Tempted Again (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

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Episode 5

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You haven't given up just because you've failed once, right?

Of course.

Do you have a plan?

That's strange.

You seem more anxious than we are and we are the ones in danger.

It shouldn't matter to you whatever happens to us, right?

The ones causing trouble don't know what harm they're causing.

I just don't want to see people here get into further trouble because of you two.

Hurry. That foolish foreigner will surely cause big problems.


will you help us?


Have I ever said this to you?

Thank you.

Stop talking nonsense, and watch where you are going since it is dark.

I said, thank you!

You troublemaker!

What did I just tell you?

I knew about it, too!

I said, thank you, Exile.

I heard you, Troublemaker.

Have you been well?

Jeju is so very different than Han Yang,

but I am doing well. Please do not worry.

I am sorry to ask, but I am in need of some money. I hope you can send someone with it.

You must have followed the firefly.

It will lose all of its gleam when the day dawns.

Why don't you let it go, so that it flies freely?

Are you all right, Madam?

It's nothing.

I had a nightmare.

Have you heard from Jeju yet?

No, I haven't got it yet.

What's taking him so long?

The letter is an urgent matter.

I should go to Jemulpo (port in Incheon).

Get ready for it!

The day hasn't dawned yet.

Your highness.

Your highness!

The King lives in Hanyang,

why do you call me a king?

You must still be daydreaming.

My lady sent this letter.

Tell her what I say.

I know what she has been doing on Tamna Island,

so, stop causing any more harm.

Your highness, you understand what my lady wishes, don't you?

Please consider her aspirations.

It's all useless.

Go back!

Do not shatter my peace that has come late in my life.

I will die here.

Gwanghae Goon (15th King of Chosun, who was dethroned due to reformation of government by the supporter of Injo, 16th King)

Since the police are keeping a close watch on it, mix some of the urgent items with

the goods that are being sent to the mainland.


Those are the things that need to get to the merchant group in Han Yang.

Transport them without mistakes.

Yes, I will bear it in mind.

"Observe it closely."

Aigoo, I lost a lot again today, I will leave first.

Look who's here.

Dad, I'm here.

Why didn't you go home and rest? Why are you here?

Helping you out isn't tiring.

Do you need straw sandals?

What kind of things are you teaching that exile?

What are you talking about...?

The bastard is winning all our money!

- What?
- Eh?

Geez, somebody up there hates me!

What is this?! You, an idiot who didn't even know how to calculate the gambling money...

You don't gamble with your calculation, but with your gut.

Quickly hand out cards!

Just wait!

I will see you later.

Oh, isn't this a deer antler?

Sell that deer antler to me.

Wow, you have good eyes.
How did you know that it's of the best quality?

What are you doing here?

Exile, have you given up on life already?

You shouldn't be here, get out of here.


Haven't you heard that every gambler eventually ends up being a beggar?

Are you buying or what?

Get out of here. I will leave here soon, too.

Exile, you can't give up yet.

You can still succeed when you return to Han Yang!

What do we do?!


You are an exile.

If you get caught, you will get flogged more than 100 times.

I have some reasons to be here. Stay still.


I was not trying to betray the merchant group...

Let me talk to the chief. The chief...

How did something like this happen?

What in the world happened?!

I deserve to die, sir.

I was guarding... And I had to go to the washroom...

You rascal!

You all have to keep your mouths shut.

Never let the others find out about this, okay?!


Why are you, Exiler, wandering around like this?

Are you sure no one was imprisoned here yesterday?

I told you there was nobody!
Go home quickly!

If the secretary comes out...

Aw, I told you that no one was imprisoned!

Aigoo, so heavy!

I can dive without a rest,

but the net is so heavy that I had to come up.

I'm not short of breath at all, wow!!

Although it is my daughter, she is really great!

She is different from someone else's daughter.

Raise your net and show it to me.

How come you picked up ear-shells only?

Mom, it's because it is too difficult for me to open my eyes under water.

Does anyone keep their eyes closed while catching abalones?!

Jang Beo Jin! Put your head back into the water now!

It's been a long time.

What's happening?

What brings divers from Seo Mot village to here, San Bang village?

Oh, you came to spy on us because of the diver competition. Did you come to check on Keut Boon?

It looks like the strait of Booreung will become our occupancy this year.

