Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 32 - The Drip - full transcript

Robin finally experiences drip, a magical coolness that comes from wearing sneakers, and soon seeks out the ultimate pair.

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Season 07 Episode 32

Episode Title: "The Drip"
Aired on: Feb 21, 2022.

La-la-ladies and gentlemen
and Titans of all ages,

prepared to feast your eyes

on the coolest shoes ever owned.

Why are you all laughing?

Because those shoes
look ridiculous man.

What? No, they don't.

Yes, they do. Just look
at them pink suckers.

What are you, a octopus?

And what's with those colors?

It looks like a rainbow
puked all over your feet.

Hello. It is the circus, Robin.

I believe they want
their shoes back.

These shoes aren't cool?

Nah, son. Them shoes
is the opposite of cool.

Then what shoes you think
are cool?

Man that's easy.


Well, I can do plenty
of kicks in these.

No, dude, we're not talking
about actual kicks.

- Are you sure?
- Ow!

Way we are referring
to the sneakers.

You know, the ones that are
filled with, the drip.

What's the drip?

It's a magical coolness
that comes from wearing sneakers.

So what you're saying is,

I could be cool
if I owned a pair of sneakers?

That's right, yo.

Huh, interesting.

Now, will you take those ugly
shoes off?

They're ruining our appetites


Yo, yo yo. Waddup Titans.


There's something different
about you, bruh.

Could it be my new...



I wanted a little drip.

So I went out and bought
myself some new gear.

Wow, Those kicks
are totally cool.

They transform you into
a whole new person, Robin.

Please call me, Ra Ra.

Ra Ra?

That's so cool.

And even smells the cool.

Yes, cause Ra Ra sweats cologne.

Eau De Ra Ra.

Ra Ra, would you care
to go on the date with me?

Let me hit you back
on that, a'ight?

Whoa, playing hard to get.

That's so cool.

My man is full of the drip.

I bet he could make
anything cool.

Yo, Ra Ra,

make me a sandwich.

For sure.


Yo, this sandwich
is slamming yo.

Hey, Ra Ra, can you make
this old computer cool?

- Drip.
- No ice.

How about this TV stand?

- Drip.
- Ooh, sweet.

Can you do something
about the boring living room?


That was the amazing.

I got to say, I am loving
this cool new, Robin.

Me too, bruh.

Hey-hey, Ra Ra. You've got
to try this ice cream.

Careful. You don't want to mess
up my kicks and ruin my drink.

Yeah, you crazy girl?

- Sorry.
- It's cool, yo.

Now who's ready to party?

- I am. - Let's do it.
- Me, yes.

Man, I still can't believe

how much fun
we had with Ra Ra last night.

And how he got all those cool
celebrities to party with us?

Or when he crashed
the T-Car into the pool.

Or how's about when
he wrestled that bear yo.

You'll get him next time, buddy.

All of it, was so cool.

Yep. That was
some party last night.

I worked up quite
a sws-sws-sweat.

What's the matter, yo?
Don't I smell fresh?


You smell like BO!

So, Star are we going
on that date tonight?

No, no.
Thank you.

Oh, come on.

I'll do anything.

Don't beg dude.
That's not cool.

Oh, no. I think Ra Ra's
Drip's wore off.

And now he's back
to being uncool Robin again.

But I don't understand
how this happened.

Yesterday, I was full
of the drip.

That's the thing about
sneaker magic.

Eventually your drip runs dry.

Well, there has to be some pair
out there that never runs out of drip.

Legend does speak of an ultimate pair
that has infinite drip.

But those who wear them
should take heed.

For they can make you,
'Too cool for school.'

I doubt that could
happen to Robin.

- Please believe it.
- Oh, please, please, please.

We want Ra Ra back. We
need him back - We want Ra Ra.

I don't think that's
a good idea.

Unlimited drip is pretty
powerful stuff.

It's fine, Raven.

I can just go back
to wearing these.

Okay, okay. I'll take you.

Oh, Ra, ra, ra, ra, ra.


Behold the most magical realm
in all of Jump City.

The abandoned sneaker outlet.




Yo. Check out all these

Did you find the ultimate pair?

No, but we did find some
kicks for ourselves.

According to this,
the ultimate pair is kept deep

in the center
of the outlet.

But first we'll have to travel
through the dark maze of the sole,

bypass the bridge of laces,

and climb the stock room
of doom.

What are we waiting for?
Titans, go!


- What was that?
- I don't know.

so dark in this maze.

I'm having a hard time
seeing anything.

Do not worry friends.

For my new kicks
have heels that light up.

See. All the better.

Killer kicks. Run.

Head to the bridge.

They're gaining on us, yo.

We shall never outrun them.

Yes, we can. Cause my new
sneakers got wheels. Boo-yah!


Hang on.

Quick. Untie those laces.

Ha, ha.

Nice work, everybody.

Now we just need to reach
the top of the stock room.

That doesn't sound too hard.
Where is it?

All the way up there.

Woah. I'm slipping.

Grab my kicks.
They gots that good Velcro, yo.

- Ooh.
- We made it.

- You can let go now, bruh.
- I'm trying.

But the Velcro is stuck
to my gloves.


Look. The ultimate pair.

And they're all mine.



Ra Ra's back.

And those kicks have made
him to even cooler than before.

You got that right. What's up?

No. Too slow.

Oh, man, that's not cool.

So, Ra Ra, what cool thing
you wanna do today?

We could go paragliding
off the Eiffel Tower.

Or we go jet skiing
in the volcano.

I've gotten an even cooler idea.

I'm gonna give this uncool
city a cool makeover.

Starting with the uncoolest
thing of all...



What is the matter
with you, Ra Ra?

I'm just making this city
a whole lot cooler, girl.

But not at the expense
of schools.

- They is important yo.
- Now change it back, Ra Ra.

No way. Schools are whack.

And so are all of you.

What is the wrong with him?

Those kicks must have
warped his mind

and made him
too cool for school.

Then we better go stop him
before he does any more damage.



There he is.
Grab him, Beast Boy.

I is trying.

His moves are way too cool.

Oh, man, not the middle school.

I can't believe Ra Ra would
turn into such an uncool jerk.

Say goodbye to the high-school.


Not so fast.

- Now that is quite the enough.
- Don't make us take you down, dude.

Whatevs! You ain't cool
enough to stop me.

Oh, really?

Nice kicks, but nothing
can outdrip the ultimate pair.

Oh, I'm not trying outdrip you.


You scuffed my kicks.
This is real leather.

It's impossible to get
scuffs out.

My drip is gone.

This was all for nothing.

It wasn't. This whole
experience has taught us

a very important lesson.

Yeah, bruh.
We learned that it shouldn't matter

what shoes you wear.

Or how cool you act.

We should just accept you
for who you truly are.

Wow. So does this mean
you guys finally think I'm cool?


Theme music plays...