Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 30 - Control Freak - full transcript

When the Titans run amok in the Tower's evidence room, Robin does everything he can to keep things under control.

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Season 07 Episode 30

Episode Title: "Control Freak"
Aired on: Dec 04, 2022.

Thank you
for the gumdrop, Sparkle face.

What up, yo?

Gah! H-How did you know
I was down here?

You are not
as stealthy as you think.

So, what're you
doing down here?

I'm going to organize
the evidence room.

Ooh, we've never
been in there before.

And I intend
to keep it that way.

You're way too out of control
to be around such

sensitive material.

We most certainly are the not.

If anything, you's trying
to control us too much.

You're a total control freak.

I'm not a control freak.
I'm your cool leader.

Speaking of cool leaders,
what's Batman doing here?


Hey! Get out of there!

- Hmm.
- Ooh!


Ugh! Okay, fine, you can stay
but this room is filled with

all kinds of dangerous gadgets.

So, you need to be careful.

Relax, dude.
We will be careful.

Yo, guys,
check out Dr. Light's laser.

- Put that back!
- Check it out, y'all.

I'm the Brain.

Welcome to your doom, Titans.

Get out of there, Cyborg!

Ooh, I remember this.

It's Brother Blood's
hypnosis helmet.

Whoa! Take that off, Raven.

Not until
you cluck like a chicken.

Now, that's enough.

Ooh, look friends.

I have found the remote that belongs
to the Control Freak.

Whoa, give me that, Star.

There's no telling
what that thing can do.

Oh, very well.

I shall enjoy using the rocket launcher
instead. Whoo!


Stop! You guys
are out of control!

No, we're not.

We are just having the fun.

Well, your fun is destroying
valuable evidence.

I wish I could put
you all on pause.

I don't believe this.

It actually worked.

This is amazing.

What just happened?

And why does
my face hurt?

This remote has the ability
to control your movements.

And if it can do that,
I wonder what else it can do.

Try hitting the "Info" button.

You are Robin, member of the Teen Titans.

You enjoy investing
in rental properties.

You desperately seek attention

- and you train for hours...
- Gah! Too much info! Too much info!


What did you do to our heads?

I just pressed
the "Swap" button.

Well, swap 'em back, bro.

That was not cool, Robin!

Oh, "Brighten" up, Raven.

You're right, Robin.

I shouldn't be upset with that
adorable face of yours.

Just look at those
cute little cheeks.

I just wanna pinch 'em.

Yes, I do, Yes I do.

Too bright! Too bright!

I'm gonna eat your face!

Too dark! Too dark!

Let's just keep you
on "Default."

What does
the "Sap" button do?

I don't know, Star.
Let's find out.

Speaking Spanish...


Okay, Robin,
you've had your fun.

Now, let us have the turn.

Forget it. I finally have
the power to control you guys.

I'm not giving that up.

No, c'mon, man. You shouldn't
get to control us.

Now, give us that remote, fool.


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- That's mine.
- Hands off!

Gimme the remote.

Nice going.

You hit the "Parental Lock"
button and now we're locked

inside this room.

Well, do you know the code?

No, I don't know the code.

Don't worry, y'all.

I'll get that door open.

Yes! Gabba goo!


Oops, my bad.

That door is made of
reflective steel.

Lasers aren't gonna work on it.

So, what did you expect us to do?

I want you to sit in that corner
and promise me

you won't touch anything.

You don't have to treat us
like a bunch of babies.

No? That's exactly
what I should do.


This way, Pain Bot can
keep an eye on you while

I find a way out of here.


Now, let's see.

This door has
a steel hammer lock.

- There are no air vents.
- Pain.

Pain Bot, please, I'm thinking.

Pain, pain.

Pain, pain,
pain, pain, pain...

No, no, no. Put that down.

You're gonna hurt yourself.

No, it's mine.


That's better.


Gah! Eject!


Phew! That was close.


Look at the me!

I've got you! I've got you!

Ah, this isn't working.

You're even more out of control
than you were as teenagers.

What did you expect?
We're babies.

I know.

I can keep you guys
under control and get some

helpful advice

by fast-forwarding you
to a more mature age.

Okay, Titans,

I need your combined wisdom
to help get us out of here.

Uh, what?

I said I need help
breaking down this door.

What did he say?

- I do not know.
- Beats me.

Try speaking the up, dear.

I said
I need help escaping!

No, thank you.
I'd rather take a nap.

Now, where's
the "Sleep" button.

You know, I was once trapped
in a room just like this.

How did you get out?

Well, to tell you that story,

I first have to tell you about
the time

I took the trolley down to the city
to buy myself a lemon.

Just get to the point.

Now, in those days,

lemons only cost a nickel,
and ice cream only cost

a penny.

I don't care much for ice cream though
on account of my dentures.

Back then, the color purple
was called strange blue.

This fella...

...in front of my house.

...on account of my big bladder.

...and that was the time when

baseball saved Christmas.

Ugh! Just forget it.

It is the okay, honey.
We can help you.

Really? How?

By doing what seniors do best.

Criticizing your every move.

No, no, no,
not like that, you dummy.

You are doing it all the wrong.

Would you two get off my back?


But you're gonna need
more power than that

to get through that door.

More power?

That's it!


What's goin' on?

Did I pass in my sleep?

No, I just hit the "Power" button and now
we're on the "Input" screen.

I'll give you some input.

- You're a blockhead!
- That's it!

I've had enough
of your senior sass!

Now, I just need to figure out
which input reality is on.

Is it HDMI1?

No, that's the DVD player.


No, that's the VCR.

Will you just hand over the remote
and let us figure it out?

No, I got this situation
under control!

Wait. I can get us back
by pressing the "Back" button.

Oh, man, Robin just "backed" us
into my war movie.

Take cover!

Yeah. Just get us
out of here before we get

blown to pieces.

Then, maybe
it's the "Game" button.

That ain't it, bro.

I know, we could escape using

That asteroid is gonna
hit us any moment.

You got to hand over
that remote, Robin,

and let us fix this
before we all die.

No, I'm in control!

But, every time
you try to control things,

you only make 'em worse!

Listen to me, Robin.
You must do the letting of the go.


Take it.

Now, how're we gonna
get out of here?

Try the "Rewind" button.

But, that only
turned us into babies.


Aim it over there, Cyborg.

You got it.

You're way too out
of control to be around

such sensitive material.

Didn't we do this already?

It worked. We're out.

Thank you, Titans.

I see now that some things
are beyond my control.

That's right, yo.

You can't control us, fool.

We are who we are.

Now, we should probably put
that remote some place safe,

so it won't do any more harm.

But first, I think it's time
we got a little payback.

Wait, what?

Speaking Spanish...



Theme music plays...