Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 64 - The Mug - full transcript

Robin dreams of recieving a #1 Dad mug, so Raven magically turns them into a sitcom family.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Yo, yo, yo! Guess who just
took a trip to the mug store!

Yeah! All right!

We got mugs up in here

for everyone!


Ooh! The teeny, tiniest

little mug kitten

is so the cute!

BFF mugs!

- Huh...
- What's wrong, bro?

I thought plain,
boring, white mugs
were your favorite.

Well, they are quite practical

and a respectable choice,

but I've always wanted

one of those fancy

"Number One Dad" mugs.

That's cool.
We'll just head back
to the mug store

and buy you one.

What? No! You can't just buy
a "Number One Dad" mug.

You have to earn it
by becoming a super dad!

But that'll never happen

because I don't have a family.

Stop! Fine!

I'll use my magic
to turn us into a family

so you can get your stupid mug.

Yeah! Like one of those
classic sitcoms

with the laugh tracks...

Catchy theme song...

And the nosy, yet
insightful neighbor.


You guys would be
willing to do that?

Sure. It's not like
we've got anything
better to do.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos.

I hate technology.

I can never find
any of my emails

on this stupid thing.

They right there
on the screen, Grandma.

Oh, right, right,
right, right, right.

What's the screen?

Good morning, family.

Did anyone save me a pancake?

- You can have this one.
- Mmm!

It fell in the garbage.

So, Star,

how's the tenth grade?

I am in
the eleventh grade, Father.

- Since when?
- Since the beginning
of the school year.

Son, how's class going for you?

My teacher wants me
to give a report

on what my father does
for a living.

That should be easy,

'cause your father
don't do nothing.

I wouldn't say "nothing."

I've got a few irons
in the fire.

Good one.

If your father spent
half as much time
getting a job

as he does on the toilet,

we could finally afford
to move out of this dump.

You know, Raven,
it's too bad you didn't marry
your old flame, Aqualad.

You could have been
undersea royalty

instead of being stuck
with this deadbeat.

I'm not a deadbeat!

Oh, really? Then why
haven't you done the dishes?

I don't need to do the dishes.

There's still a tiny bit
of counter space.

What about helping the kids
with their homework?

They don't need my help.
They're getting straight D's.

Well, you could at least
take out the trash.

I tried to, honey,

but your mother
refuses to leave.


Come on, Robin.

You have to start
pulling your weight
around here.

Okay, okay!
Will you get off my back?

And where do you think
you're going?

Outside, to talk to Thompson.

I don't trust that man one bit.

The way he hides his face
all the time,

I bet he's a monster.

You think everyone's a monster.

Of course I do, I'm old!

Pfft! Hey, Thompson.

hi, there, good neighbor.
What's wrong?

Ugh, it's my family.

They're jumping all over me
because they think
I'm a deadbeat.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

At this rate,
I'm never gonna get
that "Number One Dad" mug.

Then you might
wanna take a page from
the ancient Mesopotamians.

In their culture,

the father figures
were highly respected

because they took the time

to attend
to their family's needs.

So, what you're saying is

if I wanna become
a Number One Super Dad,

then I need to spend
more time with my family

like the messy-potato-mans?

You got it.

Then that's just what I'll do.

Thanks for the advice, Thompson.

The pleasure's all mine.

I enjoy having good neighbors.

Okay, son.

I know I've been
neglecting you lately,

so today, I'm going to teach you

to ride this bicycle.

Oh, snaps! I can't waits
to ride it!

Wait! I wouldn't be
a super dad

if I didn't make you
wear a... helmet.

And don't forget
these elbow pads.

Now can I goes?

Nope, you still need
wrist guards

and some reflective gear.

Okay, okay, okay,
is we done now?


You still need gloves,
safety goggles,

boots, a flashlight,
batteries, a map,
a first-aid kit,

emergency water,
a month's supply
of non-perishable food,

moist towelettes,
duct tape, a toolkit,

a defibrillator,
a life preserver,
and this inflatable raft

in case you get lost at sea.

Uh, is all this necessary, Pops?

Yes, it's necessary.
Safety first!

Now, good luck!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Ooh, see? This is why
we wear safety gear.

Okay, sweetie.

While your mom and brother

are bonding
in the emergency room,

you and I are gonna do
some bonding of our own
by fixing this sink.

Joy! I love doing
the home repair.

Great, because you've got
the most important job of all.

I'm going to fix this sink,

and you're going to
watch me do it.

Now, toss me my tools.

I meant hand them to me.

Let's see... that goes here...

this goes there, and...

Ta-da! Good as new.

Don't worry. I'm on top of it.

I think that's enough bonding
for today.



Pops made us din-din.

Wow! What a pleasant surprise.

So, what are we the having?

Vegetarian lasagna
made from scratch.


Mmm, mmm, mmm!
This is so good!

I feel like taking back
every nasty thing I've ever...

What's happening, yo?

My mom must be having
a bad reaction to the food.

What recipe did you use?

The one inside this cookbook.

That's not a cookbook!

That's my spellbook!

Ah! Have mercy!

The lasagna's possessed!

Run! Run!

Hey there, Thompson.

Hey, good neighbor.

So, tell me, how'd it go?

Oh, terrible!

I tried spending more time
with my family,

but it only made things worse.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

You know, the great philosopher
Francis Bacon once said,

"There's no comparison
between that which is lost
by not succeeding

than that which is lost
by not trying."

That's one smart piece of bacon.

Did you hear that?

I didn't hear anything.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to get back
to my barbecue.

There it is again.
What's going on back there,


It's true. You are a monster!

I told you, dummy!

You moved next door

just so you could eat my family?

That's right.

I enjoy having good neighbors.

Well, the only thing
you'll be enjoying now
is my fist!

Please. You can't stop me.

You can't even be
a decent father.

You're right.

I'm not cut out
to be a super dad.

No matter how hard I try,

I always manage
to screw things up.

But that is where
you are the wrong.

You ain't gots to be perfect
to be a super daddy.

All you have to do is try.

And that's what makes you...

A super dad!



You saved us, Father!

And you finally earned
that sweet, sweet mug
you've always wanted.

I love you guys.

And I promise
that nothing is going to
break this family apart.


What's he doing here?

I'm sorry, Robin,
but we're leaving you

to start a brand-new life

under the sea.

You can't leave me.
I'll be all alone!

No, you won't.

You can still live
with my mother.