Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 40 - Bucket List - full transcript

The Titans give Starfire a bucket list of activities to accomplish.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go



Man, why you bringing
alligators up in this house?

I had to cross off

another life-enriching

from my bucket list.

Shirtless alligator wrestling.

So satisfying.

Oh, I also have the bucket list.

The water bucket,

the sand bucket,

and the bucket
for the milking of the cow.

One day, I will own
these buckets.

Until then, I dream.

Star, a bucket list

is a list of experiences

a person wants to have

before they kick the bucket.

Who would be so cruel to
the defenseless milk buckets?

No, Star, he means croak.

Like the frog?

Nah, you know, like...

six feet under.

But I only have the two feets.

It means dead, yo.

I see.

And you all have these lists

of pre-mortality?

You knows it.

I wants to eat
all kinds of food.

I want to see
all kinds of places.

Meet Tom Selleck,
touch his moustache.

That's it.

Completing a bucket list

is the only way to ensure

that your existence
has any value at all.

But I thought the life value

came from the warm relationships

with the dear friends.

Girl, you are so wrong.

If you wants your life
to have meanings,

you gots to complete
a list of experiences

and activities, yo.

But I do not know
how to compile such a list.

No problem, you can just
get one off the Internet.

Uh-huh! Uh-huh!

Mmm-hmm! Oh, yeah!

This is a good mix
of fear-conquering activities

and sentimental garbage.

Quality bucket list right there.

But, I do not wish
to do any of this.

It doesn't matter.

You have to complete the list

or your life
will be meaningless.

The task is the daunting.

Don't worry.

We'll help you finish the list
before you kick the bucket.

Titans, go!

Do Starfire's bucket list.

Climbing a mountain

is the best way to start
your bucket list.

But it is...

the so very cold

and the so very miserable.

Don't forget dangerous.

Then why are we doing the it?

Because the experience

will be worth it
when you're old.

You can say you did the thing

that most peoples hasn't done.

Let's move, Titans.

Oh! Ow!

Beast Boy!

We must abandon the summit

and save him.


If we do,

we won't be able to cross this
off your bucket list.

But he is our friend.


I could use a little help.

Star, do you want friends
or experiences

that will make you feel
superior to your peers?

The friends?


To the summit.

Congratulations, Starfire.

You are now one step closer

to a meaningful life.


Okay, Star,

everyone has a dream
of doing standup comedy.

I have the flies of the butter

in all nine of my stomachs.

Don't worry about it, Star.

We've got you.

Just read these

and get ready for the laughs.

Yo, I got them jokes.

Here is one.

What you call a dog with no leg?

What do you call 'em?

You calls it a dog.

Don't matter if it got legs,

it's still a dog, fool.

Do the Family Matters joke.

You all seen Family Matters?

Man, that Steve Urkel
was just some regular nerd,

but then all of a sudden,

he's making clones
and time machines.

It's unbelievable, right?

I mean, come on.

It's true!

It's so true.

One of the most
important things
on the bucket list

is making a difference
in a child's life.

Now that sounds like

the worthy life-affirming goal.

But I do not currently have
the human larva in my life.

We got you covered.

Where did this baby come from?

Don't worry about it.

The important thing is

you can make
a difference in her life.

There is so much to do.

The changing of
the poop-catching pants,

the feeding of
the smooshed vegetables,

the reading of the upsetting
bedtime fairy tales.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

You ain'ts trying to be
a mama to this baby,

you just gots
to make a difference.

But how am I
to make the difference

in such a short time?


When I's was a young 'un,

alls I wanted was some candy.

We need to sign her up
for beauty pageants

to help with her confidence.

I say we leave her
on Batman's doorstep

so he can raise her
to fight crime

instead of experiencing
the joys of childhood.


Be free, little one.

Be free.

Hey, you made a difference
in the life of a child.

You kept us
from screwing her up.


Now you gets to
check it off your list.

I have done the mark checking,

but my life still has
the meaning hole.

That's because
we're just getting started.

Okay, Star,

this is the last item
on your bucket list.

And after
I have knitted this scarf,

my meaning hole
will finally be the filled?


You did it.

Now cross off
that danged bucket list

once and for all.

Friends, I feel no different.

Perhaps I was the correct.

The life value is only formed

from the warm relationships

with the dear friends.

Woman, are you crazy?

You can't cross
a warm relationship off a list!

But I completed the list,

and then nothing has happened.

I am the Bucket Lord!


I think that's the bucket

that stole my girl
during the war.

I was stationed in France.



I have come to inform you

that according to bucket law,

you have finished
the sacred list,

officially rendering
your life complete.

You may now,
uh, kick the bucket.

But I do not wish to kick you.

You must,

for your list is complete.

Kick it good, Star!

But... I was merely looking

for the life meaning.

Oh... well...

You find that through friends,

not some stupid list.

Now, in accordance
with ancient bucket law,

if you will not kick me,

I will kick you!

Back off,
you open-top container.

We didn't waste our entire lives

making sure Starfire
didn't waste hers.



My back.

It is over.
Prepare to be kicked.

It does not have to be this way,

bucket friend.


I... have no friends.

Executing bucket law
is my sole purpose.

That's some sad business
right there.

We will be the friends to you.


Well, how wonderful.

I've never had a friend before.

Thank you, Titans,

for showing me
there is more to life

than bucket kicking.


The friends, old and the new,

are truly the meaning of life.

Speaking of kicking buckets...

This is for stealing my girl!

Beast Boy, no!