Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 35 - Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl SanPedro - Part 1 - full transcript

The Titans fly to Los Angeles, but end up in San Pedro, where Berto tells them about the villainous longshoreman, Carl Sanpedro.

[bird crowing]

- [cat meowing]
- [mouse squeaking]

- [elephant trumpeting]
- [lion roaring]

♪ Go!

[opening theme playing]

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Attention, Titans!

We are leaving
for the airport momentarily.

Is everyone ready
for the flight?

[grunts] I's done packed
the essentials, yo!


My neck will have the
wonderful nap upon this pillow.


Ooh. I can't wait to watch
the inflight movies

I would never
pay to see in theaters.

[upbeat music on headphones]

No awkward conversations

with these bad boys on.


We are ready
for our vacation to...

[dramatically] Los Angeles...



I want to do one of those
creepy Hollywood bus tours

where you drive past
celebrity houses.

[Raven] I can't wait
to go dancing

at a hot Hollywood nightclub.

[Beast Boy] I's can't wait to
get my eat on at one of them

fancy Beverly hills
vegan restaurants.

[Starfire] And I wish to spend
all of the moneys

at the overpriced theme parks.

We will do all that...

and more!

Titans, go...

to Los Angeles,



Welcome to Los Angeles!

- Hey, hello.
- What up, Berto!

Why are we at
Berto's house, dude?

Because this is
where we'll be staying.

Are you serious?

This was our one vacation, man!

Yeah! We want to stay
in one of them good hotels

on Venice Beach.

This is just as good.


No, it's not!

I for the one

am happy to stay
in the house of Berto.

Um... not the whole house,

only my son's old room.

It is very, very, very small.

[gasps] Dibs on the bed.


- [barking]
- [screams]

- [whistles]
- [growling]

The dogs get the dibs.
You sleep on the floor.


I got a great deal on this room.

- Ow!
- Why's you so cheap, fool?

Excuse me.

How far is Hollywood
from here, Berto?

[Berto] Hour and a half.

What about them Beverly Hills?

[Berto] Uh, hour and a half.

The overpriced theme parks?

Any places you want to go,

it is hour and a half.

Are we even in Los Angeles?

You are in San Pedro.

It is part of LA.

The part low on visits.

So, we're stranded
in the middle of nowhere?

San Pedro is just
as exciting as Hollywood.

We can enjoy a hearty sub
at the local sandwich shop.

Visit the Maritime Museum,

or explore the docks.

I ain'ts want to see
no shipping containers!

And I do not wish to see
the museum of the maritime!

We want to see celebrities!

You forgot the
most important celebrity.


Maker of the world's finest
shrimps and prime rib.

[gasps] I forgot about
the shrimps and prime rib.

My stomachs demand the meats

and the crustaceans.


I maked it for you.


♪ Shrimps and prime rib

♪ Show you how much I care

♪ Shrimps and prime rib

♪ I cook it medium rare

♪ For you I will cook it
Medium rare... ♪

♪ Medium rare, baby!

♪ For you I will cook it
'Cause I care ♪

♪ Shrimps and prime rib...


What's up with the vault?

It is where I keep
my recipe book.

A guide to the
world's best dishes.

[blows kiss]

- Wow!
- Beautiful.

- Wow.
- Wow.

Such a precious document

deserves the
highest of security.


[gasps] My recipe book!

It has been stolen.

Without it, I cannot make
the shrimps or prime rib.

[all gasp]

That's a travesty!

There is only one man

who is capable of this crime.

The evil longshoreman,

Carl SanPedro!

Why would a longshoreman
resort to stealing?

That's a good-paying job.

He's only a casual.

He was not getting enough work,

but he already bought his SUV.

Uh-uh-uh. Them dirty casuals.

Carl will use my recipe book

to travel the world,

to steal its greatest dishes.

Don't worry, Berto.

Carl can't have gotten far.

We will search every inch
of San Pedro to find him.

[all exclaim]

We are supposed to be
on the vay and the cay.

Oh, so... you don't want to
solve this crime

while learning about
the overlooked

neighborhood of San Pedro?

