Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 27 - The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic - full transcript

The Easter Bunny is missing, and it's up to the Titans to find him before Easter is ruined.

"The Teen Titans Go
Easter Holiday Classic"

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What a beautiful Easter morning.

As he does every year, the Easter
Bunny has hidden a variety

of Easter eggs across the yard.

Ooh! The plastic eggs of
color with the candy yolks!

Now, the Easter Bunny has
gone to great lengths

to hide these eggs
in plain sight.

Be on the lookout for them,
poking out from behind bushes,

sitting inside the
groove of a tire swing

or lying in the
not-so-tall grass.

- What are we waiting for?
- Let's do this!

Ooh! Ooh!


Come on, come on, come
on, where are the eggs?

Oh! Oh!


Ha! Oh.

Huh! Huh!

Oh, man!

- Hmm.
- Ooh! Ohh!

Uh, uh, guys, I found one!


Wait, never mind.
It's a dog poop.


I found one egg that the Bunny
Easter neglected to color.

That was not the Easter egg.

Maybe instead of candy eggs,

the Easter Bunny hid dog
poops and tiny birds.

Well, I'll collect tiny birds but
I'm not collecting dog poops.

Titans! I've scoured every
inch of the island.

There is not a
single Easter egg.

In fact, there is no evidence

that the Easter Bunny
was here at all.

- No Easter eggs?
- No Easter baskets?

No rabbits encased
in the chocolates?

Lots of dog poops!

Titans, I fear something terrible
has happened to the holiday hare.

And if we don't find him,
Easter will be ruined!

Titans, go!

I just realized I have no
idea where we're going.

Does anyone know where
the Easter Bunny lives?

- Ah, uh, a hole in the ground?
- Yes, but where?

Uh, Easter Island?

That place has nothing
to do with Easter!

How is it we know every
detail about Santa,

how much he weighs, his
facial skin conditions,

the occasional ups and
downs with his wife.

Yet, we know nothing
about the Easter Bunny.

I think he has pink fur

and hangs out with baby
marshmallow chickens.

BEAST BOY: Doesn't he like
wear a vest or something?

RAVEN: I imagine he is the
half-man half-rabbit.

And lays the Easter eggs we eat.

Uh, that's disgusting, Star.

- Keep those thoughts to yourself!
- I apologize.

All right, new plan!

Since our intel on the
Easter Bunny is limited,

I've rounded up a few of his
known holiday associates.

Even if they know where the bunny
is, who says they'll talk?

They'll talk.

Listen, here, you fat baby.

Tell us where the Easter Bunny
is and we'll go easy on you.

Ow! Ah!

Please, do you really
think your love arrows

will have an effect on us?

I mean, look at Cyborg.

- He's so big and so strong.
- You think so?

♪ I've got something
on my mind ♪

♪ It's hard to let it show ♪

All right, Cupid,
cough up the info

on the bunny, and
you can go home.

Although, who would want to with
these good-looking guys around?

♪ Thinking about
you all the time ♪

♪ Maybe you should know ♪

Guys, we're losing focus.
Huddle up.

Huddle closer.

A little more.

ROBIN: That's it.

We will be engaging in the
talks with you in one moment,

President of the United
States, Washington.

- Let's do this good cop, bad cop style.
- Agreed.

All right, Washington,

as a representative
of President's Day,

- you must know where this rabbit is.
- I don't know.

Where is the bunny?!

I said, "Where is the bunny?!"

Look me in the eyes and
tell me the truth.

We'll try, but we got
lost in those eyes, brah.

We don't ever want
to find our way out.

All right, turkey, have
you seen this rabbit?


It is time to talk the turkey!

It is fun to do the role-play.

Did you get anything?

All we found was comfort
in each other's arms.

So, it's a dead end?

These low level holiday
mascots are useless.

We have to go
straight to the top!

ALL: Santa!

♪ All hail the jolly fat man ♪


What brings you to the
North Pole, Titans?

It's the Easter Bunny.
He's gone missing.

Hmm. Honestly, I'm
not surprised.

Between you and me, I hear,

he is gone kind of...
You know...

- We don't. Tell us.
- You know.

- We don't. We really don't, Santa.
- You know!

- We don't know!
- You know.

No, we don't know.

- You know.
- No. We do not.

You know.

ALL: Oh.

I know.

- The Easter will be ruined.
- All those poor children.

No eggs to hunt, no
baskets to enjoy.

Oh, perhaps I could help
deliver Easter goodies.

But you're so busy making
toys for Christmas.

True, true. The holidays seem
to come sooner every year.

Still, it breaks Santa's heart,

to think of sad, eggless
boys and girls.

This is too much to
ask of you, Santa.

I deliver presents every year.

How hard can eggs be?
I'll do it.


Titans, it's time for the...
Egg hunt!

ALL: Egg hunt!

Ah, so much Easter candy!

I'm going to eat this
bunny's badonkadonk!

And I am eating
it's badonkaface!

This is the greatest
Easter ever!

And look, it all has the
wonderful Christmas style.

Well, if Santa keeps this up,

it'll be Christmas year round.

Christmas year round? Oh, no.

Cyborg, Starfire.

Get those badonkadonks and
faces out of your mouth!

We're all going back
to the North Pole!

Santa saved Easter, Robin.

Why are you bringing us
back to the North Pole?

Because I have a hunch
that the Easter Bunny

has been under our
noses this whole time.


Just as I thought.

Santa's been kidnapping holidays,
so he can take them over.

Found my little secret, have we?

Why Santa? Why did
you do all this?

Because I'm Santa Claus, and
I should control Easter.

I should control every holiday.

Valentine's Day should be mine.
Thanksgiving mine.

President's Day,

Arbor Day, Hanukkah,
Cinco de Mayo.

That one, with the costumes,
where you eat the cookies

with three corners, you know.

- Purim?
- Purim should be mine!

- You're a mad man!
- Am I?

I've already got
people putting up

Christmas decorations
before Halloween.

Soon, I'll control the
entire holiday calendar!

- Cool.
- It's not cool, Beast Boy.

I'm sorry, Santa. But we
can't let you do this.

Your little gang here,
can't possibly defeat me.

You're right, Santa.

We'd never be able to
stop you ourselves.

That's why we're
enlisting some help.


Freedom Shield!

- Ho-ho!
- Bring it!

- Patriot Punch!
- Oh!

America Kick!

Constitutional Crunch!


You're going to pay for
your crimes, Santa.

You can't do this to me.
I'm Santa Claus.

I see you when you're sleeping.
I know when you're awake.

Save it for the judge!

Now, let's get you out of there.

Ohh. Happy Easter, everyone.

Ew! That's disgusting.