didn't like it?


You didn't say I couldn't go, but you said you didn't want me to go.

Don't go.

I don't like it. The fact that you're going to him, I don't like it.

Why did you say that?

Didn't you say you didn't want me to go to William last night?

That is...

That is, if you went, the head diver would make me do all the little things that she used to make you do.

That's why I, of course, wouldn't like you to go.

Of course.

The way you think is...

You must have been treated well.


Let's go to sleep for now.

William, I have to go away for a few days.

Wait for me here quietly..

Hyang Dol.

Yes, sir.

For the sake of Tamna,
Sulmondae Granny has sent us a great gift.

If we.... collaborate with the East India Company

we won't need the Seorin Merchant Group again.

If this goes well, we won't need to see that snakelike woman again.

Han Yang Seorin Merchant Group

You all can take leave now.

Have you heard of the East India Company?

East India?!?

East India Company?

Yes, Your Excellency.

They are a merchant group that

for Asian artifacts...

These are from them.

These are tokens of my respect to all of you.

How was your trip? Orabeoni (Older brother)?

You've done well.

I've completed the task as you requested.

The high priest said, if we don't give him the guns and the gun powders we promised,

...he said he won't be able to help us any longer...

I'm sorry.

Not at all.

He's been waiting a long time.

I think it's about time that his real self is revealed...

It signals that it's about the time we make our move.

Before that, I will have to go to Nagasaki.

Are you saying that you are personally going to Nagasaki?

Huijida merchant group wants to pay with Japanese artifacts...

I'd rather trade in silver.

The value of silver is higher...

so we'll make three times the profit.

I'm planning to leave in the morning.

I'll make sure everything is ready.

Is there anything you want to tell me by any chance?

There is an exiled scholar in Jeju.

He's been investigating here and there...

I have a feeling that he's not an average exile...

I think we should investigate his background...

Did you say an exiled scholar?

His name is?

A person named Park Gyu.

Park Gyu?

Did you say Park Gyu?

I see you guys have grown since we last met...

As expected,

this wasn't a big deal after all.

Oh right. I, Park Gyu

can do anything!

Don't you agree?

Enjoy your food.


visit me no more than once a day.

I know you're happy to see me on the inside.

Eat this.

No thank you.

Acting as if you don't care...

What the...

Spit it out!

Made with these beautiful hands...

It tastes even better.

I see you have good eyes.

Keut Boon.


What's so great about this exile?!


Look what Keut Boon is doing!

She brought a pile of rice cake!


What rice cake?!

Look at her!

What rice cakes?!


What rice cakes?!

I told her not to flirt with men using food...

Keut Boon, let's go.

Let's go...

I'd rather be in jail

than be on house arrest.

One for William.

This one for the exile.

Wait a second.

why would I give this to the exile?

I'll just eat it.

Are you stealing food again?

For who?

That one looks good.

I know...that you're taking those to the exile.

The exile?

Is that true?

Beo Jin and Exile are really in love?

Mom, is that true?


Exile has standards!

Why would he look at Beo Jin

when there's the prettiest girl
in the village right here?

Well, I guess so.

She's not as pretty or as strong as Keut Boon.

At the deep dive this year,

I'll show what I've got.

Is she going on the deep dive?

How lucky!

Stop chatting and get back to work!



Give it to the exile.

From now on, you need to protect what's yours.


Hide it!

Why does she keep doing that?!

What is this?

It's not something made in Chosun.


I've been searching everywhere in the village, but

I was told that the royal secret investigator can not be found.

How is the exile scholar doing?

He's bored to death.

Has the high priest or any stranger visited him?

The girls of the village come to stare at him.

I heard the servant of the scholar was here.

What about him?

Now that you mention it, I haven't seen him at all recently.

I've got this all wrong.

There's no use in locking up one sly fox because those clever ones wouldn't walk in.

Are you frustrated?

I bet you are.

Since such a busy-body like you is stuck here all day.

If you understand how I feel, release me from house arrest.

What happened to your servant?

What's the use of staying here?

I sent him back to Han Yang a while ago.

You must need your servant more since you are stuck here.

But, you sent him back instead?

What could he do here?

The only thing I have to do is to make straw shoes...

I felt bad when I saw him suffering, so I sent him back.

What a sight! A nobleman like you braiding straw shoes...

You've totally lost your face.
[meaning losing respect and being humiliated]

I'll release you from house arrest. But, just don't make the same mistake twice.



I'm releasing the exile from house arrest as of today.

Let's go back to the government office.

Yes, sir!

You've worked really hard!

Continue to monitor the exiler...


Observe who he meets and what he does.

Then, report to me.

Especially if a stranger visits him, you must find out who it is.


Why did you release him from house arrest then?

It's better to watch him from here.

I will do as you ask.... I'll keep a close watch.


Beo Jin.

William, the elder must have been giving you good food.

You look healther and even your hair is shinier.

He's a good person.

He even gave me these books.

Wow! It's really beautiful.

Beo Jin, you look so different than these ladies in the drawings.

The ladies' eyes are small and tilted, but your eyes are round and big.

I know.... I'm ugly.

No, Beo Jin is pretty.

Even more than the drawings...

You're the prettiest in the world!

Too much flattery makes you seem like a liar.

I wasn't lying to you...

I brought these for you from the orchard...

Eat, eat, eat.

I heard someone was here from a merchant group in Han Yang.

You should already know she's not trustworthy, Your Highness.

She's someone who will become a threat to Tamna..

