Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 30 - The Night Begins to Shine 2: You're The One - Chapter One: Mission to Find the Lost Stems - full transcript

The elderly Titans decide to take one last trip to the world of Night Begins to Shine, only to encounter a new villain ruling the land, Ultralak.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

So, this is it.

The city is finally tearing
down the old tower.

I can't believe
that after tomorrow,

there won't be anything left.

It all went by so quickly.

Like the blink of the eye.

Y'all want to take
one last look around?

Would you look at this place?

It hasn't changed a bit.

Yet I do not recall so many
of the unpleasant odors.

Oy vey. That was me.

I've been eating a lot of fiber

on the account of
my poor digestion.

Did you hear that?

I already said it was me!

Not that, you dummy. Listen.

I don't hear anything.

Me neither.

There it is again.

I think it's coming
from the couch.

Well, I'll be...

It's my old B.E.R. mix tape.

What's a B.E.R.?

isn't that the local ice cream store?

It's the name of the band
that created a magic melody.

I'm more of a mint
chocolate chip man myself.

I'm not talking about ice cream!

I'm talking
about the magical song

written and performed

by Carl Burnett,
Franklin Enea and William J. Regan,

also known as B.E.R.,

that could transport us
to an alternate dimension.

Wait. Wait. Are you saying
we aren't getting ice cream?

We should go back.

For old times' sake.

That's a young man's game,

We're too old for popular music.

We might be old,
but music is forever.

- Fine, we'll go. -00.

We do not wish to be late
for the meal of the supper.

Booyah, skaboosh!

Prepare to enter a
world of music and magic.

No, darn it!

It's been a while
since I used it.

Hang on.

There we go.

The night begins to shine!

Whoa! How's this possible?

Music has the power
to transform you.

Friends, look.

The mighty Sweet has fallen.



I'm sorry.

If we hadn't
been away so long...

Do not be the hard on yourself.

It wasn't your fault.

Any idea what
could have done this?

Something more
powerful than anything

we've ever faced before.

The twin moons shine upon us,

for the heroes of
old have returned.


What an honor it is to meet you,
dragon slayer.

You've heard of us?

Everyone knows of your
heroic deeds from the legends,

passed down for generations.

Hear that? We be legendary, yo.

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Baxtory,
the leader of this tribe.

maybe you can tell us what's going on?

It would be my great pleasure.

Soon after
your defeat of the dragon,

B.E.R. returned to the heavens.

They left us Sweet to
guard over our planet.

There were eons of
peace and prosperity

across our lands.

But all of that ended

the day our guardian
Sweet was attacked

and destroyed by the
dark wizard Ultralak.

He spread his evil
across the land.

Ultralak conquered the world

and outlawed the one
thing we cherished the most,


Our only hope was the
return of the great heroes

and the dragon slayer himself.

And here you are.

But why would anyone
want to outlaw music?

silence is the one true power.

All music must be destroyed.


I order you to give
me that song at once.

- Never!
- You cannot stop the music.

Music transcends all of us.

Even you.

You dare defy me.

We won't allow you
to silence the music.

Then you shall be destroyed.

I don't know how much longer

I can hold them off.

We have to retreat.

No! We have to stop
Ultralak at all costs.

Come on, bro.

We'll lose today,
but we can still fight tomorrow.

No retreat. No surrender.



It's over. Surrender.

Never! Ahhh!

Can't give up.
Won't give up. Ahhh!


You're willing to throw away
your life for some silly music.

A life without music
isn't a life worth living.

So be it.



- No! - No!

Quickly. We must leave!

Do not let them escape.


Welcome to the Resistance.

Here, we work tirelessly

to protect our
music from Ultralak.

Don't touch that,
fool! It belonged to Cyborg!

But we can turn it
into weapons and instruments

to help our cause.

This is all we have
left of our friend.

Now back off.

I cannot believe our dear
friend Cyborg is the gone.

I miss him already.

Ultralak is gonna
pay for what he did!

Tell us how we
can take him down.

There is only
one way to defeat Ultralak.

And it's detailed
inside this melody.

Long ago,
the three members of B.E.R.

combined their musical energies

to create a song filled
with limitless power.

But it wasn't long
before they began to fear

what might happen if
their creation ever fell

into the clutches of evil.

So they divided the song
into three separate stems

and hid them across the land.

You must find these
stems before Ultralak does,

and summon B.E.R.,

for only a member of the band

can wield the power of the song.

Here. This relic will
guide you on your journey.

Quickly. You must escape.

Going somewhere?

We're trapped!

And now you will suffer
the same fate as your friend.

You can destroy us, Ultralak,

but you'll never
destroy the music!

Music has the power
to transform!

Such poetic last words.

Stay away from my friends.



You may have destroyed my body,

but you can't destroy my soul!

