Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 28 - Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition - Part 1 - full transcript

The Justice League holds yet another talent competition, only this time they're facing off against the Titans themselves.

♪ Go! ♪

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

Season 06 Episode 28
(Video release: S06E16)

Title: "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition"

What's up, fellas?
I'm your host.

Birdarang. Word.

Last time on the show,

the Teen Titans competed
for the second year in a row.

And lost for
the second year in a row.


This time will
the Teen Titans

be able to win
the competition

or will they continue

to be the laughing stock
of the DC universe?

We'll find out soon.

Because it all
starts right now.

Aired on:
May 25, 2020

Once again, teams
from across the DC universe

have shown up to prove
they have what it takes

to become the Next
Top Talent Idol Star.

But, the question
everybody wants answered is,

"How are the Titans
gonna blow it this year?"

There's no way we will lose this
competition three years in a row.

We'd be the laughing stock
of the DC universe.

Even more than
we already are.

That's why we are
pulling out all the stops.

All of them!

We've got all-new performances.

Yeah, them Justice League
judges is gonna sees us

and be like,
"Oh, what!"

- That's right. You better believe it,
baby! -

The Titans sound
pretty confident, yo.

But they might be in
for a rude awakening

when they discover who else
is joining the competition.

The Justice League!

You expect us
to compete against them?

The show is getting
stale, homeslice.

It turns out you can't
do the same thing every year

and expect people to care.

If the Justice League
are competing,

who are the judges?

Their pets, of course.

Jumpa, Storm,

Krypto and Bat-Cow.

Give it up,
for your judges, y'all.

We can't compete
against the Justice League.

They are called
the world's greatest heroes

for the good reason.

Clearly, we're trash
compared to those guys.

And you know, them pet judges
is gonna be biased.

That's right, yo.

None of you can compete
with the Justice League.

You fools better bounce.

Unless you want to be
humiliated on national television.

Why ain't you leaving?

Did you not hear me
say we are trash?

Because I've got
an ace up my sleeve.

A perfect song

that's gonna win
this competition.

This ain't even
got lyrics, fool.

That's because it's... jazz.


The ace up your sleeve is jazz?

Jazz is for dads.

It is the
musical nonsense, Robin.

Jazz has been
scientifically proven

to relax the body
and dazzle the mind.

I plan to use that science

to get the most
amazing performance

the DC universe
has ever seen.

But I can't do it alone.

I need a drummer.

Who's with me?

- The no one.
- Why not?

You're terrible
to work with.

Good luck finding someone
easily manipulated

and eager to please.

You know, Beast Boy,

you'd be perfect for this,

if you had any talent.

What? I got talents.

Oh, so, it's your dream

to be the best
jazz drummer ever?

- It is now.
- I don't believe you.

You just gotta give me
a chance, yo. I'll prove it.

Are you going
to work harder

than you've ever
worked for anything?

- Yes.
- Say it again!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Don't let me down.


What did I just agree to?

I never knew it was my dream
to be a jazz drummer

until Robin started
screaming in my face.

The important thing about
manipulating the weak-minded

is making them feel
like everything is their idea.

Time to get this competition started,

Our first contestant
isn't a bird or a plane.

He's Superman, yo!

Oh, mans.

He's doing the "flying
through the space" thing.

Does he even breathe?

Wow. A super performance

from the Man of Steel.

How are we supposed
to compete with that?

We cannot.

We will be in
the stocks of laughing.

More than we already are.

It's okay, Titans.

Remember, we've got the power
of jazz on our side.

Give me a beat.

Stop. You're a little off.
Try it again.

Stop. Not quite
the right tempo.

Try it again.

Stop. It's a little fast.

Stop. It's a little slow.

Stop! It's fast again!

Stop! It's slow again!

Stop! It's fast!

Stop! It's slow!

Slow! Fast!



Do you know why I just
threw a table at your head?

'Cause you is
a crazy control freak?

That's exactly right.

I didn't understands
about what makes music good.

But nows I knows.

It's a crazy man
who throws things at you.


And that's why we didn't
want to work with Robin.

The dude is too intense.

Also, he has the fishy breath.

Even though nothing will be
as good as Superman's routine,

here's a performance
by Starfire, y'all.

Hope it's not humiliating.

Greetings upon you.

I will now perform
the dance of many kitties.

The kitties! No!

No! No!


Oh, snap.

Looks like
Starfire's performance

was a cats-tastrophe.


That Superman dog
should be on the leash!

He is the terrible
pet owner.

Oh, yes, he is.

Yes, he is.
Meow, meow, meow.

Up next is a wonderful woman.

Wonder Woman.

Oh, man, she
brought out the lasso.

The roping routines
are the highest form

of the entertainment.

I just... Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

An amazing performance
from the amazing Amazon.

I wonder how the Teen Titans
are planning to top that.

Yeah. We're doomed.

I said this already,
but I'll say it again.

There is no way we can
win this competition.

Are we truly to become
the jokes of the DC universe?

More than we's
already is?

We can still win, Titans.

If Beast Boy takes
this jazz number seriously.

Ahhh! I am, bro.

What's more can I dos?

I want you to break up
with your girlfriend.

I ain't gots one, yo.

You need to have a girlfriend

so you can choose
drumming over her.


I'll gets a girlfriend.
I promise!

You'd better.

Otherwise, I'm replacing you.

- Not with me.
- Or the me.

Yeah, you're pretty much
stuck with Beast Boy.

Ahhh! Ahhh!


Becoming a famous drummer
still be my dream, yo.

I just hopes
I can get a girlfriend

so I can breaks up with her.

Next up we got
a fresh comedy routine

from Cyborg, y'all.


I shall be
performing a scene

from the classic
'80s sitcom,

Perfect Strangers.

I will be playing the parts
of both Balki

and his cousin, Lawrence.

Cousin Larry Appleton,

you are home
from your date with Jennifer?


Did you use all our rent
money to buy a goat?

Of course not.

Don't be ridiculous.

I used it to buy a sheep.

Oh, dear.

Oh, classic Balki shenanigans.


What? That's good comedy.

You're all philistines.

Shame on you!

Another wack score
for the Titans.

If they don't
turn things around,

they're gonna be
out of this competition.


So, one more bad performance
and we lose?

Fortunately, I've
just come up with a plan

to make sure
that doesn't happen.

Really? What is it, bro?

I'm replacing you
with Starfire.

What? How can you
do this to me, Star?

I did not agree to this.

Come on, bro.
You can't do this to me.

- Give me another shot.
- You had your chance.

You're out and Starfire is in.

Being a brilliant jazz drummer
is her dream now.

Oh, mans, I can't believe this.

I'm sorry that you
failed, Beast Boy.

I ain'ts gonna give up.

I's gonna be
the best jazz drummer man

you ever seen
in your whole life!

You'll see, fool!

Imma break up
with so many girlfriends!

Oh, dang!

That was intense, homeslice.

Will Beast Boy ever get
his chance to become a star?

Will the Justice League be
crowned this year's winners?

Find out next time.

On Justice League's
Next Top Talent Idol Star

Justice League Edition.

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