Tempted Again (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

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Episode 6

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omo...a r-robber!

I thought you were a Royal inspector but...

You are nothing but a petty thief

You are so diligent, Secretary!

You even stopped by a Gibang (gisaeng house) in the early evening.

Sir, a thief has just broken into our place.

Search for him!


Once, a sailor ran away without paying any money.

I don't understand why these strange things are happening here these days.

Stay away, since I am on my official duties.

An exile is a lawbreaker.

Does the national Law say a lawbreaker can visit a gisaeng house?

There is no law saying a lawbreaker can go,

but there is no law against it either.

Sir, we could not find anything inside.


What made a scholar drop by the room?

There are so many rooms in Gibang.

Why do you care where I drink?

Oh my!

You promised me you would catch the fugitive.

How can you just leave like this?

Seorin merchant group in Han Yang

Give our money back!

How dare you deceive us!

I can't forgive you!

It is late in the night

What's going on?

Merchants from Ching

claim that our merchant group sold defective goods to them.

And they are asking for compensation of the returns.

Such a large scale merchant group sells these low quality products...

They are not ours.

So, now you're saying

that these aren't your goods?!

Do you know what this is?

Have you seen it before?

Wh...What's that?

This is the plate of Seorin merchant group.

If this is your first time seeing this,

you were tricked by the petty merchants

who claim to be Seorin merchant group.

Compensate these Ching merchants for these products.

Send them off after providing them the same items we have.


In addition to the fact that those are not our goods,

they are not merchants that we have traded with.

Then, why...

Once they take our goods,

they won't be able to do business with other merchant groups.

Remember this!

This plate verifies the identity of Seorin merchant group.

You should not trust him!


he'll try to take Jeju under his control.

I heard

you came here disguised as a royal secret inspector.

Finally, I get to see you.

Since I diverted the eyes of the government office,

I sincerely ask of your service

so that we don't have to come forward to handle it directly.

You were doing things more impractically than I thought.

I'll take care of the things in Tamna, so

tell the girl to hurry to finish the work she promised.

She is our madam!!

She is called that way only in Han Yang.

Seorin merchant group hasn't even landed here in Tamna yet.

Then, I'll trust you and leave this matter to you.

When I was young, I also lived on the mainland for several years, but

there was no place like Tamna

People from the mainland

think that Tamna is a tough place to live and a place for exiles.

That's because they do not know much about Tamna.

Look over there.

Abalones that those divers pick up from the sea are

the highest quality goods. You can't find them anywhere in Chosun.

What about the horses of Tamna?

I heard that it is hard to buy a horse even if you exchange it for 8 sacks of rice.

Your pride concerning Tamna is extraordinary.

It's just an old man grumbling about

the world not recognizing Tamna as Chosun's precious treasure.

So how did it go?

Did you verify the identification of the person who died in jail?

I checked the Gibang to trace him,

but I arrived there after someone else had already been there.

Then, does that mean the person is still here?

I was told that there is a ship leaving at dawn tomorrow.

They say the ship belongs to the thieves who stole the tributes.


The royal secret inspector ordered us to raid the ship.

Darn, in the end, the credit was taken away.

Therefore, I am telling you this.

There seems to someone who we should keep our eyes on.

Who is that?

The exile.

Someone named, Park Gyu.

Park Gyu?

What's happening here?

I think you know better than me.

You are under house arrest!

House arrest?

Excuse me, sir.

What does it mean?

The sinner, Park Gyu,

has forgotten his identity until now,

and he has disturbed the social moral of Jeju.

He hasn't reflected on his faults. and

he created a disturbance when he visited the Gibang.

Since his rudeness is extremely out of control, I order him to be under house arrest.




Do you mean this one frequently visited the Gibang?

Instead of twisting straw into sandals like I told you to do?!

What the hell have you been doing?!


the reason why you didn't work and wandered around all day long was to have fun with a gisaeng?


After you added one more mouth to feed for this poor family,

if you don't even allow him to work, what should we do?

The sinner

can't step out of the house not even one foot, from now on.

If he leaves the house without the government office's permission

all of you will be punished as much as him.

Do you understand?

Hyungnim, please don't be late coming to the port at dawn.

This dawn?

Why to the port?

We are leaving tomorrow.


Leaving tomorrow?