I cannot believe you are alive,

Right before

Ultralak was about
to finish me off,

I transferred my consciousness

to the computer
onboard this motorcycle.

Glad to have you back, bro.

Glad to be back.

Baxtory said we
can defeat Ultralak

by gathering three hidden stems.

And he gave us this
old radio to find them.

Then what are we waiting
for? Let's go get 'em.

You haven't seen the last of me.

Whoa! The mother lode.

That's it?

I detect a distinct lack
of gratitude on your part.

I just handed you
the mother lode.

This is barely enough to
get me through the week.

Well, times are tough.

Yeah, for everyone except you.

If you're not happy
with our arrangement

you're more than welcome
to take it up with my boss.

That's what I thought.

It's so hot.

Can't we take a break?

Not when the
freedom of this world

depends on us
finding those stems.

Any luck with the radio?

I'm picking up a song signal,

but I can't get a
lock on its position.

What we need is a local,

who can point us
in the right direction.

Perhaps those men can help us.

You're not from around here,
are you?

We've come from another universe

and are on a galactic mission.

- And what would that be?
- We're looking for a song.

-A song? -Can you help us?

Yeah, I think I can.

First, you pack up,

then you get out of town
and never come back.

What's his problem?

He don't take
kindly to strangers.

Then maybe you can help us.

We need information
about a song.

You're in the right place then.

This here mine is
chuck-full of the things.

But the songs do not
come from the ground.

Around here they do.

Long ago,
musicians from all over the land

buried their songs
deep underground

to prevent them from
being captured by Ultralak.

But ever since the sheriff
put a value on music,

folks like myself have taken to
mining those songs for cold, hard cash.

What happens to the songs?

The sheriff delivers them
to Ultralak to be destroyed.

- -That's wicked, yo!

How can you profit from
the destruction of music?

You don't know how
hard it is out here.

Now, are you going to tell
me what it is you're looking for?

We are looking for the song
that was written and recorded

by the B.E.R.

The mother lode. I
just sold it to the sheriff.

First thing tomorrow,
he's gonna deliver it to Ultralak.

You what?

Don't you know how
important that song is?

Now, what do I care?

Songs ain't brought this
land nothing but trouble.

The way I see it,
music is nothing but a curse.

We have to get it back
before Ultralak gets it.

Good luck.

The sheriff keeps all
the songs locked up tight

in the bank at Grave Rock.

Ain't no bank strong
enough to keep us out.

Locals don't seem friendly.

Would you be,
if your town was being controlled

by a servant of Ultralak?

Friends, look!

No way!

It's that miner dude.

"Wanted for the creation
of radical instruments

used by the
notorious band B.E.R."

But, I thought he hated music.

Cut the chatter. We're here.

What's the plan, yo?

Keep it simple. Grab 'n' go.

I'll stay here and
keep an eye out.

Show time!

Attention, everyone.

This is the stick up.

- We didn't come for your money.
- Beat it.

Put them hands
where we can see 'em.

The vault, open it!

Looks like we hit that pay dirt,

I warned you to leave town.

That song don't belong to you.

It belongs to B.E.R.

I respectfully disagree,
miss. Take 'em away.

You cannot do this!

Oh, no!

I need your help to
rescue my friends.

And why would I help you?

You forged
instruments for B.E.R.

Until that life got me
branded as an outlaw

and forced me into exile.

Now I'm stuck out here,
scraping to survive.

Then help me free my friends,

because I know,
deep down you care about music,

and together,
we can defeat Ultralak

and clear your name.

It ain't right what I've done
to drive music from this land,

but maybe it ain't too
late to make things right.


We are the free!

- Yeah, boi!
- We owe you our thanks.

The stem you're
looking for is on that train.

Saddle up!

You think you can rob my train?

Let's move.

It's time I broke
out the big guns.




What are you all standing
around for? Get 'em!

We'll cover you. Now go!

End of the line, Sheriff.

Your hands may be
nimble on them strings,

but I'm a fast draw.

Enough talk.

Your days as sheriff are over.

There's the stem.

Hurry, the bridge is up.

Hey! You can't
leave us like this.

Y'all are just gonna have
to trust me on this one.

It looks like we're all on a
one way trip to the boneyard.

What's he doing?

When Ultralak finds out about this,
you're all going to be sorry.

Thanks again for your help. I
knew you had the music in you.

Are you sure you
cannot accompany us?

I'm afraid I'm
gonna be a bit busy.

- Doing what?
- Well, haven't you heard?

There's a new sheriff in town.

- Get us out of here, Cyborg.
- I'm going.

There will be no
escaping me this time.

- He's gaining the ground.
- Not for long.

How close are we
to the next stem?

I don't know. The signal
keeps cutting in and out.

