Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 56 - BBRAEBDAY - full transcript

Raven's "demon side" has the same birthday as Beast Boy, so the Titans travel to Azarath to celebrate her 'Sinister Sixteen'.

[bird crowing]

[cat meowing, mouse squeaking]

[elephant trumpeting,
lion roaring]

♪ Go!

Opening theme playing...

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

[dance music playing]

♪ Today's my b-day
Is my me-day ♪

♪ My party-day

Happy birthday, dude.

We love celebrating
the triple b-day.

What a great idea it was

to have it
on the roof this year.

[all cheering]

[Robin] Celebration!

Ain't nothing gonna ruin
my b-day this year.

- [rumbling]
- Huh?

[thunder rumbles]

- [horn hoots]
- [people scream]

Hey, looks. Even Trigon
showed up to celebrate my b-day.

What's up, Big T?

What? I'm not here for
your pathetic birthday party.

I'm here to take my little
sweetie home so we can celebrate

her birthday party.

- [all gasp]
- No way, mama.

It's your birthday too?

That's correct. Raven's
demon side is turning

16,000 years old today.

So I'm throwing her
a sinister 16 party.


Absolutely not.

Ooh. That sounds
the delightful.

No, Star. Sinister 16 parties
are hardly the delightful.

In fact, they're
notorious for turning

teenage girls into
horrible, spoiled monsters.

Come on, Raven.
It can't be that bad.

Plus, we never
get to celebrate you.

Yeah. Come to think of it, we
celebrated Beast Boy's birthday,

Starfire's birthday,
Robin's fake birthday,

Birdarang's birthday,
Beast Boy's birthday

and a whole mess
of other dummies.

Except for you, Ray.

It is time to celebrate
the friend Raven.

- [dance music playing]
- [all cheering]

Not happening.

Come on, my little dumpling.

A sinister 16 party is an important
part of every young demon's life.

And don't forget about
your magical birthday wish.

[gasps] Magical birthday wish?

Yes. When you make a wish
on an Azarathian birthday cake,

that wish actually comes true.

[all gasp]

Girl, you'd be crazy
to pass up a magic candle.

Think about it, Raven.

If we go to Azarath, you can
wish for anything in the universe.

Yo, T, it's my birthday too.

You thinks I can get in
on one of them magic wishes?

Of course you can.

Oh, snap. Forget the roof
party. We gots to go to Azarath.

Mmm. I don't know.

The emotional powers in play
at a sinister 16 party are intense.

We'll make sure you keep them
emotions in check, mama. Please.

- I needs that wish.
- But...

Please. Oh, please. Oh,
please. Oh, please. Oh, please.

Ugh. Fine. If you stop
being pathetic we can go.

- [all cheering]
- [Cyborg] Yeah, baby!

♪ I'm gonna get my B-day wish

Sinister 16 party, here we come!

[all cheering]

[snaps fingers]

- [bus honks]
- [driver trills]

[airhorn honking]

[all] Pop the door!

You rented a party bus?

No expense is spared for
my little Raven's sinister 16.

Huh, little Raven, Raven, Raven?


[horn honking]

[driver trills]

Oh, Beast Boy, what are
you gonna wish for, anyway?

Ooh. I know what
you should wish for.

A leg press machine, so we
can all strengthen our glutes.

- Or you could wish for the exotic house kitty.
- [hisses]

I think you should wish for
a team vacation to Mypos.

You know, that sweet island
Balki was from on Perfect Strangers.

Na, son. Imma wish
for a red bicycle.

Just like the one I had
when I was a kid, yo.

- [sighs] I loved that bike so much.
- [bike bell dinging]

My rich neighbor
tried to buy it from me,

but I told him I wouldn't sell it
for all the money in the world.

But one day, while I was cruising the mall,
my bike got stolen.

Ever since that day, I've wished
that me and my bike would be reunited.

And now that's
we're going to Azarath,

it looks like that wish will
be finally coming true, yo.

Wow, Beast Boy. Talk
about a garbage wish.

Dude, you can ask for anything,
and all you want is a stupid bicycle?

Also, that wasn't even a
bicycle. It had three wheels.

It is clearly the waste of the
perfectly good birthday wish.

No, it ain't.

- [driver trills]
- [in song-song] We're here.

Everybody out.

[horn honks]

[all exclaiming happily]

- What a cool house.
- Suburbs.

Time for the birthday girl
to put on her party dress.