Since we are leaving early in the morning, you'd better pack and go to bed early.

What are you doing, William?

We must bring Beo Jin with us!

No, she can't!

I'll take responsibility.

Beo Jin said she would come with me, too.

Listen carefully, William.

I lost everything.

I have to return to East India Company quickly.

And I've got a responsibility to take you back to your home.

Don't try to ruin it.


My heart... is pounding.

Everytime I think about Beo Jin...


I'm not leaving... without her!

Get a hold of yourself!

Think about why you came here in the first place!

Nagasaki is right in front of our eyes

It has the treasure you always wanted!

I told you before...

That... means nothing to me.

Now leave quickly.

I found a ship leaving tomorrow.

So, don't worry.

Beo Jin, what are you doing there?

Are you waiting for someone?





Where are you going?

It's nothing.

Beo Jin!


You'll be in big trouble if you come here now.

Oh, thank god.

Beo Jin, you're okay, right?

Are you okay too William?

I made that kind of mistake as a diver...

I felt really ashamed..

I was so worried about you that I couldn't even sleep.

I feel happy to see you again, too.


I'm leaving tomorrow before the sun rises.


What are you talking about?


This place is dangerous for me.



Beo Jin.

If we leave tomorrow,

we may not come back here ever again.

If I think about my family,

my heart hurts and

I feel sorry. But,

I'm really...

a useless girl in Tamna.

I will...

follow you, William.


This has been with me all the time.

Even when I eat,

and when I sleep.



Let's meet at the port tomorrow.

Have you met the foreigner?


Be sure to turn over a new leaf.

Don't gamble.

Don't go to the gisaeng (geisha) houses.

Be sure...

Make sure to become another man and go back to Han Yang.

I must...

Anyways, I'm...

useless here.


Are you going to that foreigner?

No! No...


I'm not going anywhere.

I have something to do...

Let go of me. I have to go quickly.

I told you to let go.

Don't go.

I don't like it!

Exile. Why are you doing this?!

The fact that you are going to him...

I don't like it!

Let go of me.

Let go. Please.

Your life is not just yours.

If you leave like that, do you think the three of us can live well?

I don't like it!

The fact that you're going to him... I don't like it!

Stop there!!

Exile! Stop there!

Exile!! I told you to stop there!


Exiler! Scholar Sir!

Awww, exile!

Whew, why in the world are you doing this? Really!

Let's go back home.

Ship owner!

We're all ready. Are we going or not?

Ah, wait a minute.

Hey, you crazy boy.

You must have gone mad.

What is that yellow head doing over there?

If they see us with a foreigner, we'll all get killed. You idiot!

And, why are they holding up this ship from leaving?

Why are you so worried?

This ship will leave, and

the foreigner can go to Nagasaki by ship

Aigoo, you idiot.

As long as you help them cross the ocean,

you can work with Hujida merchant group, can't you?

Hey, you.

The high tide will be going out soon.

If this high tide goes out, we have to wait for quite a while. Hurry and get on the ship!


It's too late.

Beo Jin won't be coming.


She'll definitely come.


Please wait for a little while for me.

It's the police!!

What? Police?

Cat...Catch him!

It's the police! We have to hide now!


Search thoroughly and find everyone!!

Oh no! Willliam...

It's not me. Really!

Why are you arresting me?!

Do we really have to go to the government office?

If you turn a blind eye just this once, I'll never put you guys in trouble again.

We don't feel easy either. So, please stop begging.

Someone must have seen you.

If the secretary hears about it, we will get fired right away.

As the royal secret inspector said, there must have been some thieves on the ship.

He mentioned the ship leaving on 8th. He was really accurate.

He really is a royal secret inspector after all.

Damn it!

It's all because of your girl!

Catch them!

Catch them!!!

What is this? Is this a human being or an animal??

Bab...Babmugutsuka (Did...Did you have your meal)?


How can those eyes be so blue?

Very white and pale....He really looks strange.

Where would he have picked up Gal-ot (clothes dyed with persimmon)?

Perhaps, these guys took the tributes?

This is a goblin! Goblin! This must be a symptom that the next three generations will fall down.

Hey, don't talk nonsense.

Why are you with this animal that looks like a goblin?


I took off my clothes to take a bath in the water.