We might get a better
signal up on that hilltop.

- -I'm still having
trouble getting a signal.

mans! We're never finding that song.

What's going on? Who are you?

We're heroes from another dimension,
here to free the music.

Free? I used to be free,

back when this place used
to be a crystal clear lake.

But when Ultralak
built that factory,

the water got polluted,
the mud got thick,

and I've been stuck
here ever since.

Not that anyone cares, though.

I care. And my friends and I
are going to get you out of here.

we do not have time for this.

We must keep
looking for the song.

The fate of this
reality depends on it.

Why are we bothering
to save this reality,

if we're not willing to save
the creatures that live here?

Yo, Cy does have a point.

We have to help this turtle.
It's the code we live by.

- You can count on us.
- Great. Let's get to work.

This isn't going to work,
you know?

We won't know
until we try. Ready?

One, two, three!

Come on, guys, pull!

- Pull! -

We're pulling.

Told you it wouldn't work.

We're going to
get you out of here.

Oh, don't bother.

You can't change the inevitable.

So, what? You're just going
to be stuck here until you die?

It's my fate.

We make our own fate.

Let's shut that factory down.

So they be polluting the
lake with dead songs?

That is the too much.


We weren't expecting you.

Did you come to
oversee our operation?

Because I can assure you we've
been working our fingers to the bone.

I'm searching for
the heroes of legend.

They are attempting to
restore B.E.R.'s lost song.

I haven't seen them,
Master, but I wouldn't worry.

They will never
find those stems.

Fool! They found one already.

I want you and your men
to double your workload.

We need to rid
this land of music

before they make
any more progress.

Right away, Master.

And Lord Fibulon,
if you fail me,

your bones will become
chew toys for my hounds.


Speed it up! Move,
you lazy pile of bones!

We've got to stop them before
they can destroy any more songs.

Music is the
lifeblood of this reality.

You want us to attack
this entire factory?


Sounds like my kind of party.

Time to close up shop, Fibulon.

The legendary heroes? Here?

You don't have the
manpower to defeat me!

Destroy them!



You'll pay for that!


Now that Fibulon is gone,

it's time we free this music.

Oh, would you look at that?

The lake is the
crystal clear again.

It's like I said,
we make our own fate.

I thought I'd be stuck
in the mud forever.

How can I ever repay you?

Maybe you wanna hear a song?

No way!

It's the second stem.

We've been looking
everywhere for this.

I can't believe
you had it all along.

Hmph. It's yours.
It's the least I can do.

Thank you.

I'm glad the fate of this reality

is in your hands.

Just one last
stem to track down.

Let's ride.

How much further, yo?

The last stem should
be just beyond this ridge.

Whoa! What is that?

Whatever it is,
the radio is leading us straight to it.

Let's move.


The signal is
coming from inside.

It's just a wall.

How do we enter?

Hey, look at this.

It looks like the radio.

It's some kind of portal.

We need to go inside.

But we don't know what's on
the other side of this thing, yo.

It could be what
we're looking for.

Or it could be the death.

Either way,
we're gonna have to risk it.

Raven's right.

If we're going to
save this world,

we can't let anything stop
us from getting that stem.


-You okay? -Yeah, thanks.

-What is this? -I don't know.

But we all have them.

Where are we?

We seem to be
trapped in some kind of void.

It's the stem.

Titans! Let's go!

What is that?

We're alive!

Yes! We're alive!

What does it mean?

No time to find out.
We gotta get that stem.

Here they come again. Get ready.

We made it!


Friends, look, another one.

One coming up on this side, too.

- Hang on. -

It's a game.

And it looks like we
only have eight lives left.

And when they're gone...

It's game over.


You mean...

There must be an
easier way to the stem.

I'll just portal over
there and grab it.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos.

My powers aren't working.

And I cannot the fly.

I can't transform neither.

Hmm. Our powers must
not work in this place.

- We have to go back.
- We can't go back.

So how do we get out of here?

Straight through.

You means we gotta go
through that thing again?

It's the only
way to get to the stem.

And maybe, our freedom.

Cyborg's right.

We can do this, Titans.

Game on!

We know what comes
next. Stay sharp.

Closing in!

It's too narrow,
Cyborg. We won't make it.

Single file formation.

Yo, this place ain't so tough.


Oh, man!

Just when we were
making some progress.

We just need more
practice. We'll crack it.

Robin, Starfire, take 'em out.

Almost there.

What was that thing?

I don't know,
but we need to keep trying.

Cyborg, wait!

I don't think we can do this.

Yes, we can.

But getting past that
thing is impossible.

There is always a path,
I promise you.

And I know we can find it
by learning from our mistakes.

Are you sure about that, bro?

The stem is so close,
I can taste it.

Now tell me,
are you ready to do this?


