Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - Marv Wolfman & George Pérez - full transcript

Marv Wolfman and George Pérez must pitch an idea for the new Teen Titans in 24 hours, so they brainstorm different concepts for the team.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

The clock is ticking, George.

Our pitch
for the new Teen Titans
is due in less than 24 hours.

What do we have so far?

The same thing we had
five minutes ago, Marv.

Squat! Zip!


- Well, it's a start.
- Not really.

This assignment isn't easy.

The Teen Titans
have been around
in various forms since 1964.

Now we have to come up with
a new idea to reinvent them,

and save DC Comics
from certain financial doom!

No pressure.

We need a fresh take,

something that
will breathe life
into these characters.

Teen Titans. Teen Titans.

Teen Tit... I've got it.

Hit me with it.

What if they're
super muscular...

super ripped,

super tight?

The Teen Tight-Hands!

Deep underground,
in the cobble tunnel,

our superheroes get pumped.

Yeah, Tight-Hands!

Lookin' tight.

The tightness I am feeling
is at maximum levels.

Yeah, Ravhand, flex that flexor.

Yeah, Cyhand, yeah!

Yeah, baby!

We're the tightest, hands down!


It's the emergency hand signal.

We must lend a helping hand.

to the Flying Valhands.


at the Jump City bridge,
panic is being wreaked

by the arch nemesis
of the Teen Tight-Hands,

The Atomic Toe!

No, Mr. Frostbite.

No, no, no, The Clipper.

Look, The Clipper
and his army of Clippertrons

are clipping the cables
to the Jump City bridge.

Ooh! You gotta hand it to him.
That's pretty under-handed.

It's time to get a handle
on the situation.

Tight-Hands, yeah!

Teen Tight-Hands?
You'll never stop me.

Clippertrons, clip 'em!

Fist grip. Yeah!

The rock, the paper,
the scissors.


Flick, flick,
flick, flick. Yeah!

Supersonic snap.

Power punch. Yeah!


You won't be slipping
through my fingers this time.

Looks like we got
the upper hand.

Tight-Hands, high-five!


That is literally
the worst idea we've ever had.

It might actually be
the worst idea anyone ever had.

It's all part of
the creative process.

Gotta dig through the dirt
to get to the gold.

But the Teen Titans have
been around for two decades.

I feel like we're trying
to reinvent the wheel here.

That's why we're here
in our favorite diner
taking a pitstop.

Hmm. Wheel.


What is it, George?
What have you got?

What if... the Teen Titans

are a superhero Formula One
pit crew?

Faster than a speeding bullet

shot from a speeding car.

Pit Crew Titans, go, go, go!

We're the fastest pit crew
in the sport of motors.

1.81 seconds, baby.

I'm getting a distress call.

Pit Crew Titans, go, go, go!

Meanwhile, in Jump City,

a crime is in progress
at the National Bank.

Jack it up!

Hose 'em down.

Roll 'em out.

1.81 seconds, baby.

I'm getting
another distress call.

Pit Crew Titans, go, go, go!

- Give me the bag, lady.
- Help, help!

Jack it up.

- Wheels locked.
- Helmet on.

Go, go, go!

1.81 seconds, baby.

It's Batman.
He forgot his lunch.

Let's move.

- Bread.
- Ham.





1.81 seconds, baby.

Go, go, go!

These ideas are the worst!

We still have time
to come up with something,

but we're gonna have
to pull an all-nighter.

Oh, I don't know
if my body can handle it.

Don't be ridiculous, George.
You've got a super body.

Thanks, Marv.
Wait. That's it.

Super body. Come on, Marv,
we gotta get back to work.

Everyone knows Superman is
the most powerful superhero
of all time, right?

Yeah, he's
practically indestructible.

And we all know
his body has incredible powers.

Yeah, the man is bullet-proof.

But no one ever talks about
what's inside his body.

What if, inside
the greatest superhero

lived the greatest team
of superheroes?

Organs, status report.

Cylungs are steady, Starheart.

Adrenaraven gland on standby.

Oh, yeah!

Bladder Boy nearly full.

Robin the Appendix
is functioning... I think.

Even as a super organ,
Robin has no powers.


Minimal damage sustained.

That's super skin, yo.

Super Organs, activate.

Initiating acceleration
of the heart rate.

Increasing oxygen intake.
Breathe, baby, breathe!

Right in the appendix.

Bladder level's
at full capacity.

We needs a potty break, yo.

Potty break?
We can't take a potty break.

We're in the middle of a fight.

You're gonna have to hold it.

Holding. Holding.

We cannot take
much more of this.

We need
the extra rush of energy.

Got it.
Triggering adrenal gland now.

All right!

We love you, Superman.
You're the best.

Superman always gets
all the credit.

I feel not like the heart,
but like the liver
that is chopped.

Maybe he needs to be reminded
who's really in control.

Good idea.
Bladder Boy, you may release.

Releasing the bladder!

We don't
love you anymore, Superman.

You're the worst.

It's over, George.
We've been up all night,

and we still don't have
a fresh, viable take
on the Titans.

Well, let me check
my back pocket.

I always keep something
in there.

- Eh?
- Well, it'll have to do.

These new Teen Titans
will probably only run
for six issues anyway.

Let's go.

Pit Crew Titans?
What were we thinking?

Pit Crew Titans, go, go, go!

- Nope.
- Come on, get out of here.

Get. You're get.

Jeez, Louise!