Tempted Again (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

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Episode 15
Anyhow, you failed to isolate silver from lead.
I can't believe that security in this company is this negligent.
I have to be more watchful, too.
It is obvious that the silver won't be ready by the deadline.
What is your back up plan?
I thought you were just touring around Han Yang.
From now on, the East India Company won't do business with Seorin merchant group anymore.
The time that was given to you is over.
The time our Seorin merchant group needs,
I believe you will give it to us.
Bring him in.
Seo Rin... Everything was her ploy.
The reason why you tried to help me...
Was it only because of the reward money that you will get from my mom?
You must not trust Seo Rin.
You and Park Gyu are the people who cannot be trusted.
They said you died.
How did you get into this merchant group?
What about you?
What business are you doing with Seo Rin?
It is none of your business.
Then, you don't have to know what I am doing here either.
All right.
I will allow Seo Rin to do business with the East India Company continuously.
That must be what Seo Rin wants.
Instead, you have to return to England with me.
let me leave with Beo Jin.
Again, Beo Jin, Beo Jin...
You are still talking about Beo Jin.
As long as Park Gyu is here, she is not leaving Chosun.
You are the stupid one to risk your life for that sly heart.
Unlike you,
I trust her.
And she trusts me.
Your mom is just right.
When will you grow up, William?
Oh, that face...
Is that really you?
Come here.
Hey, how long has it been?
I thought you ran away back then.
Were you in Han Yang all this time?
Whenever I see you, you are so noisy.
Why are you here?
Could it be that you came to take William?
People think he died.
I really don't get what's going on either.
According to William, the exile told people to kill William,
that's what I heard from him
How stupid!
Park Gyu was trying to save William.
He was just trying to save William who the king ordered to be killed.
Is that the truth?
Park Gyu feels sorry for not being able to save William
while William had saved his life before.
Park Gyu was blaming himself.
Of course...
Then, I can make things straight by explaining it to William.
Hey, why don't you go explain it to William, too?
Do you remember the guy's face who tried to kill the exile in Gang Jin?
I think I saw the guy here.
What are you talking about?
Please tell the exile what I said when you meet him.
That guy
must be in this company.
Both in Jeju and Han Yang,
you bothering people is the same.
It's because
I don't dare to see the exile any more
Wow, the cayenne peppers are very ripe.
Why did you come here?
I came here as my young master asked me to find out if there is anything to help you out.
How come he sent us a bad looking guy like you.
Why do you keep talking about my appearance?
Oh my!
What brings you here?
Didn't you hear from Mistress Shi Yeon yet?
She said you should leave here within 3 days
but you are still here?!
Aigoo, aigoo.
Stop it!
What happened here?
The nobles are quite horrible people.
Are people of low class not humans?
Leave it
We will leave here at dawn. .
What do you mean by leaving?
Those people told us to leave this house and made this mess.
What do we have? All we have is our bodies.
If they tell us to leave, we must leave.
Shall I...
return to...
Tamna is still my hometown, right?
There are ... so many things ... that I left in Tamna.
The cave...
The hill...
Although diving is difficult for me.
There is the ocean
that doesn't change.
Are dad and Beo Seol doing well?
Dad said, if it gets too difficult for me,
I can come back anytime...
He said so...
Why is your face so hot?
Why did you come here?
Did you come here to put us in more trouble?
Tell that gentleman
to leave here.
Never again...
Tell him not to come here ever again.
Didn't you hear her?
Leave here quickly.
Now, we are not going to give you any more trouble
We will leave here at dawn tomorrow.
I heard that dog eats dog in Han Yang, but it is really a terrible place to live.
You don't have to move out.
I called you to Han Yang.
So, it is my responsibility to find you a place to stay.
I feel so sorry
for letting you go through hard times.
I don't want to owe you anymore.
Please wait a little bit until I find a place to go.
Until then...
Chief diver...
Thank you, but
don't come here again.
Since Beo Jin has a fever, I need to go take care of her.
I can't..
get married to you
This is the price for her house.
Please stop making any more trouble.
Since I've told you my intentions, I will leave
The news about our marriage is all over Han Yang.
our marriage gets canceled this way,
I and my family will be ashamed.
Do you want to live with a man who doesn't want you?
If we don't stop it now, you will get hurt more.
Seo Rin Merchant Group
As long as Park Gyu is here, she is not going to leave Chosun.
What brings you here?
You saved my life,
I think there must be a reason.
Can you do anything?
if you help me leave here with Beo Jin soon...
Some day I will ask for the price.
You must keep your promise when the time comes.
Allow him to go out of here occasionally.
If people find out the foreigner, who was supposed to die, is here, it will be trouble.
What is your plan?
One day, that foreigner will get Park Gyu into trouble.
Is anyone there?
Why does that ugly guy...
come here so often?
Please take this.
What is this?
Is it food?
My young master told me to bring you tonic medicine.
Oh my, my, my!
The prosecutor did?
For my Keut Boon?
Since she kept hitting on him,
finally, it's paid off.
Oh this smell, this smells so good.
This is for Beo Jin.
