Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - A Little Help Please - full transcript

When they receive a distress call from the show's animators and artists, the Titans must tone down their actions and avoid big adventures.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go


Are you ready to go
to the Jump City State Fair?

I'm gonna eat so much food
till I explode, baby.

Oh, yeah! Deep-fried
burrito cupcakes heres I come.

I will partake in so many
of the amusements.


It'll be our
biggest adventure yet!

Crime alert?

No, it's a distress call

from the animators
of Teen Titans Go!


Please, who are
these "animators"?

Animators are creatures
that look like humans...

...but they fear sunlight
and dress like little children.

They could be classified
into four groups.

Most common is
the toy-collecting animator.

This group is willing to blow
their entire life savings

on overpriced pieces of plastic.

Next is the historian animator,
who's always spouting off facts

about the early days
of animation,

even though
nobody asked them to.

Then there's
the know-it-all animator,

who's got an answer
for everything.

Except for how to get
their own work done on time.

And finally,
the bitter senior animator,

who was once a great leader

but now gets bossed around
by people half their age.

These all sound
like a bunch of nerds, yo. Ow!

Show some respect!

These "nerds" are responsible
for creating our show.

What do these animators want?

They're asking for our help.

They say lately we've
been overwhelming them
with our big adventures,

and if we don't
cut back a little,

then their schedule
will get out of control
and run wild!

It could destroy
our entire show.

Oh, no!

Oh, I'll kick that schedule
in its stupid face, yo.

I'm afraid it's not that easy.

This is not just a schedule,

it's a very aggressive schedule.

That's one mean-looking
schedule, yo.

So what can we do to help?

"Stop lip stink"?

Our lips don't stink.

Robin's lips do.

His whole mouth
smells like tuna fish.

No, not "lip stink," lip sync.

It's the process
of animating our mouths
every time we speak.

Hold up.

You means to tell me
some animator be touching
my mouth every times I speaks?

- Ew, gross.
- Here, put these on.

See, now that our mouths
are covered,

our lip sync is no longer
an issue. Problem solved!

Not really, my lips
are my best feature, yo.

You can't deprive
the world of my lips.

Right, mama?

Too bad
these bars don't shut you up.

I look like
I'm being inappropriate...

♪ Even though I'm not

This is not so bad.

Now let us go to the state fair.

What's up with the elevator, yo?

It seems
the background department

has just requested
that we stick to the tower

so they don't have to draw
any new locations.

Oh, come on, man.
They're demanding stuff, too?

It's cool, we can just chill
and watch some TV.

Yo, what's up with the remote?

It isn't the remote.

It's just that animating
a show within a show
takes a lot of work.

How do they expect us
to entertain ourselves?

I know something exciting
we can do.

I'll give you all
a thrilling lecture

on creating an animation budget.

Now, the first step
to creating a budget

is dividing it
into two categories.

The first category
is above the line

and the second category
is below the line.

Ugh! I do not think
I can take the much more.

Let's get out of here, yo.

Okay, what now?
We're not allowed to walk?

Exactly! Do you know
how long it takes

to animate a person walking?

But whats if I gots to go
to the bathroom?

Well, then you'll
have to go right here.

I ain't gonna pee-pee
on no couch.

That's just nasty!

Ooh, I've got a solution.

I can make us all float.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

This ain't no solution, mama.

All this floating around
is making me motion sick.

And all of my blood
is rushing to my brain.

These boots were made
for the walking,
not the floating.

Would you guys
stop complaining?
This is amazing!

I finally have
the ability to fly!

Look at me!
I'm Peter Pan!

Okay, I need some practice.

But this is still amazing!

I'm glad
you're having fun, Robin.

Because we ain't!

Friends, perhaps we could
cheer ourselves up

by enjoying the meal
of the snack.

That sounds way better
than watching Robin
fly around like a dummy.

Wait, Titans, I think
I'm finally getting
the hang of it.

Hey, what happened
to all our food?

Looks like the props department
is a bit behind as well.

They didn't have time
to draw new food for us.

Then what do they expect us
to eat? The air?

Exactly, Beast Boy.

We can just use
our imaginations to eat.

Just watch.

Ooh, look!
Some corn on the cob.

And look...

there's a bowl
of mashed potatoes.

Have you lost your mind, fool?

Not at all.
Come on, give it a try.

Well, if you say so.

Yeah, so good.

See, this isn't so bad.

Here, Raven.
Try some jalapeno nachos.

Mmm, yeah. Spicy, I guess?

And, Starfire,
you are gonna love

this chocolate milkshake!

The slurp, the slurp.

Here's one juicy burger
coming at you, Cyborg.

Right. Sure is juicy.

Oh, take smaller bites, Cyborg.

You don't want to
imaginary choke.

See, we don't need
real food after all.

All we need is
our delicious imaginations.

Isn't this great?

No! It is
the opposite of the great.

This is awful.

Them animators has gones
too far.

Aw! Hey! Take it easy.

We are the done
taking orders from them!

- Argh!
- Argh!

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Cover those mouths.
Stop talking.

♪ Kitty cat, meow meow
Wanna wanna chow chow ♪

♪ Llama llama bam bam
Gonna eat the jam jam ♪

♪ Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
Shamalama moo moo ♪

Who's up for a nice stroll?

♪ Tra la la la la la la

We are! Right after we finish
this real pizza.

Cut that out. All of you!

You're going to overwhelm
the artists.

It's cool, brah. They can
just work some overtime.

They're already
working overtime!

What was that?

It's the
very aggressive schedule.

And thanks
to your careless shenanigans,

it's now out of control!

We have to stop it
before it destroys everything.

Let's take that fool down.

Stop! You can't fight
that thing!

Oh, yeah? Watch us.


Your fighting is only creating
more work,

which is making
the very aggressive schedule
even more aggressive.

Guys, I think he's right.

Then how do we do
the calming down
of the schedule?

We have to throw money at it!

But we ain't
gots no money, fool.

Then we're doomed.

Ahhh! My tooth
be on the wrong side, yo!

Oh, no! My anchor points
are unregistered!

What's this?

The animators
have just informed me

that we can defeat the schedule
by battling it off-screen.

What is this "off-screen"?

That's off-screen.

But we've never been
over there before.

What if something terrible
happens to us?

That's a risk
we're going to have to take.

Now, come on,
Titans! Attack!

I never knew
being off the screen
could be so liberating.

We can do all sorts
of awesome moves here!

Whoo! I feel sorry
for anyone who's missing out
on this battle!

We're, like, so amazing!

our off-screen antics
are calming down the schedule,

and the animators
are regaining control.

Nice work, Titans!

We successfully saved the show

from the clutches
of a very aggressive schedule.

Who knew a spreadsheet
could be so terrifying?

Or so dangerous.

Yo, I definitely don't want
to mess with that thing again.

Then let's make a vow
to take it easy on
the animators from now on.

[Beast Boy, Cyborg,
Raven and Starfire] Agreed.

We have to stop
those aliens and dinosaurs

before they obliterate the city.

We're gonna need the help of
every DC superhero out there.

And their sidekicks.

And their super vehicles
with all their many
moving parts!

Oh, yeah. This adventure
is going to be epic.

Titans, go!