Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 42 - Head Fruit - full transcript

When Beast Boy's head starts to rattle, Robin suggests that he should find a hobby so that his brain will stop shrinking. Beast Boy and his brain agree to take up gardening.

2x42 - "Head Fruit"

- Yeah!
- Beast Boy, Beast Boy.


- Beast Boy!
- Whoa! Wah!

Get your head out of the clouds!

Oh. Huh, what's up?

We were asking you about that sound.

Oh, that's just my new
song I'm working on, mama.

It goes like this...


Not that sound.

- That sound.
- Oh, you're talking about my rattle.

- Your rattle?
- Yeah, that's my sweet rattle.

Check it.


And how long has your
head been rattling?

I don't know.
Couple of weeks.

Your head doesn't rattle?

Let me see something, Beast Boy.

Cyborg, I'm going to need a hand.

- I'm like a maraca, yo!
- Yeah, you are!

♪ La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha... ♪

- Cyborg!
- Sorry.

Beast Boy, I'm afraid
that sound is coming

from brain shrinkage
caused by years of neglect.

You must not neglect
the brain, Beast Boy.

It craves the information,

and most of all,
it needs to be challenged.

Yeah, I don't do that.

Me and my brain don't get along.

He's always getting me in trouble.

How does your brain get you in trouble?

Ugh! You know how you guys
are always on my case about my

mind wandering and telling me
to get my head out of the clouds?

Well, that's my brain's fault.

In fact, he loves wandering so much,

if he ever got the chance,
he'd probably wander off

and never come back!

That's why I keep him weak,
so he can't escape.

I'm sorry, Beast Boy,
but brain neglect is unacceptable.

- You have to start using your head.
- Use my head?

I'll give it a try.


Ahhh! Ow!

Ah! Oh!



Ow! Ow!

Ow! Ah!

Yo, yo, yo!

- What's for breakfast?
- What happened?

I've just been
using my head like you said.

I don't like it.
It hurts.

But I still got my sweet rattle.

Okay, that's not what
using your head means.

- How about you try some math?
- Gross.

- Or reading?
- Ugh!

What about the brain teaser?

Not gonna tease my brain!
He already hates me.

Then, will you at
least consider a hobby?

What's a hobby?

A hobby is an activity that's
a little bit fun for you

and a little bit
challenging for your brain.

Me and my brain
doing something together?

Uh, we'll talk about it.

Yo, brain, what up?

Uh, look, I brought you something.

It's for you to read!


Don't be like that! I know we
haven't always gotten along.

But the others thought we
should get a hobby together.

I'm stupid?
Well, you're my brain!

Now I remember why we don't get along.

Pizza? You know me so well!
Apology accepted!

Mmm. Ah.

Now, I'm thinking a hobby that
we can do together should be

outdoors and doesn't involve
math, reading, science,

philosophy, debating,
physics, chemistry,

attention to detail,

too much physical exertion
or meat.

And I wouldn't mind if
it involved digging holes.

What do you think?

That's perfect!

Let's make some plants, yo!


How is the new hobby going,
Beast Boy?

It's like a job but without the pay.

- Hobbies are terrible.
- You're doing it for your brain.

Oh, yeah. That guy.

you guys want a small tomato
or a rotten strawberry?

I know this seems like a
lot of effort for no reason,

most hobbies are like that,

but listen, do you hear that?

- No.
- Exactly, your rattle's gone.

I liked my sweet rattle!

Whoa! Ugh.

- What happened?
- Your brain is getting bigger.

It's going to take some time
to learn to balance that weight.

I don't know guys. If my
brain gets too big and strong

what's it going to need me for?

Whoa! Ow.

Guys, guys, looks!

- Oh, a tree. Cool!
- I wish my head had a tree.

- But this is not normal!
- Your brain just wants

to get in on that gardening
action too, Beasty.

Oh, how nice!

You and your brain are
becoming the friends.

I don't want my brain
planting stuff in my head!

I don't trust him!

Now help me pull it out.

Beast Boy, take this
tree as a sign that your

relationship with your
brain is growing stronger!

You will see that this is a good thing!

You said this would be a good thing.

How is this a good thing?!

I'll tell you how.
Head fruit!

Mmm, mmm! That is some
ripe and juicy head fruit.

Then you must try some
of the fresh squeezed

head fruit juice I have made.

It only tastes a little
like the Beast Boy.

Wow, that is so refreshing!

And you're right, not
too Beast Boy-y this time.

Who wants to climb Beast Boy?

I wish to!

Check out the swing I made.


Titans, now is not the
time for fun and games.

- We need to call a team meeting.
- Thank you, Robin.

Up in Beast Boy's
head tree house!

Yeah, love the view!

Come on,
shut the trap door. Okay.

So, I had to call this
super-duper secret meeting

to tell Starfire that someone
she knows has a crush on her.

Who could it be?

Everyone out of my
head tree house now!

I thinks this hobby has
strengthened my brain too much.

He's already wandering, trying
to get my head in the clouds.

He's just waiting for the
perfect opportunity to escape.

And when that happens I don't
think he'll ever come back!

Sheesh, with your
attitude I wouldn't want

- to come back either.
- I've had enough of this.

I can't get up.

- I call dibs on the head swing!
- I will gather the head

fruits and prepare a
healthy and hearty breakfast.

I'll head up to the
tree house and... Whoa!

- What's wrong with Beast Boy?
- Beasty? Beasty!

There's nothing in there!

You mean his brain wandered, literally?

Yeah, and this tree was its way out.

Now wonder it wanted Beast
Boy to take up gardening.

Beast Boy was right.
He didn't trust his brain.

And we shouldn't have either!

That head fruit was good though.

- Super good.
- So juicy.

The juiciest.

Where do you think his brain went?

Where it always wanted his head to be.

In the clouds!
Follow me!


Now wonder it wanted Beast
Boy's head in the clouds.

I'd wanna wander here too.

It is Beast Boy's brain!

Let's get that brain back
down to Earth. Titans, go!

Careful, he's slippery!

I got him, I got him!

Oh! I don't got him.

Beast Boy's brain is
astonishingly quick.

Slow down! Dang it!

It's mushy!


- Uh, oh.
- We lost the Beast Boy's brain.

This is bad, real bad!
What are we gonna do?

For most people, a brain
would be irreplaceable.

But something tells me Beast
Boy is going to be all right.

Yos, you gots my brain
and my sweet rattle back!

Yes, we sure did.
Everything is back to normal.

- We were wrong, Beast Boy.
- We should have listened to you.

But that's why we call you
the smart one.

That's what's up!

Yeah! Huh!