Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Nature - full transcript

When Beast Boy loses his ability to change into animals, he realizes that he's lost touch with his wild side. He goes to the forest to reconnect with his inner beast, but Mother Nature isn't as great as he had hoped.

2x07 - "Nature"

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Star, Raven, take the left flank!

Cyborg, we'll take the right.

And Beast Boy, you go
pterodactyl right up the middle!

Titans, go!

What happened to my pterodactyl?

Hurry, Beastie, we need you!

It's cheetah time, then.

Uh, is something wrong
with your powers?

Of course not!

Great! Because we need a rhino
to knock this guy off-balance!

One rhino comin' at ya!

- Where's that rhino?
- Are, are you blind, bro?


Ha, ha, yeah!
That's how rhinos do it! Uh!

Admit it, Beast Boy,
you've lost your powers.

I was just having an off day, bro.

Beast Boy, we need to talk about this.

Yes, we can talk about it
over the vegan portobello pizza

with the creamy garlic sauce
I've brilliantly prepared.

Ooh, fancy!


Were you just gonna eat that
with your hands, bro?

Use a serving fork.

Star, please, that's super gross.

Bro, napkin. Use it.

Ugh, animals.

Whoa, when did Beast Boy
become the civilized one?

That's it!

The comforts of modern life have
stripped you of your animal instinct.

Then that is why Beast Boy
cannot turn into the animal.

You're right!

The old Beast Boy would never
have used a fork to eat pizza!

I need to get my animal instincts back
by reconnecting with Mother Nature.

Be warned, Beast Boy.

She is the worst mother of them all.

There is a reason we all live inside.

I gotta do it, bro.
I gotta run free!

Then run free, Beast Boy!
Run free!

Free, free, free!

Back to Mother Nature!

Beautiful sun.
Ah, fresh air.

Clean water.

So good and so fresh.

So hairy... Ahh!

What's up, buggie-bug?

How's Nature been treating you, baby?

What up?

Why, Nature, why?

I warned Beast Boy about coming
into this hostile environment.

We need to remember that Mother
Nature is against us out here.

We'll have to do whatever it takes
to survive until we find Beast Boy.

What did you do that for?

Pure protein!

Out here, you take every
meal you can get.

You never know when you'll
have a chance to eat again.

Okay, crazy, you just ate
a sandwich five minutes ago.

Oh, come on, man!

In the wild, any meal
could be your last.

No, Robin, please!

Mmm, this forest
is loaded with butterflies!

How am I supposed to connect
with Nature when it's so terrible!

I'm cold, I'm hungry...

Hey, bunny.
How do you do it, bro?

How do you survive out here?
You're so cute and fluffy.

I mean, how do you stay so meaty, bro?

With those delicious ribs,
and juicy thighs?

So thick and fat.
Come here!

Let me put you in my mouth!

Who... What...
Who are you?

- I am Mother Nature.
- Woah.


I have found some tracks
belonging to Beast Boy.

Pure protein!

Now, is everyone
staying hydrated?

I could use the liquid refreshment.

Mmm-mmm! Where did
this water come from?

From the lake.

We have to do what we have
to do to survive in the wild.

This place is making me so crazy.

I almost ate that adorable bunny.

- Hey, where did the bunny go?
- He's right there.

Robin was right. You are
the worst mother ever.

What did you say about me?

Not that Robin, fool!

How do you let your animals
live in these conditions?

I'm a firm believer
in survival of the fittest.

But if see your wolf kid eating your
bunny kid, you gotta do something.

I can't.
It's the circle of life.

You don't need any circles
if you have taco stands.

- Tacos?
- Yeah, tacos.

I've been out here for a while,
and I know exactly what this place needs.

- Titans!
- Ahh!

I know what happened to Beast Boy.

- Where is he?
- Follow me.

He regained his instincts and
can turn into animals again.

Oh, that is the great news!

But, then he got cocky!

Prancing through the forest
in the form of a deer,

he had a fateful meeting
with the majestic King Deer.

They couldn't come to terms,
so Beast Boy challenged

that deer to become the
emperor of the forest! Yes!

It's all so very clear now.

I do not understand.
Where is the Beast Boy now?

This is Beast Boy.


- No, that's not him.
- Poor, poor Beast Boy.

You could never be emperor of
the forest, couldn't you see that?


Why did you challenge
King Deer for his throne?

Why? Why?!

He was just a boy!

Wow. Well, I'm ready
to go back to the tower.

Are you sure this will
improve the forest?

I guarantee it, mama.
You don't even know.

Now, let's ditch a
couple of those trees.


See how that opens everything up?

Now put some homes in there.

Now we're cooking!
Speaking of cooking,

hook this place up with
that taco stand, yo!

Now some billboards
to advertise those tacos!

Now, do you see this?
Look at that!

No one's eating anyone.

Everyone's got a roof over
their head and a good paying job.

That's what I call nature.

This is so much better, Beast Boy!
How can I ever thank you?

Whoa, look!

I've reconnected with Nature.
Literally, yo!

My powers are back.

That's what I'm talking about.

Pure protein!