Tempted Again (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

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Episode 4


I'm borrowing this gourd bottle for a while.

What the...?

I think it is some sort of anesthetic sleep agent.

After I boiled it with water, the color turned out like this.

Do you know what it is?

I can't tell from looking at it like this.

But, I can ask the pharmacists.

Do you think this raft will surely take us to Nagasaki?

We have to give it a try.

We can't just wait for a boat to appear.

Nobody seems to be around.

I found a mole.

Who are you really, Sir?

I want to eat meat.

Yan, do you actually think we can build a raft out of this?

So, what do you suggest?

We just stay here and do nothing?

Save me!!

Help me!

Please help me!

Save me!!

It was you guys.

What's the matter?

How did a Hollander get all the way here?

Hollander? (*Hollander was also used as foreigner at that time)

He is a foreigner, right?

I haven't seen you before.

Who are you?

How does a kid like you know about foreigners?

Is San Bang village's market big?

Of course, it is!

First, we need to hide.

Follow me.

Who are you, young man?

Looking at the way you're dressed,

you're like that blue-eyed boy.

If you get caught by the others...

Be careful.

It's a little cold.

How does a kid like you know about foreigners?

A kid?

I have a name, Phillip.

Han Phillip.

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Although I may not look like one, I'm a sailor

who serves the leader of a big merchant group.`

After sailing here and there.

Foreigners are no big deal...

Speaking of which, that foreigner...

Why are you helping him to hide?

What if you get caught by the government office?

How about you? Why are you here?

Because my fiancee is on this Tamna island.

As a matter of fact, she is the most beautiful girl in San Bang village.

Where is he?


No one ever knows what's on his mind.

He's always like this.


Where the hell were you?

These are all mine.

This place is big enough for two more people to stay without problem.

We cannot keep dragging more people.

I've been looking at him for a while.

He dresses up like a foreigner,

but his face is not.

He is Japanese.

Right, he looks like a Japanese.

I've seen many Japanese people while sailing.

He's a sailor like you.


He belongs to a big merchant group

which is not even comparable to yours.


Stop wasting my time.

Are you looking for this?

I already knew you understood Korean.

So, stop your tricks.

Through a merchant of Qing,

I've heard about traders.

There was a Japanese like you there.

That's a thing of the past.

Now I'm just a Dutch.

How does a Japanese speak Korean this fluently?

In my hometown, Nagasaki, there was a porcelain making village of Chosun people.

I just learned it while there.

Are you

really a castaway?

As a sailor who travels around the world,

why would I want to come to Chosun which is known as a closed country?

We have no reason to be here, and we're leaving soon.

So, please keep this a secret until then.

I don't want any disturbances either.

So, leave quietly and quickly.

Dutch East India Company symbol

If we secure Jeju as a leased territory,

will we be accepted as a partner?

Since these merchants travel all over the world, they think on a large scale.

I must meet Lord Hong Gurak.

What the...?

How far do I have to go?

You must be exhausted, Lord.

Since you are special guests,

I was trying to provide a private location and

I've made you come a long way.

Please forgive me, Lord.

Isn't this Lord Hong?

You're late in joining us.

Lord, have you just arrived?

As expected,

this is the merchant group that rules over Chosun.

I am flattered by your excessive compliment.

As a mere merchant,

It's my honor to host all of you.

I organized this meeting selflessly.

I hope you will enjoy yourselves...

A merchant doesn't do anything that makes a loss.

Come on, Lord!

Please come over here.

This way, please.


Where are you coming from?

You're not around to help.

Where have you been all this time?

Aigoo, aigoo, it's so heavy.

Aigoo, aigoo.

Keep at it.


You carried every other girls' water loads,

and you don't even offer to help with my load!.

Does he discriminate against me?

Maybe that's why he's exiled.

Beo Jin.

Why did you come down here?!

I told you, you can't come down to the village!

Why is Park Gyu here?


Thank you for your efforts.

I haven't done much.

No, thank you for your efforts.

We're in trouble.

What were you two doing?


Don't you need to go to sleep, Mom?

I need to take care of some stuff first.


What brings...?

What I'm saying is...


my treasure...

What are talking about?



Give me back.

Give me back my treasure.

What in the world...?

Never mind!

What are you doing?

Mom, mom!

Where are you going?

I think somebody is there.

Oh my, my! Perhaps...

They say a leopard can't change its spots.

Did he not learn his lesson yet after being exiled?!

No, that's not it.

I saw it, he was exercising.


