Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 65 - Hafo Safo - full transcript

The Titans travel to the hipster neighbourhood of Silver Lake, California, to help solve a mystery.

♪ Go! ♪

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

Good news, Titans.

I just booked us
a weekend getaway

to the coolest place
on the planet,

Silverlake, California!

Silverlake is so cool.

So cool.

It has all them
cool vegan restaurants, yo.

Super cool.

And those cool boutiques.

The coolest.

But the coolest thing
about Silverlake

is that it's filled
with hipsters.

What are these hipsters?

They're only
the coolest people around.

Hipsters are so cool

they don't even care
that they look ridiculous.

And they've got
cool opinions on everything.

Like, it's cool
to drink rancid tea

and not eat delicious meat.

And them hipsters
don't gots to worry about
no moneys,

'cause their mommies
and their daddies
pay all the bills for 'em.

Oh, I wish to see
the cool hipsters.

And we should totally
check out Hafo Safo,

the coolest hipster destination
in all of Silverlake.

Cool, cool, cool.

"Hafo Safo"?

What's you talking about, mama?

In Silverlake,
there's a foot clinic

that's owned by the galaxy's
greatest podiatrist.

And in front of his clinic
is a big rotating sign.

One side is a happy foot,

and the other side
is a sad foot.

Hafo and Safo.

Legend says that
when you're going by the sign,

if the first side you see
is happy foot,

then you'll have
good luck on that day.

But, if the first side
you see is sad foot,

then you'll have bad luck.

Well, that does sound cool.

Yo, we gots to check out
Hafo Safo for our self-o.

We shall make it the first stop

on our cool weekend
of the getting away.

The "cool."

Silverlake, here we come.



The foot clinic
should be just ahead.

I can'ts wait to get my
hipster fortune told, yo.

Oh, mans! Somebody
knocked down the sign.

No way!

Hafo and Safo are alive?

What happened here?

All I can remember
was a big kaboom!

Which caused me to go
flying off the sign.

But lucky for me,
something broke my fall.

Yeah, and that "something"
was my face,

because I'm
filled with bad luck.

You'll have to
excuse my brother.

He can be kind of negative.

Well, I don't think
you're bad luck, Safo.

Yes, I am.

See what I mean?


that sign was the only thing

making Silverlake
a cool place to live.

Without it, Silverlake
is doomed to turn into

just another
boring city in America.

We can't let that happen.


We must put the sign
back together.

But only the foot doctor
has the power to do that.

And we haven't seen him in days.

Well, maybe
he's just on vacation.

Or maybe he slipped
on a banana peel

and fell into
an open water drain

where he wandered aimlessly
for hours in complete darkness

until ultimately being eaten
by a giant sewer crocodile.

They're real.

Uh, don't say that, Safo.

You gotta think positive.


I'm positive I'm going to
give you more bad luck.

Come on!


Look! The lily pad.

That's odd.

What's a lily pad doing
all the way out here?

It must have
something to do with

the foot doctor's disappearance.

That's it.

The foot doctor
must be in Frog Town.

Great. How do we get there?

First we must traverse
the park of dogs.

Then we must
cross the Lake of Silver.

And finally, we must climb
the hidden staircase.

It'll be an epic journey
of 1.6 miles.

This will be
the perfect opportunity

to soak up some of that
beautiful California sunshine.

Too bad the sun
is the number one source

of harmful radiation.

- Oh.
- Man, you're bringing me down.

You're the worst.

Here we are, gang,
the park of dogs.

Whoa, wait.

You can't go in there
looking like that.

This park is very exclusive.

It's only for hipsters.

He's right. Even their
pets look pretentious.

That Pekingese
is wearing a fedora.

Hmm. Then we better
get some hipster fashion

so we can blend in.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos.

Yo, yo, yo! Checks us out.

We got that crazy
lumberjack style now.

- Oh, yeah.
- Y'all got some beard oils?

And I resemble the old grandma.

I look like
a sweaty yoga instructor.

And I'm bundled up for winter,

even though it's
a billion degrees outside.

Those hipster fashions
look supercool.

Yeah, if your idea of supercool

is looking
completely ridiculous.


Okay, gang,
we better get a move on.

Now remember, if we're
going to get through this park,

we have to
act like cool hipsters.