You must have been curious to death to come all the way here to check on us, San Bang village divers.

Are you afraid of us that much?

That's nonsense!

You'd better prepare thoroughly if you don't want to be disgraced.

Our representative for the low-ranking divers is the best I have ever seen.

How dare you brag here!

Now, is a turtle making fuss of asking a seal to go faster?

- Jang Beo Jin!
- Yes.

You will be our competition representative for the low-rankings divers of San Bang village.

Wh.. What did you say?!



Keut.. Keut Boon!

Again, again. You only take care of your daughter.

Didn't you see it on our last deep diving trip too? What a burden she is as a diver.

That's right.

Keut Boon!

These are amazing.

While underwater, don't your eyes hurt?

William... I...


It was really hard for me to open my eyes underwater.

That's why I didn't really like diving ...

To me, Beo Jin underwater...

You are very much like a mermaid to me.

Mer..ma .. what? What do you mean?

Mermaid? Umm...

Mermaid is a pretty diver living under water.


William you must be the present for me from Seolmoondae Granny (the goddess of the ocean.)

Seolmoondae Granny?


Do you know what "haengbok (happiness)" means?


I am really "haengbok" when I am with you, William.

I feel "haengbok" too when I am with you, Beo Jin.

My heart is beating

very quickly!

This means I am haengbok

When I am with Beo Jin, my heart is always beating like this.

My heart is beating quickly too!

Diving competition place

Seo Mot village v. San Bang village

This medicine will cause diarrhea right away.

Drink this.

Take it!

I made it by mixing seaweeds which are good for heath.

Drink it to gain stamina, and make sure to win the competition.

Thanks, Keut Boon.

Drink it! Drink it up! Quick!

Swallow it!

I feel as though I am gaining stamina already!



As of now, the two villages are tied.

Now the last competition is between the low-ranking divers.

Get ready!

Beo Jin, do your best.

This is the last chance I can give you.

Go for it!



Beo Jin.

Uh-oh? Is it because I am hungry?

Look at her bulky figure!

Diving isn't only about the size of the body.

The best diver in San Bang village, Jang Beo Jin!!! Wow!!

Jang Beo Jin!
Jang Beo Jin!
Jang Beo Jin!
Jang Beo Jin!

What is that?

It is an eye cover!

Ha!! What the...

Keut Boon! What are you doing now?

Nothing, I was just stretching as I felt unwell.

Are you going to compete instead of Beo Jin, if she can't join the competition?

No way!!!

I don't care about someone like Beo Jin.

Hey, have you ever seen a superior person substitute for an inferior one?


What a joke!

Look what's happening! I knew this was going to happen.

Although we understand how Choi feels,

it is nonsense to make Beo Jin a representative of the low-ranking divers.

That girl came back again with another abalone.

Wow, that's huge.

Do you think she is really okay being in the water this long?

Don't worry!

My Beo Jin is not that weak.

Don't you remember? One of the divers could not surface because her foot got stuck between rocks.

What are you doing?!

You ungrateful bastard! After all she did for you...

Beo Jin is in danger!

Don't think about ever meeting her again!

Beo Jin!!!! Beo Jin!!!!

Go now.

Even if you get caught,

I won't make any effort to help you.

Beo Jin!!!

You go that way!

Beo Jin! Where are you?!

Where did she go?

Are you awake now?


If it was too hard for you, you should've surfaced.

You didn't have to risk your life for the competition!

Your life is not only yours.

If you die like that, do you think the rest of us can live well!

I'm sorry.

I guess I...

can't be the best diver like mom.

Stop talking nonsense, take good care of yourself.

If it were not for the scholar, it could have been a disaster.

Ajumma, is Beo-jin doing all right?

There's no need to worry. She will soon get well after resting for a couple days.

Ajumma, the thing is..

Selecting a wrong representative was the problem to begin with.

If Keut Boon went for the competition, she could have beaten the large girl at once.

Since we lost the strait of Pooreung because of Beo Jin,
what do we do about this year's diving?

Mom, don't be like that.

Hey, do you think people recognize it if we just stay still?


Hey, Keut Boon...

Keut Boon, Keut Boon, where are you going?

Still, it's fortunate that Beo Jin didn't get seriously hurt.

Somehow Scholar Sir happend to help Beo Jin, again.

