Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 61 - I Am Chair - full transcript

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

We're going to the fancy mall!

Fancy mall!
Fancy mall! Fancy mall!

What's up. Robin?
Don't like chanting?

I love chanting.
It's regimented talking.

What I don't like...
is the mall.

It stresses me out.

Yo, but this ain't just a mall.

It's a fancy mall.

It's just like a regular mall,

but it's got a
cool glass elevator.


And rides, yo!

Mall train!

Super fancy.

And the skincare kiosk
with the samples

which are the free!


Yeah. What's not to like?

Oh, I don't know.


Especially the parking.

Parking is basically
just the first ride.

Fancy mall!

Fancy mall! Fancy mall!

I take it back! Chanting is
a waking nightmare.

- Ooh, a spot.
- Where?


Fancy mall!
Fancy mall! Fancy...

Titans, stay focused.

Buy what you need to buy,
then let's...


Mall train!

All aboard!

We're not even going anywhere!

Hey, what's you talking about?

He's going round and round
in a tiny circle, yo.

Fancy mall!

Okay, Rob-dog,

just stay cool. Relax.
You got this.

Elevator going up!

Why is this is taking so long?

It's just one floor.

It's so you can enjoy the view.

Argh... Get me out of here.

Fancy mall!

Fancy mall! Fancy mall!

And Robin, would you like
to try the free sample?

Ah! Uh, no.
Thank you.

- I...
- Sample!

Oh, look, the sample!

- Stop!
- The sample that is free!

The sample that is free,
free, free! The sample!

I think I'm allergic.






Um... Let's see.

Hey. Ooh...

What? Hey!

What? One five-minute demo
per person?

No! I need it again!

You can't take it away from me!

Robin, are you the okay?

For a moment,
I was so much more
than the okay.

For a moment I was...
I was... relaxed.

And now I'll never feel
that good again.

Going home!
Going home! Going home!

...living room...



Good morning.

Man, it's ten o'clock
in the morning.

Ugh, that's barely a time
that exists, yo.

I stayed up all night thinking.

Uh... What's happening?

And I've made
a very important decision.

Gather, friends,
and feast your eyes on...

You bought a massage chair?

No one's ever bought
a massage chair.

You just sit in it
at the mall
until you get kicked out.

I didn't buy a massage chair.

I bought the Externity TX-9.

Ooh. I wants to try.

You don't just sit in the chair.

You do not?

Not until you fully
understand the chair.

I stayed up all night
doing research.

It's the best massage chair
on the market.

It's got premium
artisan leather crafted

from sustainable markets.

Also, "S" track massage rollers.

The "S" means that
the massage track

follows the sinusoidal
curve of the spine.

As opposed to the "L" track
and the "R" track,

which are...
vastly inferior.

Now, if you'll allow me
to demonstrate.

So... anyone hungry?

- Yeah, but I ain't
got no money.
- Yeah, I'm broke.

I, too, am lacking
in the currency.

Robin? Yo, Robin?

We's going to order pizza

and a whole bunch of things
on your credit card.

Is that cool?

Buy whatever you want.

Chill Robin is the coolest.

Who's ready for some T-Rex Tag?

I love T-Rex Tag.

Those tiny little arms.

Let's plug this baby in.

Ugh. We're out of sockets.

Then unplug something.


I'm not Robin.

I am chair.

Well, this seems not good.

After years of sitting and wait,

I've finally found the one
who's stress levels

are powerful enough
to awaken me.

Release the friend Robin.

Sorry, lady bro.
But I can't.

I have to awaken my brothers
and begin the great relaxing.


Where did they go?

I think I have an idea.

Robin? What are you the doing?

I shall awaken my brothers.

Together we will
fulfill our destiny

and alleviate
the city of its stress.

Rise, my bros.

Ah, the premium artisan leather.

It feels so good
against my skin.

The "S" track
-and 4
-D massage rollers.

We have awakened.

The great relaxing is at hand.

Let us go forth
and spread relaxation.



The great relaxing is complete.

We can finally relax in a world
that is stress free.

Looks like our hosts

have reached
ultimate relaxation.

Our job here is done.