I can't hear you. Are
you ready to do this?


Then let's do this!





One life left.

Then I guess this means...

If we try again and fail...

It will be the end of us.

That's it! I can't
do this no more.

You just need to calm down.

Don't tell me to calm down!
I've had it with this place!

Perhaps it is the time for
us to call it the quits, Cyborg.

That's not an option.

We're out of options.

Admit it, Cyborg. We're beat.

"We're beat"?

There's a rhythm.

That's it!

Titans, the music is the key.

Give it a rest, bro.

Yes, friend Cyborg.

We cannot retrieve the
stem without our superpowers.

But we can,
with the power of music.

Trust me.

And if you can't do that,
then trust in music.

First, take a deep breath.

imagine there's nothing in our way.

Focus on the music
that's calling out to you.

- Let's ride. -

Get ready. Here
comes the hard part.

We cannot do it.

Trust the music.

Whoa! Gnarly.

B.E.R. must have been using the
stem's power to sustain the void.

Now that we got all three,
what do we do with them, yo?

Bringing the stems together,

is having an
effect on the radio.

It looks like it wants us to
take them to the top of that peak.

What do you
suppose is out there?

I don't know,
but we're about to find out.

Now that we have
all three stems,

only a member of B.E.R.
can put the song back together,

and wield its limitless power.

Time to call in the band.






Fools! Step aside,

so I may finally rid this
world of B.E.R.'s last song.


Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

It's over.


At last, this world is mine.

It is the song!

He merged the stems.

How's it possible?

Isn't it obvious?

I am the fourth member of B.E.R.

-No! -How could that be?

You ain't no musician.
You hate music.

I was not always this way.

I was once Neil Adams.

Rhythm guitarist for B.E.R.

Our music was legendary.

♪ The night begins to shine

♪ Begins to shine

♪ The night...

♪ The night begins to shine

♪ Begins to shine

♪ The night...

I witnessed the
world our music created,

and realized the power we held.

- Let's take five.
- We have to keep playing.

Our music is power.

We're musicians.
We don't crave power.

We play for the people.

But we can become gods here.

We can rule this land.

We don't make music
to control people.

We do it to set them free.

I quit the band,

and lived in solitude,
deep in the mountains,

without music for eons.

It was there,
I discovered the power of dark silence.

I gathered an army.

our power was insurmountable.

We attacked the
guardian's suite,

and destroyed all
who opposed me.

You monster! How could
you betray your friends?

It's finished, heroes. You lose.


I've finally rid this land
of all B.E.R.'s music!

The power of dark silence
is permeating my body,

and it will be more powerful
than I ever could have imagined!

Aah! What's we gonna do, yo?

I don't know. We need
some kind of miracle.


This can't be.

I destroyed your music.

B.E.R. is music!

And music can
never be destroyed.

Neil, you gotta stop this now!

Neil no longer exists!

I am Ultralak!

I will reshape this world
with silence and darkness.

But the four of us
made this world together.

This place is our home!

A home where I was
forced to live as an insect!

When I should be a god!

Everyone shall serve
me or they will perish!

We need to rock. It's the
only way to take him down.

They absorbed the song.

No! It is impossible!

Music can't be destroyed.

It can only create
something new.

Like a new member.

Of B.E.R.

It's the last
song. They're playing it.

What's happening?

♪ There's hope

♪ You'll see

Oh, radical!

You're going down, Ultralak!

You're no match for me.

♪ In time

Is that the best you've got?

♪ There's a truth shining by

I am fighting...

♪ Waters around
The rivers of life ♪

♪ Wash away what's
Wrong to make it right ♪

♪ The sun is rising
For a better day ♪

♪ Nothing can
stand In your way ♪

♪ You're the one

Watch as I destroy
all of your friends.

The only thing that's being
destroyed today, is you!

♪ You're the one

♪ You're the one

♪ You're the one who fills
the night with light and song ♪

♪ Flying...

You won't escape me,
Ultralak! Surrender!

I do not surrender.

I conquer!


♪ Nothing can
stand In your way ♪

♪ You're the one

I will drive the
music from your body.

He's in trouble.

B.E.R., let's rock!

Any last words?

♪ You're the one who fills
the night with light and song ♪

♪ You're the one
Bringing the light ♪

♪ You're the one
To make it right ♪

♪ You're the one
Bringing the light ♪

♪ You're the one
To make it right ♪

♪ You're the one

♪ You're the one

♪ You're the one

♪ You're the one

You did it, Cyborg.

Thanks to you,
today marks a new era

for peace and musical
prosperity across the land.

I guess the only thing left to do now is,
to go back home.

We are home.

♪ You're the one who fills
the night with light and song ♪

♪ You're the one

♪ You're the one who fills
the night with light and song ♪

♪ You're the one