Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 31 - Lication - full transcript

Robin introduces the other Titans to a moneymaking application, but they soon learn the dangers or a "shareconomy.

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

Do the freezing, Dr. Light.

What you think you doing here?

Creeping around in the dark
like a creep.

I think he's gonna steal Robin's bike!

That plan isn't very bright.

Get him!

You's about
to get wolverined, yo!

I believe you've met
my friend, Mr. Shablamo?


- Starbolt!
- Magic!

Starbolt! Starbolt!

Whoa! Whoa!
What is going on here?

This fool right here
was trying to steal your bike.

So, we dropped the hammer on him.

Starbolt, starbolt!

Oh, Titans.

He's not stealing my bike,

he's renting it.

There you go, Arthur.
All gassed up and ready to go.

Just have it back by 5:00
or there's a late fee.

Wait, wait, wait.

How's you rented your bike
to Dr. Light?

You's not a bike shop.
Is he a bike shop?

He doesn't look like
a bike shop.

Definitely not a bike shop.

It's true. I'm not.

And yet, I am.

You best explain yourself!
This is too much!

I'm simply participating
in a sharing economy.


Ah, so you're aware of how
a sharing economy works?

Of course not.

Do we's look like nerds to you?

A sharing economy
or, shareconomy,

is a connected community
who rent or borrow

goods and services
from each other.

The shareconomy offers ordinary
folks, like you and me,

the opportunity to earn money
normally reserved

for trained and or
licensed professionals.


So, you understood
that definition?

Of course not.

Do we looks like nerds to you?

In the shareconomy, you make money
by renting out your things.

Also, you can save money by
renting other people's things,

instead of buying new ones.

Wait, doesn't this take money
away from legitimate businesses?

Yes, and puts it in my pockets.

You got all of that good cash
from the sharing economy?

That's right.
I'm sharing all my things.

The big moneymaker is my bed.

I only use it eight hours
a night.

Why not rent it out
to a complete stranger

for the other 16 hours
of the day?

- Because that's gross.
- Is this gross?

Yeah, money is filthy.

Aw, then I guess I'm filthy.

Filthy rich! Whoo!

I too wish to be covered
with the money filth.

Me too! What else can we share
for that filthy money?

Okay, Titans.

The first step in joining
the shareconomy

is to answer
one simple question.

What do you have that
you're not using right now?

Oh, oh, my teeth's brush.

My left arm.

- My grandma!
- Huh?

Great, let's turn those worthless
items into moneymakers.

All you need to do

is enter them into this
smartphone application.

Does this application
cost monies?

It's a free application.

The application is free

and yet we can use the
application to make the monies?

It is a free
moneymaking application. Yes!

Wow, aren't you guys wondering

why someone would give us a
moneymaking application for free?

I don't care. It's free!

I loves this application!

Guys, hold up. We're saying
application a lot,

and it's a pretty long word.

Hmm, we should shorten it
to save time.

But how?

I know. I the know!


That is amazing!

It's three letters shorter!

How about app?

Yes, that is the syllable
that I removed.

- Lication.
- Lication.



It sounds so natural.

Well done, Starfire.
Well done.

Thank you.

Now, you simply use the lication

to list the good or service
that you want to rent out.

My left arm.

Who's gonna want
to rent your arm?


And that someone's is me, fool.

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah.

Thanks, brah.

Oh, yes!

♪ I'm loving this lication ♪

My teeth's brush.

Ew! No one is gonna want...

I'll take that!

Technically a kiss?

Guys, relying on goods and
services from nonprofessionals

puts legitimate
businesses at risk.

Not to mention the fact
that this shareconomy

will set the human race
on a path towards

becoming completely
reliant on autonomous labor.

"Autonomous labor?"

You mean the leader
of the Transformers?

No, regular plain robots.

I bet that's whose behind
this free lication.

So, you're saying if we keep
sharing stuff using this lication,

robots will come take our jobs?

They won't just take our jobs,

they'll take over.

We are talking about
a robot apocalypse here.

I see your point.

And yet I did receive some very
filthy money for my arm rental.

And think of how much you could
make if you rented out both arms.

I'm doing it.


Okay, there's a pack of wild
marmots in our refrigerator.

I rented the fridge to them.

Go some filthy money, yo.

They're throwing all our food
on the floor!

I rented the floor and food
out to them too.


You don't think this
shareconomy has gone too far?

My wallet says no.

Why are you smiling?
You have no body parts left!

Mmm-hmm. I'm making money
and losing weight.

It's win-win, girl.

Robin, you've rented
your bike out so many times

the front wheel is falling off.

Which means it's a lot slower,

which means it's a lot safer,

which means,
I can charge double.

Starfire, your toothbrush hasn't
come out of Robin's mouth

in three days.

It is not so bad.

- Okay, then use it.
- Aw.

I cannot!

I do not want to do
the sharing anymore!

It is the unhygienic.

Glad to hear it.

Let's go get you
a new toothbrush.

The toothbrush store
is out of business?

I told you this would happen.

And it's not just
the toothbrush store.

Everyone in Jump City
is going out of business.

The bed store,
the motorcycle store,

even the grandma store.

What has I done?

This shareconomy is a scam.

We must put an end to it.

If we destroy the lication,

we can stop the shareconomy
before it's too late.

Titans, go!

There's no one here.

You mean, no humans here.

If humans are not running
the lication business,

then who is?

Greetings, humans.

Welcome to our home.

The masterminds behind
the shareconomy are robots?


You created the shareconomy

in order to cause the actual
economy to collapse?


And your ultimate goal is
to replace everyone's jobs

with robots?


You were right, Raven.

We were blinded
by sharing and money!

It's not too late to stop them.

And go back
to buying new things,

even if we don't
really need them.

Titans, go!

Wait, please.

There is no malice
in our intentions.

We simply wish to serve mankind.

We will perform all jobs
and fulfill all needs

in a far more efficient manner

than humans could for themselves

for free, forever.

So, you just want
to take care of us?

And make you happy.

Free up some spare time
for activities.

You know.

More free time for push-ups and squats.

They admit it.
They want to destroy the economy.

Get 'em!

Please, let us make you dinner

and we drive you
to the park afterward.

Drive this to the park!

Well, I hope you all learned
valuable lessons today.

That's right, we did.

Never share nothing.

All robots are evil.

And the best way
to abbreviate application

is lication.