Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 63 - Feed Me - full transcript

♪ Go! ♪

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

♪ Hop, hop, hop
I lay my little eggs ♪

♪ Hop, hop, hop
And then I hide my eggs ♪

♪ Hop, hop, hop
Oh, won't you find my eggs ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp
Yes, eat my little eggs ♪

I do not enjoy the traditions

of the creepy half man,
half rabbit.

Always trying to make us eat
his stinky old booty eggs.

Happy Easter, Titans!



Go ahead.

Eat my little eggy-weggies.

I laid them just for you.


Feed me.

Did you hear that?

- Feed me!
- Here it is again.

Feed me, feed me.

Oh, don't pay any mind to that.

Feed me!

It is coming from the container

of interwoven strips.

Give me that basket!

Feed me!


What's a cute little
Marshmallow Ducky.

Feed me!

Aw! The poor thing is starving.

And you've been keeping him
locked up in a cage

this whole time?


Let me explain.

You monster!

Explain it to the dark,
featureless void.

You don't understand!

You're safe now, buddy.

Come on. Let's get you
something to eat.

Feed me! Feed me!

What do Marshmallow
Duckies eat anyway?

Oh, how about we feed him
some of them good strawberries?


It makes marshmallow versions
of whatever it eats?


That's weird...

...but delicious.

These are actually really good.

Mm-mm-mm. They're so sweet, yo.

So much better
than those nasty eggs.

Feed me! Feed me!

Aw! You still hungry,
little buddy?

Come on. Let's see
what else we can

turns into Marshmallowy

Wow, he sure growed up.

Well, we're officially
out of food.

Guess the party's over.

Feed me!

Hm. I'll check the toaster.

People are always leaving
bread in there.

Argh! That one time.

No, duckie. Don't eat that!

Mm. It's good.

This opens the whole new realm
of the possibilities.

Marshmallow couch.

Marshmallow TV.

Marshmallow pretty,
pretty Pegasus!

Marshmallow arm!


Marshmallow Blaster
coming at you.


Marshmallow ducky
is so much better
than Easter Bunny.

And look.

He is the full grown now.

That's right.


Big buddy!



Regurgitate the friends, Ducky!

- Oh, no, you didn't.
- Wait.

We're no match for it.

You have to get
the Easter Bunny.

Ugh, really?
But he's so creepy.

He's the only one who'll know
what to do.



- Easter Bunny.
- Raven!

You're back to save
little old me from the void.

It's an Easter miracle!

Uh, right. Listen.

We fed Marshmallow Ducky
too much,

and now he's completely
out of control.

I was afraid of this.

That is why I had him
caged up, you know.

I don't get it.

He seems so... sweet.

Hm. He wasn't always
a bad ducky.

He used to be my partner.

Back in the day, we formed
a unique bond,

because we both had
a talent and a passion

for creating Easter magic.

It wasn't long before
we got good enough

to take our show on the road.

We wanted to spread
Easter joy to all the world.

Who wants some Easter egg?

And how about
some marshmallow treats?

Yep. We were
quite the team.

We ended up touring
the entire country.

But as time passed,

the fame started to go
to Ducky's little head.

I've been thinking, Bunny.

For the next town, I say
we only give 'em marshmallows.

Well, but what about
my little eggy-wedgies, mm?

Listen, the eggs are okay.

But the people are
all about my marshmallows.

Now feed me!

He was so full of himself,

and I put up with it.

He was Marshmallow Ducky
after all!

And the people loved him.

Feed me.

Feed me more!

But then...

the incident happened.

Ducky, no!

Nobody likes you,
and your nasty eggs.

It was always
about marshmallows.



Ducky had gone too far.

I had to use my Easter magic
against him.

I'll have my revenge.

I'll turn the whole world
into marshmallow...

It ended our partnership,

but it saved the world.

Now Ducky is out there again,

threatening to turn the world
into marshmallow.

Only Easter magic
can defeat him.

But he's much bigger now
than he was before.

We're gonna need
twice the Easter magic.

What do you say...



Sure, whatever.


We're gonna make
the bestest team ever.

But first,
you're gonna need a bit

of Easter magic!

Happy Easter, everyone.

Now let's do this.


Someone's been a bad ducky.

Huh. You can't
stop me now, buddy.

I'm too powerful!

Maybe not by myself,
but I've got a new partner.


Activate Mega-bunny.


Egg canon blast.

Explosive egg rocket!

Egg-stream egg-mallet.

The eggy-weggies aren't working.

Your pathetic eggs are no match

for my marshmallowy goodness!

Prepare for a marshmallow
ice blast.

Ugh, what a sticky
mess we're in.

I can't even move my
little hands and feet.

It's not over yet.

We just need some Easter magic.

Do as I do, and repeat after me.

Tum, tum bunny rub.

Tum, tum bunny rub.

Tum, tum bunny rub!

We's alive, yo!

Thank you for saving us.

What can we ever do
to repay you?


I can think of something.

♪ Hop, hop, hop
I lay my little eggs ♪

♪ Hop, hop, hop
And then I hide my eggs ♪

♪ Hop, hop, hop Oh,
won't you find my eggs ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp
Yes, eat my little eggs ♪

♪ Yummy yum, Yummy yum
Yummy yum, Yummy yum ♪

Happy Easter, everyone.