Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 47 - Jump City Rock - full transcript

The Titans team up with Nandi and Thomas Bushell to take down The Joker.

Attention Jump City.

I hope you enjoy
my new Joker jingle.

It's so hypnotic, it'll
make you lose your mind.

Go! Steal, steal, steal!

And bring the loot back to me.

Now, that's what I call
service with a smile.


You won't be smiling
for long, Joker.

We're putting an end
to your musical mayhem.

Yeah, your song stinks, yo.

Taking you down will be a
service to music lovers everywhere.

Very funny.

But I always get the last laugh.

Nothing can stop me now.


- Huh?
- What the?

No way. It's rock 'n' roll
phenom Nandi Bushell!

And her tech wizard
brother Thomas.

Nice to meet you.

We just got out of a recording
session and saw you were in trouble.

Oh, rotten kids! No
one upstages the Joker.

Quick, everyone, get behind my
noise-canceling power gauntlet.

Good job, Thomas.
Now it's my turn!

Nice try, but my Joker
jingle can't be defeated.

Oh, no time for an encore,
so I'll take my loot and run.

He's getting away!

Don't worry, Nandi, the villain
always gets away in the opening scene.

Yeah, that's how we
build suspense, yo.

It's horrible the Joker
is using music for evil.

He's got to be stopped.

Nandi's music seems to be the only
thing that has any effect on his jingle.

But it's way too powerful
for me to fight on my own,

which is why we've got to join together
to form our very own supergroup!

I would very much like to be
in the group that is the super.

Teaming up with Nandi and
Thomas would be amazing.

It would be more than amazing.

It would be...

Rock 'n' roll!

But if we're going
to form a supergroup,

the first thing we'll need to do
is find your ideal rock personas,

using my latest invention...

the Sonic Styler.

Now, all you have to
do is step onto the pad...

I want to be a funk rocker.

Whoo! I feel like partying
like it's 1999, baby.

But why is he
dressed like a pirate?

So I can hit the high Cs!

Ooh, I'm up.

A punk rocker. Nice.

Hmm, I don't know, Raven. Are you
sure you want to dress up as a punk?

They've got, kind of, a bad rep.

I don't care about
a bad reputation.

I just love rock 'n' roll!

Ooh, ooh! I am the next.

Check it out, Star just went
through some major ch-ch-changes.

Indeed, I have become
the glamorous glam rocker.

Ooh, more like space oddity.

Ooh, my turn.

Oh, yeah.

My death metal persona is sure to strike
fear into the hearts of villains everywhere.

Is that a spider
on your costume?

A spider!

I don't needs no freaky pad.

Awesome, Beast Boy, I
love your 90s alternative look.

Thanks. I just love dancing
around in my underwear.

All right, Titans, now that
you've got your rock personas,

we must go on a perilous
quest to obtain your instruments.

How perilous a quest
are we talking about here?

First, we must travel
to the land of rock.

Then, you'll have to
overcome deadly obstacles

as we scale to the top
of the tallest mountain,

where we'll find a
magical pair of sunglasses,

that will bestow upon you
your mighty instruments.

Oh, that sounds
the very dangerous.

Can't we just go to the
music store instead?

Yes, but this is way
more rock 'n' roll!

- Good point.
- She makes a solid case, yo.

To the T-Car!

Actually, I think I have something
more rock 'n' roll in mind.

Uh, how's this
more rock 'n' roll?

Because these cramped
quarters promote band unity.

Also, Nandi really
likes the wizard mural.

Wizard murals
are so rock 'n' roll.

Well, at least this land of
rock doesn't seem that bad.

Look out, a Led Zeppelin!

Ahhh, Rolling
Stones. We's doomed!

Watch out for The Beatles.

Ew! Beetle bits!

Oh no, we're headed
straight for that Pearl Jam!


Don't worry, I added a modification
that can take this van off-road.

Now we just gotta get
past them Foo Fighters.

Leave it to me.


We reached the top.

And look, there be
the magical sunglasses.

With these shades, I
can see your musical aura.

Now, receive your instruments.

What about me Nandi?

Here, have a cowbell.

Aww, man!

It looks like our
band is finally ready.

Now let's get back to Jump City

and take down the Joker.

What a crowd, I may
have to go on tour.

Attention, Joker!

Prepare to be rocked.

One, two, three, four.

Ooh, so you wanna
play rough, huh?

Nandi, we've been hit by the most
toxic substance known to rock bands.

I know, Thomas. Break-up gas!

We should have more bass solos.

No way! As leader
of the band, I forbid it!

You're not the leader, I am.

Well, I want the solo career.

You fools never lets my
girlfriend comes to rehearsal.

Or even lets me
have a girlfriend.

So much for one-minute wonders.

It looks like our new
band is breaking up.

No, Thomas, not
while rock lives.

Titans, rock 'n' roll
isn't about our egos.

It's about spreading a
message of joy and freedom

so that people don't give up hope
or get brainwashed my clown trucks.

So let's come together in the
spirit of rock, in the spirit of love.

She is the right.

What were we thinking?

It was wrong of us to fight.

I loves you guys.

Let's bring it on in.

I can feel the love, Titans.

Now let's rock 'n' roll!

One, two, three, four.

I'll put a stop to
this, once and for all!



We won!

And we are the big hits.

Thanks for making us see the
true meaning of rock 'n' roll, Nandi.

We're just getting
started, Robin.

I say we take this band
on the road.