Scholar Sir! Why don't you get married to Beo Jin now and live here together?

Oh Mom!

Exile still has a standard.


How could he? With Beo Jin who's lowly and ugly.

Is your daughter okay?

I am sorry for causing trouble.

I feel uneasy as she was hurt while she was working hard for our village.

Please take this.

What is this?

It's the tonic medicine that protects your body when you have lost your vigor.

I brought it for you.

Oh, if you give us this valuable medicine...

Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Beo Jin.

I wonder if she is all right.

She must be, right?

Is she all right?

She must be alive, right?

I didn't even see her opening her eyes.

Fools tend to live a long life.

Park Gyu.

He looked at me as if I was a bad person.

I think he is misunderstanding something.


I just...

I was just trying to save Beo Jin...

Don't expect people here to understand you.

You are a foreigner after all.

Why do people here dislike me?

Chosun always has been a closed country.

They get scared if someone has different color on his face and try to kill him thinking he's trying to hurt them.

I don't understand.

Beo Jin is not like that.

Beo Jin, is the strange one..


She's not a strange person.

Eventually you are going to leave here.
It is better for you not to be attached to anyone unnecessarily.

I will figure out how to leave here soon.

You'd better forget about her.

Sorry for being late.

Hyungnim, let's go.


Are you telling me you'll take us there if we give you the money?

Of course! Going to Nagasaki isn't difficult.

By boat, the travelling distance is roughly equal to either Thusima or Nagasaki.

Tonight, I'll do it.

To draw attention of the government office you should load a sufficient quantity.

Don't worry, I've prepared trustworthy people to handle this work.

I had believed your assurances, but

didn't you make me come all the way down here? .

I'm sorry, sir.

That sounds like my brother.

It looks like the poor police will be busy following trivial smugglers.

By diverting the government's attention, he'll secure the tributes and

hide our identity easily as well?!

Have the officers arrived?

Government Office in Jeju Daejung Hyun

Do you mean it is early in the morning on the 8th?

A merchant's boat will leave early in the morning.

We have to catch them when they have the goods.

You must swoop down on the smugglers right before their boat leaves the port.

Are you sure

that they are the thieves of the tribute?

Thank you.

It was wrong to push her to go into the water when she didn't want to.

Are you here as an exile because you want to?

Everyone is supposed to live according to his position.

If you were born in Tamna as a girl, you have to live as a diver. There is no place for preference!

Daesanggoon (the leader of the divers).

You can't make a cat into a tiger even if you send it to the mountain.

Did I say I wanted make her into a tiger?

Still, she must be capable of diving to support her husband and family.

If I could support her for her whole life,

I wouldn't even have sent Beo Jin to dive.


Blue eyed boy!

Do I look scary to people like this?

It is sad.


feels lonely if he leaves his own home town.

But I have Beo Jin here.

My little mermaid, Beo Jin..

Beo Jin...Do you think she is okay?

Unni(Sister)! Do you feel like you are gaining stamina now?

Yeah! I feel like I can swim all the way around the island.

Ah.. .I should have left some for you to have a sip.

No! The Elder brought this over for your health.

So recover quickly.and do your best diving.

I didn't know when I was slacking.

Resting all the time is also difficult to do.

I'd better go draw water from the well.

Oh? Beo Seol!

Unni, you take a rest. I will bring water.

No, I will go!

No, you shouldn't. You need to rest more.

If it were not for the scholar, it could have been a disaster.



Come out for a little.

Exile! I'm telling you to come out!

What are you doing in my room?


You have as much manners as an ant..

Try this.

It's Bing Dduk...

Bing Dduk: Traditional Jeju food made by adding radish shreds to buckwheat flour pancake

You made it?

It will be a relief if I don't get sick afterward.

How is it?

Is it good?

It's not bad after all.


I have something to ask you.

They were all saying

that you saved me.

Then, how about Chil Sung?

Should I take him too?!

Those gals look quite strange.

Are those legs or radishes grown on a farm?

What did you just say?!

Hey you, where is the place that Young Master Park Gyu lives?


Park Gyu!


He looks so dazzling even from the distance.

Once he smiles, all the girls in town

become enchanted. Don't you know him, you uncivilized things?

Who are you to call us uncivilized?!