No, we don't.

[yells] Well, too bad!


These footprints suggest
Carl was wearing ballet shoes.

Now, why's would a dirty casual
be wearing ballet shoes?

Everyone in San Pedro
takes ballet lessons.

Then it sounds like
we'll find answers at...

The ballet studio.

Welcome to my studio, dancers.

[gasps] Superstar
ballet dancer Mindy Oakland?

The one and only.

What are you doing in San Pedro?

Should you not be in Hollywood
with other celebrities?

Well, I'd rather bring
the gift of dance

to my hometown.

Wow. A real celebrity.


Nows I see why everyone
in San Pedro takes ballet.

I'm gonna work you hard.

Ballet is no joke.

Oh, we did not
come to learn the dancing.

We need to ask you
some questions.

That's fine.

But we're going to practice
ballet while you do.

Get on your toes.

Really, we just need
some information...

On your toes!

[all gasp]

[all] Ahhh!


Oh... the pain.

The pain...

Ahhh! People ain't meant
to walk on them toes, yo.


Have you seen a casual
by the name of... Ow!

Carl SanPedro?

Of course.

He was just in here
this morning.

- Now, plie!
- Ow.

Did he have
a recipe book with him?

Come to think of it,

there was a rectangular bulge
under his shirt.

- And degage!
- Ahhh.

Do you know where he went?

No. But he said he worked up
quite an appetite.

- Arabesque!
- Ow...

Where would a casual go

for some satisfactory foods, yo?

Stay on those toes!

[straining grunt]

I know just the place.

And... finito.

[all groaning]

Well done.

This humble shop has been
has been serving

delicious sandwiches
for decades.



No sign of Carl.

Let's get out of here.

The wood paneling
is creeping me out.

Let's grab a bite to eat first.

Man, we's want to eat
at a fancy restaurant, bro.

This is fancy.

-[in an accent]
They wrap the sandwiches

in paper.

Five gut-gushers, please.


That doesn't sound healthy.

Can a sandwich truly make
the gut gush?

It's just a name.

Here goes nothing.


[excitedly] Whoa!

Mama like.

[all gobbling]

I dig the mayo.

[stomachs growling]

[nervously] Oh...

What is the happening?

It's our guts!

We're about to gush!

I should have seen that coming.

[Robin] Oh no!

- [all screaming]
- [all farting]

The guts...

have been...

the gushed.

Hey, look. More footprints.


[lips smacking]


Quickly, Titans.

He couldn't have gotten far.


It looks like the trail leads

straight into the
Maritime Museum.

[furiously] I have told you
that I have no interest

in the "time," or the "Mari"

or the "Museum"!

But are you interested in...

the USS Iowa?

[all gasp in awe]

[Beast Boy] Whoa...

[Cyborg chuckles]

You ain't say that the museums
was a battleships.

We... love... battleships.

I am the Captain...

A yo-ho-ho,
on the deck of the poops.

We got bogies!

[mimicking gunshots]

[mimicking blast]

Sha-boom... sha-boom!

[all laugh hysterically]

Yo, this be way better
than an overpriced theme parks.

Man, I thought
San Pedro was a drag.

This is totally a place

you can spend
two or three hours at.


we still haven't found
Carl SanPedro.


The Carl is exiting
the gift shop.

You can't hide in those

shipping containers
forever, Carl.

Just give us
the recipe book, man.

[all groan]

Our powers are no match
for a casual.



We've still got one power left.

The power of Pedro!

Titans... on your toes.

And... sauté!


Maritime blast.



- [farts]
- [explodes]

Guess all you casuals

aren't so tough after all.

[all gasp]

Bad news, Berto.

Carl has escaped?

How did you know?

I know all the tricks
of the casual.

Well, on that good upside,

we's learned the city
be a hidden gem.

But now the Carl is off to steal

the greatest dishes
from around the world.

I won't let that happen!

The Teen Titans will retrieve
that recipe book.

Even if it means
we have to travel

to the distant corners
of the world

to find out
where exactly on the globe

is Carl SanPedro!