Beo Jin recovered and went out to work. You can return it to Scholar Park, instead.
What on earth...
did you do to him to change like this?
How did you influence him...
to cancel his wedding with Sir Hong Gu Rak's family?
Did he call off his engagement?
My lady...
is sick in bed.
Tell him that I appreciate him.
Note: Korea Folk Village
Hello, young master.
There is a guest for you.
Have you been well?
So, what's happening in Jeju?
Something is weird.
As you said before,
it seems that the governor of Jeju is planning on something.
This is the design of the port that he is constructing.
When there is one port on one side, they are making another one on the other side.
The size is much bigger than the old one.
They are even building castle ramparts around the port.
This is not a simple port for ordinary cargo ships.
Furthermore, urging to finish the port by next month,
regardless of age, everyone is taken to do forced labor.
Look towards the bottom.
It is certain that the thieves of the tribute are related to this project.
This way please.
Good job.
Look at this.
It's impressive.
Let's start our business.
Tell them to come into Jeju.
Do you have an appropriate port
that the East India Company ship can anchor?
We built one that can hold several East India Company ships without a problem.
You can order them to anchor their ships in Bi Yang port in Jeju.
If it's that big of a port, wouldn't there be government surveillance?
It would be easier to think of Jeju as belonging to Seo Rin Merchant Group. .
What are you going to do if someone sees you?
There's nobody around,
it's okay.
you have to be careful
Sitting like this together,
I feels like we are in Tamna.
Back then...
I really hated the ocean....
I really miss the ocean...
The word "miss" really is...
a painful word.
am afraid that I will..
end up missing you.
But we are here together....
Why would you say something like that?
Yeah. You are right. You are right next to me
will not lose you.
I will not be someone who longs for a person who is far away.
Is this your house in Han Yang?
For walking me home,
thank you.
Get home safe, William.
Get home safe.
Park Gyu...
How could you be alive?
Like this,
he was alive.
Being alive....
You deceived me knowing that he was alive?
How could you...?
I didn't even know that and......
I broke down all reserve in front of you.
Seeing me like that....
Was it fun?
My state...
watching my embarrassing state...did you enjoy it?
It's not what you think, Exile.
Take your hand off me.
I am no longer..
the exile who used to live in the storage room of your house.
Park Gyu.
The me that you killed is now alive,
are you mad?
I should be dead, but I am still alive.
Does seeing me alive make you so angry like this?
No, William... That's not it.
He did not try to kill you.
In order to save you, in front of the king.
He pretended to try and kill you....
Right, Exile?
Tell us it's true!
Say it and then go.
That it is not true...
I am..
a stupid
a sea cucumber,
sea squirt.
I didn't know what was in my heart at all.
My William..
is the first person I gave my heart to...
My friend.....
He came here..
and faced so many hardships...
I said I would protect William
I promised
When I keep that promise...
Park Gyu.
My heart....
Although he generally hurts my heart and he is even mean to me sometimes...
Actually, mom...
I....the exile....
I also..
am a woman with secrets and things.
Because of me...
He was so hurt....
You are getting comfort from a dog?
I wonder if this dog was abandoned, or lost its way.
I feel that the dog is like me.
I couldn't ignore him.
How long are you thinking about staying here?
You are just going to be used by Seo Rin
I'm going back to the East India Company.
I will help you. Do you want to come with me?
It's a brand that means I am a slave of Seo Rin.
If your people from the East India Company see it,
they will think that I am a spy from Seo Rin merchant group
Be careful of Seo Rin
she might kill you, William
Are you saying Seo Rin Merchant group
have succeeded in isolating silver from lead?
I'm going back to the East India Company now for business with the Seo Rin merchant group.
My stopping the Seo Rin merchant group
must be bad for your East India Company.
Why are you helping me?
It's not guaranteed that you can block Seo Rin.
I found out you are a Chosun person.
Family history of Kim of Goon Pal
The potter, who was taken to Japan during the war with Japan,
Kim Sang Yeon, and his son, Kim Yoon.
Is it necessary to disguise yourself as Japanese?
I'm neither Japanese nor Chosun (Korean).
I'm just a sailor.
Think about it carefully.
You wouldn't want your home country to go to some foreign hands.
If Jeju becomes a leased territory for overseas trading,
they will send their military in the name of protecting the leased territory.
Seo Rin is planning to use the army of East India Company for a coup.
That is why they brought the government ministers to their side
and even tried to bring me into it.
Since that's didn't work
they are trying to capture Jeju with force
and usher in the East India Company.
Seal of Crown Prince: Seal that was used to symbolize a Crown Prince's authority
Isn't this the seal of the Crown Prince?
It'll help you to get things moving.
As expected, all the government officials who were sent to Jeju
were on Seo Rin's side.
That is why those officials were devoted to building Bih Yang port.
I think we have no time to lose.
Go back to Jeju
and keep your eye on them.
I will do as you said.
would you do me a favor?
Please tell me.
Could you bring the chief diver and Jeju divers with you to Jeju?
I will do so.
The girl is working at the merchant group.