A fellow, looking like a head of dried pollack!!

Oh my! You.. You must be crazy!

No, not here!


Let's go quickly! Go!

Who are you?

Geez, frowzy and untidy.

Looks so dirty.

It can't be this place.

Wow! Beo Seol, you are really amazing!

You drew this detailed drawing with a pheasant tail brush

when it's difficult to do so even with a refined brush.

This drawing is a folksy and satiric piece.

We can use chinese character "Mahn" meaning sloppy and "Hwa" meaning picture.

How about we it "Man Hwa (comic book)"?

Young Master!

It's me! Bong-Sam!


Young Master!

You must be having a hard time here.

These are books.

Madam prepared many things for you.

Your mother had packed a young antler, old wild ginseng, and snake wine to bring.

But they were all confiscated by the master (Park Gyu's father).

However, at least I held onto this one till the end.

This is..

a hundred year old wild ginseng!!!

There must be something else other than this one, right?

Since it is money,

I was really really careful.

How dare you burst open the door to the room of my young master!

How come there is a new face here?

He came from Han Yang.

He is my servant.

Does that mean we'll have an extra mouth to feed?

Excuse me!

How dare you speak casually to my young master.

Do you even know who my young master is?

Sure, I know very well about him.
He harassed women...

That's...That's enough.

He will not stay here but at an inn.

I am staying here as I am exiled, but

I can't make him go through hardships.

That's a good idea.

Don't even think about giving him our food.

You eat so much that our rice container is always empty. I wondered if there was a hole in the container.

What? What are you talking about?

It looks like my young master has lost weight.

Then, are you telling me a wild cat stole our food???

What an ugly fellow....

Mom, is the exile's servant going to stay at our house?

What are you talking about?

You promised you were going to dive starting today, right?

Hurry and get ready for diving.

Exile! Are you going somewhere?

Hey! Look at her! What?!


Uh, huh! Bong Sam!

Do you happen to be going to Bok Man's (Philip) place?

Wait a moment!

Please bring this to William.

Don't even talk about him in front of me!

And keep in mind. You shouldn't meet him again.


I appreciate you saving me

but, this is not right.

William is a poor person!

It's natrual as a friend to worry about and take care of.

Do you even know what he was trying to do to you?

What do you mean?

What did William try to do to me?

Never mind. Just go back in.

What is it? Just tell me.

What about William?

What did William try to do to me?

It is somewhat strange.

What do you mean?

I mean you are.

How come you even are talking to a girl of low class?

In Han Yang, even to very beautiful and pretty ladies,

you didn't even look at them apart from talking to them.

Young master, don't tell me you fell for the diver girl of low class.

Of course not. I know who my young master is.

Then, go on your way.

I don't know where you are going, but I should serve you from now on.

Leave here right away!

It is surprising that you want to send us away this much.

I already told you before.

I just want to get rid of trouble makers.

Don't worry as I found a ship leaving tomorrow.

This is the last time I help you guys.

When I came here last time, I remember seeing the highest quality deer antler.

I've seen it too. It was really good quality.

Do you know to who has the deer antler?

I heard that he is a merchant from the mainland .

If he is a merchant, he must be staying at an inn.

Not at an inn, but at a gibang (Korean geisha house).


Haewolgwan is the best gibang to go to. I don't remember the last time I met Ae Hyang.

I heard that these days Ae Hyang serves one guy exclusively.

I heard that guy is the merchant from the mainland!

The fellow ran away even without paying any money.

and Ae Hyang got so mad.

What a bad fellow!

Where is Haewolgwan?

Hello, there!

I have been waiting for you to visit.

I heard that you were famous for your great lovemaking skills in Han Yang.

I am honored to serve you in person.

I heard that you, Ae Hyang, belongs to someone else already.

Have you seen the fellow?

I thought he would come back since he left his bags here, but he hasn't showed up for a long time.

Are you saying he ran away leaving his bags behind?

He owed me lots of money for the room charge, drinks and so on.

Let's go.

To where?

If we go through his bags, we may find a clue.

We have to catch a bastard like him to establish discipline in the gibang.


Oh my! Thi..Thief!

I thought you were a secret inspector, but you are a petty thief.

I am leaving here tomorrow before dawn.

Don't go!

I hate you going to him!

Get them!

Good morning?!