Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 28 - The Day the Night Stopped Beginning to Shine and Became Dark Even Though It Was the Day Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes - full transcript

Without Cyborg, Beast Boy feels lost and sets out to find himself, but ends up meeting a music legend.

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

We have failed to recreate the
musical magic of the B.E.R.

I ain't about to
give up on Cyborg.

There's a way in.
I knows it.

Sure, the song.

But it's trapped with
Cyborg in the other world.

And none of those famous musicians we
visited would help us recreate it.

Don't you remember
what Cyborg said?

That music lives
in all of us, yo.

We's been imbooted with it.

So, that's why it's been
stuck in my head for so long?

That's right, yo.

So alls we gots to do is
listen to the universe, baby.

It's gonna resonate
with the music in our hearts

and tell us how
to get Cyborg back,

with, like, some kind
of sign or something.

Just open your ears and listen
to what the universe is saying.

B. E. R.

B. E. R.

B. E. R.

B. E. R.

It isn't working.

We're no closer
to finding Cyborg.

Oh, if only we had the clue.

It's hopeless.

It's not fair. I won't have
my best dude anymore.

We still have most
of the each others.

Yeah, four out of five.

Not bad, not bad at all.

I just wants my bro.

Perhaps we can be
the bros to you.

♪ Pie brother ♪

♪ I do not care of the particular type ♪

♪ For I admire all pies equally ♪


Meatball party!

Who wants meatballs?

Not doing it for me, mama.


It's not the same.

I can't stay here no more.
I gots to go.

When will you be back?

When I find myself, mama.

Oh, there I am. Hi.

Hello there, pretty boy.
You're so cute. Aw.

Joy! You have found yourself!

Does this mean you
are doing the staying?

No. I still gots
to find myself

in a "not a reflection
in the window" kind of way.

Good luck.

Pick up some milk
on your way back.


♪ The night begins to shine! ♪

You're more resourceful
than I thought.

With this song,
I can do anything.

Anything but escape.

Now, give me the song.

- Never! This song belongs to B.E.R.
- No.

40% to Carl Burnett...

Do not say those names.

- 40% to Franklin Enea...
- Enough!

And a sweet, sweet 20%
to William J. Regan!

100% to me!


Is your life truly worth a song

inspired by the
sounds of the '80s?

My life is the sounds
of the '80s! Ahhh!

You fool.

Now go.

Uh, man, I gots
no idea where I'm at.


Dirty pigeon.

Titans Tower, Robin speaking.

Yo, Rob, it's me.

Uh, I got lost and crashed
the car trying to find myself.

Can you pick me up?

Where are you?

I said I'm lost, fool!

Well, if you want a ride you're
going to have to find yourself.

How's am I supposed
to find myself

if I don't knows where I'm at?

- Uh.
- Need a lift?

So, what brings you
to these parts?

Just, uh, taking some time off.

You know, chilling out to
the max, relaxing all cool.

You ain't got the look
of a man on his leisure hours.

How can you tell?

The eyes, man.

When I look at you,
I see the story in your eyes.

What? You know the song?

What song?

Uh, never mind.

Anyway, if you got a problem,
it might help to talk it out.

My best bro Cyborg
disappeared forever.

When me and him was doing
things, I knowed who I was

and where I was going.

But now he's gone and so,

I gots to find myself.

I don't know if I can
help you find yourself,

but I can help you
get back on the road.

I'm Billy.

Beast Boy.

Let me tell you a story,
little machine man.

Once, long ago,

I had created
a kingdom without rival.

No one dared challenge me.

But then, they came.

Three astral beings, born from
the collision of 1,000 planets

and imbued with the
power of stardust.


Together, they created a sound
more powerful than any.

The Night Begins to Shine gave
birth to an entirely new reality,

warping space
and time around itself.

For millennia, no one
dared to challenge me,

my power was so great.

And yet, their song left me
helpless as a newborn babe.

They were too radical.

From that day forward, the night
would always shine in this land.

But B.E.R. feared
what might happen

if the song fell
into the wrong hands.

My hands.

So, they sealed it
within a cassette tape

and hid it away from this world.

And then, like that,
B.E.R. disappeared

as quickly as they had come.

I never thought
I'd hear that song again,

but you brought it right to me.

Now, I'll use it to
take back what is mine.

You're wasting your time!

B.E.R. will just
stop you again.

Fool, they're in hiding.

No one will find them.

B.E.R. is gone forever.

Dang pigeon. Quit buggin', yo.

Whoa! Is this you?

That was me.

That was another time.

Crazy bird.
Wow, cool guitar.

You play?

Not anymore.

You dang pigeon!

Stop bumping into all these
important items from Billy's past!

Whoa! You're in a band?

I was in a band.

Hold up, yo.

All these items
and things is, like,

evidence that maybe you're
more than what you seem.

I'm just a humble man
with an auto repair shop,

or my name ain't
William J. Regan.

Wait! You's William J. Regan?

- Dang it.
- I can't believe it, dude.

You're the sweet,
sweet 20% of Bear!

- Bear?
- The band you were in. Bear!


- Yeah, Bear.
- No, no. B.E.R.

I knows how to spell Bear.

You gots to help me get back
into that world and save my bro.

I can't.

Come on, man.
Just play that song.

♪ I saw you dance ♪

I told you, I'm not
about that anymore.

I knows you's all about it.

Music lives in the heart, yo.

And I know yours
is still beating.

You don't understand.
I swore an oath to never return.

Bro, you can't just make
something beautiful

and then turns around
and abandon it.

You gots a responsibility, yo.

That's way more important
than some oath.

You're right.