Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 66 - Zimdings - full transcript

When Robin selects the last font on the list for his presentation, it sets off the typocalypse.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Good news, Titans.

It's time for our

annual team assessment meeting.


Now, first thing
on the agenda is

the team leader report.

Robin, is that font Comic Sans?

Why, yes. I figured a fun font

would come off as more
quirky and relatable.

Comic Sans is
one of the worst fonts
in the history of fonts.

Tell me it's just
on the title page.

Aah! My eyes! My eyes!

Oh, I get it.
Cyborg's a font snob.

What? I am a font connoisseur.

We have a world of wonderous
typefaces at our disposal,

and yet, people insist on
abusing the same garbage fonts
over and over again.

What's the big deal?
It's just letters, dude.

Typography is an art, Beastie.

Allow me to illustrate.

For exhibit A,

we have an announcement for a

serious business meeting

at 3:30 in the conference room.

That does looks like
serious business.

And for exhibit B,
you can see there's a

Pretty Kitty Jamboree

at 5:30 in the Rec Center.

Ooh! I would love to go to

the Pretty Kitty Jamboree.

But, would you be
interested in some

serious business?

Oh, no! Nows that
business ain't gots
no seriousness at all.

And what about a

Pretty Kitty Jamboree?

What evil magic is this?


Type makes an impact
on whatever you're reading.

Yeah, Robin.
You heards the mans.

Change the dang font.

Okay, okay. Fine.
What should I change it to?

Ooh! What about that one?

- Papyrus?
- Yes.

It will make the letters
look the mystical,

like the scroll handed down
from an ancient civilization.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Ugh! So cliche.
That one's way overused.

What about Impact?

That's the one they use
for all the best memes.

Are you kidding me, dude?

Impact is total cringe.

I like Century Gothic.

It's simple, sleek
and straightforward.

- Psh. Basic.
- Excuse me?

- The Papyrus!
- No.

Guys, guys! Settle down.

I'll just change the font
to something else.

Hm. What about this one?

Robin, no!

I... I... I can't
change the font back.

Of course you can't,
you colossal clod.

You clicked on Zimdings.


Yes. The most dangerous
and loathsome font
in the entire world.

It's so awful that anyone
who chooses Zimdings
of their volition

will trigger the Typocalypse,

which is what's happening
right now.

How do we save
the world from the Typocalypse?

The only way to stop it

is to hunt down
the man behind the font.

Winston Q. Dingbert.

Long ago, Dingbert unveiled
his new font Zimdings,

but his new font
was booed and rejected

for the complete
and utter abomination
that it is.

He was convicted
for the terrible crime

of creating
the world's dumbest font,

and as punishment, he was exiled

on the Island of Garbage Fonts.

We've gotta find him
and make him answer

for his crimes against humanity.

That settles it, then.

To the Island of Garbage Fonts!

Titans, go!

If the legends are true,

Dingbert should be hiding

somewhere in the center of the island.

Sweet. Let's go.

Careful. This is the Island
of Garbage Fonts.

The horrors you are
about to experience here

will haunt you
for the rest of your days.

Uh, it doesn't really
seem that bad, bro.

Ew! Comic Sans crabs! Nasty!

Ugh! Helvetic hills? Gross!

Brush Script bushes.

This place is the worst.

Who's there? Show yourself.

- Huh?
- Stop right there!

It's speaking in Zimdings!

Where's your leader,
you tasteless heathen?

I said, "Where is your leader?"

Wait a second, Cyborg.

I think he's trying to help us.

See, Cyborg.
Your font snobbery
almost cost us a lead.

The shame on you!

Where's your village,
little dude?

That's him.
Winston Q. Dingbert.

Hands in the air, fool!

Oh, my. What's all this, then?

Don't play dumb, Dingbert.
The world's been Zimding-ed.

And we know
you're the one responsible.

- Oh, my goodness! How terrible!
- What?

With a world of wonderous
typefaces at our disposal,

it would be a shame

not to see all of them

in their full glory,

wouldn't you say?

Yeah, he would say that.

Wait. So you're not responsible
for the Typocalypse?

Of course not.

Now, come. We must apprehend
whoever is abusing my font

for such nefarious purposes.

Please, do come in.

I'll make a pot of tea.

Wow, Cyborg.

Way to judge a book
by its typeface.

It must be tough
for a nice old man like you

to be so far away
from the rest of civilization.

Oh, not to worry, dear.
I get by.

Of course, I was distraught
when I washed up on this island

to spend the rest
of my days in exile...

but then I met the Dingbats,

a native people
without a language.

I taught them Zimdings,

and they took me in
as one of their own.

It's been a long time
since I felt such
purpose in my life.

That's beautiful.

Oh, so the heartwarming.

But Mr. Dingbert,

if you're not the one
behind the Typocalypse,

then who is?

Well, I may have
some answers for you.

But first, I have
a little something
I need to show you.

Oh, the no!

The Papyrus has been
the imprisoned.

Impact's here, too.

And Century Gothic.

Not you, too, Comic Sans!

Mm. I think that one
deserves to be locked up.

I see you all have
impeccable taste

in garbage fonts.

Not that it matters,

but when you voluntarily
clicked on Zimdings,

I sprung the trap
that I set so many years ago.

All the world's fonts
are now imprisoned,

leaving only Zimdings.

Prepare to witness
its true power!

Behold! I am Lord Zimding!

We're no match
for his font-faced powers.

I have an idea.

We can free the other fonts

and harness their power.

Titans, go!

I am Princess Papyrus.

And I'm Gothic Centurion.

Get a load of Captain Impact.

And I'm Arial Black.

And together we are

the League of Garbage Fonts.



- Mega!
- Laser!


He is the too powerful.

Our four combined font powers
are not enough.

Quick, Cyborg.
Merge with Comic Sans!

Nuh-uh! No way!

I am not merging
with that garbage font.

You have to put aside
your font snobbery

or the world is doomed!

Ugh. Fine.

I guess I'll merge
with this stupid old font.

I am Super Comic Sans!

And I summon...

- Super!
- Mega!

- Laser!
- Blast!


No! No!

- Thank you, Titans.
- Huh?

I thoughts you guys didn't have
your own language.

What? No way.

Dingbert forced us
to use his dumb language.

We already had
a native culture of our own

way before this fool showed up.

Take that, colonizer!


Font fight!

Thanks, guys.

And I'm sorry
for being a font snob.

I guess there's no such thing
as a bad font.

It just depends
on how you use it.

Font fight!

Oh, no!
That is not gonna cut it.

How about the Papyrus?

No way.
We need some Century Gothic.

Impact, baby!

Guys, it's gotta be Arial Black.

Wait, I got it.

See! Now that's
a nice font right there.