Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 26 - Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and It's Bad - full transcript

The Titans - except for Beast Boy - are cursed on St. Patrick's Day and must travel to the end of the rainbow for the cure.

"Beast Boy's St. Patrick's
Day Luck, and it's Bad"

What up, me lads and lassies?

Top of the mornin' to ya, yo.

If that's supposed to be an Irish
accent, it's not even close.

Oh, how bout' this?

Oh, that is much, much worse.

- This is better, right?
- Boo, I say boo!

Argh, this be an Irish
accent for sure, right?

Hmm, now you just
sound like a pirate.

Indeed he do. Yar!

- Yar!
- Yar!


Yar, yar, yar!

- Yar!
- Yar.


Is there a reason you're talking
in bad Irish accents, Beast Boy?

You're kidding, right?
Today's your day!

- St. Patrick's Day.
- I am not Irish.

But, you are a
leprechaun, right?

- Indeed.
- I mean, that goes without saying..

Yeah, everybody knows
you're a leprechaun.

Why would you all think
I am a leprechaun?

'Cause you're short.

- I am not short!
- You're pretty short.

- Beast Boy is shorter than I am.
- I do not believe this so.

Oh, yeah? Let's do it! Back to back!
Back to back!

- See, I am taller.
- I don't think so, dude.

No, he's doing that
thing with his hand,

where he has it tilted to
make himself look taller.

And did someone check to see
if he's on his tippy toes?

I only know what I see,
a leprechaun in denial.

I am not a leprechaun!

Relax, bruh! You're
secret's safe with us.

And we have no desire to
take the pot of gold.

There is no pot of gold to take!

Sure. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

St. Patrick's Day is all
about the three "L" s.

Leprechauns, luck, and
my favorite, pinching!

If you're wearing green, you get
to pinch people who aren't.

You're not wearing green, you are green.
That doesn't count.

My skin is green, and I
wear my skins, momma.

Now get ready, I get
to pinch all of you.

Not Robin, he wears
the green pants.

You can pinch me if
you want, Starfire.

That would not be in accordance
with the pinch rules.

- How about now?
- No, thank you.

I'll take that pinch, fool.

- Ow!
- Pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch.


- I need some bacitracin.
- Oh, so satisfying! Oh.

Oh, yeah? Let's see
how you like it.

We about to take you
down to pinch town.

Yo, yo, yo, you can't pinch me.
I am wearing green.

Pinch, pinch, pinch.

Listen, if you pinch
someone wearing green,

you'll be cursed with
bad luck, forever!

Pinch, pinch.


You've cursed yourselves

with a million years
of bad luck, matties.

- Oh, yo, ho, ho!
- Whatever.


♪ All I got these
days is bad luck ♪

♪ All I got is bad luck ♪

♪ All I got these
days is bad luck ♪

♪ Some of that old St.
Patty's Day ♪

♪ Bad luck ♪

♪ Getting stung by a bee
on your face is real bad ♪

♪ Getting stung by a whole
beehive is bad luck ♪

♪ Stepping in a dirty
puddle is way too bad ♪

♪ But getting gobbled by
a gator is bad luck ♪

♪ All I got these
days is bad luck ♪

♪ All I got is bad luck ♪

♪ All I got these
days is bad luck ♪

♪ Some of that old St.
Patty's Day ♪

♪ Bad luck ♪

♪ Cutting your finger
is too, too bad ♪

♪ Cut your finger at a
vampire party is bad luck ♪

♪ To get struck by lightning
is real, real bad ♪

♪ But getting struck
by lightning twice ♪

♪ Is bad luck ♪

♪ All I got these
days is bad luck ♪

♪ All I got is bad luck ♪

♪ All I got these
days is bad luck ♪

♪ Some of that old St.
Patty's Day ♪

♪ Bad luck ♪

- We're cursed, bro!
- Yeah, I knows.

- So much of the bad luck.
- I am getting the worst of it.

Really? I thought you'd
be, like, immune.

- Because I am a leprechaun?
- Ha! He admitted it!

Now give me some frosted oat
cereal with marshmallow surprises!

The leprechaun has admitted
its leprechaundriety.

I don't know what Starfire said,
but he's definitely a leprechaun.

Leprechaun is the house!

Just tell us how to get
rid of the bad luck.