If she's going to be a threat,

then, how about you?

I'm just someone who wants Tamna to be

a respected region of Chosun.

If Your Highness supports me,

I think it is possible.

There's no mention of Park Gyu among the exiles sent to Jeju.

Park Gyu finished first in the government officials exam.

Really? Whose son is he?

He's the only son of Park Chul, the Minister of Culture and Education.

He's the man who finished first on all three exams....

The house of the Minister of Culture and Education, Park Chul

I'm honored to meet you for the first time, madam.

I'm honoring your request to meet, however...

what brings a leader of a merchant group here?

Did you come here to request something?

Madam, I'm just a merchant.

I've heard of your reputation as a judge of good quality

I'm only here to ask that you look at the quality of our goods as well.

Seorin merchant group's products are of high quality

that many people from Ching and Japan want them.

I've heard this to be true.

What is this?

Since you've sent your son so far away...

I've heard you've been worried and sad..

I've prepared something to give you comfort.

Even if it was because of the king's order...

When I think of how my son, Gyu, is suffering in such a remote place...

You mean that remote place is...

The place where the most extreme offenders are sent....

Are you speaking of Jeju?
[Jeju = Tamra Island]

Anyway, what is this that you wrapped so tightly?

Aigoo, you came just in time.

Did you find out what that powder is?

Of course.

It's an anesthetic.

An anesthetic?

It's not something one can find anywhere in Chosun.

It's from Ching (China).

That's why I didn't recognize what it was at first.

So, there's no place to get that anywhere here in Jeju?

I wonder if merchants who visit Ching can get it...

Did you want me to look into that, too?

Please. I'll return later.


Why is he telling me what to do for free?

I heard you were released from house arrest.

You must have been frustrated.

Thank you for worrying about me.

Have you seen this before?

Have you seen this before?

I don't know.

I see.

Do you know what this is?

Why did you take it if you don't know what it's for?

You should have taken something else instead.

You mean you know the owner of this?

I've seen him a few times.

What's his name?

What does he do for a living?

You don't introduce yourself when you gamble.

He's just a merchant.

You're telling me that he's a merchant?

Did you also hear what he sells and where?

I think he sells dishes used for rituals...

I heard he had to go to the high priest's house.

The high priest?

Aigoo... I'm glad you came.

Did you find out?

There was someone who ordered just one horseshoe in Chaema village.

Who was it?

That's the strange part.

He was a servant to the high priest.

I wonder why he ordered it there... so far away.

Ah!!! Ah!!!

Oh my!

Of course, my Keut Boon!

How could you find a treasure like this in the sea?


Good girl, good girl!

What is it?

Is this edible?

I think it's spoiled beans that somebody threw away...

You were bragging you brought something good from the deep diving trip...

Fatty, is there something you can't eat?

What ?

Damn! Lets go, lets go!

What the hell is this!

What a waste of energy!

I came because I have to deliver something to William.

Since it's late, I'll just take this to him and leave right away.

What's this?

Take a look. Does this belong to you?

This curly and curvy thing..

Oh, this is coffee. Where did you get it?

Keut Boon found it during her deep diving trip.

This is a tea that Europeans drink.

It takes away sleepiness and clears your head.

And it smells very good.

Is it that good?

Can I taste it now?

Let's drink it together later.

You will like it a lot, too.


Since you're here all the time,

you must feel frustrated.

No, it's okay.


That's not how you eat it.

So... My mom...

told me to bring the dried dyed cloth.

I have to get going.

So, you go to sleep soon, too.

I'll be back tomorrow.

She's so lovely.

Troublemaker, what are you doing here?


Why are YOU here?

Do you know where this is?

Are you here to see the foreigner?

I told you before to not come here...

I knew you would cause a big problem sooner or later.

Exiler, are you in your right mind?

I'm not the one who caused a big problem... You did!

Chasing women... gambling...

Now, you've resorted to stealing?

Think about your mom and dad in Han Yang.


That's enough, so get out of here.

Hurry and go!

You just told me to get out!

If you leave now, you'll be dead.

I'm getting out.


The secretary is here to see you.

Oh no, sir!

You should not barge in like this.

You can't do this.


What is this uncalled for rudeness!

You come without a request this late at night and cause such a ruckus?!

I saw someone who shouldn't be here...

Please move aside.

Someone who shouldn't be here?

If there is such a person, shouldn't I be the first one to know?

What nonsense are you speaking of?

Whether it makes sense or not, we'll find out.

Did you just come out from that room?

Hyang Dol.

Hurry and take the foreigner away from here...

You must not

be seen by the secretary.


Stop there!

Since I'm not familiar with the grounds,

you need to guide me.

Lead the way!


We have to run away!

The secretary is here. We have to run away!

The secretary?

William, if you get caught by the secretary, you'll be in big trouble.

Stop there!

You said no one was here. But, why is there a light in that room?

That's enough.

So, leave immediately!

As soon as it's light, I'm going to make a complaint.

Your disrespectful attitude and actions...

You need to take responsibility for your actions...


Where are we going?

What are you doing there?

Hurry and jump off.

You're such a troublemaker...

What an interesting scene!

Your womanizing ways are still a part of you, aren't they?

How did you come to jump over this wall?

Were you looking for a place to have your tryst?

A foreigner?!?

Since they have to counterchange the tributes, they won't stay still for sure.

Hey, what's all this?

Coffee. It's a tea people drink in England.

I...become happy when I'm with you, William.

Beo Jin!!

The exile will definitely come.