This fellow ran away with my clothes and I followed and caught him.

Suddenly those ladies gathered altogether..

Whew, these ladies were so intimidating!

If that is true, why didn't you say anything until now?

And, how brutally did you treat him that he...


I was beaten with a gourd as well.

Release that boy.

I think he is suspicious.


I think the blue eyed is a man.

Man? Man?

No way, he must be a goblin!

You look more like a goblin!

Have you ever seen a person who looks like him?

How is this a person?

-Eyes are bluish and yellow hair..
-Be quiet!!!

I think reporting to the government office is the right thing to do.

That's right!

You left the house without permission.

Where were you headed?

The tribute thieves were caught at the port today at dawn.

Weren't you and the daughter of the chief diver trying to go to the port?

That's nonsense!

Also, last time,

the chief diver's daughter was

suspected of helping the thieves to hide.

That was a false charge!!

The person who cleared her of a false charge was Han Bok Man,

who was arrested as one of the thieves!

Are you still telling me that there is no relationship

between the chief diver's daughter
and the thieves of the tributes?

That's absurd!

How could a mere diver be
connected to the tribute thieves?

I will find out if it makes sense or not
by questioning her in person

Go to the house of the chief diver
in San Bang village right away

and bring her daughter over here!!



It's true that, this morning,

I followed the chief diver's daughter.

The truth is... The chief diver's daughter and I are in a relationship.

Once a man and a woman fall in love with each other,

the love tends to be extremely passionate.

Why didn't you tell me that earlier?

Although I am exiled, I am still a nobleman.

How can I openly mention about the relationship with a commoner?!

I know they say a leopard can't change its spots, but

you are exiled here because you harassed women.

Even after the gisaeng house and being under house arrest, you haven't learned your lesson?!

Well, the inborn nature of a person tends not to change...

I order him to be beaten 10 times.

Be patient a little bit..





You came to take the exile?

He was flogged because he left the house to follow you.

Beo Jin, take the exile home, first.

We'll be there after taking care of something.

Does it hurt a lot?

Beo Jin!

We've caught a beast with yellow hair and blue eyes.

What did you say?

If we report it to the government office, we'll be able to receive a couple of tax reduction medallions.

William! Isn't it William he's talking about?

Hey, there!

Did this yellow headed beast speak?

He said "Babmugutsuka (Did you eat your mea?)" after looking at us.

I was so surprised!

Did he say anything else?

Such as he saw someone or he stayed somewhere...

I didn't hear anything else.

Have you discussed this with the chief priest?

Not yet.

Since it's a village affair, isn't reporting to him first the right thing to do?

If the chief priest hears about it later than the government office, he could be displeased.

What's there to think about?

You can report it to the government office anytime, but taking care of an affair of the village without him knowing...

That's a bigger problem.

Hear me out!

Hear me out!

I think we made a mistake. We should not have decideed on something this important by ourselves.

Since it's a major village affair, we must report it to the chief priest first.

Yeah, you are right!

How could we forget about the chief priest?

Although it makes sense,
I wonder if we will make him concerned unnecessarily.

He is quite old.

What if he gets shocked after seeing this?

Right, right.

That's right,. He will be shocked.

As it is necessary for a mother to know about a family affair first,

isn't it right for the chief priest of the village to know about a village affair, first?

That little thing is a good speaker.

That's right!

Beo Seol, I agree with what you said!


Let's bring this to the chief priest's house!


It seems that everyone went to the chief priest's house.

I.... will go see William.

You can't go!

The village people may find out that you have hidden the foreigners so far.

You could get hurt, too.

I know. I know that too, but...

How can I just stay here doing nothing?

I will just go check on him quietly and carefully.

I...I am also a human just like you all.

I drifted to Jeju on the way to Nagasaki from England after we met huge waves in the ocean

I ... I am not a bad person.

He is fluent in Korean

Where did you learn the language?

I can speak several foreign languages.

Nice to meet you, I am William. (Japanese)

Holy cow, that's a goblin language.

You can speak Japanese too?

Sir, how should we handle this matter?

It seems it's not a matter we can handle in our village.

It's right to report to the government office.

That's right. We should do that!

What are you doing? Grab him!


We should show him mercy.

Some of our sailors also have drifted to Tsushima (Japan) or Vietnam.