How's we supposed to do that?

Just walk with entitlement.

what's he doing?

I thinks he's checking you out
to make sure youse cool.

I'm cool.
I'm cool.

I don't think he's buying it.

Perhaps you are
trying the too hard.

Everyone here
is trying too hard!


Oh, no. He has
picked up on my lameness.

- Lame.
- Lame.


These mindless hipsters
are on to us.

We have to get out of here.

Look! Fresh artisan bread.

Huh? Bread?



Their condescension
pierces too deep.

We will never survive.

Don't worry, guys.

We're gonna have
good luck today.

I can feel it.

What up, gang?

Hey, it's our friend Ivanhoe.

Quick! Hop on.

Ivanhoe here played
a singing dragon

on that popular TV show.

Say there, Ivanhoe,
why don't you sing us a song?

You got it!

♪ Oh
Let's get down in Silverlake ♪

Yo, Silverlake is cooler
Than an ice cube in a freezer ♪

♪ On the back of a polar bear
On a glacier ♪

♪ Yeah, it's cooler than
His neighborhood ♪

♪ Her neighborhood
Their neighborhood and yours ♪

♪ We got artisanal
Coffee shops ♪

♪ The dopest dives! ♪

♪ Hipster paradise, yo ♪

♪ We've got a vegan hipster

♪ Dummy hipster
Bearded hipster ♪

♪ 35-year-old hipster

♪ Wearin' a fifth grader's
Clothes hipster ♪

♪ Grandnanny hipster
Baby hipster, dog hipster ♪

♪ Too hot to rock
That wool cap hipster ♪

♪ We even got
Walking dead hipsters, yo ♪

♪ Silverlake is
The coolest place ♪

♪ Silverlake is
The coolest place ♪

♪ When I say "silver"
Y'all say "lake" ♪

- ♪ Silver ♪
- ♪ Lake ♪

♪ When I say "coolest"
Y'all say "place" ♪

- ♪ Coolest ♪
- ♪ Place ♪

♪ Let's get down
In Silverlake ♪

The goodbye, Mr. Ivanhoe.

Thanks for the lift.

Later, broskis!

Now we just need to find
that hidden staircase.

Guys, over here!



"If the top of these stairs
you wish to see,

spell the name
of a hipster's tea."

Hmm, a hipster's favorite tea.



Where's the "C"?

No, it's spelled with a "K"!


Ugh, it smells like death.

It's worse than death, bro.

It's Kombucha tea.

Help me up!

Here. Grab on.

Thanks Safo.

Your crutches have really
turned my luck around.

Yeah, it's just a shame they
can't support your body weight.



What a view.

Ah, check outs the mountains.

And the fluffy white clouds.

Actually, that's smoke
from the recent wildfires

which have ravaged this region

and cost the state millions of
dollars in tax money.

Thanks, climate change.

Which way to Frog Town?

It's just at the bottom
of this cliff.


Guys, look.
It's the foot doctor!

Don't worry, bro.
We'll get you out of there.

Not so fast.

Uh-oh, it's the Frog King.

Oh! Now I remember.

He was the one
who broke our sign.

We frogs are tired
of Silverlake hipsters

looking down on us.

We're cool, too, you know.

Ever see a hipster
go from being a tadpole

to hopping on dry land?

Forget about it.

Your amphibian lifecycle
is impressive,

but why kidnap the foot doctor?


We needed him to build us
a cool sign.

One that will show
the entire world

that Frog Town, not Silverlake,

is the coolest
place on the planet.

Hafo Safo,

say hello to Mefo Fefo.

I'm Mean Foot.
I'm gonna punch you.

And I'm Fear Foot.

I'm gonna freak you
right off your feet.

Mefo, Fefo, attack!

I'm not really into fighting...

Ow! You got me in the toe.

Face it,

you're no match
for my fearsome feet.

That may be true for us,

but not for the galaxy's
greatest podiatrist.


Yeah. Whoo-hoo!

Thank you so much

for helping us
save the foot doctor.

Well, we better be going.


Looks like we brought
the cool back to Silverlake.

Which means we can
finally check out the sign

and find out what kind of lucks
we gonna have today.

Ha-ha! I saw Happy Foot first!

I call next.

Oh, no. Sad Foot?


Aw, foot doctor.

A little help?