Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 17 - Master Detective - full transcript

Robin uses his skills as a master detective to discover what happened to the animals that live outside Titans Tower.

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪


Hmm. Mm-hmm.


Yes. Follow the trail.

You're probably wondering
what I'm doing.

- No.
- Well, if you must know,

I am collecting evidence.

Evidence? Of what?

I won't know until I find it.

I wants to help.

Sorry, Beast Boy.

This is a job for a...

Master Detective!

"Master Detective"?

That is a very impressive
title you have given yourself.

I know.

And what makes you
a master detective?

Three essential qualities.

Number one.
A master detective can find out anything

from small, seemingly
unimportant details.

For instance, I can
deduce from this stain

and the cool breeze
coming from the kitchen

that you ate ice cream
from the carton

and didn't close
the freezer door.

That is all true.

That's exactly what I did!

Number two. A master
detective must have

an extremely broad
base of knowledge

on any given subject.

Go ahead. Ask me anything.

Ooh, ooh, ooh.
How come trees are so tall?

In order to maximize
exposure to sunlight.

For this reason,
forest trees in particular

will grow tall due to their
proximity to one another.

However, a solitary maple
growing in an open field

will grow wide rather than tall

due to the fact that it simply has
more room to grow and expand,

thus maximizing
sunlight exposure

through width
rather than height.

That's a lot of info, yo.

Number three,
and most important,

a master detective knows to dig
deeper when he's onto something.

You means, like, with a shovel?

Yes! A brain shovel.

Like the time you said
you couldn't come

to my birthday
because you were sick.

Now, an average person
would've said, "Feel better."

But instead, I hid in
the bathroom for 24 hours,

waiting for proof
of this sickness.

It never came.

Wow. I thoughts
I fooled you good.

Attention to detail, extensive
knowledge, and gut instinct.

These are the three qualities
that define me as a...

M-m-m-master Detective!

Okay, if you're such
a master detective,

tell me what's up with
the animals on the rock.

- Animals?
- The ones that live on the rock out there.

They change once a year
or about every 52 adventures.

Indeed. The rock was previously
inhabited by the pelican bird.

And before the pelican was that crab.

And don't forget my seagull
brother from a feathered mother.

He was first up
on that rock, yo.

Of course I've noticed
that there have been

three other animals
living there,

each for a year
and they've all gone missing.

I wonder what happened
to all of 'em.

Perhaps the rock
is not the rock,

but the rock monster that eats
one sea creature per year.

Or maybe they got
some sick inheritance

and they're living it up
in style somewhere else.

They was probably
picked up by some aliens

and they's getting
experimented on right now!

Or they just ate each other.

Like what happens
all the time in nature.

Good guesses all around,
except yours, Raven.

That's boring.

The answer is obvious.

The animals are being
planted there to spy on us.

Sounds like a stretch.

Who is using the aquatic animals

to do the spying on us?

That is a question only a
master detective can answer.

We'll start with what we know.

Or in this case, who we know.

Keep your guard up, Titans.

This guy is
a slippery character.

Ah, your plan is to ask
the octopus questions?

Interrogation is one of
the many tools

in the Master Detective's
Tool Box.

Okay, but he can't talk.

Oh, he'll talk.

They all talk.

What have you done with the
pelican, the crab and the seagull?

Oh, I cannot help it.

He is the adorable!

Isn't that correct,
Mr. The Squishy Face?

Oh, yes, you are.

Oh, yes, you are.

Stop tickling the suspect!

Oh, beautiful.
It is changing the colors.


He's attempting
to camouflage himself.

Now I know
you're hiding something.

Who are you working for? Who?

It stings! It burns!

Ah, so you're a real
tough guy, huh?

Well, I don't need
your confession.

You've already
told me everything.


Wait. Those are just
random markings.

Oh, maybe you're right, Raven.

These marks are small,
insignificant details

until you press them together!

He's found the triangle!
He has found it.

You are the Master
Detective-ator, baby!

What's that triangle
mean, though?

The triangle tells me
everything I need to know.

It is the ancient symbol
of a sinister secret society

bent on controlling the world without
anyone ever knowing they even exist.


The Illuminati.

So obvious.

Oh, come on.

Where to next, Master Detective?

To get to the bottom of this,

we'll have to go
to the bottom...

Of the ocean.



We're coming up
on the base of the rock now.

Ah-ha! Barnacles!

That's your big clue?


Yes, barnacles.

If you had an extensive knowledge
of all things, like I do,

you would know that barnacles live
almost exclusively in shallow waters,

and yet, we are
hundreds of meters deep.

What's it mean, Master Detective?
What's it mean?

It means, my dear boy,

that these barnacles are fakes

and are mostly likely
a hidden switch.


Master Detective!

How does he do it?

I don't know how he does it

but he just keeps on
does-ing it!

Go, Robin!
Go, Master! Detective!

What, what, what!

He just cracked the rock open.

This doesn't prove anything.

Oh, ye of little faith.

We shall see.

We. Shall. See.

Wow. A big, empty cave.

We're closer than ever to
finding those animals, Titans.

Now sit back and watch
the Master Detective work.

Uh-huh, uh-huh. Let's see,
up here. Uh-huh. Interesting.

Come on, come on.

There must be
a trick stalagmite, or...

Or maybe these pebbles
are a clue!

All right.
This is a waste of time.

A real master detective would've
found those animals by now.

All you've been doing is making absurd
leaps of logic based on nothing.

We have been here
for the several hours.

Yeah. Maybe we're looking
in the wrong place.

Atatatata! Do you hear that?

- No.
- Listen. Shh.

- We hear the nothing.
- What is it, bro?

I hear something! Shh.

It's my gut and it's
telling me something.

What's it telling you, bro?

It's telling me that
I'm onto something.

And that means it's time
to dig deeper!

With your brain shovel?

That's right.

Robin, I think it's time to stop...

I knew it! "Something."

The symbol of the Illuminati.


M-m-m-master Detective!

The Illuminati's plan for
world domination all laid out.

You were right.

Of course I was!

It was only a matter of time.

We cannot hide from
the Master Detective forever.

I am Lumino,
head of the Illuminati!

Save it, triangle man.
We came here for answers.

I suppose there's no harm in walking you
through our plan for world domination.

We did work hard on it.

It all starts here
with the banks.

We don't care about the banks.

- Tell us about the animals.
- "Animals"?

The pelican, the crab
and the seagull, fool.

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Whoa!

Playing dumb, eh?

Then we'll have to do this
the hard way.

Titans, go!

Conspiracy cover-up!

Illuminati laser!

Conspiracy crush!

Grassy knoll gaze!

Now talk.
Where are the animals?

Really, I don't know!

I'll stop all
the domination plans.

I'll pull my lizard-men
out of Congress.

We'll stop using Hollywood
to hasten the New World Order.

Just let me go.

It appears we may
have hit a dead end.

Hold up. All of this and we still
don't know where the animals are?

You, sir,
are no master detective.

You let us down, fool.

You are a master
of the disappointment.


I don't know what went wrong.

You were right, Raven.

I'm not a master detective.

I'm nothing if I can't even
find three dumb animals!