Why should I? You pinched me!

- I am sorry.
- I was all red and swelled up.

We apologize.

I had to rub all kinds of
ointments in everything.

- Ew.
- And now, you ask me for help?!

- We'll do anything to lift this curse.
- Anything, huh?


Pinchy, pinchy, pinchy,
pinchy, pinchy!

Now, will you tell us how to
get rid of this bad luck?

Sure thing, momma.
It's super easy.

You just go to the end of a rainbow
and find a leprechaun's pot of gold!

That's ridiculous. Rainbows
don't have beginnings or ends.

A rainbow is simply a
meteorological phenomenon,

caused by refraction and dispersion
of light in air-borne water droplets,

resulting in a
spectrum of light,

appearing as a multicolored
arch in the sky.

Are rainbows truly devoid of
the magic, as Robin has said?

He's just trying to keep
us from the pot of gold.

Typical leprechaun.

Bro, you gotta give us the
lowdown on that rainbow science.

What Robin doesn't
want you to know,

is that when two
leprechauns fall in love,

they kiss and their
happiness forms a rainbow.

Then they hide their marriage
gold at the end of it.

- Simple, yo.
- But, how are we going to get two

leprechauns to make
a love connection?

- What?
- Our leprechaun is the undateable.

Where are we gonna get
two new leprechauns?

Leave that to me.

This is a waste of time.

Rainbows are not made
from leprechaun kisses.

Nice try, but you can't
fool us, short stuff.

I am not a leprechaun!

You know, I don't even think
we're cursed anymore.

Still cursed. Carry on.


Mmm, what smells
like the giant butt?

A romantic leprechaun
evening wouldn't be

complete without cornbeef
and cabbage, girl.

Now, we just need some tunes.

All right, I am feeling this.

Let's get of the way now and
let the romance happen.

Look, there's one now.

It's working! The leprechaun
is making his move, yo.

- Oh, they made the kissing.
- So romantic.

Okay, let's get up
on that rainbow,

and follow those leprechauns
to their pot of gold.

One, two, woo!

Oh, yeah!

This is like the
wonderful dream!

Yeah, wait. Does our bad
luck affect us up here?

Nothing can hurt
you on a rainbow.

Ow! Ow!

Come on, guys! We gots to
find that pot of gold.

Look! It is the leprechaun!

So magical.

- It's just me.
- Oh, wrong leprechaun.

Cheer up, I see the pot of gold!

Time to get paid!

Now, each of you needs to take
a coin to reverse your luck.

Don't ya be touchin'
me pot o' gold!

It's the leprechaun!

- So where's the wife?
- Tis a sad, sad tale. She left me.

- Ouch, that was fast.
- Now all I got is this pot of gold,

as a reminder as me
failure as a husband.

There, there. You will
surely love again.

Thank ya, lass.

Now, how did ya find me?
It was you, wasn't it?!

Tis a sad say indeed, when one's
own kin turns against him!

I am not a leprechaun!

Oh, I think I would know, boy-o.

You must have grown bitter at
your own kind over the years.

Being teased as the tiniest
leprechaun in the clover patch.

Tiniest? I am way
taller than you!

Looks, we just need some of you gold
to break the St. Patrick's Day curse.

Oh, somebody's been pinching
when they shouldn't have, eh?

So, can they have some
of your gold or what?

You can have all
the gold you want,

- if the traitor can defeat me in a duel!
- Just name your weapon.

- Fingers and thumbs.
- A pinch fight it is.

Now, just because
you're smaller than me,

don't expect me to
be going easy on ya!

I'd expect nothing
less, brother.

We knew it!

- The gold is mine.
- Bring it, wee one.

Rainbow pinch!

Shamrock block!


You want some more?

No! I yield! Me pot
o' gold is yours!

- The curse is lifted!
- Now let's get out

of here and celebrate St.
Patrick's Day right!

You guys go ahead, I think
I am going to stay.

- But why?
- The pot of gold, the rainbow.

For the first time in me life,
I feel like I really belong.

We wish you the best
of luck, Robin.

- Sorry about your wife.
- Tis all right.

I am just happy to have someone
here to share me gold with.

I hope friend Robin will
be happy in his new life.

My man's doing just fine.

Uh, actually, his
wife came back.