Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 42 - Kryptonite - full transcript

When Robin explains that knowing your weakness makes you a better superhero, Starfire journeys to find hers.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Spin attack. Dash! Dash!

Tiger punch! Dash!

Super Combo Kick!
Dash! Dash! Dash!

Dude! Cool it with the dashes.

You are gonna hurt yourself.

Dash! Puma punch! Dash!

Dash! Dash!

I stubbed my toe!

Dude done dash too much.


Ugh! Can I get
a little sympathy?

Toe stubbing is
my superhero weakness.

Superhero weakness?

I thought the heroes who are
the super had no weaknesses.

Oh, Star, all
superheroes have a weakness.

Case in point, Superman.

Greatest superhero of all time.
And yet,

a simple space rock
called Kryptonite

can take him down lickety-split.

My weakness on the other hand

is stubbing my toe.

That ain't your
only weakness, bro.

My man's got weaknesses
for days.

Paper cuts, runny noses,
tummy aches,

heavy gusts of wind.

Anything too hot,

too cold,
anything over five pounds.

Bees, spicy foods,

Charley horses, mosquito bites,

athlete's foot, rug burns,

I get it!

I have lots of weaknesses.

But I'm okay with that.

What's important is
that I know what
my weaknesses are.

Knowing your weakness
makes you a better superhero.

Do all of you know
your weaknesses?

Sure we does, mama.

My only weakness be
one of them doggie cones.


My only weakness
is packing peanuts.


My only weakness is
Steel Magnolias.

Oh no!

Somebody stole all
my steel magnolias.


Just thinking about that movie
makes me want to break down

and, and... Ooh! Oh I can't...

Here come the waterworks. Oh!

Julia Roberts...

Oh, man! She was just...

Her whole life was ahead of her.

Her whole life!

What about you, mama?

What's your Kryptonite?

Hmm. I can the fly.

I can shoot the lasers.

I can run the faster than
the light.

It is as if I only
have the strengths.

Oh, this is awful.

If I do not know my weakness,

I am lacking as the superhero.

Don't worry, mama Star.

We's gonna help you figure out
what your weakness be.

Maybe she's got one of those

dumb and obscure
superhero weaknesses.

Oh, you mean like Green Lantern?

That dude's only weakness is

the color yellow.

I do not mind the yellow.

Oh, my eyes!

It's too bright, it burns!

How can yellow be
one of your weaknesses?

You got yellow in your costume.

That don't even make sense.

Superhero weaknesses
don't have to make sense.

Look at the Flash.

He can run super-fast,

and his only weakness is
running super-fast.

Maybe I am like the Flash
and also do not make the sense.

It is not the so.

Girl! Did you just run
around the world, girl?

More importantly, did you
bring us back, souvenirs?

Yes, and also, yes.

Here are the silks
from the China.

I'm allergic to silk!

Robin, stop hogging
all the superhero weaknesses.

Hmm. Maybe you have
Mister Mxyzptlk's weakness?

Hearing your name
pronounced backwards.



Maybe Star just don't
gots a weakness.

Don't be ridiculous.

All superheroes have a weakness.

Then, maybe I am not
the superhero after all.

Don't say that, mama.

You're the superest
superheroest hero I knows.

Thank you, Beast Boy.

But without the knowledge
of my weakness

I will always feel
the inadequate.

Hmm. There is
one person who can help.

Kalzar, The Wizard Of Weakness.

The Wizard of what, now?

The Wizard Of Weakness.

When it comes to weaknesses,
he knows all.

Then, I shall go to
meet this Kalzar Wizard.

It's an arduous journey.

You'll have to endure
the frozen tundra

and reach the top
of Mount Achilles

before the full moon sets
below the highest peak.

That sounds the easy.

Now I must go
for I will travel
quickest by myself.

Count us in. Titans, go!

Discover Starfire's weakness.

Are you certain
this would not be

the faster if I went on my own,

and also the less
dangerous for you?

Don't be ridiculous, Star.

Anything below 65 degrees

may be one of my
superhero weaknesses,

but that won't stop me from...

It's just a little frostbite.

It looks like you're gonna
have to carry me

the rest of the way.

I have the worries
that we are not going to

- make it in the time.
- I know, right?

Especially since we need to
finish this snowman first.

Don't worry, Star.

We already gots
the good button nose

and them eyes made out of coal.

All we needs is the magic hat
to complete the look.

Ooh! Where did I put
that magic hat?

There is no magic hat!


Let us continue the journey

without the
additional distractions.

Uh! Ah! Uh, Star?

What is it now, Beast Boy?

Oh, I gots to go
pee-pee real bads!


Go the pee-pee.




That's not it.

Nah! No, no, no.

Nope. Nah.


Whoo! Yes!

The hindrances and impediments
have gone on the long enough.

I will complete
the journey on my own.

I am the the great Kalzar.

I can reveal your weakness.

But, take heed,
for some things
are better left unknown.

Do you still wish to know?

Yes, of course.

Flashy Flash Flu
and Bing Bang Boo!

I know your weakness,

now you shall too.

Your weakness is...

your friends.


But how could the people
I most care about
be my weakness?

Because they hold you back.

You could have been
here hours ago

if they didn't insist on
coming along.

They only slow you down.

But they are my friends.

You can be amazing without them.

A queen, an empress.

An all-powerful demi-god!

- Oh, boy!
- We made it. We're here.

Did you find out your weakness?

Yes. It is the all of you.


How can we be your weakness?

Because you're holding her back
from her true power.

What? That be a lie.

I'll take you out,
you dumb, lying wizard!

Stop it.

Cut it out! I'm warning you!

You infinitesimal fools

will pay for your insolence.

I think we irritated him.

Titans, go!

The cone!

You're no match for me.

I know all of your weaknesses.

Azarath metrion...


I got this!

Oh, no! Not the cemetery scene!

It's so sad!

Oh, Robin.

The most difficult Titan of all.

Because of my amazing skills?


Because you have
so many weaknesses.

I just don't know
which one to choose.

Untied shoelaces!

See how weak and pathetic
your friends are?

No one calls the friends of
mine the weak and the pathetic.

The love I have for my friends
is not the weakness at all.

It is in actuality,
the greatest of my strengths.

Titans, turn your
greatest weakness

into your greatest strength.

No, do not listen to her.

This is what I call
packing a punch.

This one's for you, Shelby.


My only weakness!

Looks like we are not the
only ones with the weakness.

Oh, ho, ho! Nice one!

Guys, wait up!