Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 39 - Ghost With The Most - full transcript

When the Halloween Spirit is kidnapped, the Titans must team up with Beetlejuice to save the holiday.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Nice carving, bro.

This is going to be
the best Halloween ever.

Oh, no.

All of our hard work
has the ruined.

I told you

not to buy them
cheap decorations, fool.

It's not just
the decorations. Look.

It's like Halloween
has suddenly lost its spirit.

Well, there's only
one way to find out.

I'll summon the Halloween
spirit and get some answers.

A witch's eye, a dragon's scale,

a mummy's hand, a goblin's tail.

And some melted candy corn.

We summon you,
O great Halloween spirit.

Nothing's happening, yo!

Halloween spirit
must be missing.

And if we don't find it soon,

Halloween will be gone forever.

We can't let that happen.

Give me that book.

There's gots to be
something in here

that can help us save Halloween.

"Is your Halloween ruined?

Need help?

Call the Ghost with the most.

Call Beetlejuice."



Hey, there, folks.

How are ya? Good to see ya.

You mind holding this for me?

Boy, am I hungry.

Being dead will do that to you.

Could I get any grub
around here?

Oh! Here we go.

Spit him out!

Right the now.

What? What?

The Silkie is not the snack.

The fine.

I shouldn't eat crabs anyway,
they give me terrible gas.

Oh, man,

can you believe this guy?

Yo, this dude be hilarious, yo.

You think that's funny?

Check this out.

- You like it?
- Listen, Beetlejuice...

Whoa, whoa.
Easy with the B-word.

If you say it
three times in a row,

you'll banish me for good.

And nobody wants that.

We're looking
for the Halloween spirit.

Do you think you can help us?

Uh, wait a minute.


Don't you think finding that
ad was a little too convenient?

I mean, do you really think
we can trust this guy?

What? Of course you
can trust me.

Look. We wear the same clothes.

And have the same bad breath.


I know where you can find
your missing Halloween spirit.

- You do?
- Sure, sure.

You see, lost spirits always
end up in one place.

The Netherworld.

That sounds simple enough,
think you can take us there?

Oh, gee. I don't know.
I'm a very busy ghost.

I'm doing a show on Broadway,

I'm planning a trip to Hawaii.

And I just got engaged
to Winona Ryder.

Please, Beetlejuice.

Yeah, come on, Beetlejuice.

Okay, okay.

I'll take you, just stop

using the B-word.

Now let's see here.

I just got to draw a door...


Off we go.

Oops. Almost forgot.

If you want to enter
the Netherworld,

first, you gotta die.


- Wow.
- Wow.

chee-chee, yeah!

All aboard
the Netherworld Express.

Come on.

Let's get this train a-rollin'!

Attention, ladies and gentlemen.

This is your conductor speaking.

If you look
to the right of our train,

you'll see the Dead Sea.


And on the left
is Deadman's Gulch.



And just ahead is a dead end!

Beetlejuice, do something!

Listen to me,
everything is under control.

As soon as I find
the right button.

Ow! Ah! Ouch!


I told you I had it
under control.


will you just get us to the
lost spirits room, already?

What? Don't get
your tights all in a bunch.

The last spirits room
is in there.

But first, we're gonna
have to do something

about those guards.

If only there was a way
we could strike past them.

Hey. You just gave me
a great idea, babe.

It's show time.

♪ Day-o

- ♪ Day - ♪ Me say day-o

♪ Daylight come
And me wan' go home ♪

♪ Day, me say day
Me say day, me say day ♪

♪ Daylight come
And me wan' go home ♪

♪ A beautiful bunch
O' ripe banana ♪

♪ Daylight come
And me wan' go home ♪

♪ Hide the deadly
Black tarantula ♪

♪ Daylight come
And me wan' go home ♪

♪ Hey, six foot, seven foot
Eight foot punch ♪

♪ Daylight come
And me wan' go home ♪

♪ Six foot, seven foot
Eight foot punch ♪

♪ Daylight come
And me wan' go home ♪

Which door leads
to the lost spirits room?

You know what? I can't remember,
they all look the same.

They should put, like, special
markings on these doors.

Fan out.

The Halloween spirit has got
to be around here somewhere.

Maybe these people can help us.

Whoa. We don't want anything
to do with those deadbeats.

Oh. Hey, Dad.


I owe that guy money.

Weird. What is that thing, yo?

Sand worms! I hate 'em.

Look out!

Ray-Ray, your pops!

Eh, he'll be fine.

Friends, over here.

I have found the room
we are looking for.

It appears to be locked.

Relax, babe.

All we have to do is scare
the pants off that janitor

and steal his keys.

But we ain't goods
at scaring people.

Are you forgetting?

You're dead now,
which means you can make

yourself look as scary
as you want.

Sorry for hurting you,
by the way.

We 'bout to put
the boo is boo-ya.

How do we look?

Not bad, not bad.

- Ooh, my turn.
- No. No need.

Your face is gross enough
as it is.

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Pretty accurate.

Robin is super ugly.

Now, go get that key.

Excuse me, sir.

May we please borrow your keys?

Ooh-hoo, nice work, Robin.

That's right, yo. Ha, ha!

Ain't no face uglier than yours.


Anybody have eyes
on the Halloween spirit?

I do not see it the anywhere.

Why don't you all just
lean in for a better look?

A little more.


Hey, what you think
you're doing, bro?

Isn't it obvious?

I'm double-crossing you.

So it was you who kidnapped
the Halloween spirits?

What? Ah, bricks for brains.

I've got to spell
it out for you?

Of course I did.

And now that I've got
you fools trapped down here,

no one will be able to stop me
from taking over Halloween.

We trusted you.

Here's a tip, hotshot,
never trust a dead guy.

Later, losers.

We've got to get out of here

and save Halloween.

Titans, go!

It is the no use.

We's gonna be
stuck here forever.

No windows, no doors,
no nothing.

How are we ever gonna
get out of here?

That's it. We'll draw a door.

Oh, no. This is the horrible.


Hey there, folks,

welcome to my haunted
Halloween festival.

Yes, siree, we've got plenty
of things to do.

Bobbing for apples...

...pumpkin carving,

and so much candy,
it'll rot your teeth.

You're finished, Beetlejuice!

Hand over the Halloween spirit.

What did I tell you

about saying the B-word?




Give it up, will ya?

There's no way
I'm letting you say my name

three times.

I know three others words that'll stop you.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos.


Nice job, Raven.

Now it's time to put
the spirit back into Halloween.

Lousy Titans.

Oh, hey pal.

Listen, uh, about
that money I owe you.

Hey, hey.
Hey, what are you doing?

Stop that! Whoa, whoa!

Oh, man. Not again!