At night?

It looks like he, has overflowing energy.

You know it too, right?

Why you little!

What do I know?!

You're too young to say such things!

You're not going to sleep?

I'll take care of everything.

What? Why are you doing this?

You must be tired.

What are you doing?

Your country doesn't have any manners?!


MY treasure!


What are you two doing?


Why did you come here again?

I came to find my treasure.

How impudent you are!

How dare you come here?

Are you in there, Beo Jin?

'Oh! That old lady!'

Aigoo... You scared me to death!

Is there a fire in there?

Why did you run out barefooted?

It's nothing.

Is Beo Jin in there by any chance?


Why are you looking for her in my room?

Because of your past records.

What? I actually have a standard.

Are you in a position to choose here?

What are you saying?!

Is Beo Jin really not in there?

Where in the world would she go this late at night?

I told you she's not in here!

Beo Jin.. Where has she gone?

She's supposed to reserve her energy and stamina.


It's dangerous to come down to the village! You'll get into big trouble.

Remember that, okay?



It's okay, now.

Don't come down to the village.

But instead, I'll pack a lot of food

and then we can go to Hala Mountain together.

Hala Mountain?

Let's go.

Are these all the abalones available?

All the good ones have been offered to the king

and now this is all that's left.

These are the best of what's left.

Are you buying or what?


will it really work?

Of course.

Still, 5 Nyangs is too expensive.

No, it's not.

Just because it's Jeju, you shouldn't rip people off.

What do you mean?

In Han Yang (Seoul), 2 nyang is more than enough.

5 nyang is ridiculous.

Ok, then. Just give me 3 Nyangs.

Scholar Sir.

Don't worry.

My health is fine.

Why are you in such a good mood?

Oh, just because.

It's a nice day and

the grass is green here.

The exile and you,

did anything happen that night?

You know, the night when you went diving.

Of course not!

I knew it!

Hey you guys.

Don't you want to go to the market later?

Look at you. Always thinking about playing...

Quit thinking about playing around and just finish your work.

This is a present for you, paint for your cheeks and lips.

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This is my fiancee, I talked about her before.

You, stop joking.

San Bang village's

most beautiful girl is that...

Bok Man, no, Phillip.

Isn't this your first time to see this Scholar Sir?

No, I've seen him before with the foreigner.

What was that?

What I mean is...not that...

How did you find this place?

Have you ever climbed a mountain?

When you look around a strange place,

the first thing you do is to try to find the highest place.

You can see what you couldn't see from a lower level.

If you found a place hidden by trees and rocks,

wouldn't you come here, too?

It's for certain that suspicious people have been hiding in here.

Do you mean the tribute thieves?

They couldn't have gone far yet...

See them?

There is no time to lose.

We have to go now.

Where are you going so late?

None of your business.

What are you doing here at night?

Are you going to see the foreigner?

Be quiet. What if someone hears you?

That's absurd.

What are you doing with a foreigner who will be leaving soon?


William promised he would never leave without me.

Do you believe in that promise?


We should hurry.

This tide is just perfect!

I just can't leave like this.

Why not?

You got your treasure back.
Haven't you?


Not that treasure.

Beo Jin.

She's the treasure I value the most.

I just can't leave without saying goodbye to her.


We have no time to lose.

I promised...

I promised her to go to Halla Mt. together.

And now I can't even keep my word.

Oh Yan, just a simple goodbye.

Get a hold of yourself!

Escape is the most important thing!

Not the girl. Let's go.


Jump on the raft. Let's ride the tide.



Right now!!




There's no need to look back.
We cannot stay here after all.

But I at least, should have said goodbye.

With the right tide, we'll get to Nagasaki in a few days.

William, you didn't forget why you took the Hollandia in the first place, did you?


You... Aren't you the daughter of the Jang's family in San Bang village?

How did you come to be here?


What is that?

It's nothing.

Kalwot (Jeju's traditional clothes dyed by juice of an unripe persimmon)?

Answer truthfully.

It's not that...

Have you been talking to the tribute thieves?

Excuse me?

No! The tribute thieves? What are you talking about?!

They're not the tribute thieves.

Then who?!

Then, who's staying here? Who have you been hiding?!

(Korean) Aish, damn it!

Yan, it's alright.

Rafting all the way to Nagasaki was a far reach anyway.

It's a good thing that

we're back.

Get up.

They're probably still looking for us.

We have to hide somewhere first.

Yan, you..

I belong to the East India Company who travels all over the world.

