Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 37 - Finding Aquaman - full transcript

While searching for a missing Aquaman, the Titans find themselves at the mercy of Black Manta.

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Season 07 Episode 37

Episode Title: "Finding Aquaman"
Aired on: May 14, 2022.

- Who's ready for Cy's signature pizza pie?
- Yeah.

Crime alert.

- Hey!
- Our pizza!

This is more important.

Aquaman has gone missing.

The man who is the Aqua
is the hunkiest of the heroes.

Who could have done
such a thing?

According to this, Aquaman
was last seen at the marina,

where Black Manta
parks his submarine.

Black Manta! He's the ocean's most
dangerous super villain.

Which is why we need to track him down
and get to the bottom of this.

Titans, go!
To the marina!

There's Black Manta's sub.

It's probably loaded

with all kinds of deadly
high tech weaponry,

so be careful.

Hmm... Doesn't look
that high tech to me.

This is just some sad ratty old
looking apartment.

I likes it!

I don't know.
I expect better from a super villain.

Oh, look! I have found
the adorable kitty cat.

I don't understand.
Where could Black Manta be?

Oh, the Teen Titans!

Come clean, Black Manta.
We know you're up to evil.

What? No, man,
I haven't been up to anything

since I threw my back out
last month.

I've just been sitting around
working on my underwater dioramas.

This one's from the time
me and Aquaman

got into a little tussle.

And things got out of hand.


That Aquaman's
something else.

Let me tell you something,
that dude is something.

Speaking of Aquaman,
have you seen him lately?

I'm so glad you asked.

I've got important information
on his whereabouts right here.

Next to my shrink ray!

We're so tiny now!

That will teach you not
to break into my house

while I'm sitting on the can.

That's a man's private time.

- Let us go.
- No way.

You're my helpless
prisoners now.

And nothing's going to
make me miss watching you squirm.

Oh, man!
You let my cat out.

- Mr. Puddles, get back inside.
- Ah! My back.

How's we gonna get out
of this one?

Don't panic.
It's just an aquarium.

We're not in any real danger.

Shark music!
It's time to panic.

Oh, it is just
the adorable sea horse.

Aw, I think she's trying to
communicate with us.

I gots this!

She says she can help us.

But first we gots to follow her

But we can't breathe
under there.

This way, bros!


What a lovely
underwater ornament.

This is not an ornament!

This is my Kingdom of Atlantis.

Oh, my goodness!
It's Aquaman.

He is even the dreamier
in person. Ah!

Yeah, he is.
He's got that strong chin

that looks like a booty!

And the confidence
to wear his underwear as outerwear.

And he is the only hero
strong enough to wield

the mighty salad fork.


Aquaman is the coolest, yo!

It's true. I am pretty cool.

Probably the coolest
Justice League member.

Holds up. So, if you're Aquaman,
this must be your trusty steed Storm.

Uh, no, no.
That's Storm second cousin,

Light Breeze.-

Oh my goodness!
She says she wants me
to carry her babies.

I always did want to be a mama.

Light Breeze,
get away from that strange sea horse!

We don't know where he's been.

Listen, Aquaman.
We need to find a way out of here.

Hmm... a way out.



Oh, I've got it!

We can use a pebble
to jam up the filter.

The jammed filter
will then build up pressure and explode.

Causing the fish tank

to tip over and smash open
on the floor.

Then we'll all be free.

Wow, what a ridiculous idea!
What are you trying to do?

Put us all in an early grave?

- Yeah! You dum-dum.
- That is such a bad idea.

You've got to be kidding me
with that nonsense.

Wait a minute.
I'm getting an idea here.

We jam up the filter, causing it

to build up pressure
and explode.

Which will tip over
the aquarium and smash it.

And then we'll all be free.

- Brilliant!
- Great plan!

Dude is a genius!

What an original idea, Aquaman.

No, it's not.
He just stole that idea from me.

- Don't be petty, yo.
- Aquaman is the brilliant!

There's just one small glitch.

We're going to need
someone small enough

to swim through the filter tube

so that we can shut it down.

Oh, I know, you can use
your magic trident to turn Robin

into an itty-bitty tiny fish.

- Whoa!
- Sounds good to me.


Just look at those tiny,
tiny baby fins.

- Ow!
- I do not have baby fins.

We need to stay focused
on getting to the filter.

But how's we supposed
to get there?

First we'll go past the clam,
take a right at the treasure chest,

and then it's a straight shot
to the filter.


Let me put that another way.

Head to clam,
take a right at the treasure chest

and straight on to the filter.

- Now, that's a great leader
right there.
- Oh, yeah!

- Great plan, Aquaman.
- It is the brilliant!


Guys, guys, hold up.

I can't move too fast now
that I'm preggers!

Wow! You're glowing, Beast Boy.

Nice baby bump, bro!

Cut the chatter.

We don't want to alert
Black Manta to our plan.

Did someone say my name?

Black Manta, you're going
to pay for shrinking me

and my undersea castle.

Well, consider it pay back
for stealing my parking space

at the marina.

I had to park so far away
that I slipped on the dock

and injured my back.

Now I got to go to
physical therapy twice a week.

My insurance won't cover it.
And my medical bills are piling up.

It's going to ruin my credit!

Cry me an ocean.

That's enough out of you.

Nothing more should come
out of your mouth.

I don't want to see no words,
I don't want to hear nothing.

Nothing should come
out of your mouth.

That's enough.

'Cause it's time for the Manta
to bring the pain!

It's an earthquake!

What are we gonna do?

I know, we can take cover
underneath this clam shell.

I got it!

That's my baby mama
right there.

You may have won this round.
But prepare to feel
the Wrath Of Poseidon.

I was supposed to have
an echo after that.

The Wrath Of Poseidon.

That's what I call my pet
betta fish.

Aw, you're so cute, little
Wrath O' Poseidon. Aren't you?

Go get 'em, killer!

Don't worry, everyone.
I have a plan.

Here fishy, fishy.


Get him!
Get him!


Curse you, super freaks.

Ah! My back.

I can't do this.

Nice work.


Not you. Aquaman.

That's right. It was all part of my plan.

Now it's time for you
to start pulling your weight, little fella.

Grab that pebble,
and get to the filter.


- But remember, this was my idea.
- - Just go, Robin!

Okay. All I have to do is
stop the motor with this pebble.


What do we have here?

Hmm. He was a pain in my butt.
But a noble adversary.

I'll make sure to give him
a proper burial.

Or a proper flushing,
if I may say.

- I cannot believe it.
- Robin's gone.

I don't know if it's
'cause Robin's dead or my pregnancy,

but I feel so emotional
right now.

Guys, it looks like we're about to have
bigger problems.

Do something, Aquaman.

Yeah! Protect my babies!

Right. Well, the thing is,
I have a paralyzing cat phobia,

so, see ya!

The Aquaman has abandoned us.

Yeah. What a jerk.

Destroy them, my pet!
Destroy them!

Oh, man! Oh, man!

All this stress is gonna
send me into labor.

It's over, Titans!
It's over.

That'll do, Shaparu.
That'll do.


Hey! My back.
You fixed it.

Whoo! I'm healed.

Thank you!

Thanks for saving us, Robin.
It's more than Aquaman did.

I can't believe he turned out
to be such a jerk.

Where is the Aquaman?

Oh, I think my water just broke.