Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 48 - Natural Gas - full transcript

Outraged at the price they pay for water, gas, and electricity, the Titans go off the grid.

The mail's here.

Junk mail, junk mail,
junk mail. Postcard!

Uh, this one
is from the utility company.

Must be our monthly bill.


This is the amount we owe

for the use of the water,
the gas and the electric!

For one single month?
That's got to be a discrepancy!

4Gs? That's a lot
of money, dude!

Energy costs have been
rising, but still...

It has to be a mistake!

We don't use
that much energy, do we?

Ooh, yeah. Nothing
beats an air dryer.

Ah! Now that's how
you beat the heat.

Ah! Finally, I can concentrate.

Water park time, baby!

Elevator, go the up.


Elevator, go the down.



Then there must be
something wrong with our meter.

Let's go check it out.

Yo, what is that thing?

This is the meter
the utility company uses

to measure how much water,
gas and electric we're using.

Maybe we have been using
too much energy lately.

This thing is spinning fast!

How does one even
read this contraption?

Nobody knows. It's one of human
civilization's great mysteries.

They purposely
make these things
impossible to read,

so you can't tell whether
or not you're being ripped off.

Maybe I can help.

Dr. Light!

Relax, I am not here to fight.

I am simply here
to read the meter.


You work
for the utility company?

Actually, I own
the utility company.

It's my latest business venture.

I knew the utility company
was run by a bunch of crooks!

Just look at this bill!

It's ridiculous!

And also accurate.

You Titans are pulling
an incredible amount
of energy from the grid.

What's football
gots to do with this?

No, not the gridiron, the grid.

It's a network
of wires and pipes

that supply electricity,
gas and water

from my power plant
to every building in Jump City,

including your tower.

You are my highest
paying customers,

and I want you to know
that I appreciate you.

Then, can you at least
give us a discount on our bill?

Oh, no, no, no. I can't
possibly afford to do that

and maintain
a nine-figure salary.

Now pay up.

It looks like we got no choice.


It's ridiculous!

It's been a pleasure
doing business with you.

See you again next month.

I ain't no math-a-magician,

but I don't thinks we can
afford another bill like that.

Then we need to stop the hands
on the meter from spinning.

Titans, go! Make a few minor
adjustments to your lifestyles!

From now on,
enjoy their silence.

Silence is so distracting.

From now on, take the stairs.

Oh, you are ruining
the good times.

From now on, no more cooking.

Then how am I supposed to eat?

Um, not my problem.

Come on, man.
I really gots to go.

Uh-uh. From now on,
do your business outside.


Okay, Titans,
let's see how we did.

I bet we stopped
that meter dead, yo.

Oh, man, it's just taunting us!

I hate this stupid meter!

I say, we annihilate it!

Our powers are no match

for that meter's
hard outer shell.

If we can't destroy that thing,

then hows we gonna
lower our bill?

- Ahhh!
- I know!

Titans, go! Install
eco-friendly upgrades!

It's working. We are now
producing our own electricity.


What are we gonna do
about the gas line?

I believe I can
take care of that.

There you go.

I just switched us
over to natural gas.

Booyah! Instant meatloaf!

Two down, one to go.

We just need to take care
of the water situation.

Leave the plumbing to me.

You put a toilet in a elevator?

Not just any toilet,
a compostable toilet

that transforms waste
into energy.

Right, but did you have
to put it in the elevator?

The extra height
of the elevator shaft

allows for extra compost,

which we can use to fertilize
the vegetables in our garden.

Ew! I am not eating
those vegetables.

Suit yourself, Raven.


Ooh! What's going on?

Yes! It's finally happening!

Now, that we supply
all our own energy,

we're going off the grid!

I feel so free!
It's truly energy independence!

We should have
gone off the grid years ago.

Yes, It is so much better to be
above the smog than below it.

Goodbye, utility bills.

And goodbye, Dr. Light.

Not so fast, Titans.

I am not letting you
off the grid that easy.

Dr. Light is trying
to reattach us to the grid.

We have to stop him.

Titans, go!

You're not going
anywhere, Titans.

I am the utility company.
I have got you for life!

He is right. He's got us.
There's no way off the grid!

Dr. Light
and his utility company

have the too much power.

Maybe. But you're forgetting
one thing, Titans.

Our power is renewable!

We're shutting you down,
Dr. Light.

You can't defeat me.

My grid was designed
to handle anything.

Can it handle the power
of the solar energy?

No problem.

What about wind energy?

Hey, cease that at once!

Natural gas coming at you.

Stop! My grid
can't handle the load!

I got a load you can handle.

Not the toilet!


Looks like
it's lights out for Dr Light.

We're off
the grid again!

Then I guess
that leaves just one question.

Who wants some meatloaf?