Chosun language?

It's a piece of cake for me.


I really don't know the tribute thieves.



Be quiet!


Where are you?

Is it the troublemaker there?

Go, go, go!

Look everywhere.

If you find anything suspicious, take it out!

Find everything!

What in the world is going on?!

Exile, don't trouble yourself.

What are you doing?!

What is this?

What is going on?

Beo Jin has been arrested.

What did you say?

Who's been arrested?

You mean our Beo Jin?

For hiding the thieves, she got arrested last night.

Was she arrested alone?

What are you doing over there?

Didn't you hear we have to bring everything before evening?

That foreigner...

You caused trouble in the end.

The people you've been hiding in the cave, who are they?

No one was there.

It's just...

a place I go to

when I don't want to go diving, to hide and rest.

That's the truth.

That's really a place no one else knows about except me.

Then, whose belongings are these?

That is...

what I mean is...

It's mine.

These belong to a man.

How dare you tell such a poor lie!



Will you talk after you're tortured?

I'm going to ask you again.

Who were you hiding in that cave?

Say it!

If you don't talk, I will flog you!

Where is this?


Who is there?

You... You're that Japanese.

Why are you hanging there?

- Hey.
- You...

Good morning.

Good morning.

How nice to see you again! How have you been?

So, that's what happened...

I was wondering why the police were searching this entire forest.

It's big enough for three of us here.

You, Japanese! What did you just say?!

My name is not "Japanese". It's Yan.

Don't do this. If I get caught, it'll be the end of me.

I'm already on the run...

Dutch East India Company: The biggest trading merchant group in 17th Century

East India Company?

Hyungnim (brother)!


How could you arrest an innocent subject?

Jang's daughter...

Are you here to see her?

She's innocent, so let go of her.

How do you know that she's innocent?

To judge someone innocent or guilty is the purview of the government office.

It's not an exiled scholar's business.

Although I'm exlied, I follow what's right.

How can I ignore what is wrong in front of me?

Did you talk about right and wrong? It's a heinous crime to steal what rightfully belongs to the king.

That girl is not a thief but a powerless subject.

If she's innocent, she'll be released.

If she's guilty, she'll be punished according to her sin.

Don't let anyone in.

There's no one to trust in this world.

How could you live in the same village and commit such a crime?

After seeing all the hardships we face,

how could she help hide the thieves?

We can't just remain quiet on this!

Did you see for yourself that she helped the tribute thieves to hide?

How the hell can you say a such thing?!

The reason the government office arrested her is so obvious.

Beo Jin always disappears while diving, and she wanders around late at night.

Stop it!

I haven't said anything yet, but I thought it was suspicious.

I don't know how we could have trusted someone like her mother as our leader...

Didn't I say that's enough?!

Why don't you go back home?

Why should we go? We have to end this.

Under this situation, maybe we should select a new leader for the divers...

Do whatever you want to do.

Whatever I want to do? Do you mean that?

Go ahead!

What are you doing?! Get out!


Beo Jin...How is she?

She can't be too well in prison.

The last time we went deep diving, it must have been beyond her power, she asked me why I didn't give birth to a cow ?

Tamna must be like hell for a girl like her who is so curious about everything...

It's not that I don't know what's in her heart.

But, what can I do?

It's a diver's fate to dive endlessly into the sea...

If you don't accept that as your fate, then you can't live here on Tamna Island.

Anyway, is there any way to save her?

You're still a learned scholar... higher class... You must know better than us, right?!?

It would be great if you could help us...

If something bad happens to your child, the parent suffers...

I'm asking you...

I'm going to see the chief priest to make a request.

What to do... with your children?!?


Beo Jin didn't hide the thieves.


Would you do an errand for me?

Did you ask for me?

How is Beo Jin doing?

I didn't know she was so stubborn. She's still tight-lipped.

We know that Beo Jin wouldn't help the tribute thieves.

But, the secretary from the main land wouldn't know that.

I don't know who she's trying to protect by keeping her mouth shut.

Maybe there is something else going on that we don't know.

No, there's nothing like that.

Even though we found men's clothing in the cave, she says that they're hers...

Then, what's going to happen next?

What's going to happen next?

The secretary said that if she doesn't talk by 5 o'clock, he'll flog her.

By 5 o'clock?

So, you go talk to her.

If she takes all that beating, it's going to kill her. Go tell her to tell the truth.

The secret inspector is trying really hard to catch the thieves.

She might die if something goes wrong.