I heard that those people were able to return to Jeju with the help from the local people.

That's right!

Long time ago, a windstorm made some Tamna people drift to a country in East China Sea,

but they all came back safely.

We should help foreigners adrift, as they have for our people.

After all...He looks weird, but he must be a human.

He speaks our language very well, too.

There is a foreigner like him in Han Yang.

That person is helping the Chosun army in making weapons.

Do you mean that there is another blue-eyed beast like him?

I heard that the foreigner in Han Yang also had drifted into Chosun.

So, please reconsider reporting him to the government office, sir.

First of all, he looks like a nice person,

Although he looks very different from us, he's a guest in our village.

It is not right to indiscreetly report him to the government office.

Although our life is difficult, we should do the right thing.

Let him stay here for now, and let's see which way the wind blows.

If he wants to do it, we should follow too.

We do not know when the government officals will show up, so, everyone go back to your homes.

Also, everyone should keep their mouths shut about this.

All right.

Awww, what is this?

Where have you been since early in the morning?

Have you gone out to do something foolish by any chance?

Don't fool around in other places and just return home quick.

It is not the right time, yet.

Let's just go.

Sir! I'm really disappointed in you!

I thought you were a true great seaman of Tamna.

Did you steal and sell the tributes?

What? You rascal!

Although I smuggled some stuff from Japan,

how can I lay my hand on the tributes that are made of Tamna people's blood and sweat?

This is a setup! Setup!

Why did you do stuff that could also get me killed?!

You rascal!! I'll just...

You too brought that foreigner here!

If we got caught hiding the foreigner, you and I will be killed.

Oh, okay.


We have absolutely nothing to do with the tribute.


Stealing the tributes is a deadly sin which deserves decapitation!


Since you were involved in the previous case, it will be difficult for you to be released safely, this time.

If you tell me the truth, however, I could consider that.

Have you ever made contact with someone suspicious?

Yes, I have!

He was not a suspicious person but an out-of-towner.

An out-of-towner? Who is it?

That is...

the exile!


The servant of the exile came to visit him recently.

He is the only out-of-towner that I have seen recently.

The servant of the exile came to see him recently?!

Is it true my young master was subject to house arrest?

And he was also flogged at the government office?!

Our master who even saved the life of the king in Han Yang?

What do you mean he saved the life of the king?

The exile with the pale complexion and slender figure?

Of course! It's a very famous story in Han Yang.

When my young master, Gyu, who passed the government service examination placing first,
was invited to the banquet held by king...

Did he place first on the exam?

You are pretending to be a musician when you can't even make a clear sound.

Aren't you being too shameless?

That hand is not the hand of a musician either.

Who sent you here?

I came to kill the king

who has brought unforgettable disgrace upon Chosun.

If you are a traitor, then, I guess I don't have to be so gentle.

Ahhhhhh!! Chaaaa!!

What a liar! Are you writing a novel now?

Why don't you even add "he could not call his father, 'father' " to it?


Then, the exile was like Hong Gil Dong (Robin Hood of Korea) in Han Yang?

I'm telling you the truth!

Have you been lied to all the time?!

Aigoo, Hong Gil Dong is coming this way!

Young Master!

Aigoo! Young Master!


Who has the boldness to lay a hand on my young master's buttocks?

It's nothing, don't worry about it.

What do you mean it's nothing?

I will go to the government office right away to knock them on the head!!

The tribute thieves were caught in the early morning.

Go find out the details of what happened.

The thieves got caught?

Then. Young Master, can you now go to go back to Han Yang?

Stop talking nonsense and do what I told you to do!

Yes, yes, then, I'll be back very soon.

I told you to go back home directly. Where were you again? I was afraid you might not come back.

Exile, do not worry. I've put in a good word for you.

Did Beo Jin touch you?

Did Beo Jin do something to you that she must take responsibility for?

How rude! How dare you talk nonsense to me!

A bad diver, with an ugly face and a weak body, Beo Jin...

Definitely, she can't get married in Tamna.

Although he is good for nothing, he is tall and fairly good looking.

Although I am a little bit concerned that he came here as an exile for harassing women,

I can bring things to right by giving him the cane.

Did you hit on the exiler?

Are the exiler and Beo Jin really in love?

Beo Jin is pretty,

the prettiest in the world!