Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Brian - full transcript

The Titans and the Little Buddies throw a surprise party for Birdarang and Beat Box. When the Titans leave to check out a crime aler t, Cyborg tells the Little Buddies to keep the party going while they're gone. Eight months later, the Titans still haven't returned and the party is still going.

2x06 - "Brian"

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Hiya, fellas. Anybody home?


A surprise party?

Oh, happiest day of the birth,
beatbox and birdarang!

Oh, dang! Dave!

Super Robin!

- Pain Bot.
- Pain.

The whole gang is here.
You Titans are tops!

You guys are all part of the
Titan family, and we are so proud.

You know it.

- We all...
- Titans, listen up!

I've prepared some longwinded
remarks for the occasion.

It all began on that...

Thanks, Dave.

Down, Dave!

I don't know what to say, except...

Give me a beat!

Pain. Pain.

You are quite the dancer,
Super Robin.

"Quite the dancer." I can't believe
she's fallen for those lame moves.

Crime alert in Jump City!
We'd better check it out!

Titans, go!

We'll be right back.
We need more ice anyway!

Keep this party going!

Roger that.

This partay won't ever stop.

You won't keep us in here forever.

I won't have to.

These last eight months
have been very productive.

My project is nearly complete.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Hey, Brian, we gonna eat soon?

Brian? Who's Brian?

You! You're Brian.

No, my name is The Brain.
The "A" is before the "I".

What is this?
Reading school?

Don't worry, Titans. I have
the perfect escape plan.

Dude, will you give it up?

You've been trying to escape
for eight months now.

And every time it fails,
he gives us... the torture.

What can we do, Robin?
He took away our powers.

But, he didn't get mine.

Because my powers are up here.
And in here.

And mostly... here.

Face it, if we're going
to escape, it's all up to us.

Now listen, here's the plan.

Beast Boy creates a diversion.

The Brain comes in to check it out.

I get the drop on him and
take him down. It can't miss.

- Are you crazy, man?
- That'll never work.

Please, do not make the
Beast Boy do it.

Do it!
And don't deviate from the plan!

Ah, fine.

Help! Help!

I need a doctor!

Just like I planned.

Trying to escape again?

Perhaps this will
teach you a lesson.

No! No!

Robin made me!
Teach him a lesson!

He's the one who needs teaching!

Titans, I have a new plan.

What's crackalackin, yo?

A distress beacon? Oh, snap,
I thought it was a party light.

A suicide mission
to rescue the other Titans?

I'm down, who else is in?


That's what's up.


My bad.

Oh, man!
That move was off the hook!

Dang, yo!

That's a party foul.

Got it.

Now, if I can just reach
the shut-off switch.

Can you reach your
shut-off switch?

- You can't escape.
- Nobody's coming for us.

Fine with me.
I'm happy here.

Got my bucket,
and three meals a day.

It is nice and quiet.

And tomorrow is the
night of the grilled cheese.

You'll thank me in a minute.

This really hurts!

Hey, hey, hey, keep it down!

Bro, do us a solid, and scream
a little quieter. Please!

This is the worst pain
I've ever experienced!

You are risking the night
of the grilled cheese!

Another escape attempt?

Peep this.
Now is not the time to feel like

a bunch of sad sacks, fellas.

The Titans have been so good to us.
And now they need our help.

Pain Bot, remember how
you felt before you met them?


And how do you feel now?



Word to your whole family.


That was off the chain!

Now, that's what I call
a distraction.

The perfect escape.

One man.
One spoon.

- Whatevs, dude.
- I ain't digging nothing.

Brian said if we're good,
he'll let us have a TV.

He is evil, but fair.

Hey, hey, hey, wake up!

We have to focus on the
tunnel. Nobody is coming.

- Hiya, fellas.
- Birdarang?

We thought we'd throw you
a surprise rescue party.

Guys! Guys! The tunnel!
No one is coming for us!

Look who has
come for us, Robin.


I can't believe you found us.

They have come on a fool's errand.

Fueled by your super powers,
behold Project BRAIN!

"Brain is robotic
indestructible armor nexus."

That's project Brian, dude.

No, "brain." B-r-i...

Kilowatts, how could I
make that mistake?

Fellas, bust a move.


Don't go, bro!

Don't go, bro!

Now, I will finish you all.

Let's dance, Brian.

Focus, Titans.
The tunnel's our only hope!