Do you mean the chief diver's daughter?
We are going to raid the merchant group tonight.
Don't leave her behind, take her with you.
Yes, sir.
The master wants you to get ready to go to Jeju immediately.
Does it mean she is going to move the base of the merchant group?
That's right.
I heard that
Crown Prince So Hyun gave Park Gyu his seal.
The seal of the Crown Prince?
Park Gyu is going to attack our merchant group.
Please hurry.
This time, we'll be able to cut Park Gyu's throat.
Oh, Beo Jin!
Did you have your meal, Warrior?
I ate my mine.
He looks so manly.
I could have tea time with him if we were in Tamna...
Oh, right, right! Beo Jin!
Something bad happened!
The secretary came to Han Yang to catch us.
That secretary?!
We didn't do anything wrong, so why?
We don't have time to stay here
Let's go now!
I should go see the exile.
What about the exile?
Your mom said that I should bring you
Keut Boon.
If you go first,
I will follow you right away.
Come on, Keut Boon.
If you allow me to do it
when I get back to Tamna,
I will support you until you become the chief diver.
Of course!
You must keep your word!
For sure!
I will follow you right away.
Then, you must come to Cheong Woon Jeong at the end of the market.
Cheong Woon Jeong?
Chief diver!
Chief diver.
What's this?
You haven't left yet.
Weren't you with the chief diver's daughter?
What do you mean?
Exile...I mean Royal Inspector...Beo Jin said she had to talk to you.
You didn't see Beo Jin?
She went to see me?
She must have been in a hurry. She left before me.
It will be all right.
I will find her myself
and send her safely with a guard.
Then, I will leave trusting you.
Just for once, come to Tamna again.
I will definitely come back.
Please take good care of our Beo Jin.
Well then, let's hurry up.
Thank you!
Beo Jin?
Did she come here?
No...I haven't seen her at all today
Hey, Bok Nyun!
Did you come home young master?
Did you see Beo Jin around here today?
Beo Jin?
How dare the gal come here again?
Madam said if she get caught again around here, she will be beaten.
She wouldn't dare come here again.
Have you sent the letters to the officials?
By this time, they must have received the letters.
spread these leaflets all over the streets of Han Yang.
In the people's mouth this will sprout, blossom,
and fruit.
The girl has been brought here.
she comes in handy.
Beo Jin.
I'll get you!
Set Beo Jin free, right now!
Have you forgotten the meaning of this mark?
You are my slave.
Your life and death are decided upon my words.
Remember? I told you I would ask for the price of saving your life.
Now, it's the time you pay the price.
Spare Beo Jin's life.
If you save her life...
I'll do anything.
What will a foreigner be able to do for Chosun?
What shall we do?
Beo Jin.
Please just be safe.
Close this place up completely
and arrest everyone without exceptions!
Beo Jin.
Have you escaped from here safely?
What is this?
Hey, hey, hey!
What's written here?
Let me see.
If the foreigner returns alive,
Crown Prince So Hyun will be the king!?
Do you mean that yellow haired foreigner?
I think I have seen him recently at night with his hat on!
-Really?! -Yeah!
Let me see, let me see!
If Crown Prince So Hyun becomes the king, Park's family will prosper?!
What does that mean?
Which Park's family?
The Seo Rin merchant group stole the tribute to the king
and confused the market by buying up and holding back goods.
It also conspired with a foreign force.
And it was bribing officials intending to open the port to foreigners.
It even conspired with a foreign force to overthrow all of Chosun.
All of Chosun? And even depose the king.
They will start by giving away Jeju to a foreign force?
And swallow little by little?
Cut the heads of Seo Rin and her followers right now!
You majesty, calm down please.
Seo Rin merchant group gave out rice for the poor
and did a lot of good things, I heard.
You, you must be connected with the group, too.
You were also bribed, right?!
Your Majesty, the prime minister is here.
Your Highness.
Why are you so late?
There's something to show you, your majesty.
Let him in.
This man...
This foreigner, disguised as a castaway, is a spy.
Park Gyu has plotted treason to help Crown Prince So Hyun to the throne.
It is not true, Your Majesty.
Even though he passed the state exam first on the list, he volunteered to serve as a secret inspector.
And the reason that he brought this foreigner from Jeju and begged for his life
And the reason he didn't obey Your Majesty's order to cut off his head...
They were all to help the Crown Prince to the throne.
Prime Minister!
This is a false incrimination.
It's a false accusation, your majesty.
You! Report the truth straight from your mouth.
Everything the prime minister has said..
is all true.
No... Beo Jin?
Bring it in.
Seal of Crown Prince: Seal which was used to symbolize a Crown Prince's authority
Will you say this is not true now?
"If the foreigner returns, Prince SoHyun will be the king and Park's family will..blah blah"
What I want to protect is this breath of Chosun.
You can't die like this!
I haven't even told you I love you...
Tamna is our land.
So, we must protect it with our own hands.
I was happy to be in Tamna.
I won't forget.
The day Chosun comes in your hand is near.
Is this your revenge toward Chosun?
Even in the next life, we'll be able to meet again...