Seriously, Dad? You
know that I hate pink.

Oops. Okay. Okay. Purple it is.

No! I want it black!


Easy, mama. You looks
dope now. Don't stress it.

[sighs] Sorry. I don't
know what got into me.

Hello, hello. Look who's
home. It's the birthday girl.

[all cheering]

This is Raven's grandmother.

Oh, my badness.
You have grown so much.

- My little Rachel.
- Thanks, Nana.

Trigontholomew, did you
pick up my Epsom salts?

No, Mother. I forgot.

Oh, you can enslave
an entire dimension,

but you can't pick up
your mother's Epsom salts.

You know I got the granny legs.
Feet getting all swole.



And you all remember
Raven's brothers.

Hello. May I join you
on the foot, little ones?


And over here,
we have Uncle Grim.

[chuckles awkwardly] Very nice
to meet you... [gulps] ...Mr. Grim.

- [bell tolls]
- [laughing]

Now, you cut that out, Grim.

This is a party. You
leave your work at home.

-[snaps fingers] -[gasping]
What happened? Where am I?

Okay, everyone.

It is now time
for the daddy-daughter dance.

No way. I am not
dancing with you.

But I've brushed up
on all the latest dance crazes.

I can do the camel walk, the
funky chicken and the stanky leg.

- Woo! Terrible. Just terrible.
- [all laughing]

You got two left hooves, boy.
You did not get that from me.

- Not helping, Mother.
- Dad, you're embarrassing me.

Friend Raven,
you must do the relaxing.

Your father may have
the moves of the lameness,

but he is just trying
to show you that he cares.


- Hit it, boys.
- [playing dance music]

See, Raven? Dancing with
your old man isn't so bad.

Yeah. [grunts] Let's
shake them tail feathers, yo.

Would you care to dance?

Ooh. Aah.
I thought you'd never ask.

Girl's got some moves.

Mother, we have guests.

Ooh. Mr. Grim, you are
quite the talented dancer.

[clears throat] Excuse me.
The lady is with me.

[bell tolls]

Grim, what I say?
You leave that boy alone.

[Grim growls deeply]

- [snaps fingers]
- [gasps] I'm okay!

Well, that was fun.
Time to open your presents.

This one is from your uncle.

[smells] Ugh.
Smells like death.

I hate it.

Easy now. It's the
thought that counts. Right?

And this one is from
me and your nana.

We made it ourselves.

Ooh. A raggedy old blanket.

This is exactly
what I did not want!

That took a millennium to make.

I hate all my presents.
They're so lame.

Why didn't you get me something
cool, like a pretty Pegasus?

[sputtering] Why didn't
you say so?

[gibbering incantation]



I told you I hate pink!

I think the friend Raven
is starting to lose the cool.

If this party goes on any longer,
she's going to lose control completely.

I know.

But we's almost
to the part where

we gets to make
our birthday wishes.

♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ Happy birthday
Raven and Beast Boy ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you

I wish that I was all-powerful,

so that I could destroy everyone
and have whatever I want!


[laughing maniacally]


[all gasp]

Oh, they grow up so fast.

[Raven roars]

You have to
shut this party down.

It's literally turned
Raven into a spoiled monster.

Of course it has.

That's the whole point
of a sinister 16 party.

My little Raven
has finally come of age.

So proud of you, honey.


Titans, it's up to
us to stop her.

But she is the unstoppable.

[driver trills]

Her sixteen-ish self-centeredness
has made her way too powerful.


Happy birthday to me.

[all screaming]

Oh, man.

I wish we never went
to this stupid party.

That's it. Beast Boy, you can
use your birthday wish to end this.


But what about my bicycle?

Forget about the bicycle,
man. Just make the wish. [yelps]


Save us, Beast Boy.

I wish...


[tape rewinding]

[dance music playing]

We're back!

And everything's back to normal.

[all cheering]

[sighs] I'm sorry, guys.

I can't believe how quickly that
party turned me into a monster.

And, Beast Boy, I'm sorry that you had
to give up your bicycle wish to save us.

What you talking about?
My bicycle's right here.

- [bell dings]
- Ah! What did you do to me?

I wished for everything
to go back to normal

and for Robin to be transformed
into my long-lost bicycle.

- Ding, ding.
- [bell dings]

[groans] What a garbage wish.

I gots to go now.
See y'all next time.

- Whee...
- [bell dinging]


Well, okay, then.