A secret investigator?

Did you say a secret investigator?

Beo Jin is in the goverment office's prison.

Government office?

For helping the tribute thieves to hide...

But, Beo Jin could never do a such thing.

Helping the tribute thieves to hide?

Beo Jin!!

Is it true that Beo Jin was arrested?

They discovered the cave that the foreigners were hiding in

and she is being wrongly blamed for hiding the tribute thieves.

What's going to happen to Beo Jin now?

Since the foreigners disappeared,

there is no way to prove she's innocent

This is your face.

Is this me?

No, it can't be.

You are considered a dangerous person here.

I don't mean to surprise people.

Beo Jin...

I just came to see Beo Jin.

Why don't people believe what I say?

If I see him again, I will beat him with this hammer.

Go.. Goblin!!

It's here! A goblin is here!

A goblin is here! Goblin!

A goblin, goblin!

In my house!

The goblin is there, goblin!

This is the goblin!

You, old man!

Stop there, old man!

Here we are! Hurry, hurry! Climb up!

Let's go back to our work area before sunset

and clean

abalones and sea cucumbers!

What's this?

How come you folks are already resting here without doing much work?

You are supposed to swim up to the surface slowly.

Since you have been fine recently, you forgot the safety rules and swam up quickly again.

While diving deeply,

if you swim up to the surface quickly,

it is natural

for everyone to feel nausea and dizzy.

That's why you should be careful.

There have been so many divers who died after being sick for long.

Beo jin's mother considers all these risks and slows down divers when they are swimming up to the surface.


Keut Boom's mother was just too busy swimming up by herself to take care of other divers.

When.. When did I do that?!

You are blaming an innocent person.

That .. That was because..

Ms. Kang Jin, you rest there

and the rest of you, follow me to go to the work area.

Let's go!

Quick, quick, let's go!

If it was Beo Jin's mom, she would have patted her back at least.

Why do you think the police have misunderstood that Beo Jin hid the tribute thieves?

Isn't Beo Jin just a diver?

I heard that the foreigner's clothes and possessions were found in the cave.

No way, they are all mine!

They are the clothes and blankets that I picked up while sailing.

I gave them to the foreigners.


They were all yours.

I will ask you one last time.

Who are those people you provided shelter to?


Spit it out!

What a stubborn wench!

Flog her 30 times to punish her!

Yes, sir!

Stop it!

This fellow has something to say to you!

Be patient for a bit.

Look at this rash.

What a brat!

Don't be a crybaby!

Do you know what Beo Jin had to go through because of you?

I could soak you in crab wine (Gang-ee Joo: a kind of traditional wine made of crab in Jeju island)

He's lucky he wasn't injured too severely.

I am sorry.

And thank you.

Is there something wrong with your eyes?

Stop winking your eyes and eat this up!


Beo jin and Bok Man must be close to each other

after all.

Do I get to be a son-in-law of this family now?!

There is no such thing between them.

Beo Jin just stood up for him as she felt pity for a young boy who's going through hard times alone.

Right, Beo Jin is really good-hearted.

I agree with you.

I think she is quite nice.

Then, the exile will feel disappointed a little.

You are right.

I wondered if they may get married after living together in the same house like this.


Where is William hiding?

Oh, this?

Galwot. I'm glad the secretary gave me this back.

I will visit him for a short time.

Where is he? Huh?

I should have let you get flogged.

I guess I made a mistake.

How could you act this recklessly even after going through that hardship?


Are you jealous by any chance?

Am I jealous?

Have you gone mad after staying in jail for a while?

How dare you compare the lowly foreigner to me!

I guess you don't know about me since you are in a low social position.

I am Park Gyu.


You're Park Gyu.


So what?

Since the village is still quiet,

He must be in Philip's cabin.

Those two again!!

Do you want a drink ?

Drink it up.

Were you happy

to be a chief diver?


Let's drink.

What the...



Beo Jin.


What's going on now?

William, are you all right?

I'm okay.

Beo Jin... Because of me...

No, it was not hard for me at all.

I had free meals and did not have to do any work.

I had a good time resting there, instead.

I made these clothes for you.

Try this on!

The exile is winning all the money of the village.

I guess it is related to the people who stole the tribute.

I feel happy when I am with William.

Jang Beo Jin, as a representative of low-ranking divers of our village, San Bang village,

is entering the diver competition.

This is the last chance that I can give you.

Do your best!

What in the world are you doing to her?!

Don't even think about meeting her again!!